Barbados Poll Results: Bajans Don’t Trust Thompson Any More Than They Trust Arthur – Which Is Not At All!


Bajans Offered A Choice Between The Current Boss Hog And A Piggy In Waiting

The Barbados Government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur is tired, corrupt and barely keeping the lid on a series of public policy and performance disasters that haven’t stopped since the Cricket World Cup fiasco. All this combined with a general mood for change in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean should mean an easy walk to victory for even a semi-organized and half-way effective opposition party.

But the recent CADRES poll says something else.

As published in the Nation News on Sunday, the poll is more a damning of both the government BLP and the opposition DLP than anything else. Folks are turning away from the government, but in nowhere near the numbers that they should or would be IF ONLY they thought that the Opposition DLP party and its leader were any different than the current bunch of piggies now occupying the government benches.

Why Are Voters Not Embracing The DLP? The Answer Is In The Above Photo!

David Thompson and the DLP have had almost two years to, well, DO SOMETHING to distinguish themselves from the government Barbados Labour Party.

Now think about that, folks. What has the Opposition party done in two years to show Bajans that they are not more of the same? Let’s consider a few areas and see how they score…

How about policies? Any new or innovative policies put forward by the DLP? Can you think of any issue where the DLP policies are significantly different than the BLP’s?

Nope. Me neither.

How effective has the DLP been as the Opposition Party?

How would you rate the DLP? Have Thompson and his party been an effective opposition to the government? Have they stood their ground on any important issue, garnered public attention or caused the government to modify or back down on any policies or legislation?

Nope, I can’t think of any incidents of effective opposition that stand out either.

Quite the reverse, in fact. When the government changed our Constitution with three days’ notice and zero public debate we never heard a peep out of the Opposition.

What About Specific Issues?

The environment, national parks, waste handling, land usage, banking, tourism, need for flyovers, cost-overruns on the flyovers, health care, Cricket World Cup, water park in Graeme Hall watershed, the new jail…

Can you think of any issue where Thompson and the DLP have effectively communicated a position that is significantly different from the government’s?

We can’t come up with anything. Nothing that is really different from the government’s position on specific issues.

What About Leadership?

Have Thompson AND his party distinguished themselves in any way to indicate that they would be effective leaders of our nation? Now, we’re not just talking about mouthing off in opposition… if that’s all it took to be effective leaders, frankly, the staff at Barbados Free Press would have more of a claim on leadership than Thompson and the DLP.

Come on, you DLP folks… tell us what exactly the DLP and Thompson have DONE to show leadership for the nation? Is there some issue that they have led the way on? Some massive national organizing or initiative that significantly bettered the lives of citizens?

Pray, tell us what have Thompson and the DLP done on a national basis to show leadership? What have they done FOR or to INSPIRE the nation? The comments are open, but we can’t imagine what DLP supporters could seriously write.

Integrity Issues – A Huge DLP Failure

If we had to choose a few qualities that truly define the character of the Owen Arthur government, those qualities would include corruption, arrogance, a sense of entitlement to public funds and a total refusal to be held accountable to the citizens.

In shear scale of corruption, and the willingness to pervert the laws of Barbados to maintain power, the current Barbados government has had no equal in our country’s history.

Owen Arthur and the BLP are vulnerable on corruption and integrity issues, and have been for years.

Yet, nothing but silence from Thompson and the DLP. The Hardwood Homes issue taken up by Thompson of late is nothing more than one minor squeak in two years.

In short, for the last two years Thompson and the DLP have not considered integrity issues to be important enough to do anything about – or to distinguish the DLP as being different from the government.

Again, not only has the DLP not embraced integrity as an issue, Thompson himself indicated that he and his party faithful are looking forward to their turn at the piggy trough of public assets and tax dollars. In November of 2006, Thompson told his party faithful that upon victory they would share the “fatted calf” – an obvious reference to corruptly feeding at the public trough should the DLP form the government.

During the last two years, Thompson and the DLP could have, and should have, embraced integrity issues. They could have developed and implemented conflict of interest rules, disclosure requirements and integrity standards for their own party that would have shown national leadership and served to differentiate the party in the minds of the electorate.

The DLP could have worked up draft integrity legislation and promised to implement it within 60 days of being elected. They could have done so much with integrity issues, but they did not.

The recent CARDRES poll shows that in the minds of the electorate, Thompson and the DLP are perceived as no different than the government and especially in the area of integrity.

Thompson and the DLP may well share the “fatted calf” but as with the current government, it will be the poor citizens who pay for the DLP’s feast.

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87 responses to “Barbados Poll Results: Bajans Don’t Trust Thompson Any More Than They Trust Arthur – Which Is Not At All!

  1. Anonymous

    Arthur must be now saying what a mistake I have made to have included Mascoll in the cabinet of his, is this his cry now or has he set up the dumb one to be the fall guy for his corruption?

    My feelings are that Owing knows that his corruption is being exposed and he is very happy to have Mascoll near to hand to be the bullet fodder for his party.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    When have you last seen 10,000 people at a political meeting in Barbados ?
    If you wanted to see a crowd of that size you ought to have been at Deacons Farm this evening, I attended and beyond any shadow of doubt this was the largest gathering at any political meeting that I have ever attended and am referring to as far back as 1960’s, it was huge.

    The speakers were of a very high standard but in my mind the three that stood out were Dr Estwick, Chris and David Thompson who was at his eloquent best, they dealt with matters as clincially as could be done but it was left to Mr Thompson to deliver the most telling blows to Mascoll.

    He addressed the myth that Murrell had built 500 homes in Grenada after the effects of Ivan it was proven that Murrell spent the total sum of 3 weeks in Grenada and built nothing, the video presentations was a new and fascinating addition to the meeting and they were very well delivered, the letters showing Murrell in poccession of all the lease contracts and where he paid $ 25,000.0 to Simpson and Conso and where he onward lease them to HHL at $ 54,000.00 and evidence that they were in arrears to the lenders, also to there was hard evidence that these guyanese workers are working but do not have legal status, he also showed letters showing where the union worte Murrell in connection with his molestation of the 3 members of staff, and his attempt to fire one for not obliging him in his nastiness,

    He also addressed the issue of the ongoing work on a commercial building being carried out byHHL members of staff but not collecting and payments for this work the building happens to belong to Mascolls wife (hence Mascoll’s comments that he and his wife would be holding a press conference tommorow)

    The meeting was a top class presentation of a very high class.

    From the sidelines it certainly appears that there is gross mismanagement and corruption involved in this adventure in closing Mr Thompson clearly stated that he was giving Arthur 30 days to address this issue or he will be moving a no confidence motion against Mascoll my only comment would be he really ought to put the motion for Arthur as well.

    My congrats to the leader of the Opposition and his team for delivering the facts pertaining to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS they did it in a most professional manner and in a very clinical manner.

  3. james

    There’s so many partisan comments around the polling data that this article is a breath of fresh air. Everyone is getting excited about the 5.5% fall in BLP numbers whilst conveniently forgetting that it mainly shows how disaffected people are with politics in general. I am still bewildered by the failure of the DLP to grasp the astonishing array of issues that concern Bajans (BLP corruption, incompetence etc) and turn them into a significant lead at the polls. And as for Hardwood, it’s a single convenient issue, not a platform to win votes. Thompson needs to get some much better advisors, stop holding mass meetings with nothing to show for it (the last ones clearly didn’t translate to votes) and give the country a credible platform that we can vote for you on.

  4. anon

    wishing in vain

    Aren’t you a bit biased with your comments

  5. de gap

    David “the biggest looser” Thompson

    You can just about stick a fork in him because he’s done. The only thing undecided is the extent of his last ignoble defeat at the hands of the PM. Even with political fatigue setting in for the BLP and the PM, David “two seat” Thomson is only polling slightly better than Norman Faria. This major miscalculation by the would be members of the DLP intelligentsia must certainly go down in the annals as one of the greatest political blunders in modern Bajan political history. As for a dearth of ideas, C Mas has crossed the isle and Mr. “two seat” hasn’t had an original idea in twenty years. The DLP’s only recourse is to engage in nuances ad infinitum that are lost on the Bajan public.

