Source: Barbados Government To Call Referendum Vote For November 28, 2007 – Or Is That A Snap Election Date?

A source who has once before given valid information to Barbados Free Press informs us that the Government of Barbados will be calling a referendum to be held on November 28, 2007.

The source does not state the subject of the referendum.

Is This Information Real Or… ?

OK folks… someone out there knows more – including whether or not this bit of information is true, or if it is a set up to discredit the blogs. We wouldn’t put it past the government to provide us with true information on one occasion only to suck us into printing a false story on the next occasion.

But isn’t it great to be able to talk about all this like we were sitting on the beach?

So… let’s hear what our readers have to say…

Is there a referendum coming on November 28th?

What is it about?

What is it REALLY about?

UPDATE – Snap Election Call?

We are reminded that back in September, a source informed us that the planned November 2007 election date had been pushed back to March 2008. Could it be that the government now doesn’t see things getting any better between now and March, 2008 – so they have decided to go for it and hope for a majority no matter how slim? (See BFP’s Sept 2, 2007 article Sources: Barbados Election Now Delayed From November 2007 to March 2008)

Hold on to your hats, folks! The tips and comments are coming fast.



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33 responses to “Source: Barbados Government To Call Referendum Vote For November 28, 2007 – Or Is That A Snap Election Date?

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Methinks……it is a possible election date !

    Why a REFERENDUM when such was deemed too expensive in 2005 when Owen said NO to a referendum ?

    A Tuesday or Wednesday……are usually good picks for a General election !

    But more has to gathered from this info…….including if it is GENUINE as well .

  2. Wishing in Vain

    I am no expert on the thinkings of MR OWING SEE THRU ARTHUR; then again I am not sure that he is himself. However I think he may have missed the boat to have had a good result and that was the period leading into CWC but his greed and hunger for power to be the one on stage dictated that he wait until after CWC so that he could take the glory that was to be CWC, however that glory disappeared in the dark and fiasco that became CWC.

    Since then it has been one scandal after the other for he and the blp, least we forget VECO involvement in bribery court cases in Alaska and Owing and Nicholls along with Bannister have awarded them the contract for building our prison, the DANOS 3 S outfit that is before the courts in the UK for FRAUD committed in Jamaica but yet he gets awarded the contract to build the flyovers and right off the cuff the price triples, now this is a man that has setup a scam company has an investment of $ 400,000.00 with five employees but manages a works contract for $ 360 million he and his five employees must be laughing all the way to the bank

    Then we have the nonsense of the Paradise development where Pemberton is ok’ed to rape the landscape of Batts Rock and hire illegal Chinese workers with no questions asked of him.
    Not a lot has gone well or has been favorable to Owing in the past few months, it would be my guess that he may prefer to let it run to the very end of its life before calling the election in the hope that he can squeeze the last drips out of the treasury and rape it that bit more and in the hope that people will forget about his corruption and dishonesty in office, May I add I think that this is a lot to ask anyone at this stage of the game.

    Owing it is time to submit yourself to the scrutiny of the voters and see where they take you.

    My guess is a reassignment of power 22 to DLP and 8 to the thieves the blp.

    Let me hear your views???

  3. Roy Boy

    Referendum on REPUBLIC – to distract the peoples from all of the immediate/embarrassing events.

    Disgust the peoples with the idea of having to go back to a poll shortly thereafter. Low turnout better chance for a BLP majority.

    The “boss” will say that he had the peoples mandate based on his majority. But in the interest of transparency etc. etc.- spin, spin, and more spin. It was considered prudent to bring this IMPORTANT matter to the peoples.

    “woe is me!”

  4. Cahoots


  5. Cahoots

    We cannot have a referendum: that would be too democratic a thing, to set a precedent. no no

    ROCK us wid a snap election,Owen. We dare you.The dems done ready, muh boh.

