Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case!


Notice published Oct 9, 2007 in the Nation News

Where Is Iain Deane Hiding?

Friends, once in a while you shake your head in disbelief at something that you’ve been told and say “No Way! Can’t be true.” – and then somebody puts a document or some other proof in your hand and you wonder what planet you’re on. Sometimes it is difficult to accept even what we see with our own eyes.

That happened to us a few weeks ago when we were told that Barbados judges were issuing blank, signed search warrants to the police. We said, “Nah… couldn’t be” and then the proof was put right before our eyes: a blank search warrant that was signed by a Barbados Justice. You can look at it too. (See BFP’s Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary)

Now, once more, our faith in our judicial system is being shaken – and it is not just rumours. The legal documents are posted online for everyone to see.


Barbados Prime Minister, Chief Justice & Others Being Sued In Canadian Court For Corruption & Fraud

Last May, we told our readers about a Canadian lawsuit that alleges corruption and a criminal conspiracy by people at the highest levels of our Barbados government. Many prominent Bajans are named as defendants, including Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Chief Justice David Simmons. (To read the original story see BFP’s Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses)


Corrupt VECO Corporation Bribed Politicians – Also Involved In Lawsuit

Then in August, we learned that the Canadian lawsuit also involves VECO – the corrupt American company that built the oil terminal and our new Barbados jail. VECO’s CEO and VP were found guilty of bribing Alaskan politicians to get government contracts. (See BFP’s Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons)

When the VECO bribery charges and the FBI investigation story broke, the Barbados government had a 30 minute talk with VECO and promptly announced that there was no bribery or corruption in any of VECO’s Barbados projects. Never mind that the jail has tripled in price. 😉

Canadian Lawsuit Was Not Thrown Out Of Court – That Was A Barbados Government Lie!

In late August, Barbados government agents spread information throughout the blogs that the Canadian lawsuit either never existed, or that it had been thrown out of court in Canada.

We now know that was a lie. Not only is the Canadian lawsuit still in existence, it is gathering momentum – according to two confidential BFP sources and some legal documents that are posted on the internet for all to see.


Barbados Legal Community Abuzz With Talk Of Chief Justice Simmons’ “Hands-On” Role In Canadian Lawsuit!

Our sources tell us that the Barbados legal community is taking a tremendous interest in the Canadian lawsuit, not only because of the number of Bajans and lawyers who are involved in defending against the allegations, but also because Chief Justice Simmons is (quote) “Like a volcano about to blow.”

One source also informs us that Chief Justice Simmons is taking a “hands-on” approach to the case that is worrisome to some of the involved lawyers. Apparently, part of the strategy of defending the Canadian case has been to make one of the defendants Iain Deane “disappear” so he can’t be given his copy of the lawsuit as is required.

This strategy, according to our source, has held up the Canadian lawsuit to the point where the Canadian court ORDERED the Nation News and the Barbados Advocate to print a notice to Iain Deane that he only has until November 10, 2007 to file a defense! (See the copy of the newspaper notice at the top of this article)

This “hiding of a defendant” was the idea of the Chief Justice and his “hands-on” approach to the lawsuit. (again according to our source in the Bajan legal community)

The hilarious part of all this is that Iain Deane is involved in other court actions in Barbados and has a lawyer. Yet his lawyer, the Chief Justice and all the other defendants in the Canadian action have for months been “pretending” that nobody knows how to contact Iain Deane!

So (again according to our sources in the Barbados legal community) the Chief Justice of Barbados, David Simmons, has been actively involved in deliberately obstructing a court case being held in another Commonwealth country!

Many of the details about the Canadian case AND a copy of the Iain Deane Court Order can be found at a blog called Keltruth (link here)

Barbados Chief Justice Alleged To Have Played Key Role In Alleged Past Criminal Conspiracy!

There are so many unanswered questions about the Canadian lawsuit – and even more if it is true that the Chief Justice of Barbados has been deliberately trying to obstruct the court case…

– Why is Chief Justice David Simmons so upset about the Canadian court case?

– What evidence will come out during the trial?

– What has VECO got to do with the Canadian case?

– Is the Canadian court case somehow linked with the FBI investigation into bribes that VECO paid to corrupt politicians? How would that matter to Canada and Barbados?

One source says that the involvement of David Simmons in the alleged criminal conspiracy was before he became Chief Justice.