  6. dlpoukinfrunt

    all o dat is bare talk. you dint pass black rock last night and de CROWWWD den dat did dey.
    lookah,dum had cars for MILES up en dung blk.rock and my wife, dis gubment gyne change,yuh!

    wunnuh hold dah!


    BFP Comments

    And what will electing the DLP and Thompson get us? Honesty? Integrity? No more corruption?

    Hardly… these DLP folks are deliberately NOT going to implement integrity laws.

    Same day, same old car. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

  7. Jason

    You are sooooooooooo right about the Hardwood Homes scandal, BFP. It is a convenient tactic for Thompson but only more of the same. Nowhere do we hear Thompson and the DLP calling for integrity legislation or freedom of information laws. The DLP don’t want those laws because they want to steal or “feed on the fatted calf” when they are in power.

    Woe, woe and woe for Barbados!

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Anon, the last time I checked in with Mr Free Spech I was told that I am fee to say what I want so long as it was not Libel.
    Let me state that what I said was honest and true it was the largest crowd that I have witnessed at a political meeting in years and all the presentations were of a very high standard and quality and yes he the Leader of H M Loyal Opposition the Hon Mr David Thompson brought the meeting to an end in tremendous style with a rousing salvo of shots for Mascoll, this is exactly what the nation needs more of serious investigative work and for it to be put out in the public domain for all go over.
    I was indeed impressed by the extent of the information that Mr Thompson has at his disposal and how he delivered this information.

  9. Not the Editor

    I hear ya BFP,

    But which is worse!

    Are you saying keep the old boss??????????

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Jason you obviously missed the meeting last night as this issue was discussed in great detail and promises made to the electorate, it may serve your purpose to state things as you have but I also will ask you to lookk at the DLP website and look at the speeches from their AG conference and see that it clearly states their plan of action for these matters lets be real and honest in our mouthings.

  11. Equilibrium

    hmmm here is a choice…let the money be divided now by the BLP or let it be divide later as a fatted calf by the DLP

  12. Jason

    Wishing in Vain, I have been to the DLP website and blog in the last few minutes.

    – I fail to see any “plan” for integrity legislation by the DLP.
    – I don’t see anything about real actions to be taken or already taken by the DLP respecting integrity.
    – I do not see any rules posted for DLP candidates and elected members.
    – I don’t see any call for Freedom of Information legislation.

    If these plans exist, please detail them! Does the DLP have integrity legislation all ready to go? They have had years to get it ready. Where is it?

    If it isn’t already written, then it is all a lie. More studies to be done after they get elected? Sorry, why should I trust the DLP to keep their word when they didn’t keep their word last time they promised and they have ignored integrity issues for the last two years?

    YOU be honest in your mouthings! Copy and paste the “plan” for action here onto BFP! It don’t exist and you know it.

    go ahead. Copy and paste the plan onto BFP NOW!

  13. BFP


    You are a bit vitriolic today, but you do make a point.

    WIV, is there a DLP plan for integrity issues that you could post here? If so, BFP would feature it in an article.


  14. dlpoukinfrunt

    BFP Comments…
    And what will electing the DLP and Thompson get us? Honesty? Integrity? No more corruption?
    Hardly… these DLP folks are deliberately NOT going to implement integrity laws.
    Same day, same old car. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

    to which i say…
    what will re-eleckin dese blps accomplish???? better we chop and change dem as well feel necesary, no?
    you have no choice but to elect either blp or the dlp. coz pep en saying a pang,dread.
    i apreciate the idealism and your need for a perfect goverment but it en gyne happen, sight?
    so get wid de program and try en eleck de lesser of de evils, and when dem2 start malfunctioning after 2terms, out wid dem raaass,too.
    dat’s juest how it goes in beautiful barbados until we get a perfeck goverment led by bfp an dem. idealism all very well and good but dis be de brungman wess indeez here en now,sight?
    anyhow de goverment gyne change even tho no eleckshans til nex year coz people still remembering the cricket boo of april07 – so is still plenty months left in de old nasty mare to thief some more before finally we draaaaag dem ouka goverment and dum disappear under dem rock carrying all o we money and not one o we got de balls to teck none back from dem. last night meeting did big so it showing whuh gyne happen. perhaps blp should try en run a similar ting en see whuh guh down??? lehwe match numbers, so start mekkin wunnuh calls,blp,and call out the party faithful numbers to attend en try en mek it look like wunnuh got support too ha ha

  15. Andrew

    You can tell those of you who weren’t at the meeting last night.

    The Integrity of this Government
    was discussed , so was SRL the flyovers and the folks who are building the prison. The government was roundly criticised for ganging up with international bandits on every project to shaft the Barbadian people.

    So those of you who are shouting Hardwood Hardwood, although that was the main theme, it was not the only theme and only three people (if memory serves me correctly) touched on the subject.

    It was Mascoll’s integrity that was at stake more than anything else.

    The speakers seemed buoyed by the results of the poll and took their performance to a higher level than seen previously.

    I agree with WIV except that I think that the crowd was more like 15000.

    As for the comment by james about the influence of the meetings: I would like to ask: what are the chances of the 1800 or so polled being at any of the DLP meetings??

    From my experience none of the folks in my district, who are straining at the bit to get the BLP out, ever attended a DLP meeting or were they polled.

    In conclusion, (on a lighter side) I believe that a lot of epsom salts must be selling this morning to Owen. Clyde and company – I wouldn’t wish those lashes shared last night on my worst enemy.

  16. dlpoukinfrunt

    tings gettin scruffy! men gettin cruel! dah good.

  17. dlpoukinfrunt

    Bajans Offered A Choice Between The Current Boss Hog And A Piggy In Waiting

    yep. dats de choice. so? was it ever much differnt? you waiting for de perfect politishan to turn up?
    stan on one leg,den. hold yuh breath while yuh waiting. try en do something diferent for a change. we know dis blp devil too good now. de new one cant be worse. we are changing de goverment. let last nights attendance show de way. it moving. it movin good, dont say nuthin.

  18. Hants

    BFP Comments

    “And what will electing the DLP and Thompson get us? Honesty? Integrity? No more corruption?”

    BFP does this mean that you do not want to see a change in Government.

    You continue to ignore the DLP’s promise of a declaration of assets by Candidates before the next Election. Why?
    You can’t expect David Thompson to plan political strategy based on instant responses to your demands. You will get the Candidates declaration of assets before the next election.

    You know that there is no electable alternative to the DLP so your comment and recent comments suggest that you are endorsing the BLP and the status quo.

    The BLP were elected 24 to 6 without integrity legislation. They will spin integrity leglislation out of relevance to the electorate.They may even promise it and then take 4 years to pass it.

    The next election will be won on the doorsteps of the voters and at political mass meetings.

  19. Wishing in Vain

    Chill little one chill, as recent as last night it was clearly stated that all candidates will be expected to sign off on a declaration of their assets and would expect to be investigated before entering the house of assembly and there is a written commitment given by Mr David Thompson in his speech that they intend to put integrity legislation in place before election are held.

    Lets move on and address the issuse of corruption and crime, and the lack of the same integrity legislation from the ones with the power to put it in place now but instead they opt to steal and corrupt the nation.

    I would suggest a short email to Mr Thompson to inquire of him his intentions, I am sure he would only be to happy to enlighten you.

    Unlike you Jayson I am nothing more than an innocent bystander that has a love for my country and a love for what is right honest and fair, I hold no office am not even really in the mainstream of politics but I am hating to witness what is obviously taking place in Barbados with its rape and corruption and have taken the view that something needs to be done about the extent of this corruption and I have decided to vote against it, only one vote it may make no difference at all to the overall outcome of the election result but I will not vote for maintaining your party in power to continue to rape us even more, sadly I have voted in the past for this same party that I intend to vote against, I maybe one of those swing voters but I vote for what I think is good and is right and the blp is not good nor is it right for me this time around maybe after they have a shake up and realise that their stealing must be stopped it will improve.

  20. Andrew

    Hey folks – it may be useful to check ‘Barbados Underground’ which has a version of last night’s meeting that is right on the button.

