LIAT Airlines Can’t Even Deliver Diplomats’ Luggage!

What A Joke Of An Airline!

Here is our every-two-months story of LIAT Airlines’ now-routine “performance”. Somebody should be fired. They really should.

Some Commonwealth delegates arrive on LIAT minus luggage

Some delegates for the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting (CFMM) have found themselves without their luggage after arriving here on LIAT flights.

Guyana will be hosting at least 44 Commonwealth nations at the CFMM which begins on Monday and ends on Wednesday.

A LIAT clerk, who declined to state her name, told this newspaper yesterday that passengers were given the airline’s numbers to call and had taken the phone numbers of passengers who had their luggage delayed and as soon as the luggage arrives they will be contacted. The clerk could not say when the luggage would arrive. She said that some persons would have received their luggage yesterday from a flight that came in at 1:30 pm.

Yesterday Stabroek News spoke to participants in the CFMM from Antigua and Barbuda, Uganda and the United Kingdom who reported that they were without their luggage after arriving on LIAT flights…

Read the entire article at Stabroek News (link here)

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4 responses to “LIAT Airlines Can’t Even Deliver Diplomats’ Luggage!

  1. UltraBajan

    Dear Rebels

    I went to Curacao (Lovely place) on a LIAT/Caribbean Star carrier and came back . Luggage always arrived with me and treated well.
    So,it is obvious that is not correct to say that delays in luggage deliveries are normal with them.
    BUT is true that the lady at the check in (here in Barbados)was very disturbing and unpleasant.

  2. seamless travel service

    baggage is like picking up a phone. It must work 99.99 % of the time otherwise people are unnecessarily stressed.

    Pleasantness and baggage delivery cannot occur 84.4% of the time. Its called service and what people pay for.

  3. Howdy All,

    Not sure which C’bbean Governments own/control LIAT (if at all), be that as it may, one has to ask, what positive outcome, if any, can come out of this?

    Plenty, because if I were one of the Government diplomats which had shares/control in LIAT, I’d be extremely upset about the situation and demand that something be done to correct it.

    After all, he who feels it, knows it! So, when the big boys suffer from lost luggage, we can only hope and pray that they ensure (for their own benefit) that this doesn’t happen again, and indirectly, we the people will hopefully benefit from the trickle down effect.

    The Bystander.

  4. Frankology

    After the take-over of Caribbean Star by LIAT, we are now hearing of the William brothers purchasing a plane due to poor service from LIAT.

    What I cannot understand why the Williams cannot use another Caribbean Airline? Probably, this is the new corporate image of these large conglomerate and moguls and LIAT is the vehicle for that decision.

    Remember it is not about ‘we want a plantation’ but ‘we want we damn own plane’.