John Whittingham and Ralph Williams Argue About Flyovers

Hello Friends,

We received the following from John Whittingham, which we print without change. Take it away, Mr. Whittingham…


QUOTE. “I was appalled yesterday to discover that senior members of BAPE designed the aspects of the expansion to the ABC highway that other members have criticized on the internet and in press advertisements in Barbados without first seeking to discover the details of the designs done from their fellow members of BARL. It is true that a house divided against itself cannot stand. BAPE is a divided house so there is little wonder that the Government and Ministry treat us with such contempt. In the mad rush of some of our members to incite public condemnation of a major public project for reasons best known to themselves, they seek to discredit fellow members of BAPE without so much as a meeting of minds to try to understand the designs done. A sad day for BAPE to be sure. I will choose to live in hope that there will be more unity among the members of our profession.” UNQUOTE

I must confess to a mixture of amusement and sorrow when I view the twists and turns the flyover saga has taken. Mr. Williams now says he is appalled at the apparent disunity among the members of BAPE and another organisation called BARL, which I do not know. (Barbados Association of Repetitive Liars?) Actually, it is incumbent on engineers who value their professional integrity to criticise bad or dangerous work. BAPE is doing its job.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why the public ought to be very concerned about the flyover project. The public image Mr. Williams is trying to project is that he doesn’t know what they are, but this is nothing if not disingenuous, so perhaps he would appreciate a helping hand.

First off, the flyovers are the most expensive and extravagant “solution” to the problems of the ABC Highway. They have not been tried on this scale before and therefore the actual results of the work can only be conjectural. Also, I hear about traffic studies but the studies I would have done (in my ignorance) have clearly not been done, and this leaves me with an uneasy feeling about the outcome of this “major public project.”

Secondly, while Glyne Clarke is not an intellect to be reckoned with in traffic terms the Prime Minister has an advanced degree in Economics and in his capacity of Prime Minister he owes the public a duty to manage the financial affairs of the country prudently and with a proper regard for value received. Moreover, he is the Prime or No.1 Minister and his duties extend beyond economic and financial management to include evaluations of the impact of the policies of his Ministers and the Government in general on the country at large. This includes impacts on the environment, both physical and visual, and evaluations of the opportunity costs/benefits of any project on, say, the provision of low-income housing and improved medical care. The flyovers are a huge waste of money, better spent improving the lot of the poor black Barbadian.

On the technical issues that have rightly attracted the attention of the BAPE let this be said. Those sections of highway I have looked at in depth suggest a lack of awareness of the operational dangers that may affect this design of highway. I do not know who Mr. Williams and his fellows hired to do the design of the highway cross sections, medians and drainage, but they should re-examine their design criteria.

When highway expansion is contemplated, for example, as in our case, from two lanes to four, the standard procedure is to add lanes: first two, to make four, and if this does not suffice, then two more and so on up to a suggested maximum of eight. This is clearly spelt out in” Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering” by Homburger, Hall, Reilly and Sullivan, 15th Edition, put out by the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California at Berkeley. I mention this because Ms. Cheryl Bennett-Inniss claims to have a Masters degree in Traffic or Transportation Engineering from Berkeley. Evidently she places no value on the instruction she may have received there. I would have thought that the Minister would have been guided by her presumed expertise. Or was he?

On the merits and demerits of the flyovers let me conjure up a hypothetical but likely situation. The flyovers basically take two fast lanes right along the existing highway. There are two outside lanes (presumably lower speed lanes) at ground level, which work together with the overhead lanes. In the year 2012 it is found that the traffic on one of the flyovers has exceeded the design capacity. What do we do? Cantilever off an extra lane or lanes? Are the foundations for the piers carrying the flyovers designed to accept such a load increase? What about the merge/diverge manoeuvres at the entry and exit lanes, now two and two instead of one and one?

The standard design criteria for this class of “highway” call for level grades, and where not possible, easy grades. Specifically, switchback or roller-coaster type configurations are to be avoided. Yet this is precisely the configuration Mr. Williams is recommending. I am not going to try and educate either Mr. Williams or his colleagues in this enterprise, and heaven forfend I should attempt to change the minds of any Government Minister or engineer. But poor black Barbadians will pay the price in wear and tear, gasoline taxes, accidents and delays.

The great virtue of simply widening the highway at ground level is that it confers great flexibility on the design. It is easy to add lanes or otherwise modify intersection layout, whereas the flyovers are basically fixed by design and impossible to modify except at great cost.