  21. reality check

    While WIV is correct when he says that the BLP cannot be reelected under any circumstances, the reason he has been wishing in vain for so long is that his his party is about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    There is a groundswell of change and the poor Barbadian public cannot see anyone who will stand up and be counted with specific issues, promises and actions.

    Big meetings with a disaffected public doesn’t cut it. Its all hot air without substance.

  22. Jason

    So post “the plan” WIV. Where is it written about the disclosure by candidates and investigation of candidates? What are the standards?

    Where is the integrity legislation that is to be enacted the moment the DLP is elected?

    What’s that u say? It isn’t written yet? They have to do “studies” and “consulting”?

    Why isn’t that all done and waiting to go?

    BUT back to my first point. If the DLP has something real in writing, even if only a promise then copy it from the “official” written source and POST IT HERE.

    I don’t see it.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    David Thompson Gives Prime Minister Owen Arthur 30 Days To Start An Investigation Into Hardwood Housing Factory Incorporated Or Clyde Mascoll Will Face No Confidence Motion
    October 15th, 2007 ·
    The opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) launched a scathing attack on the credibility and integrity of Clyde Mascoll at a political meeting in Deacons Road last night. All the speakers: Derek Alleyne, Richard Sealy, Michael Lashley, David Estwick, Chris Sinckler, culminating with Leader of the Opposition David Thompson spoke with a single purpose, that is, to destroy the credibility of Clyde Mascoll. The attentive crowd, including yours truly, listened with interest to the different speakers who recollected many positions that Clyde Mascoll once held when he was a member of the DLP. Now, he has sought to distance himself in a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government. The speakers spoke with great emotion at the betrayal that Clyde Mascoll has crossed the floor. Many of them recounted episodes how DLP members including David Thompson recruited Mascoll from his job at the Central Bank where he was very unhappy and they worked to elevate him up the rungs of the party.

    The contribution of the night was delivered by David Thompson with the assistance of video aids. Thompson dissected many events which surrounds the creation of a company called Hardwood Factory Housing Incorporated. Thompson in a hard hitting delivery highlighted several wrong doings since the establishment of Hardwood, a company registered in November 2006.
    Here are some of the observations made my Thompson to a large Deacons Road crowd:
    Thompson refuted claims that Anthony Murrell, CEO of Hardwood, has a proven track record of house building in Grenada. Thompson confirmed that he sent someone to Grenada to investigate Murrell’s involvement in house building, and specifically to investigate the claim that Murrell’s had participated in the building of 500 houses in a six month time frame. Thompson to a hushed crowd indicated that Murrell, from all reports, spent a total of 3 weeks in Grenada. The housing project he was known to have been associated terminated his services and he returned home.

    Details of financial dealings by Hardwood were highlighted. Thompson produced documents which show that vehicles and other equipment currently being used by Hardwood was bought by Murrell using lease financing arrangements from Consolidated Financial Company and Simpsons Motors and NOT Hardwood. (This information was interesting because it was previously reported in the media that in order to save Hardwood money, equipment owned by Murrell is being leased to Hardwood.) Thompson presented copies of documents which showed that Murrell was badly in arrears at Consolidated Finance and Simpsons Motors; the two companies which he entered into the lease financing arrangements to buy the equipment currently being leased to Hardwood. In a nutshell, Murrell has received money from Hardwood, a company 90% owned by Enterprise Growth Fund Limited, for the use of equipment but the same equipment has been acquired by Murrell through lease financing which is in arrears. Thompson asked the question why is the equipment not leased/purchased in the name of Hardwood?

    Thompson produced a letter signed by Sir Leroy Trotman which highlighted accusations of sexual abuse charges against Murrell. Thompson charged that many of the victims of the abuse are constituents of Mascoll and he had done nothing to respond to their concerns.

    The Operations Manager of Hardwood, Carol Phillips, wrote to Murrell (CEO) and Hoyos (Chairman) addressing concerns related to jobs which Hardwood was working on, but the accounting for revenues and expenses were not being accurately reflected in the books of the company.

    Thompson questioned the role of Hardwood in the building of a commercial property, said to be owned by someone very close to a prominent politician in Barbados, and where certain individuals working on the construction of the building are being paid by Hardwood while at the same time they appear to be working illegally in Barbados.

    Thompson also alleged that Hardwood invoiced Urban Development Commission (UDC) approximately BDS240,000 for foundation work done on seven low income houses in the New Orleans. The UDC through close scrutiny of the invoices was subsequently able to detect that the invoice should have been for approximately BDS129,000.

    Thompson questioned why only 15 houses have been constructed to date even though the company has drawn down on BDS2 million dollars in under a year. It appears that despite the rush to get to the market with the low income houses there has been a hitch and the houses have not been deployed due to the lack of land to place the houses.

    Thompson using a video presentation listed 19 bounce cheques which have been issued by Hardwood and which is an indication that despite a BDS2 million capital inflow to the company it continues to experience cash flow problems.

    Thompson questioned under what circumstances Hardwood was awarded several multi-million housing projects across Barbados despite the company experiencing cash flow problems. Thompson estimates one project has a value of BDS45 million dollars.

    Thompson questioned Mascoll’s role in the company Hardwood and why he has been the one to speak about the company and not Minister Reginald Farley who is responsible for housing in Barbados. He also touched on the silence of other Ministers concerning the Hardwood issue and Arthur’s recent instruction to Mascoll to respond to a letter written by him (Thompson) to Arthur. In Thompson’s view it is a clear sign that Mascoll is on his own on the issue of Hardwood. Thompson further charged that Mascoll is aware of all that is going on at the company and he should let the public know the extent of his involvement with the Hardwood company.

    Thompson refuted Arthur’s claim that he (David Thompson) as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee had the means to investigate Hardwood. Thompson told the crowd that the PAC could investigate a government owned company ONLY if the audited financial statements of the company were laid before parliament. He ended his delivery by serving an ultimatum to Prime Minister Owen Arthur. He gave Arthur 30 days, starting last night, to start an investigation into Hardwood by a third party upon whom they will mutually agree. If Arthur fails to respond in the 30 day period Thompson will move a no-confidence motion in parliament against Mascoll. He threatened that the no-confidence motion would be preceded by unprecedented political activity led by the DLP never before seen in Barbados.

    BU wrote yesterday that the political scene is starting to boil in Barbados. We look forward to hearing the Barbados Labour Party response to the accusations tabled by Thompson. Thompson ended last night by urging Barbadians to buckle their seat belts because they were in for an exciting ride!

    Previous Story written by Barbados Free Press:

    Strange Timing Of A Hardwood Homes Story In The Nation News – And A Question For Minister Clyde Mascoll

  24. Jerome Hinds

    Well the tale of the tape will be determined after Owen Arthur & Clyde Asscoll respond to the unresolved issues surrounding Hardwood Inc.

    30 days……..ain’t too long tuh WAIT…….!

    Now that the DLP has put some of the evidence in the public domain…..let us wait and see who will respond…..Owen or Asscoll……!

    The responses in light of the evidence so far should be INTERESTING !

    As for Integrity & Transparency the DLP would institute such legislation in the appropiate time !

    We cannot or will not tell persons who insist on the implementation of such legislation……….to go and FORM their own BLOG ! ( BFP )

    Such is the response of those individuals who promise to publish a story on Money – Laundering !

    Does this not have a similar CHARACTERISTIC of Owen Arthur PROMISING Barbadians about an FBI report on his desk and that full DISCLOSURE would be given in a FEW weeks…… is now near 5 YEARS since that promise was made !

    But right – thinking Barbadians are not surprised by such INACTION on these pertinent issues by this corrupt BLP administration……….is it not why after the HARDWOOD Inc. FIASCO……why Clyde Asscoll now sits in Owen Arthur’s LAP……???? !

    is it not why after the $ 750,000.00 cheque revealation………why Owen Arthur now sits in Clyde Asscoll’s LAP……?????? !


  25. Motorist


    Last night around 10:20 p.m. I was travelling Eastbound along Black Rock Main Road,
    unaware of any political meeting anywhere(I’m not the political type)
    When I got to the Carlton Road that turns right, down towards Brighton beach, I started to see CARS in abundance! from there on.

    My the time I reached the Mental Hosp.
    there was absolutely no parking to be had anywhere!

