Harold Hoyte At Nation News: Integrity Not An Important Character Trait To Be Prime Minister Of Barbados


There is a whole lot of truth in some of what Harold Hoyte says today in his Nation News column Make-over Time, but Hoyte’s thoughts about honesty and integrity being nice but not important are why this country is going down, down, down.

Rampant corruption is also why your great grandchildren will likely still be paying for the thieving that has characterised the Owen Arthur government for almost 14 years. Integrity, honesty and adherence to the law are not “nice to have” or “optional” to the person who holds the Office of the Prime Minister of Barbados. These traits are foundational to how the country will be governed.

Hoyte is so representative of the thinking that is destroying our Barbados and our children’s futures.



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17 responses to “Harold Hoyte At Nation News: Integrity Not An Important Character Trait To Be Prime Minister Of Barbados

  1. Wishing in Vain

    The truth is that we have encouraged and allowed Owing and his corruption to grow and nurture it to the stage it has become full term corruption.
    We cannot trade honesty and decency in politics for what we presently endure in Owing and his merry gang of crooks and criminals running while with our money.

  2. Roy Boy

    Mr Hoyte can surely defend himself and I hope he reads BFP and does respond.
    I did not interpret his column in the same light as BFP. I do not believe that he thinks it is ok for the PM to be anything less than honest etc. He in my view was presenting his interpretation of the poll, so in effect the peoples are the ones who are following our current leadership.

  3. reality check

    “Attributes of integrity and pleasantness are highly desirable, but are perhaps more valued in pastors than politicians”

    Hoyte goes onto say that it would be nice to have both in politicians but this is not reality.

    What was the point of being the past head of the most influential newspaper in Barbados if you didn’t use your influence to shape and influence integrity and honesty as an intrical part of the political process that every Bajan deserves and merits.

    The answer is that Harold Hoyte and many of his type in a similar position have sold the citizens of Barbados down the river for the past number of years for 30 pieces of silver and maybe less in today’s dollars.

    Rationalizations notwithstanding, leadership starts at all levels of influence in society and in particular the fifth estate.

    Harold gets an F for integrity , honesty and leadership!

  4. Adrian Hinds

    Harold gets an F for integrity , honesty and leadership!

    Now remember Owen has demonstrated a willingness to get into the gutter with Harold Hoyte, this is informed by the Owen’s intervetion to a Sunday Brasstacks session with Chris Sinkler, Harold Hoyte and others. To this day i cannot understand why Harold went almost silent. But then i have to ask what does Owen know of Harold Hoyte’s personal life? Does Harold fear one of Owen after Budget tell all sessions in parliament of some citizen’s personal short commings? Do any of you remember Carolyn Leacocks attempted tell all of her personal life a few years back in the Nationnews paper? I heard that he has found Christ and i wish him well, yet some PM’s have wrap themselves in god like rhetoric. We cannot serve to masters, yet we fear some men as we should fear Christ.

  5. Anonymous

    Harold Hoyte retired from the Nation and it seems that he also retired from common sense.

  6. theNickster

    As that line from the song from Madd said “but suppose, dah story true? oh me oh my!”, My first response from reading the article was a strange revulsion, but upon seeing what really happens every day, isn’t what he saying even half right? How is it that Owen, maaascoll and others like them can walk the street without a mob slaying them?
    Its because some people still love Owen, just as some still love Thompson. Just to prove it, ask around about the things people remember Owen “promising” and ask how many of those things were fulfilled. There are not many “information savvy” lovers of Owen, and those that are aware stand much to lose if Owen goes away.
    Hoyte’s notions are preposterous but horribly accurate. For the real voting mass consists of those easily swayed by smooth talk and poly-tricks.