  6. BFP download

    Hi BFP

    time for another download newspaper just to keep Barbadians up to date with the hot topics.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Lets list them here-:
    Owing Arthur Tired having stolen enough
    Mottley – Disenchanted
    Liz Thompson Fired re posted Disenchanted
    Rommel Marshall Fired and taken to court
    Gline Clarke Sick metally and physically
    George Payne Fired
    Trevor Prescod Disenchanted
    Ronald Toppin Disenchanted and do not care
    Kerrie Simmons Confused not sure which waytogo
    Jerome Walcott should have been fired
    Noeless Lynch more of the above should be fired
    Hammy Lashley Disenchanted and put out to graze
    Joseph Edghill Disenchanted he to is grazing
    Reginald Farley Disenchanted he has been side stepped for the role of PM
    Rawle Eastmond Disenchanted after his speech of December who wants him after stating he does not know what he has done Owing Arthur has he gotten nothing done in 9 years of neglect.
    Anthony Wood the sleeping idiot who has done nothing for years
    Dale Marshall Drifting remember his claim to fame the tripling of cost on the prison and the fiasco of handling the Brittons hill scene he should become a reporter for CBC
    Lynette Eastmond one installed by Arthur befor the present wife but this one has used taxpayers money and equipment to build her office, dishonest as ever.
    Joseph Atherley lets not remember the fiasco of the PARADISE and the Chinese workers for which the taxpayers are still awaiting a sensible statement.
    Cynthia Forde
    CLYDE MASCOLL may well be the biggest idiot with a degree but yes a total lying dishonest liar with corruption written all over him in such a short stint in the BLP cabinet just guess how the longer styanding memembers have amassed.
    Rudy Grant he rubs up to Noeless Lynch so much than he can hardly get the browness removed before it is put back in even larger volumes.

  8. reality check


    okay lets here about the DLP candidates one by one and their strengths and weaknesess? Why should we vote for them?

  9. J. Payne

    A political referendum? are they wimps?

    It keeps them from having to take a tough stand on what they believe. It allows them to dodge all criticism in choosing any choice at all, in their representation of the public…

  10. John


    That is exactly how to look at the problem of electing an member of parliament, …. what does the individual have to offer.

    Brilliantly put!

    It becomes obvious immediately what to do!!

    Now do the same exercise with the DLP’s slate and you will see the quandry the electorate is in!!

    When the time comes, I am crossing my fingers … and toes, going in the voting booth and voting out whichever party is in, …. because I can vote and it is the most positive action I can take.

    There is noone or nothing to vote for, …. but plenty to vote against!!

  11. Rumplestilskin

    But wait young feller, jus wait. Lemme slap dis domino…. refferendumm wunna say? A refferendumm abou whuh? About de Wess Indies losing every match? About Mascoll and he hard wood? Look, hole on while I slap de nex ‘couple’…

    Now, de ting is rite, I ayn care about nuh refferendumm dat aint got nuttin to do wid Cockspur, yuh hear I say Cockspur? I aint tekkin nuh Mount Gay, nuh ESAF, I tekkin Cockspur, since I did young. Now as I wuz sayin, wait lemme slap dis….Now as I wuz sayin… If it ent got nuttin to do wid Cockspur, dominoes or cricket wunna cud geh loss…

    Refferendumm soun like sumting Miss Maisie up de road tell she husband before he come down here to slap a few wid us…miserrrrable woman…

    So, as I wuz sayin….

  12. Anonymous

    the worthy BLP government would not call general elections so close to independence day. your source, my friend, is wrong.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    What really does independence day mean to Owing and the blp?
    Not one thing they never were in favour of independence hence they do nothing to enhance its worth or meaning.
    Rather than independence we have become more dependent on the foreign folks to buy big houses and to buy acres of land to cut off access to our lovely beaches, a case in point more massive construction planned for the beach area in Sunset Crest just past Cave Shepherd near the mall, and who do you think is building these monster buildings not we the locals but the Irish and the English super rich, there you go Owing more land being sold off to overseas investors.

  14. Able-2-B-able

    Did you guys check pudding and souse …Who is is the lady that is schedule to return….. “…..have no fiery like a woman’s……. check it out let us have the low down on that.

  15. Andrew


    I think we should be more concerned about this bit in ‘flying fish and cou cou’ in

    Saturday’s Nation of 20Th October 2007

    “Long and short of abuse

    SOME ARE SAYING that a prominent individual who has gone away was subjected to unwarranted verbal abuse before his sudden departure.

    Word is that he received the abuse from another very prominent person who is known to have a very acid tongue and who is never averse to using it, even in the most public of settings.

    Some are conjecturing that the individual might have had aspects of the incident on his mind prior to leaving.

    Whatever the case may be, unless the abuser tells all, no one might ever know what the situation was about since it is highly unlikely that the other individual involved will talk about the incident. ”

    Taking the above with a post by ‘Adrian Hinds’ in the ‘Barbados Underground’ of today’s date, I will say we have a lot more to worry about, than some ‘lady’.