    The lights at the junction where the meeting was being held, was red,
    and during my brief stop I looked around and saw a SEA of people, listening attentively.
    10,000 seems a realistic attendance figure.

    The light went green, and I continued on,
    towards Eagle Hall, observing equally dense parking that continued on to the Catholic Church, and petered out by where the Police Sta. is or used to be(not sure).

    Last night was the turning point, believe me.
    It spoke volumes – trust me!

  26. Jason

    Wishing in Vain, what is with this “unlike Jayson” stuff accusing me of being a politician or BLP member. I am not a BLP member or a politician, I am ONLY a citizen who doesn’t believe that thompson and the DLP are any different than the BLP.

    You post a 189 word run-on sentence but you still haven’t posted anything official from the DLP about anti-corruption measures, integrity legislation or this “declaration” of assets. Where is it WRITTEN AS POLICY? I can’t find it on either the DLP blog or website.

    For God’s sake man, if you must continue to insist that the DLP made these statements, then place them here in writing with the source listed so we can see it is true!

  27. james

    I’m a bit cranky this morning too. WIV, publish the statements, sources and documentary proof of integrity action and stop writing reams of unpunctuated sentences. Please. We know the BLP have no integrity to speak of and no intention of making amends, but your defence of the DLP looks like it has no basis in fact.

  28. Hants

    Jason the difference between the DLP and the BLP is that if they win the next election the DLP will have to fix the problems left by the BLP.

    If the BLP wins, they will just add to the debt and cost overuns will continue because you the voters would have given them a mandate based on their past performance.

    If someone works for you and is not doing a good job you fire them and hire somebody else.

  29. Transparent as hell U R

    Yes, post the plan. soon. the blp urgently needs to know its content, so it can do the copycat thing.
    Post the plan.quickly. blp is in retreat mode and needs to devise counter-measures after last night’s happenings. don’t waste the plan soon, the blp needs to know it.


    BFP comments…

    Everybody says it is already in writing… somewhere. So folks have asked to see it.

    As to the BLP copying “the plan”… HA… they already have. It’s called “talk but no action”

  30. Anonymous

    Why Are Voters Not Embracing The DLP? The Answer Is In The Above Photo! (??)

    OhNo..the answer is in last night’s attendance.Voters not embracing the DLP? Where’d you get that idea from?I reckon there was a whole lotta loving going down at the Black Road crossroads, last night!

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Call Mr See Thru Arthur and ask him to lodge his version first and lets see what he presents.
    The funny thing is that you want the DLP to dance to your music but it is very clear to me that the DLP are dancing to their own music in their own time and based on what I am seeing it is working very well for them, everything in its time no sooner no later.

    The reality is that we have a choice to make change the gov’t because of their arrogance, stealing and obvious corruption and dishonesty or keep them in office and give them the passport to continue to rape us even more, it is simple choice depending on if you are a loyal party supporter or not, for me I am NOT a loyal party supporter hence my need to sweep this corrupt bunch of crooks out of office.


    BFP Comments…

    So we take it there is nothing in writing that you can post here?

  32. WHY

    Jason, don’t worry with WIV he will talk all around your issues and not address them. WIV… Speakers were of the highest quality??? self praise is no praise

  33. masiatsar

    People, it is not that Thompson has not communicated with the people, it is the great combination again stupid. Do you not recall the days of the greatess communicator and leader of the BLP? Well he has been reincarnated in the form of the Hon. Owen Arthur. There is the international community that has given Mr. Arthur his respect. You are and will continue to get the same lame ass excuses of those diehard indivisuals, that would not pull the cob-web from their eyes, and realize that the sky is has not fallen, and would not fall under such great stewardship.
    I predict to you, that the Barbados labour Party is going to trounce the Democratic Labour Party again. I also would say to you that the DLP, are only going to retain two seats, ( st. john, and St. Lucy). Remember Masiastar tell ya so.

  34. Velzo

    Jason, check the DLP Manifestoes for the past two elections! But BFP says words are not enough. So hy should WIV bother with any of this? BFP has a point to prove that David Thompson and the DLP will be bigger thieves than the BLP. Its crazy, but that’s their view and Barbados is still a democracy!


    BFP Replies

    Now don’t put words in our mouths, Velzo. We said the DLP would be thieves like the BLP …. without rules. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

    We’ve just been hearing all this talk about what the DLP is going to do about corruption and then folks started asking for all this “written commitment” that WIV and others talk about but nada… nothing posted yet.

    Nothing on the DLP website or blog either.

    So… post it, someone!

    Or… is it that whatever is in writing falls so far short of the mark that the DLP supporters would be embarrassed?

    Just post it!

  35. Jerome Hinds

    Just post it!


    Why don’t you publish the Money – Laundering Story ?

    Just publi shit !

  36. Jason

    Velzo says “Jason, check the DLP Manifestoes for the past two elections!”

    The manifestoes are not posted at the DLP blog or website. Nothing about integrity legislation or commitments are posted at the DLP blog or website.

    Post what these manifestoes say at BFP, Velzo.

    Post the words here! If you are so proud and sure of them, post the words here.

  37. Yardbroom

    I am not necessarily a DLP supporter, BFP, but I will respond to your editoral. I am only interested in the good governance of Barbados, and I am also modest enough to say, that the political strategy, concerns and analysis which follows might not be correct.

    It is also possible that despite my modest analytical skills, my perception of the situation “might be” the “reality” which exist.

    Barbados has problems of proper governance, this has come about because of a particular culture. These problems have been occuring in Barbados for years, even long before Independence. What has happened, is that in recent years, this Government emboldened by their successive terms in office, have “honed” and polished certain malpractices into a fine art, some would say taken them to a new level.

    No politician – he/she is not yet born – who can “immediately” turn around the transgressions of governance in Barbados. It will take time, and perhaps just as important, it will take something we seem not very good at having, some faith in others. We expect “Supermen” all things to all men, particularly when they shout what they will do, to garner our votes, often forgotten before the ballot boxes are sealed.

    We ask and seek a new order, and then are annoyed when a change is taking place, we seem incapable of accepting that change takes time.

    David Thompson – Leader of the DLP opposition – however eloquent he is, or proactive on issues for that matter, cannot and I go as far as to say will not “immediately” solve the endemic problems of Barbados with Integrity Legislation alone. What matters is proper governance -which can only be done when he is elected.

    Let us consider the present incumbent, he did the correct talk, gave us the speeches, we rolled on the ground with enthusiasm, and where are we today.

    I put it to you that if we had Integrity Legislation “now,” with the present Officers to prosecute wrong doing, it would not make any difference at all, that is the “reality.”

    The Juman case proves that.(I must add allegations and only allegations have been made as far as I am aware)

    We must temper our enthusiasm with a modicum of common sense – which sometimes I can be guilty of like anyone else – and never ask more of others than they are capable of delivering. We are in danger of sinking into a pit of indecision, the danger we face is greater than individual wants or wishes.

    We can mentally mould a leader in our head, and expect him/her to be so, but the “reality” of life cautions otherwise.

    I do not know David Thompson, I have never met him, neither am I a member of the DLP, but I am a Barbadian who cares passionately about my country – not the only one I must add – but we must be careful, that in our efforts to get “exactly” what we want, we don’t embolden inadvertently support what we do not want, that would be a tragedy of immense proportions.

    I say to anyone who would listen, that Integrity Legislation passed in Barbados – although highly desirable – will not make any difference to our people, unless those who draft the Legislation, the Officers whose responsibility it is to prosecute, the people on the appeals Committee, and the Judiciary are those of the highest probity, unless those are in place, Integrity Legislation will not have the impact we expect it to have.

    However, give us an “honest leader”, with a competent team, and with his direction, the wheels can start to turn.


    BFP Replies

    OK Yardbroom. We get it already! No Integrity Legislation is to be expected from Thompson and the DLP!

    We know! We’ve known for 2 years.

    Should they be elected, we will continue to hammer for laws that criminalize the corrupt behaviour. Thompson and his piggies don’t want the laws. We understand!

  38. BFP

    BFP Replies

    OK Yardbroom. We get it already! No Integrity Legislation is to be expected from Thompson and the DLP!