  7. Sargeant

    This is a joke right? The interpretation of the poll results reflect more on the respondents than on Thompson. If we do not value honesty and integrity in our leaders, do we value them in our friends, our children or ourselves? It seems like we are all going to hell in a handbasket. If there is an implied acceptance of dishonesty at the senior level of political leadership does one think that it will not permeate through all strata of society? After all “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

    Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and while we may rant about the issue of political corruption we ignore the everyday actions that contribute to an amoral society. I’m sure that many of us can recite anecdotes either from personal experience or from friends or relatives about ‘greasing palms’ to secure quick or favourable outcomes to issues that affect us. Our leaders should reflect the ‘brightest and best” of our generation, they should be men and women of principle and high moral standards, they should be honest and not lacking in integrity. If the population is dismissive of these qualities then we can say goodbye Barbados, hello Nigeria.

  8. Crusty

    On October 24th, 2007 at 1:23 am, Sargeant said:

    “I’m sure that many of us can recite anecdotes either from personal experience or from friends or relatives about ‘greasing palms’ to secure quick or favourable outcomes to issues that affect us.”


    So true. We seem to think that is the way things are done, so we do it too. That is not meant as an excuse, but how does one change the behaviour of a whole society?

  9. Anonymous

    Our leaders should reflect the “brightest and best” of our generation,
    they should be men and women of principle and high moral standards,
    they should be honest and not lacking in integrity.
    If the population is dismissive of these qualities then we can say goodbye Barbados, hello Nigeria.

    Yes, they should be but they aren’t!

  10. Roy Boy

    That is not meant as an excuse, but how does one change the behaviour of a whole society?
    We start at the top! If we have fearless leaders who are not HUNGRY and looking to feather their nest but first and foremost have the interest of the Country at heart, then we can make the change and restore this country’s reputation which has been going down hill since the late 70’s.

    Remind the justice department and police of their roles and ensure that they perform.

    Bring the ZR culture in line and wake up the church.

    Summary – create the strategy/vision; appoint leaders with high integrity and enforce the laws of the land without political bias.

    Perhaps we can set a positive example for Nigeria.

  11. paul sealy

    Hoyte is an ass kisser at this present moment and not wanting to see Thompson as leader means he likes the dictatorship rule presently bestowed upon us by this thiefing womanising drunkard Arthur,hell if it wasn’t Thompson i would put in anybody to rule once it wasn’t this slimeball.Bajans need to start thinking for themselves and stop letting these criminals rule and keep them living like dogs while they and theirs live like kings,saw on BU that he whitewashed Stephen Alleyne with cuss before he dead because the man ain’t change something in the CWC draft that would make him look bad.
    Is this short idiot for real,you didn’t need Stephen to do that you do that quite well on your own,bajans need to kick this riff raff to the curb and bring back people that are for bajans,not the bank accounts of the Pembertons, Fearlesses and God knows who else on the criminal list that this slimeball has taken money from to have us in the situation we are in now..down with the drunking dictator

  12. Jerome Hinds

    The extract below was just copied from the BLP blog !

    I invite readers to pay close attention to David Adji letter and his EXPECTATIONS .

    Arthur Leading Well

    October 24th, 2007 •

    Thompson’s poor showing in the recent poll must be a source of concern for party members and supporters anxious to have friends at court.
    Following months of heightened political activity by the Democratic Labour Party, the recent poll has shown that his support has increased marginally by a mere one percentage point -up from 28 per cent in February to 29 per cent in October. The poll further indicated that while 48 per cent of the electorate felt that the Barbados Labour Party was likely to win the next elections, only 20 per cent felt the DLP would make it into the winner’s enclosure. Surely a sad reflection on Thompson’s ability to rally the masses around himself and his pary. Why can’t Thompson pull himself and his party out of the 20 per cent range?
    In the recently concluded Jamaican general election, we saw the opposition leader, Bruce Golding and Prime Minister, Portia
    Simpson- Miller, in a neck and neck contest before Golding emerged as the winner. After three terms of Barbados Labour Party government, Thompson should be giving Arthur some cause for concern, not presenting some puerile rationalisation which says that no leader of the opposition in Barbados has ever scored more than 32 per cent in a poll prior to an election.
    Thompson must accept the lessons of Barbadian politics and recognise that the local electorate shows a distinct disinclination to vote for corporate lawyers as their leaders. In addirion, in a globalised setting, the era of the lawyer/ politician seems to be fast fading and that of the economist/politician seems to be in the ascendancy. China has recently identified a 54 year old economist as the heir apparent of that vast country.

