Four Seasons – Cinnamon 88 Bulldozes Grenada’s National Park And Kills National Bird – American Idol Bad Boy Simon Cowell Buys Barbados Villa From Same Company


Television producer and star Simon Cowell has purchased two pieces of property in the new Four Seasons Clearwater Bay project in Barbados. (Project website is here) According to an article in Times Online (link here), Mr. Cowell intends to merge the two properties. Hmmm… that should be one nice villa!

But by a strange trick of fate and Google Alerts, the Simon Cowell story wasn’t the only article about Four Seasons and Cinnamon 88 resort builders that arrived on our desk today. It seems that Four Seasons and Cinnamon 88 are building another resort in Grenada and have already started bulldozing the habitat of the few remaining Grenada Doves – the national bird of Grenada. There are apparently fewer than 100 of these birds that remain in existence and the Four Seasons project will destroy about half of the birds’ remaining natural habitat.

I wonder if Mr. Cowell knows that his resort developers are doing such a thing in Grenada? I wonder if he would care… but you can contact him about it if you like at his MySpace page. (Log into and then search for Simon Cowell – or click here)


LIES Told By Four Seasons Exposed By Birdlife.Org Photo – Shows Grenada Dove Island Habitat Already Being Bulldozed

Despite assurances by both the Grenadian Government and Four Seasons / Cinnamon 88 that nothing will happen until environmental studies are done, aerial photographs like the one above show that assurance is a lie. The bulldozers are well into it. (Sigh… why do governments and businesses like Four Seasons conspire together to lie to citizens?)


Shame! Shame! Shame! – Grenada Government Selling Off Part Of National Park To Four Seasons

In the case of Grenada, it turns out that the government is planning to sell part of their Mt. Hartman National Park to Four Seasons to be developed. On September 17, 2007, the American Bird Conservancy (link here) submitted a detailed critique of the project to the Government of Grenada, Four Seasons, Cinnamon 88 and it’s parent corporation in the UK, Capital 88 – but the developers ignored this report and are forging ahead.

Also see the website of the Protect The Grenada Dove Campaign for some very revealing background information (link here or touch the above photo). 

One has to wonder if the lies being told in concert by the Government of Grenada and Four Seasons/Cinnamon 88 are standard operating procedure for the corporation. As we saw with the VECO scandal, it is possible for a corporation to actually have a corporate culture of corruption and dishonesty. With the unethical actions of Four Seasons / Cinnamon 88 in Grenada, one has to wonder if their Barbados corporate culture is any different.

Which brings us to our Barbados National Park… you know – the one we don’t have yet but that the vast majority of Bajans would like to see proclaimed at Graeme Hall, Barbados. As the sad tale in Grenada shows us, there are short-sighted people everywhere who value the dollar so much that they will rape their own county’s natural heritage without a second thought.

A Word About Google Alerts

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23 responses to “Four Seasons – Cinnamon 88 Bulldozes Grenada’s National Park And Kills National Bird – American Idol Bad Boy Simon Cowell Buys Barbados Villa From Same Company

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Dear BFP the most sad aspect of this is that based on what I have seen and know about these developers they have no morals and will destroy any and everyone to attain their goals.
    Sadly the company of FOUR SEASONS themselves are less than decent business partner because they to care little or nothing about the environment or the untold damage that they are doing to these delicate environments, so long as they get their profits at the end of the day is all that matters.
    This Company FOUR SEASONS is one callous operation where profits are the order of the day very much in the same style as Owing where he instructs to sell all the land for the highest value and forget about our children or our childrens children.

  2. Paradox

    Simon Cowell, Andrew Lloyd Webber,(C+W) and a host of other celebs would tell you,they are buying property which is/has been approved with the full knowledge of the Town Planning Dept.,/ government etc. They might go on to say they are not responsible for the government in power as they are not voters—Bajans, including the Opposition are happy with what is going on in your country and other countries with a democratically elected government.
    Bajans don’t blame C or W . You are to blame. Birds are shot in great numbers every year. Who takes any notice?Take a look at the hospital/s, QEH + District Hosp.,the roads,the high cost of food in the shops,late payments of government employees,cost overruns of major projects, the difficulty seeing or getting to the best beaches.
    That comment in an article that Bajans are, “like sheep being lead to the slaughter” is an understatement.
    Say nout, do nout.
    The Lord will provide.

  3. pogo

    Selling off parklands to build more hotels for the rich people? Not good.

    We have a better idea for Barbados. Let’s sell off the parliament buildings to Four Seasons.