    We know! We’ve known for 2 years. The “fatted calf” speech said it all.

    Should they be elected, we will continue to hammer for laws that criminalize the corrupt behaviour. Thompson and his piggies don’t want the laws. We understand!

  39. Not the Editor


    You have fought the good fight,do not erode your gains with an appparent attack of schizophrenia,

    I challenge you, email a respectful letter containing your list of 10 questions to David Thompson, give him 30 days to reply!


    BFP replies,

    Now pointing out that the DLP lacks any written policy on integrity legislation – and that we doubt they will implement the same after the famous “fatted calf” speech by Thompson – is viewed as “schizophrenia”.

    Dear DLP supporters. Please copy and paste the DLP integrity initiatives that you say exist in writing. Very simple. Just post that which you say exists.

    We have always held that a DLP administration would be as corrupt as the current BLP administration IF there remains an absence of integrity legislation, conflict of interest standards and no freedom of information act.

    If you mistook our attacks upon the current corrupt government as partisan attacks in support of the DLP, you weren’t reading what we’ve been saying for the past 2 years.

    Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.

  40. Jerome Hinds


    Your pathetic Ad Nauseum diatribe about the DLP and Integrity Legislation really is not cutting it .

    Political parties in oue Westminster system of Democracy are elected on what they pledge to do once assuming oficce.

    In 1994 Owen Arthur’s BLP pledge was job # 1 is JOBS !

    The electorate bought it……today ( 13 years later )the BLP boast of less than 10 % unemployment in Barbados……yet on a daily basis hundreds trek to the NIS building in Collymore Rock to file for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits !

    Hotel workers on 3 day work week !

    OUTCOME: Hundreds of electorate want CHANGE ( IN EXCESS OF 45 % )

    The DLP pledge to introduce Integrity Legislation……we will support them !

    OUTCOME : Once in office and the DLP does not deliver……then out they will go .

    BFP…….take a break from your nit picking !


    BFP Comments

    Hi Jerome

    Please post the words that commit the DLP to introduce integrity legislation, with the reference source.


  41. Jerome Hinds


    The words in the extract below were uuttered in April 2004……..last night 14 October 2007 Barbadians were given a FIREBRAND expression of this assualt !

    Interestingly……that was only the opening SALVO !

    Hardball – Nation News Monday 19, April-2004

    David Thompson: Go for jugular of BLP seat warmers.

    End the “friend-friend politics” and go for the political jugular of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), particular the “seat warmers” in Parliament.
    That was the advice of veteran Democratic Labour Party (DLP) parliamentarian, David Thompson, while addressing a joint meeting of the St Philip North and South branches at Bayley’s Primary School yesterday.

    “I fear that the practice of intellectualising our every undertaking will not succeed in bringing us votes at the next or any future elections,” Thompson said.

    “The time has come for us to end the friend-friend politics and go for the political jugular of some of these seat warmers.

    “This Government is not doing anything for the poor people of Barbados. Ministers stand before microphones and say absolutely nothing of merit.

    “They call up a few people, find out what are the buzz-words in a particular sector or sphere of social and economic activity and merely make sound bites of those issues whenever they get an opportunity.

    “This in return is marketed by their propagandists as reflecting their care and compassion for the small and poor man.

    “The DLP has got to expose this perpetual fraud. We have got to devise a campaign of public education to sensitise voters to the tricks and antics of the opponent.

    “We have got to study each of the 30 Labour Party candidates carefully and individually and know precisely how to take them out, one by one, at the next elections.”

    He described the task of the DLP as being similar to that of the West Indies team – with a need to take candidates through their paces before allowing them on the field of play.

    “We have got to prepare each DLP candidate for the opponent that he or she is up against.

    “We have got to prepare them for Owen Arthur’s perpetual visit to the constituency and the crocodile tears that he will shed.

    “I will never forget his near-tearful expression in St Michael North West, when he said he had never seen poverty of such a magnitude. The question we are left to ask, nearly ten years later, is what has he done about it?

    “Frankly, I am tired of criticising and highlighting the inefficiencies of this Government.

    “Week after week, month after month, year after year, I stand in the Parliament of this country, on the public platform, in the media and in forums such as this and point out the shortcomings, the corruption, the nepotism, the incompetence of this administration.

    “On each occasion persons express an appreciation for what I have said and a determination to put an end to this rot … yet, still, a few months or years later, the same people are returned to office.

    “It cannot be they alone who are doing something right; it must be us, in the DLP, who are doing something wrong.”

    Thompson added: “We need to stop and take stock of ourselves as a social and political organisation. If winning the next election and saving the people of this country from further ruin and damnation is not our outright goal, then it is best we lay our cards on the table, so that persons such as myself can get on.

    “The DLP needs to sit and determine the price of victory at the polls in the next elections.”


    BFP replies…

    So where is the commitment to integrity legislation in this? Where are the conflict of interest rules for DLP candidates? Where is the timetable? What have Thompson and the DLP done to further integrity legislation in the three years since this attack?

    This is nothing. Just one piggy calling names at another piggy.

    That is not a commitment to integrity legislation that everyone seems to talk about but no one can find.

  42. Jerome Hinds


    In response to your requests……….kindly read the following extract from the DLP Team .

    Sunday, June 10th, 2007…1:23 pm


    The issue of integrity legislation has gained much currency over the last several years. The Democratic Labour Party has been on record as stating that it favours integrity and transparency legislation and will be willing to put such legislation on the statute books of Barbados if elected to office. Such a promise has not dwindled the calls by various sectors of the community.

    The leader of the Party David Thompson has in his most recent statement gone a bit further in his party’s commitment to the process. We recognised that this public commitment will not stop some until such legislation is enacted, but the process will go forward with a democratically elected DLP.

    (See Comrade Thompson comments below)

    DLP will ‘clean up’ MPs’ image
    Published on: 6/10/07.

    AN ANNUAL DECLARATION OF ASSETS by Parliamentarians is among sweeping new measures a Democratic Labour Party Government would pursue “to clean up the image of politicians” and restore honour “to the business of politics”.

    Leader of the Opposition David Thompson said recently an administration under his watch would be eager to send correct signals to the public that it won’t tolerate incidents of graft, corruption, nepotism and non-transparency, allegations of which he said were all being levelled against the Owen Arthur led Government.

    “I cannot think of a period in the history of modern Barbados when the population was so in the dark about such a large number of questionable financial transactions totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. Almost every multimillion-dollar project undertaken by this administration has incurred no less than a 50 per cent overrun on the budget and there are many incidents of contracts being awarded in a less than transparent manner.

    “All of this has left several unanswered questions and has raised serious doubts in the minds of the public relative to the integrity and honour of politics as practiced by our current leaders. We are saying that something drastic and meaningful has got to be done to clean up the practice of public accounting and administration in Barbados,” Thompson declared.

    He said a system of annual declaration of assets by Parliamentarians would, therefore, be instituted, whereby members of the public could consult the Parliamentary Register and juxtapose the perceived, rumoured and imaginary assets of parliamentarians with the real and declared interests.

    “Those politicians who are being innocently accused have nothing to fear. The system would actually work splendidly for them. Those who cannot account for amassed fortunes and their purchases of estates, condominium properties and the like may find themselves accounting to a much higher power,” the DLP leader cautioned.

    He said a new DLP Government would also pursue the implementation of wide- ranging Integrity in Public Life Legislation, “perhaps not exactly to the degree of Trinidad and Tobago” but certainly to the point where the conduct of persons in public life, not only parliamentarians, is censored for the benefit of credible, transparent and accountable administration of public finances.

    “It is not enough for us to blame hundred-million-dollar cost overruns on faceless and nameless individuals. Someone or some entity must and will be held accountable. In recent years we have had projects such as the Administration building at Warrens, the Gems of Barbados initiative, now the new prison and, of course, Kensington Oval all going over budget by millions and millions of hard-earned tax-payer dollars yet no one is responsible, no one is accountable. We are saying this must not and will not continue,” Thompson said.

    He said his party was eager to send a no-nonsense message to the public as it relates to the conduct and performance of members of a DLP administration


    BFP Replies

    OK, that is a small start. Now, let’s see the integrity legislation that the DLP has been working on since 1974 when they first “committed” themselves to introduce integrity legislation.