    Categories: Politics

    •David Adji // Oct 25th 2007 at 11:56 am

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    My Number is *** (REMOVED BY BFP EDITOR because we don’t usually publish Nigerian scam letters!) ***

    Expecting to hear from you soon.

    Yours Faithfull,

    David Adji.

    •Anonymous // Oct 25th 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Reading David Adji letter above posted on Oct 25th 2007 at 11:56 am

    I am further convinced that Owen Arthur & the BLP are involved in Money – Laundering…..how else can our PM on his current salary amass $ 750,000.00 ( proceeds from a cheque ) lying in his personal account….!

    HARDWOOD Inc…..is just the FRONT…..and ASSCOLL….de C* NT…!

    David Adji…….understands about WHAT & to WHOM he writes…..!

  13. Yardbroom

    Barbados is now a country that has lost its moral focus, people who should be respected because of their position or office, and as individuals – in their own right – find it difficult to gain respect.

    Harold Hoyte a journalist of some note, in a recent Nation News article wrote, “integrity” was not an important character trait to be Prime Minister of Barbados. This statement demonstrates that people who should know better do not expect of elected officials – or say they don’t – what most people do. They see lack of integrity, and other similar character traits, as minor impediments, if integrity is not in the character of the individual, it does not matter which office he/she holds, they cannot be expected to act in a way, that reasonable people would expect.

    How far is our moral decay? almost rock bottom, when decent living people, are taken to task for being decent, and rogueishness becomes the order of main stream thinking, it is imperative for those left standing, to speak out before there is no one left with a listening ear.

    I fear, if Jesus walked on water up the inner careenage of Barbados today, in our present moral bankrupt state, the movers and shakers would say, he is too nice and decent to lead us, or have anything of worth to say.

    We see criminal activity in many forms, drugs, prostitution, violence, and corruption at many levels, by those who should know better, but the showing by example, by those who should be the bastions of our society is sadly lacking. As a result our young people – one is tempted to say with justification – take little notice of the telling of moral values, when the showing by example is not demonstrated.

    There is no social responsibility left, only a free for all, do as you wish, nothing matters in this moraless environment, thuggery, vindictiveness, threats, surreptitious monitoring, all is grist to the mill.

    There is one caveat, no opinion should be expressed unless it reinforces the rape and pillage of our country, you are free, but that freedom is dependent on you agreeing with us, “free indeed!” Oh, how free we are.

    It needs a special person, to bring about dramatic change from the old order of doing things, a person with the qualities of “integrity” decency, and moral values, and I honestly believe that David Thompson of the DLP is the man for that challenge.

  14. Anonymous

    To be fair to Mr. Hoyte, didn’t he say something to the effect of, that if forced to choose between integrity and competence and both could not be found in any prospective leader, that we choose competence. He must be very frustrated by the way he is being misrepresented and his words taken out of context and misconstrued. I don’t he was saying that integrity was unimportant, I think what he was trying to say is that we consider competence to be a MORE necessary attribute in a leader.

  15. Bush Tea

    You point just shows what Harold Hoyte knows. The fact is that INTEGRITY IS the first requirement of good leadership. If that is missing don’t even bother to look further.
    Leadership requires inspiring others to achieve, setting example, dispensing justice and being a role model.

    What competence what?!?
    Look how far Harold got without that.
    Competence can be easily hired – that is what Permanent secretaries, Managers, and consultants are for.
    What is special is INTEGRITY. This is what defines a leader.
    Hoyte should retire quietly and resume writing ‘of men and mice’ – that was his claim to fame…

  16. keana haynes

    hi mr Hoyte how is your self and family,this is keana , please say hi to noreen for me .by for now.

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