Well folks, we don’t know what to think about any of this – and remember, just because some Canadian court is hearing this case doesn’t mean the allegations are for true.

But as both our sources say, whatever is happening, Chief Justice David Simmons is for sure upset and “Like a volcano about to blow.”

We gonna try to stay outta his way!


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26 responses to “Source: Chief Justice Simmons Hiding Witness, Deliberately Obstructing Court Case!

  1. Undertaker

    The way Barbados is looking these days, I may have to move to Guyana and get some land or move bad to New York, all these different allegations may not hold water, but that does not mean that most/some of them are not true. This gov’t and my extension Barbados is not looking to moral right now. Until……..

  2. Wishing in Vain

    I eagerly await to learn the connection between this case and VECO in Canada.
    I think that there is obviously something going on in this case but what it is is the question.
    I personally had thought that it had died a natural death until I saw the advert in the newspaper last week.

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  4. Bimbro

    Not withstanding the rights and wrongs of this case could somebody please explain to me how Barbadians can be taken to court in Canada for offences which presumably, were committed in Barbados? Are the defendants expected at some point to all fly to Canada to attend the court hearing there?

    Just interested to know!

  5. Hants

    Bimbro what I find interesting is the locations of the Law firm and the courts.

    Orillia, Ontario, Canada population 30,259

    Barrie, Ontario, Canada population 125,000

    A 1/2 billion dollar US lawsuit against Barbadian Government and businesses filed in a small city in Canada by a law firm in a small town in Canada.

    If this case goes to court, it will employ at least 100 lawyers and numerous support staff and probably take 10 years to reach a conclusion.

    It will cost millions in legal fees.

    First world Barbados meet small town Ontario.

  6. Anonymous

    Hants you’re a riot,man!
    Thanks for the laugh, and the geographical clarification,
    and the 1st.wurl Buhbayduss meeting small tung Ont.

  7. One excellent reason for suing such notables, or should it be notorieties? in a jurisdicition outside Barbados is that our legal fraternity would have seen to it that the case never got to square one here.

    Our once-praiseworthy system of justice has fallen into a lamentable lodge of old-boy cronyism.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. has commenced a legal proceeding in Ontario against a group of individuals and companies connected to the Kingsland Estates Ltd. matter, alleging that the actions of these individuals and companies have caused financial loss to the plaintiff.

    The defendants are listed below. Every few days, Keltruth Corp. will write an article on a person or business selected from this list. When the article is published the name below will appear in underlined bold text, linked to said article.

    Richard Cox
    Gerard Cox
    Alan Cox
    Philip Vernon Nicholls
    Eric Ashby Bentham Deane
    Owen Basil Keith Deane
    David Simmons
    Peter Simmons
    Elneth Kentish
    Glyne Bannister
    Glyne B. Bannister
    Philip Greaves, A.K.A. Philp Greaves
    Gittens Clyde Turney
    R. G. Mandeville & Co.
    Cottle, Catford & Co.
    Keble Worrell Ltd.
    Eric Iain Stewart Deane
    Estate Of Colin Deane
    Lee Deane
    Errie Deane
    Keith Deane
    Malcolm Deane
    Lionel Nurse
    Leonard Nurse
    Edward Bayley
    Mark Cummins
    Francis Deher
    David Shorey
    Owen Seymour Arthur
    Graham Brown
    Brian Edward Turner
    G.S. Brown Associates Limited
    Golf Barbados Inc.
    Kingsland Estates Limited
    Classic Investments Limited
    Thornbrook International Consultants Inc.
    Thornbrook International Inc.
    S.B.G. Development Corporation
    The Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust Ltd.
    Phoenix Artists Management Limited
    David C. Shorey And Company
    Price Waterhouse Coopers (Barbados)
    Marjorie Ilma Knox
    First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd.
    Attorney General Of Barbados
    PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm
    David Thompson
    G.S.Brown & Associates Ltd.
    GBI Golf Barbados Inc.
    Estate of Vivian Gordon Lee Deane
    Edmund Bayley
    Life of Barbados Limited
    Owen Gordon Finlay Deane
    Veco Corporation
    Commonwealth Construction Canada Ltd. and Commonwealth Construction Inc.

  9. Casual Observer

    Can someone explain to me how a Canadian court can ORDER (Nation & Advocate ordered to print a notice) any Barbadian institution to do anything? Why can’t they also ORDER the Attorney General to find the person they’re looking for?