    Or… is that it?

  43. Andrew

    realty check

    as I have said before – there are people straining at the bit to get the BLP out. They don’t go to political meetings nor are they polled – so whether meetings cut it or not is irrelevant.

    What is relevant??

    The prices at the supermarket.
    The unavailability of land at reasonable prices. The fact that we will soon not be able to buy bread, biscuits or make bakes and dumplings.
    The late payment of certain public servants.

    (I’m sure WIV will fill in the other matters)

    I don’t know where you all are living, but these are the things that are being discussed by Babes, Dottie and May on the ground.

    This election will be won on the ground by real people who are willing to discuss bread (no pun intended) and butter matters like how we are going to tackle the cost of living etc.

  44. Wishing in Vain

    Your attempt to press home a point has gone overboard and childish you have started to sound like a child in a candy store wanting a sweetie and the parent saying no over and over again.
    Move on the DLP have stated in public and on their site that they intend to implement integrity legislation and I trust them to do what they say they will do this by far a lot more progressive that the scamps that we have in office staling every penny from us at every chance.
    Tell us what the outcome of today’s press conference yeilded that is educational and worthy news, but to hark on and on like a broken record is stupid and immature.
    They the DLP have said what they intend to do lets wait for it to happen if it does not happen when elections are called then get yourself into a frenzy but to do so now is silly and counterproductive.

  45. Not the Editor


    I have never voted DLP. I have never NOT voted BLP. My dear mother once told me one Polling Day as I was leaving the house for work after having refuse to answer days of “who ya gine vote fuh”, it gine be me and you ef ya don vote BLP.
    I was as close to the BLP as you can get without being a member. I still cannot find a single positive thing to say about this DLP that does not contrast them with the BLP.
    As it stands now, anything, anyone but the BLP.
    What the BLP now stands for is worse than the sewage plant at Lakes Folly, Mangrove and all the road kill in Barbados combined. That stink is winding its way down the echelons of the corporate and social fabric of our society. It involves Boards of Statutory Organisations with a few power brokers and then some hangers on. It involves CEOs hand picked by the PM and his wise men. Organisations such as the BTA, Port, BIDC, UDC, NCF, CBC, Customs, GAIA etc. It involves sex, lies, bribes, kickbacks, out and out stealing of the people’s money. You’ve got people who don’t even know where independence square or government house is wielding power in this country like they are kings of Barbados all because they’ve got Owen’s private line and cell number. Only last week, I became aware of a CEO advising a relative of what to do with an invoice in order to circumvent the required tendering on a $100,000 contract, a supposedly squeaky clean CEO. This place stinks until it hurts.

    There is one thing that I want more than all the demands that you are making of the

    Thompson and the DLP

    That is to see the back of Owen Arthur and the BLP.

    Until then, I am going to stay focus on that prize! Gone with the BLP.

  46. Wishing in Vain

    I am hearing that the press conference just concluded and Mascoll’s wife told them that she did not want anyone from HARDWOOD HOLDINGS working on her property but Mascoll brought these HARDWOOD WORKERS in to do the work, but of course if the work is free I have no doubt that they were welcomed with open arms.
    Reports reaching me state that the meeting did not go well for Mascoll and Hardwood Holdings, he received some surprises during the meeting that seemed to stun him.
    I will report if and when I manage to speak to my contact again.

  47. Backra Johnny

    If you all can remember back in the early 70’s, not a lot was known about Tom Adams’ leadership qualities, in fact next to the great Errol Barrow, he was a bit of a non entity.

    He ended up to my mind as a great visionary, statesman and leader who did Barbados proud.

    So lets give David Thompson a chance, it’s not fair to judge a person’s leadership qualities when he isn’t yet in that role.

  48. Sargeant

    Initially I was aghast at the stance taken by BFP against Thompson and the DLP. BFP has chronicled the ongoing waste and apparent corrupt activities which are underway under the current government it would seem to be a slam dunk that they would support the DLP. On reflection however, I can appreciate that they are trying to be the honest broker by calling the DLP to task by insisting on some firm commitment to honesty and integrity if it forms a government. BFP is taking the vacant position of an independent press that can freely criticise both parties for their programs and policies without without fear of reprisal. No publication or journalist will freely offer critical comments on the goverment’s (read BLP) performance without fear of some backlash . Who wouldn’t be cowed by a PM who is prepared to offer scathing public insults to any apparent criticism (remember negrocrat?) It boggles the mind that the principals of the two major government construction projects on the island are embroiled in criminal and civil lawsuits in other jurisdictions. Can a goverment make such poor choices? Where is the press on these developments?

    In the Westminister syle of government where there are no fixed election dates the PM holds all the cards and can call an election when events seem to be in his party’s favour. He can implement all kind of pork barrel programs to benefit his constituents and ensure re-election. The leader of the opposition’s actions are tempered as he is virtually powerless. At this time I am prepared to give Thompson the benefit of the doubt as he cannot expose his major policy planks before an election is called. If he does the BLP will take and modify those which are attractive to the voting public and where does that leave the DLP?

    As to the polls re best leader, it all comes down to power and how it is wielded. The PM may not be as smart as he is made out to be nor is Thompson as malleable as is thought. The PM has the power and can exercise it, he can seduce political opponents by offering them plum assignments if they join his party/government whereas what can Thompson offer? He has to compromise with any recalcitrants lest he offends any of his rump and they threaten to leave and for fear that the press will label it as more infighting within the party. I’m sure the BLP has their political differences too but they are more disciplined as they want to hold on to power and the rewards that it has brought. Watch for the knives to come out within the BLP if they lose the election.

  49. Wishing in Vain

    I will say that there is little doubt in my mind that Mr Thompson has matured and has elevated himself above the scum that exist in political life, look at his approach in dealing with the issue of Hardwood it has been clam cool and calculated and it has delivered a most telling blow to Mascoll and the BLp that if you notice not many of them from within the BLP are rushing in to support him Why you ask?
    It maybe because of why Arthur brought him into the party to dislodge and degrade Mottley even further.
    He is one stupid person but not only is he stupid he is also a very greedy and evil person that deserves nothing more than to be placed in the political dump.

  50. Leviticus

    Bloggers: Why argue over this? Its pointless. BFP have stated their position however nonsensical it may be that is BFP’s position.

    The election hasn’t been called yet. The House is still meeting and the DLP can still introduce its integrity legislation as a private members bill. Let’s wait and see. We can come to conclusions when we have to.

    We don’t have to act like BFP’s children.


    BFP Comments

    Hello Leviticus,

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, would please us more than Mr. Thompson introducing a private member’s bill on integrity issues.

    If that happened we have no doubt that Mr. Thompson would be the next Prime Minister. The people are waiting for that kind of leadership, Mr. Thompson, and that is all it would take. IOHO.

  51. oh my gwad

    Arthurllujah, Arthurlujah, Arthur…llu….j..a..h.

    From one CP old boy to another “palmam qui merit ferat”

  52. Howdy,

    So, what’ll it be, Barbados?

    The devil you know, or the devil you don’t?

    Caught between a rock and a hard place?

    The lesser of two evils?

    The Bystander.

  53. Howdy,

    For those of us who don’t know, what is a Private Member’s Bill?

    The Bystander.

  54. Bush tea


    Maybe what we need is a political system of balances.
    My problem with the current situation is where one man (The PM) essentially appoints the Governor General, Chief Justice, Attorney General, independent senators – every damn body.

    Obviously if he stays there long enough the PM owns each one of the checks and balances.

    It would be so simple if the electorate could elect the Chief Justice and the Independent senators at the time of general elections.

    Once the necessary qualifications are set out, willing qualified persons could be nominated for the elections.

    BFP, once you get your Integrity Laws in place- then we would have a mechanism to see that they are enforced.

    what you think BFP?

  55. BFP

    Hi Bush Tea

    We have to do something! Perhaps term limits would be a start.

    It is also true that changes in laws can lead to changes in social culture and morality. I think of the experience in New York State where I lived for a time.

    It used to be that to drink and drive in NY was normal. If somebody got arrested for DWI (Driving While under the Influence) you felt sorry for them.