    They get a great hotel site and our elected so-called leaders be out on the street where they belong.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Grenada’s “crown jewels” up for sale

    The Grenadian government has passed an amendment to the Grenada National Parks and Protected Areas Act, giving the Governor General the right to sell national parks land (and other protected areas) to private developers.

    The amendment to the National Parks Act allows the sale of the Mount Hartman National Park – the last stronghold of the Critically Endangered Grenada Dove Leptotila wellsi – for a massive hotel and villa complex.

    Half the global population of Grenada Dove –just 120 individual birds- are found within the Mount Hartman Estate, with the majority currently finding safe haven inside the Mount Hartman National Park.

    “By paving the way for the sale of the Mount Hartman National Park, the Grenada government seems to have gone back on its word that the park would remain intact,” commented David Wege, BirdLife’s Caribbean Programme Manager.

    As recently as the end of February, the Hon. Ann David-Antoine, Minister of Health, Social Security and the Environment stated in a letter that “the Government has not abolished the sanctuary [Mount Hartman National Park] nor will it do so”.

    “With foreign investors and developers apparently driving the development process in Grenada, the loosening of the National Parks Act is potentially devastating for the protection of Grenada’s rich natural heritage.” said Wege.

  5. John


    … we could throw in the Government Offices at Bay Street now occupying a prime piece of beach front real estate to sweeten the deal and relocate them and Parliament to Glendairy, …. now lying idle.

    That way our elected leaders don’t have to suffer the indignity of being on the street … and will save travelling to parliament through traffic, thus becoming more productive.

    A win win situation!!

  6. John

    Isn’t Keith Mitchell facing the courts in the good old US of A over allegations of bribe taking?

  7. BFP

    WIV… thanks for the link to the Grenada Dove Campaign website. We’ve updated the story and put in a photo and the links.

    That’s what is so great about blogs… the contributions made by readers!

    Thanks, WIV.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    You are welcome this is a subject that is close to my heart thats why I get so worked up when I see this rape going on, fool yourself not that we too in Barbados are being raped by our gov’t and these same investors.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    The same rape that they are carrying out in Grenada is being carried out here as well.
    Is is not amazing that there are those that can influence the politicians to the point that they can make them sell a nATIONAL PARK to a private developer ???

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Should anyone feel motivated enought to write any of the ones listed below to express your disgust please feel free to so the email addresses are provided free of charge use them.

    President-Jim FitzGibbon

    Louise Chasin

    Angela Kretschmer

  11. Wishing in Vain

    I think that the public needs to apply some pressure to the likes of FOUR SEASONS RESORTS now rather than later as if this is the way they plan to treat us and there are not in as yet lord help those that plan to walk the beach or even trying to get to the beach.
    I bet that the area of land given up by Owing is greater than the piece that he got in return.!!!

  12. Cahoots

    Doves dont pay taxes.
    Money-greed RULES

  13. Cahoots

    Mitchell sells a national park.
    Owen sold a National Bank,
    but whuh?


    BFP comments

    Cahoots… pick a name and stick with it. Your name is now Cahoots. The technique of changing names so as to look like more than one person is commenting is NOT ALLOWED.

    Switch again and you will be banned.

  14. J. Payne

    Ummm. The Four Seasons Hotel chain is now owned by one of them Kings/Princes out in the Middle East actually.

    They held a hostile take over of the Four Seasons Hotel.

    The website you gave said are the developers… Meaning they were contracted to build it.


    Article: Four Seasons Hotels agrees to bid from Gates and Alwaleed
    Date: Published: February 13, 2007
    Source: – The International Herald Tribune


    — Four Seasons agrees to be taken private —

    NEW YORK: Four Seasons Hotels, the manager of 74 luxury hotels, said Monday that it had agreed to be taken private by Bill Gates, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the chief executive for $3.8 billion, including debt.

    Shareholders would get $82 a share in the purchase, which was first proposed in November, said the company, which is based in Toronto. The chief executive, Isadore Sharp, would receive $289 million in the deal.

    Hotel companies have become takeover targets as travel increases to the world’s largest cities while the supply of new hotel rooms is lagging behind.

    Four Seasons, whose hotels include the George V in Paris and the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, California, operates in 31 countries.

    “Interest in deals in the sector will continue unabated, if not increase,” said Amit Kapoor, a lodging industry analyst at Gabelli in Rye, New York. “Lodging companies will remain in the cross hairs of private equity buyers or even strategic buyers.”

    Shares of Four Seasons closed at $81.36, down $2.52, or 3 percent, on the New York Stock Exchange.