  16. Fred

    I have listened to the call in show today and heard some paltry, feable excuses being made for an inept lazy minister of housing and lands mr Farley seems that his ministry is run in nearly the same manner as he runs his office.
    His rambling excuse as to why he has done absolutely nothing for the people he represents is a sad statement about his lack of service.
    I can sympathise with them as I too have been at the mercy of the same minister for nearly a year now with little or no forward movement on my issue, maybe I too need to place a full page advert in connection with my problem and only then will he get kicked into action, the real problem is that none of this crop of politicians really give a damn because their pockets are overflowing from their past 14 years of taking from us.

  17. Jerome Hinds

    Good observatory points Fred !

    It is always the DAMN civil servant or office assistant ( or in Farley’s case Constituency office assistant ) who gets the BLAME…..!

    But after waxing out $ 12 million of taxpayers money on a case before the Maritime Tribunal……Mia Mottley declares VICTORY….but not one DAMN fisherman can enter T & T waters…..!

    Who would they blame for that……civil servants at the Fisher Department…….?

    This BLP government is a set of SCALLYWAGS….!

    Animals behave BETTER than them !

  18. Hants

    Fred…What is worse is that this Minister appears to think that he is doing a great job.

    As an aside to this issue.

    Which costs more?

    Cleaning the well…..
    Sending a crew to pump water off the road every time it is flooded over the last few years….

    We are called a nation of complainers when we raise these issues.
    I guess nothing will be done unless somebody drowns.

  19. Fred

    It is the poorest excuse for the management of the affairs that he was put there to do by what would be considered a senior minister of cabinet, what example does that set for the junior ministers to follow?
    It really made me laugh at his ramblings, this is a classic case of do not blame me it is the maid in the office that did it.

  20. Anonymous

    Fred & Jerome

    What upset me even more than the bumbling minister’s inept and inadequate response,was David Ellis sucking up and pandering with excuse after excuse – blaming the permanent secretary,the drainage unit even though the man affected with the well who called in said the drainage unit responded to every single call and pumped out the water out of the well and was currently there on the property working.

    Still David Ellis felt it was his duty to try and shield the minister at every attempt made to criticise him (farley).

    Note the first caller who raised the issue was quickly hustled off the programme and described by Ellis as anti-Farley and Pro DLP.

    Couldn’t someone be a member of a party and still make a valid comment or criticism?

    Why must David Ellis always put the other side – (which is usually a strong defence for the BLP and a shabby weak half hearted response for the DLP), why not let the listeners come to their own conclusion without putting in an argument for any of the parties?

    That will surely make the show much,much much,more interesting.

    Oh for moderators to interject less.

  21. Hants

    Jerome Hinds says “but not one DAMN fisherman can enter T & T waters…..!

    You are wrong Jerome. They can enter Trinidad waters…… but they will be Arrested.

    However, if the Trinis get BS&T they may give the fisherman a break.

  22. Hants

    Moderators like David Ellis are good for talk shows.

    A talk show should be enlightening and entertaining.

    He had this smooth talking minister on the defensive and the Minister sounded quite pathetic.

    How can a Government Minister fail to solve a simple problem like getting a drainage well cleaned.

    Opps…. I know what he did wrong. He forgot to call SuperOwing to move Heaven,Earth and the water out of the well.

  23. Fred

    You must remember where David Ellis gets his salary from !!
    He does what he does so as to avoid any further libel suits to his treasured company VOB.
    Sadly what they have missed is the fact that we Barbadians havbe grown past that narrow minded outlook and we are much more open minded and educated that where their thoughts are for us.
    As many excuses as Ellis may have made for Farley there can be little doubt that he is a very sad excuse as a repsentative of the people he is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of being able to represent the people as we have clearly seen in this exercise. a zero rating to him for his screwing up of this event.

  24. Roy Boy

    If I were David Ellis I would stay off the air and in particular the call in programs. Why? Because I am flip-flopping; contradicting myself; under orders to not payout anymore money ($60,000) for doing my job and asking probing questions of public servants.

    I would ask the Market Vendor to give me a pick doing some ads and a desk only job until after the elections.

    I would ask the current Opposition Leader if I will be able to do my real job after he becomes PM and take comfort that some day soon I will be able to keep my job and be an effective, respected and once again dedicated journalist.

  25. Rumplestilskin

    Elections now in January after the Xmas monies flow and when peoples a bit happier because of that?