    Then tougher laws were made and there were projects to educate the judges and prosecutors to give harder sentences. But a funny thing happened, the tougher laws led to a change in social attitudes. People started to say to others “don’t drive cause you’re drunk” and take the person’s car keys.

    So a social change followed the change in law.

    In the same way, if we introduce laws against corruption, social attitudes will change.

    That is our hope, and it is based on the experience of so many communities. As Transparency International says, you have to criminalize the behaviour as the FIRST STEP – otherwise nothing changes.

  56. Bush tea

    We probably only differ on semantics BFP,
    I am suggesting that the situation in New York changed because the tough laws were ENFORCED not only enacted.
    I can also quote cases where excellent laws were ENACTED with no real change in the situation – because they were not seriously ENFORCED.
    In Barbados that is more the rule than exception (music on minibus, dark tint on vehicles,.parking in corners, speeding, etc)

    Laws – YES

    Enforcement – VITAL

    A system that ensures enforcement (CJ accountable to the people) – SMART

  57. Inkwell

    It seems passing strange to me that the DLP would devote an entire political meeting using Hardwood Housing, a mere $2million ant bite, in an attempt to beat Mascoll over the head for jumping ship, when they have much larger caliber ammunition to fire at the whole BLP organization, rather than at an individual.

    I trust that I will see as much energy expended in investigating and exposing any impropriety surrounding Veco and the prison contract, 3S and the highway project and the very recent use of an order in council to legalize the invasion of the public’s privacy by the tapping of telephones and interception of personal emails without a warrant, on which they have been strangely silent. These seem more important targets to me than Mascoll. It leaves me to wonder whether the DLP has its priorities right.

    A comment on the size of the crowd at the meeting last night…I have noticed that any sniff of a scandal and political fireworks bring out Bajans in droves and I suspect it was this, more than any shift to the DLP that accounted for the large numbers. People were curious about what Thompson had and whether he would fibs as he did in the Park in ’94.

    The recent poll brought out the telling situation where the 5.5% shift away from the BLP did not translate into a similar shift toward the DLP and that stat should be a sobering thought for them. Also sobering should be the fact that Arthur, despite all the accusations of corruption, wastage and incompetence hurled in his direction in recent months, has maintained a 52% popularity as preferred prime minister, while Thompson lags far behind at 29% a gain of only 1%. If I were he, I wouldn’t be jumping in the street.

    Those results tell us also that the blogs are not reaching the man in the street or if they are that Thompson is not seen as a viable alternative. More print editions needed?

    But then, who cares about polls. Stupid things which some people concoct for their own amusement, aren’t they?

    I would risk a bet that the only thing that can save the DLP is the publication of and commitment to Integrity and freedom of information legislation and while we’re at it, modernization of the libel laws.

  58. Inkwell

    At the Deacon’s Road meeting, how could the DLP miss the great opportunity of using the juicy bit of Wishing in Vain scandal that Tony Hoyos was corruptly sitting on the board of EGFL and lending money to himself as a director of Hardwood Housing? I guess that’s really wishing in vain.

  59. Thousand pounds of blubber

    Owen Arthur is one hell of a lucky fellow. He lost his first election only for it to be overturned in a flash and he declared winner.He hired illegals to work on his house flip flopped on the story and got away scot free. From his marriages to sudden grown children to $750,000 cheque the man was never censored or called to account.He wasted a billion dollars on bad projects eg Greenland and overruns. He undermined our democracy by deliberately poaching spineless traitors in the opposition. He has done it all and worse in close to two decades of iron fisted rule. But wait like the dictator he is he demands another fifteen years to become our first prime minister for life. Shockingly despite all this the short esaf man popularity continues to soar. Nonetheless we Bajans who want change are comforted by the 5.5% swing away from the short man’s party. Hopefully by the time elections are called the swing is about 7.5%. Owen may win but many of his henchmen will go the way of the dodo bird. We knock on hardwood in hope the short man’s long run of luck ends.

  60. Bajejun

    I hear all the adamant call for Integrity legislation from BFP and others, despite a promise from the DLP to do so. The calls are very vocal for it to happen now, to the point where the DLP team ( who by the way have a good slate of guys who mostly have not yet been tried) has been sentenced to a term of corruption once elected. I wonder when that promise is kept to enact this legislation ALL of you on this blog including BFP will be just as fast and vocal in your apology.

  61. Thistle

    No, they won’t. Don’t hold your breath. In fact, the hatred for David Thompson will grow if the DLP win the elections. I would not wish to be in his shoes for all the animals in the world! (Sounds strange, huh? Well, I am an avid animal lover, and I have no use for glitter and gold!).

  62. Wishing in Vain

    Murrell is a pawn and ASSCOLL is the player, I personally do not need anything further than what was presented to the public last night he is guilty as charged in my books all of them need investigating for fraud, if TONY HOYOS can be sitting on both boards the lender and the borrower at the same time and knownly lend our taxpaers money to a comany that is obviously being run very poorly where our money is at serious risk of being stolen by people like ASSCOLL and Murrell and others we have questions to ask of the creditabilty of Hoyos as Chairman and his functioning in that post.

  63. Wishing in Vain

    While all of this is taking place we have the very Tony Hoyos who is Arthur’s lapdog sitting as Chairman of HWHL and sitting on the board of the EGFL overseeing this level of dishonesty and corruption and not saying a word about how our taxpayers funds are being utilised and stolen.
    The 15 workers fired today, the Wife of ASSCOLL saying one thing he ASSCOLL saying something else and Murrell saying something different as well, at least they could have got their script right from before they went on camera, reports reaching me state that one of the reporters nealy fainted when they put him in this hole for this briefing.
    Now that ASSCOLL has bungled this attempt to quell this issue , who does he turn to for help?
    Certainly not Mottley, Atherley, Rommel Marshall, Liz Thompson,Billie, he has no friends or supporters from within not even MR SEE THRU noticed how they have all left him out to dry, what a bumbling jack as.

  64. Wishing in Vain

    I can now confirm that there were 15 NON NATIONAL dismissals at HARDWOOD HOLDINGS today this is after ASSCOLl said they did not employ illegal workers.
    Now this should be a crime that someone is charged for employing illegal workers the same as they would do had these been illegal sex workers!!!

  65. Velzo

    Inkwell, check Owen Arthur’s leadership ratings in 1994 against the unpopular Erskine Sandiford. He was barely over 20%.
    People don’t vote for Oppositions; they vote out governments.
    That is why Sir John Compton and the UWP in St. Lucia didn’t waste money on a Manifesto. They knew that more than them winning, the people would vote out Kenny Anthony.

  66. Hants

    Why did Mascoll have a press conference about Hardwood, but none of his fellow MPs calling a press conference to explain the Veco and the 3S flyover issue especially since a person in each of those companies have been charged with fraud or bribery ?

    Mascoll and Hardwood Housing is a diversion.

  67. Andrew


    Don’t worry. Veco and 3S flyover issues, though touched on on Sunday, will be soon be aired fully. So will the Integrity Legislation issue. It’s a matter of timing.

    Owing, like you all, wants everything to be dealt with right away. Then he would have time to de-fuse
    all the Blp Bull doo , call elections, and leave the Dems up the creek without a paddle

  68. jinx

    Today,it appears that CREDIBILITY and INTEGRITY are two words not to be mentioned and discussed on Starcoms radio call in programmes ?
    Just an observation…….

  69. theNickster

    Maaascoll commits Hari Kiri for the sake of Lord Owen, public witch-hunt is satiated by Maaascoll’s blood. Owen escapes to the Bahamas, and Thompson and his merry band rolls into position on the trough to start the cycle anew.

    politics 1, democracy 0

    game over.

  70. Wishing in Vain

    jinx you are right, we the voices the ones that pay their salaries are controlling our voices.
    Also have you noticed how they have tried to prevent speech on things political by talking on business on Mondays this is a certain move to limit their exposure and to limit the attacks on the BLP in partnership with VOB a sad state of affairs.

  71. Anonymous


    Did you see how nervous David Ellis was when discussing the polls on the Sunday programme?

    Anytime the BLP was mentioned he made sure the words;corruption,dishonest,integrity and such like was not mentioned in the same breath.

