Jamaican Minister Of Tourism Gives Speech – And Quotes Barbados Free Press

The official government Jamaican Information Service published a speech given this week by Jamaican Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett to the Jamaican-American Chamber of Commerce. One of the sources he quoted was Barbados Free Press.

The BFP article quoted was Government Claims $90 Million A Year In Departure Tax Revenues… Where Is The Money? by none other than Adrian Loveridge.

Barbados Underground has a few things to say about the Jamaican Tourism Minister’s speech (link here) and the Jamaican Information Service is here.

It makes us smile a bit to see our name being mentioned by a government minister of another country, but the forthcoming New York Times article on Caribbean politics should be even more interesting.

Yup, we think we’ll leave that current banner up for another few days… the banner that tells all about the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Barbados being charged with fraud in a Canadian court.


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10 responses to “Jamaican Minister Of Tourism Gives Speech – And Quotes Barbados Free Press

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Well Done BFP..

    A much used credible source of news.
    Its only a question of time before our own illustrious Minister of Tourism uses Barbados Free Press for his source of information too!

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Just as they are being read by the ministers in Jamaica I am sure that they get read by those in office here like the PM , DPM , AG and the CJ why then do they not do the right thing and call elections so that we can restart life honestly in this island free from all these scams and tripling of cost on all these projects,and the continued filling of the bank accounts of Owing, Nicholls and Bannister just think about their share of proceeds from the VECO built PRISON and the DANOS 3S road works project if they were asking for a 7 % fee for the VECO PRISON I shudder to think what the commission must be on the BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT DANOS and 3 S scam.

  3. nexyear

    they’re not calling elections because dat would suit YOU and ME, but they have another 8 months in dey to thief, and elections not calling til right down to the end. of the termm
    next year watch en see. wunnunh doan get wunnuh knickers in no twiss!waiting pun nuttin so.

  4. FamilyB

    nexyear, you hit the nail right on the head. First money got to raise, be it from the much touted oil finds, Chinese borrowed money, or the EU subventions that Owen fighting so hard to keep. After all, promises have to be made good on, and in the off-chance that things go horribly wrong and the BLP loses the election, things have to be hidden, files burned, etc, and a nice veneer or honesty and respectability sprayed on the runners via (to use a BFP term) lapdog media.
    Until such time, PM Arthur will continue to play the only card left in his deck; the election date.

  5. FamilyB

    and to the idiots who try to discredit BFP …

    ——- [comments posted via Anonymouse.org] ——-

    try an stop dah now…

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  7. Anonymous

    Once again BFP displays a juvenile lack of professionalism.

    Does the BBC, CNN, Nation, Advocate, VOB or CBC come out with a report about it every time someone mentions the BBC, CNN, Nation, Advocate, VOB or CBC?

    You always behave like wide-eyed children seeing Christmas for the first time.

    Please note that most of your readers are a MATURE ADULT audience.

  8. Hants

    BFP…. it is important to mention which mainstream media quotes BFP articles.

    Blogs are a “new age” delivery of news and commentary driven by private citizens as opposed to professional journalist.

    Interesting to see the two “merging”.

  9. Anonymous

    Well , well , well………it took HARDWOOD for the mighty Royalrumble to…….MUMBLE the following REVEALATIONS on the BLP Blog !

    Check the Headline article below and Royalrumble’s ELOQUENT response !

    I guess the results of the POLL below made him see the LIGHT !



    Royalrumble // Oct 19th 2007 at 3:15 am

    I can now confirm that there were 15 NON NATIONAL dismissals at HARDWOOD HOLDINGS today this is after ASSCOLl said they did not employ illegal workers.
    Now this should be a crime that someone is charged for employing illegal workers the same as they would do had these been illegal sex workers!!!
    The Hardwood issue is a strange one, that I am watching closely, if the DLP has more clear evidence they can break Mascoll, and indeed gain more votes/seats. If it is all a bluff and Owen and Mascoll, can show that it is all a bluff then you call elections quickly after when Thompson is still licking his wounds. So this is really the deciding factor. Owen will not take it lying down someone has to take the fall even may be Mascoll. So far it seems like the Hardwood CEO might be the one to suffer, cause some how he seems to be not not bright when it comes to money and business.
    Murrell is a pawn and ASSCOLL is the player, I personally do not need anything further than what was presented to the public last night he is guilty as charged in my books all of them need investigating for fraud, if TONY HOYOS can be sitting on both boards the lender and the borrower at the same time and knownly lend our taxpaers money to a comany that is obviously being run very poorly where our money is at serious risk of being stolen by people like ASSCOLL and Murrell and others we have questions to ask of the creditabilty of Hoyos as Chairman and his functioning in that post.

  10. Yardbroom

    A contributor questioned BFP’s delight that it was quoted by a Jamaican Minister. Not to understand its significance, is not to understand how “real” politicians operate. A politician needs to know, he/she must be informed, and that information is often heard from the man in the street first. Often when the main news media runs a story, the ball has been rolling for too long, the immediate reaction of the internet has seen to that.

    The readership of BFP covers all classes in Barbados, from business men, to politicians and boys on the block. More importantly there are quite a few people who look in on BFP, but do not post, for a variety of reasons, that does not mean they have not taken a position on the views expressed.

    It would be remiss of a diligent politician, not to avail him/herself of information which is in the public domain. Most astute politicians keep their ears to the ground, they want to know what is going on.

    Business men like to know trends, and they need to act swiftly to snuff out a perception that their business is for example, overcharging etc. Even if that is not the case, they need to defend their position, that can only be done if they know what the specific accusations are.

    Quite a few people are reluctant to post on BFP, because they are afraid, they do not want to give the impression, they are on the wrong side of the present Government. The question is often asked, is he/she one of us? To deflect that question, they keep their own counsel, and will only act when it can be decisive – in the polling station.

    I am in no doubt that BFP is a must read for most politicians, of course, they are reluctant to admit it.

    What bothers the Government is that they have not as yet, found a satisfactory way to deal with BFP.

    People ask why do their supporters use the abusive language they do here, when it is quite obvious that will not bring any converts to their cause. Simply because they have to do something, and being unable to find a satisfactory method to denounce BFP, they use what has been successful in other operations, unfortunately it does not transfer well in the “open” electronic medium.