    The stock has risen 31 percent since Nov. 3, the last trading day before the purchase was first proposed.

    Shares rose above $82 after the purchase announcement on speculation among investors of an increased offer from the buyers, Kapoor said.

    Four Seasons hotels make up 4 of the top 10 properties in the world as ranked by Condé Nast Traveler. A standard room at the Four Seasons New York in midtown Manhattan costs around $815.

    Alwaleed is bidding through Kingdom Hotels International, and Gates, the Microsoft chairman, will purchase his stake through Cascade Investment.

    In April, Kingdom & Colony Capital acquired Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, the Toronto-based hotel chain that manages the Savoy of London and Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, for $3.24 billion.

    In Britain, David and Frederick Barclay, the billionaire brothers, have amassed a 5 percent share in InterContinental Hotels Group, the world’s largest lodging company by rooms, leading to speculation about a possible takeover bid.

    The purchase of the Four Seasons, which was approved by the company’s board, requires the vote of two-thirds of shareholders at a meeting that may be held in April, the company said.

    Alwaleed is Four Seasons’ biggest holder, with 7.57 million shares, or 22 percent of the company as of Feb. 2. The Gates Foundation held 1.98 million shares, making it the fifth-largest stockholder.

    Gates and Alwaleed have collaborated for at least two years. After attending a dinner at Gates’s home in Bellevue, Washington, in early 2004, Alwaleed agreed to explore ways to assist Microsoft’s expansion in Saudi Arabia.

    Sharp, the chief, and his family would continue to hold a “significant” share of the company. He will be directly involved in the chain’s operations and strategy, Four Seasons said.[-End]

  15. J. Payne

    Re: Wishing in Vain

    That info is a little bit outdated. That was back when Four Seasons was still a public company based out of Canada…

    This is the *top* of the top…


    Wow !! what a happy merry band . what it boils down to is money talks ..and bullsh**t walks . What an interesting partnership . It seems to be the same thing all the time the masses or ‘little people’ versus the elite and heavy rollers .Money cuts across all boundaries religious , nationality etc…it seems to be always the haves ( trying to have more ) against the have nots or not as’ having’ ( getting the sharp end of the sword).


    People , you really need to read kingdom hotels web link website as graciously provided by ‘J.Payne’. I find the Princes’s investments so very ,very interesting as well as his educational back ground . What a convoluted web to say the least . It gives me more confidence in my comments which are being moderated at the moment and hopefully will be posted sometime soon .
    It just seems that so much of what we see in the news and the media is just one big disgusting misleading play. While we get all caught up in the drama , these heavy rollers reap the sweets and fraternize with one another.

  18. J. Payne

    I can sum up no less the three other ways the “King” is tied to Barbados through his holdings…

    It says on the site:
    “Citigroup, News Corp, Time Warner, Motorola, Apple Computers, Ballast Nedam, Canary Wharf, Disneyland Paris, Saks Inc. and Kingdom Centre.”

    Citigroup – a.k.a Citibank operated in Barbados for a number of years…..

    News Corp. is part of the Fox TV network empire. Fox TV owned by Rupert Murdoch(the one we’ve spoken about on here with the ties to China.) At one time Murdoch held a huge stake in DirecTV. DirecTV operates in Barbados and is run locally through StarCom Network…. Supposedly Murdoch sold that stake in DirecTV to another company named Liberty Media (in exchange for that company’s stake/shares in News Corp. Thus giving himself a larger hold on his company.) But Liberty Media seems to still give Fox preferential treatment on DirecTV.

    Now if you remember back quite a ways Barbados Free Press was enlightening us on how the Saudies were handing out literature with things about Jews being “pigs” and so on in their literature and the possibility that some of that literature was being handed out to Mosques/ Muslim faith individuals in Barbados. Well once again if that were the case he’s part of Saudi Royalty and that would once again be another “in” that he has into Barbados.

    All dis’ is only a wheel turning.

  19. Nathaniel

    Me and my parents went to see the Grenada hog island resort and we even went on a boat tour. Cinnamon 88 Is not destroying it, they have to keep 68 acres untouched of hog island for 60 doves.

  20. fred

    I just witnessed first hand the new master plan for this development. Cinnamon 88 has created a plan in conjuction with a Landscape Architecture and Planning firm out of Denver USA that will accomidate the Dove. They are also caring for and preserving two fital wetlands as well as the mangroves. As far as I can tell they are heading in the right direction on the environmental issues.

  21. For more information on Cinnamon 88, please refer to, and for more detailed information on our Grenada project, please refer to Or, drop me a line at

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