    Monday’s Brasstacks business was the most boring in a long time.Add to that the boring ‘Tell it Like It Is Sports’ on evening and they got they whole day wrapped up – avoiding current affairs or political discussions.

    Hardly telling it like it is or brasstacks – more like getting down to thumbtacks.

    The producer Mike Brown seems to have itchy fingers and cuts off perfectly straightforward,nondefamatory statement so much so that callers are now complaining that the programme is filled with blanks and making no sense since you can’t follow what is being said.

    This country is up the creek – what with the blp politicians locking in the media in their back pockets,and also got the judiciary all tied up.

    All I can say is:Lord come for your world.

  72. Wishing in Vain

    I saw the intent from the first Monday that they changed the format for the show I said then that it was an attempt to muzzle the voices of the people as instructed by the ruling party they can say what they want but this is clearly what the message is to us the people who listen.
    Trust me I am fustrated with the fear of the politicians, it reminds me more and more of Adam’s time in office when he acted like a dictator and Arthur is doing nothing different than Adams would have done.
    Amusingly it is the same CEO of VOB Vic Fernandes that Adams broke up his marriage, that he is now in the hip pocket of Arthur like a puppy looking for scraps from the table.
    They have been cowered like hurt dogs by the heavy hand of the politics of inclusion,we in this island have no media ,no media at all we are left to depend on the BU and BFP as a source of reliable information lets put that in order a blog being the main source of news and reliable information ??? What does that say about the normal press?
    Other than that they are useless and ineffective source of island news.
    We must be sympathetic to David Ellis as I consider him to be an honest and sincere person but we must remember that he is walking a very fine line having just completed his encounter with that twit Lynch and VOB paying him the $ 60,000.00 without a fight .
    This is where politicians have the upper hand the fear that they instill in the reporters and the media houses is major, instead the media houses should say to them that we are prepared to do battle with you but it will be in the law courts where I am able to ask you to respond to the same questions that you choose not to respond to on the radio show, this time it will be before a judge and for them to reply honestly. (now this is an ask)
    I would be selling more newspapers than the fine would have costed me in the first place, because then and only then would we get to the bottom of this nonsense, question is do we have any lawyers with the courage to carry forward a case like this one.
    Of course we all know that Noeless Lynch has stolen this sudden wealth, so why are we so scared to ask some soul searching question of him in an effort to put the record straight?
    The media is in a state of rapid decline and until they themselves come to grips with that fact, there is little hope for help.

  73. WHY why

    WIV your comments are becoming more nauseating as time goes on. When you have no point to prove you try to belittel people. This is not what your comments used to be like. You used to bring good arguments to the discussion now you are behaving like those you once criticised. Rethink your stlye and bring back the old WIV and lets have meaningful discussion of different points of view without the nastyness.. please…..

  74. Wishing in Vain

    There has been no change in style just the fact that things are becoming more disgusting and blatant than ever before hence the annoyance.
    Do you not see how the press is being muzzled and is a puppet of the ruling party?

  75. WIV

    Why don’t you USE COMMAS AND FULL STOPS WHERE THEY ARE NEEDED instead of offering one long winding road. The readers then have to decide where punctuation should be, so they can make sense out of what you have written.

  76. Wishing in Vain

    Sleepy but trying to make the point that the press are poor examples of what the delivery of news should be.

  77. Royalrumble

    The DLP can go no way with thompson. He is a LIAR who lies for no reason. He does not like black working class people. Both he and his mother are of the view that whites are superior to blacks and that whites had every right to hold blacks in slavery.

    It is for that reason and that reason alone that the electorate has dismissed him. He can never lead them any way. Never mind the crowds at the meeting only an idiot would use that as a yardstick to measure support for the DLP. They have forgotten that in 1994 the DLP had the biggest crowd in Queens Parks but what was the result- 26-2.

    Thompson is a liar and can not be trusted.

    The fatted will die of starvation before he, Greaves, loveridge, Hartley, Trump, Taitt and all the rest get a chance to kill it.


    BFP Comments

    Royal Rumble is a BLP government insider who has shown his credentials and abilities many times on Barbados Free Press. He has even come up with photos of Cabinet documents in the middle of the night – spontaneously in the middle of a discussion when it suits his purpose.

    Note the racial politics being invoked by a true Barbados Government insider.

    Unsurprising and totally within character, but also indicative of the growing desperation inside the government.

  78. Jerome Hinds

    Well for us in Barbados…….the reading of the news today from T & T with regards to % differences in the latest public opinion poll is very similar !

    % separating BLP & DLP is a mere 4 % at this time !

    % separating PNM & COP is a mere $ % at this time !

    Read the link below:

    Interestingly, read the comments about the top candidates…….Arthur more BRAZEN , Thompson being more PASTOR – LIKE .

    Manning more Bold , Dookeran being the nice GUY .

    The people often get…….the LEADERS they want !

  79. Jerome Hinds

    They have forgotten that in 1994 the DLP had the biggest crowd in Queens Parks but what was the result- 26-2.


    It is you & the BLP pimps that are the blinking LIARS……..was the 26 – 2 result in 1994……?

    Which Party was these persons representing when they said the following ?

    ** Owen Arthur in 1995 : STATEMENT….” In 1 year my government created 5000 jobs ”

    When challenged he said……I was WRONG !

    ** Clyde Asscoll in September 2006 : STATEMENT… ” Anthony Murrell built 500 houses in Grenada in 6 months after the passage of Hurricane Ivan ”

    When challenged in October 2007 he said…..
    ” whether or NOT Anthony Murrell built 500 houses in Grenada….is neither HERE nor THERE ” !

    Right – thinking BAJANS ask……where is the TRUTH…..?

    LIARS…..Nasty…..BLP LIARS…..!

  80. Anonymous

    The talk on the street : people asking is your wood hard or soft?

  81. Wishing in Vain

    Actually BFP my advice to you is NOT to block Royalidiot as the more that he presents himself more the general public are seeing he and his party for what they really are POWER HUNGRY persons bent on corruption and dishonesty, I would suggest that you pay him to write on this site and in so doing it will make the DLPS job that much easier as he will continue to destroy the BLP witout even realising what he is doing so all power to the idiot keep him blogging it is doing a great job in destroying the little creditabilty that the BLP have left in them.


    BFP Comments

    We do not block Royalrumble. Can’t say that we ever have.

  82. Leviticus

    Perhaps Royalidiot can tell us why the media bosses like Fernandes and Bryan were summoned to Government Headquarters to the Prime Minister today. Dictatorship again? I saw them with my own eyes.

  83. Straight talk


    Could it be they were discussing the proposed TV Tax?

  84. Jerome Hinds

    It is this CLAIM to FAME that makes Owen Arthur a FIRST WORLD leader…….!

    Three World Leaders went to hell, Tony Blair, George Bush and Owen Arthur.

    Tony asked the devil if he could make a call to England to see if the country is running ok, he made the call, and he stayed on
    the call for 5 minutes.

    Satan told him that the bill is 5 million

    Bush asked if he could call the US, he stayed on the call for 8 minutes.

    It cost him $8 million dollars.

    Owen Arthur said he wanted to call Barbados. He spent 2 HOURS on the call then he
    asked Satan how much was the bill.

    Satan replied, $1 dollar. Owen asked, how come after I stay longer than Blair and Bush ?.

    Satan replied, calling from hell to hell is a local call.

  85. Wishing in Vain

    Jerome Hinds
    Nice one there my boy nice one.

  86. Avatar Gurl

    Hi Wishing In Vain

    I’d like to ask a simple question…

    Are you willing to give the DLP a chance?

    To be quite honest, I have to be quite skeptical about the whole thing…simply due to the fact that a lot of politicians are the same…and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If the politician does not have integrity in his heart, then no no integrity “legilation” can surface…plain and simple.

    So you can go ahead and vote ’em in if you want to…just expect that it will be more of the same and I will learn to survive in spite of whatever foolishness occurs around me…I will not stoop to anyone’s level and be vindictive. I hope that with my simple living, I can inspire everyone around me to be a better person.

  87. Your mode of telling all in this post is really fastidious, every one be able to easily know it, Thanks a lot.