  10. iisnoone

    I have such respect for the “law” that I would be terrified to criticize the Right Honourable Chief Justice Sir David Simmons.

    BFP, this is an extremely serious charge! But, so far, in my opinion, you have based all of your reports on facts. I am looking forward to updates on this story!

  11. Anonymous

    The information presented on that website is FAKE.

    Don’t all for the LIES of these stupid WTYTE BFP jokers.

  12. iisnoone

    Anonymous: Tell me the real truth. I presume that you have talked to Sir David Simmons, or other insiders.

    BTW: Which website are you talking about? What is the meaning of the word “WHYTE”?

  13. Bimbro

    Thanks for your efforts everyone but I’m still not sure that I’ve received the specific, straighforward answer which I was seeking i.e. presumably, there’s a piece of legislation somewhere which gives these minor Canadian territorities the right to take our citizens to court, in CANADA! I should just be interested to know what it is and to read a little more about it plus the practical, possiblility of shifting miriad people and documents all that way seems a logistical nightmare to me, if not a practical impossibility! Don’t quite know what to make of it!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Bimbro, I too wonder about this case.
    Will the new justice center be ready in time for this case?
    I am sure there must be good reasons for wanting it heard in Canada considering what we read about the local justice system plus the CJ, PM and AG are involved in the case.
    I look forward to things becoming clearer as time goes by and we have more details.

  15. Crusty

    Americans have a tendency to use their own courts when fighting cases overseas. Often the aim is to obtain assets held in America.

    Perhaps the Canadians think the same is possible in this case too.

  16. YUM YUM I like it!

    The whole case seems to centre around the fact that an old lady (whos relatives started the KEL company) has been screwed out of her money by all (or some of) the people listed.

    She (Mrs M Knox) was a significant shareholder at the time of KEL at the time Colin Deane died. Since Colin Deane’s will was never properly executed AND the company was fraudulently undervalued, the old lady never got her money! She has spent the last 12 years fighting and has lost at both the Barbados court and Privy council. More recently she has received support from one Peter Allard (one time friend of GoB!), who presumably has taken up the cause for her.


    This ‘Kingsland affair’ is complicated and intriguing and should it go to court there is going to be egg on faces BIG TIME!!!!

    This ‘Kingsland affair’ epitomises what is wrong with the Barbados government and judiciary!! In fact it sadly epitomises modern day Barbados.

    I hope they go ALL THE WAY with this one!

  17. Bimbro

    Thanks guys!!!! We shall see!!!!

  18. Hants

    Bimbro says in part….which gives these minor Canadian territorities the right to take our citizens to court, in CANADA.”

    Hope this helps.

    The courts in Canada are organized in a four-tiered structure. The Supreme Court of Canada sits at the apex of the structure and, consistent with its role as “a General Court of Appeal for Canada”, hears appeals from both the federal court system, headed by the Federal Court of Appeal and the provincial court systems, headed in each province by that province’s Court of Appeal. In contrast to its counterpart in the United States, therefore, the Supreme Court of Canada functions as a national, and not merely federal, court of last resort.

    The next tier down from the Supreme Court of Canada consists of the Federal Court of Appeal and the various provincial courts of appeal. Two of these latter courts, it should be noted, also function as the courts of appeal for the three federal territories in northern Canada, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and the Nunavut Territory.

    The next tier down consists of the Federal Court, the Tax Court of Canada and the provincial and territorial superior courts of general jurisdiction. These latter courts can fairly be described as the lynchpin of the Canadian judicial system since, reflecting the role of their English counterparts, on which they were modelled, they are the only courts in the system with inherent jurisdiction in addition to jurisdiction granted by federal and provincial statutes.

    At the bottom of the hierarchy are the courts typically described as provincial courts. These courts are generally divided within each province into various divisions defined by the subject matter of their respective jurisdictions; hence, one usually finds a Traffic Division, a Small Claims Division, a Family Division, a Criminal Division, and so on.

    Provincial and Territorial Courts
    Although at the bottom of the hierarchy, these courts handle the overwhelming majority of cases that come into the Canadian court system. They deal with a broad range of criminal matters, much of the litigation in the area of family law, and all of the civil litigation in which the amount at issue is relatively small. If the average citizen has occasion to become involved in a dispute that requires adjudication on the part of a court, the likelihood is that he or she will appear before one of these courts.

