Rihanna Gets Yet Another Tattoo

How Many Now?

Maybe three or four tattoos now on the girl. Does it matter?


It makes me sad.

Ian Bourne has the story at Bajan Reporter (link here)


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26 responses to “Rihanna Gets Yet Another Tattoo

  1. Eddy

    So Rehanna gets another tattoo, so what? What’s the big deal?
    This news is not news worthy

  2. Pat

    It may not be a big deal to those who do not have one. But in North America, tattoos, especially large in-your-face ones, are symbols of gangsters – of the motor cycle type: Hells Angels. However, discreet small tattoos, on the ankle, wrist, shoulder or butt are now acceptable. It is not customary for ladies to have more than one tattoo. But, to each his own.

    Personally, I think when one resorts to such measures (more than one tattoo) it is a symptom of something lacking in ones life. Me, I love tattoos, but I use the stick and peel variety.

  3. Anonymous

    So how come?

  4. Heather

    So what if she has another tattoo. I got my first 2 months ago and am going for the second in a few days and I am certainly not lacking nothing in my life. I always wanted a real tattoo – it’s sexy, fun and very liberating – oh and it’s a great aphrodisiac.

    Just go get a real one Pat.

  5. Howdy All,

    My two cents, if she wants to get a tattoo, fine by me. She’s an adult (last time I checked). Gone are the days when certain things (like getting a tattoo) were considered taboo. Heck, women smoke and drink, too (and have been doing so for a while).

    Why double standards? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander (isn’t that how it goes?)

    Life is to short, for both women and men. And what each other does in their own respective private lives should be of no concern to the general public. Mind you, it makes for good gossip, but we’re only human 😉

    If I was in a relationship with a lady that had a tattoo, it wouldn’t bother me personally (like Heather posted, it’s sexy, although, I could probably make the lady feel sexier even if she didn’t have the tattoo).

    As for drinking and smoking, I drink the occasional beer or two, so I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I were to tell my lady friend not to drink period. I don’t smoke though, but if I like the lady, then I have to accept her habits (good or bad) because I’d expect the same from her when it comes to mine.

    To each his (or her) own I say! ‘Tis what makes us different and unique!

    The Bystander.

  6. Pat

    Heather, I have comtemplated getting a real one for years. My hindrance has been how to remove it when I get tired of it. Now, at 60 years, I will stick to my peel and stick. I dont need to be any sexier or I will certainly set Ottawa on fire. lol.

  7. de gap

    Tattoos are low class and thoroughly unattractive on men, women, or livestock.

  8. Anonymous

    But Pat….if you use the peel and stick ..does this not show some level of hypocrisy on your part?
    I have 3 and I can tell you I will never get tired of them..why?The fact is they are there for sentimental reasons…2 for my sister who died at 41 from cancer and 1 for my first child who is all I live for.
    I think if you get them done with true value behind it ,it makes a huge difference.

  9. Lady Anon

    Who cares!?!?

  10. phiL

    holy crap! another one?! OMGWTFBBQ!!!1

  11. TheTrashHeap

    Am… Rihanna is an adult. What are we getting at here?

  12. Pat

    Anonymous, no, my friend. A tattoo is a tattoo, whether it is permanent or peel and stick. It is amazing how people dont realize the temps are just that temps. I carry all my sentiments in my heart. I see my son everyday, so no need for a sentimental tattoo because of him. I’ll keep my peel and stick, thank you.

  13. Anonymous

    Its not real.

  14. Anonymous

    I think all of you should mind your own business.

  15. DG

    I would not have thought that this was a real news item for the 33rd. top rated blog in the world.

    Personally I think you should have a picture of her on your page banner – the one of the CJ is revolting.


    BFP Replies

    It takes all kinds and many of our readers are young people to whom the umbrella girl and tattoos matter.

    Besides, Shona is a huge Rihanna fan – very proud of her accomplishments and is always interested in anything to do with our girl.

  16. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Good Girl gone bad. Is that not what Rihanna declared to the world (in particular her homeland)? The girl is now in superstar kingdom and must carve an appropriate image that is satisfactory to her many followers (but obviously highly critical in some spheres of Barbadiana). If she wants a tattoo or tattoos to help with her image “no kill cow.” Its better than doing a Whitney or Britney or worse yet hooking up with some blood sucking leach interested only in putting his drill into her “oil well,” hoping to produce a few barrells.

    Proud of what this young lassy has acheived. And trust me others will follow in her foot steps because you see this 21 x 14 limestone rock…it got so much friggin talent and brilliant people pun it that it is a shame that it is not given the recognition it deserves.

  17. Anonymous


  18. droopie18

    I don’t think it matters much about the tatoo…seriously…who GAF? There are many more important things to discuss than the personal desicions of an adult.

  19. She Is Marked For Life

    Some call me old fashion cause I believe
    Having a tattoo is foolish and ill-conceive’
    Etching symbols to blemish natural beauty
    Introducing permanent fixtures on a changing body
    Sure they may look good and appealing today
    Many are creative and attractively portray
    A time in your life or your feelings when
    Radical behavior was the way and the trend
    Kissable lips, hearts and butterflies
    Every imaginable symbol to catch the eyes
    Drawn with indelible ink under the skin
    Fixed strategically or privately on your being
    Once committed there is no turning back
    Removal is difficult so get on the right track
    Let your show of expressions be in your qualities
    In the life you live and your amities
    Fix a solid foundation from the things you choose
    Embellish yourself with character and not tattoos

  20. In 1973 I took a management job in Barbados after having spent ten years abroad. One very hot day, while going to work, I was ‘caught’ eating ice cream on Broad Street for which my boss reprimanded me, explaining that it was “indecent” for a person in my “position”, to be walking and eating. Of course I was shocked and baffled that my boss found my epicurean practice ‘distasteful’ and certainly not good etiquette.

    Sadly to say, 25 years later, (having returned abroad that same year my boss scolded me) I am hearing that Rihanna, a Barbadian icon who promotes Barbados wherever she goes, is being disparagingly analysed by many Barbadians, who are nothing more than armchair psychologists, just because she chooses to have tattos.

    When are some of us Barbadians going to realize that having pride can be a wonderful quality but having too much pride borders on ignorance.

  21. jay

    its a template not real just something you have drawn on before you have the tattoo she dint like she and probably had a nice bath when she got home and it wash right off camml down people you really thinks shes that stupid goshh lol xxx

  22. Jerome Hinds

    January 28, 2008 at 8:21 pm
    its a template not real just something you have drawn on before you have the tattoo she dint like she and probably had a nice bath when she got home and it wash right off camml down people you really thinks shes that stupid goshh lol xxx



    Since you got yuh tail BUST in on the 15th Jan 2008…..I noticed YOU into tattoos & fashion design !

    A pity you did not employ this technology for the UGLY face of the BLP !

    Did you read Clyde Griffith & Aaron Truss ??

    You should have heard ” sweet Boy Leroy ” on Brasstacks today !

    Very SHAMEFUL…..from a party that said…..LEADERSHIP MATTERS MOST !

  23. a girl from the caribbean

    i think its sexy.and she shoudn’t give a damn what people say.how does it affect them?they need to mind their own business and live rihanna alone.its her body!!!you go girl



  25. babycat

    rihanna dont mind these ppl . de tattoo look good (all of them actually). if u want to get a tattoo get one . u r a woman and u can get wat ever u want. some ppl does grudge and hate . i am one of u biggest fans so ttyl and love ya riri