    That is the only logical time now, best bet for incumbent party and its only a ‘bet’ for sure.

  26. Jerome Hinds

    October 26th, 2007 at 12:25 am
    Elections now in January after the Xmas monies flow and when peoples a bit happier because of that?

    That is the only logical time now, best bet for incumbent party and its only a ‘bet’ for sure.


    Not sooner ?

    This weekend the BLP henchmen have been ordered to base !

    Herbie Yearwood on the ground !

    Tony Best on the ground !

    From what I have been hearing…..Stephen Alleyne has been silenced !

    This weekend at Deighton Griffith School should be interesting !

    Stay tuned !

  27. It’s A MIRACLE!!! At last people of Barbados in face of government waked up! Nevertheless, I believe, that it will be really Republican referendum! And finally people of Barbados will become free from ugly half-colony half-monarchy dominion status !!!


    BFP Comments

    A republic would make you happy, would it? What constitution and rules would the republic operate under? Or do you intend to support what Owen $ Arthur proposes, which is a blank cheque of: “Give me the mandate to declare a Republic. I’ll tell you what the constitution and rules are later”

  28. Rumplestilskin

    Republic status without adequate analysis, debate by citizens and international ‘observers’ and the presentation of a draft constitution prior to the actual referendum would be totally unacceptable.

    Delivery of a draft constitution should preced the actual vote by at least six months, to give time for analysis and critique of the proposed ‘status quo’ and a mechanism in place for amendments therein.

    If indeed this is a proposed referendum date, or if the proposed referendum takes this ‘short form’, then it is tremendously worrying that such a route could be allowed to take place.

    Apart from plain commonsense (as we try to exercise), the lawyers on the Government bench and behind the scenes should surely know better.

    Which makes it even more worrying, when proper process is disrupted by expediency one must question intent.

  29. Rumplestilskin

    I would hope that in the event that a referendum could be the proposal, that the Opposition immediately indicate dissatisfaction with the process and demand proper debate and analysis of the structures therein.

    Witness the Trinidad Opposition’s criticism of the proposed T&T constitution. Despite PM Manning also not being transparent in his own approach to the new constitution, the Opposition has raised serious concerns on the new structure and specifically the ‘run-away’ power that the President would not have under the new regime.

    Criticism of the process itself is full and separate from the actual ‘republic vs colony’ debate.

    There are three issues:

    1) Republic vs colony – this is very individual and led by loyalties, with considerations as to history (good and bad), economic and potential social environmental factors

    2) The process of analysis – the process of the decision as to whether to implement change must itself be transparent, give time for analysis and have adequate provisions for amendments; it must give consideration for local AND international experts inconstitutional reform, and human rights bodies to have adequate input; an adequate summary must be available and published for all to see, well before the referendum date. This summary must be vetted and approved by relevant bodies and sign off as such )Government, Opposition, International Organisation of Human Rights.

    3) The structure of the new Constitution – this
    must provide adequate separation of powers between President, PM (If there is one), Senate, Judicial (including both the appointment and daily functions of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission AND the Judiciary itself) and Director of Public Prosecutions.

    Rules for Police bodies must be carefully drafted to avoid the wholesale co-opting of the forces by the Government.

    Rules for the media must be carefully drafted to provide protection for the media houses in both daily activities and in situations of national emergency.

    National Emergency rules must be carefully drafted to avoid unsuitable action on the part of Government, reasons for action should be specific and defined. Any ‘open’ ended action should be avoided and only if related to the ‘unkown’ must have a time-limit or be subject to Judicial Review.

    That’s my thoughts.


  30. Rumplestilskin

    Oops, re T&T, that should read ‘‘run-away’ power that the President would NOW have under the new regime’.

  31. Unconditionally I will very very happy when Barbados will become a Republic (as well as i will happy if every from current dominions or monarchies will become a Republic). I will vary happy to congratulate you with a becoming of Republic and through this fact with a transforming of all Barbadians from a subjects of British queen to real CITIZENS of a free country! In case if Barbados will become a first Republic, I’m sure that on current moment it will main event of 21st century!

  32. Straight talk

    Love the handle, man.

    Short, sharp and accurate.

  33. Jerome Hinds

    Monday, October 22nd, 2007…3:05 pm

    Source: Barbados Government To Call Referendum Vote For November 28, 2007 – Or Is That A Snap Election Date?….could it be that E day is 3rd December 2007 ?