  19. Anonymous

    Deane was found. See the Keltruth blog.

  20. iisnoone

    Try a Google search for “Iain Deane”!

  21. eisdeane

    Just for the record.

    I am resident in the United Kingdom. Have been for over a year. No mystery there. Most of my family know this and, moreover, have my address and telephone number.

    A simple request ought to have elicited that number – or maybe even an e-mail to me from Kathy Davis, Madge Knox’s eldest daughter, with whom I have always enjoyed a good relationship (or thought so anyway) irrespective of the legal matters between her mother and myself.

    Indeed, I have the deepest affection for her mother as well, but that does not mean that I am going to give into her on the legal matters on which I obviously think she is wrong, irrespective of her age.

    But that is for the Courts to decide and I will abide by their decision and I refuse to discuss the merits of the cases here.

    In the meantime, I think no ill of Aunt Madge or Kathy. They are and always have been most welcome to contact me and be assured of a warm and affectionate reception, but no discussion of the sub judice matters between us.

    Yes, my telephone number is ex-directory or unlisted for the following reasons.

    I am a theatre producer and director under the name of Iain Deane, so I am not anonymous.

    In June I directed a show starring, among others, a two time best actress Oscar winner, along with a Golden Globe best actor winner and several singers who usually appear on the stages of La Scala Milan, the Royal Opera Covent Garden and the Met, among others.

    I directed them under my own name, not any other name. This show was in London’s West End and was reported in the Times and the Telegraph both. There is also a CD of the show on sale which credits me with its direction.

    Since I am taking my valuable time to write this, I am now going to make a pitch. If anyone is interested in a CD of this concert, they cost GBP10.00 each and I am happy to provide the details of how to order and a cast list. The profits will go to a young musicians’ school of which the Price of Wales is Patron and we have all signed releases in this most worthy cause.

    It means none of the performers nor myself get any money out of it – so about GBP9.00 of every one of your orders goes directly to this charity. You may direct your requests for further information and/or orders to

    I am also a member of both British and Canadian Actors’ Equity Associations and correspondence to either of these bodies would have found me.

    Any advertisement in a major newspaper (Times or Telegraph) in the country in which I reside would have elicited an immediate response. Indeed, and I speak under correction, I believe that it is necessary to effect service by substitution by advertising in a newspaper in the country in which I live and this has not been done.

    However, once my sister had advised me of what was going on, instead of using the lack of advertisement in the United Kingdom press, which I am fairly sure was an option available to me had I wanted to hide or delay matters further, I contacted an old friend of mine and asked him and his law firm to represent me in this matter in Canada.

    As far as my Barbados counsel is concerned, any work he undertakes for me or the estate of Colin Deane has to be pre-authorized by me, otherwise he cannot charge me fees. He is not a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and therefore not allowed to represent me there. Therefore, as a matter of course, he would refuse to have anything to do with any legal action not brought in the jurisdiction in which he has standing.

    But this is well known to the Knox’s and their counsel as, when they wished to serve me with the action on which Goodridge J. has just ruled against them, they did not attempt to do so on my Barbados counsel, despite the fact that the action was brought in the jurisdiction of Barbados.

    Intsead, they sought permission of Moore J. to serve me in Canada and then, instead of looking in the Toronto phone book and getting my address from it (as I was listed there) they spent a lot of time trying to serve me at an address that I had moved from a year previously.

    They also had the option of writing me a letter in care of Canadian Actors’ Equity, which would hve found me, and I would have been happy to telephone their process servers and arrange a mutually convenient time for the process servers to meet me and serve me with the documents.

    So, what is all the fuss about? The announcement of my discovery is made to sound as if I have been in hiding under some rock and by dint of threat and investigation I have been “produced”.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    Iain Deane

  22. Anonymous

    ……. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

  23. eisdeane

    Was never lost and never blind.


  24. Hants

    Somebody should write a novel about this.

    A great title would simply be “KingsLand”. A tale of greed,corruption and hate in the canefields of an Island Paradise.

    Those lawyers in Orillia, Ontario must be buying homes in Muskoka out of these strange Bajan people.

    I wonder how much of the land will be sold to pay legal fees.

  25. Leviticus

    We have a compromised Chuief Justice; a compromised DPP and a compromised Commissioner of Police. Barbados is truly in a mess but we are so indifferent to it.

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