On the topic of price, the Government seems to have really goofed. The contract has risen in cost from a ludicrous quoted (in the press) price of US$60 million to US$180 million. Didn’t the Government negotiators read the contract before they signed it? This is a disgrace, but who will take on the Government? The BAPE is trying manfully to do so but Mr. Williams is doing his best to deflect the criticism. Has Mr. Williams a financial stake in the contract?

Mr. Williams theme song is that traffic lights do not work. Let me state the case. They were badly planned, poorly installed and the maintenance was execrable. What was wanted was proper design, installation to high standards and vigilant maintenance. This is the story of Barbados. If it is dialysis machines, X-ray equipment or electrocardiographs the Government does not seem able to cope. To give you an example, in the City of Metropolitan Toronto there were, when I left, about 3000 traffic lights. If any one malfunctions there is a crew on to it within less than an hour. Now that is a responsible Government and decent maintenance. Barbados can only dream.

It is curious that the political opposition, the Democratic Labour Party, has not uttered a single word of criticism of this project. So Barbadians have a choice, at the next election, between the infelicities of the BLP and the astonishing indifference of the DLP. Talk about a rock and a hard place!

I am sure Mr. Williams will try as hard as he can to denigrate me. Let me just say that there is no foreseeable circumstance under which this or any Government would deal with me, so I have nothing to lose or gain by focussing objective criticism on this project. So Mr. Williams can forget suggesting that I seek gain from this. But I consider it a sad day for Barbados when a foreign born white engineer is the one willing to carry the fight against the ethical and budgetary infelicities of the Government.

But this is Barbados.

John W. Whittingham, P. Eng


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42 responses to “John Whittingham and Ralph Williams Argue About Flyovers

  1. Pat

    We have numerous traffic lights here in Ottawa. They are synchronized so that if one follows the speed limits, they will get all greens. If you speed, you will naturally hit reds. They work fine. There are no traffic back-ups normally and minor in snow storms.

    With regard to Mr. Ralph Williams, if he is the man they call Bizzie, is he not an “electrical” engineer? Where then did he get his instruction in civil engineering, viz: design, structure and building of highway systems?

  2. Anonymous

    Bravo, Mr. John W. Whittingham, Bravo.

    This is coming from a Black Barbadian!

  3. Peace

    Mr. Williams now says he is appalled at the apparent disunity among the members of BAPE and another organisation called BARL, which I do not know. (Barbados Association of Repetitive Liars?)


    Since Ralph Williams a.k.a Dizzy Bizzy ( Racing Car Enthusiast ) mentions BARL ( which most Barbadians are aware stands for…..BARBADOS AUTO RACING LEAGUE
    ( BARL )………is he in a SUBTLE way telling Barbadians that the BARL designed the road to suit their racing activities ?

    I am anxious to know !

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Well I am not the leastsurprised by these comments, mainly because Bizzy Williams and COW Williams along with Steven Hobson, Hallam Nicholls, Glyne Bannister and Owing Arthur are responsible for having this disaster taking place these are the same ones that brought DANOS AND 3S to these shores why would expect them to behhave any differenty than they are doing, anything said against the gov’t or their projects and their corruption is now likened to being anti Bajan, what a load of crap because we have found our voices and using them.

  5. Frankology

    John, I am with you. We don’t need flyovers? What we need is the synchronizing of traffic light system; and that is where the $2.6 million traffic system that was purchased last year comes in to play. It is the veins emanating from the ABC highway leading to the city area.

  6. Backra Johnny

    Biggest waste of money in the history of Barbados.

    Can Bizzy explain to me how building these flyovers so that a few cars every morning can have uninterrupted travel from Wildey to Warrens,
    will make one iota of difference to the bumper to bumper traffic jams I see every morning down Waterford Bottom and Green Hill????

    Those cars will continue to back up on to the roundabouts and we will still have jams every morning.

    We have all been taken for a ride…..

  7. Andrew

    Backra Johnny

    “will make one iota of difference to the bumper to bumper traffic jams I see every morning down Waterford Bottom and Green Hill???? ”


    Nor will it make a difference on Government Hill
    or My Lords Hill.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    5th December 2005 – Nation

    Deputy Chief Technical Officer Cheryl Bennett-Inniss said last month ‘that the construction of the flyovers was not a done deal, she meant they will not be done until they are proven to be viable’.

    She also said ‘3S recommendations would be put out for public consultation before any decision was made’.

    BUT hang on a minute two months EARLIER:

    On October 12th, Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke ‘announced the memorandum of agreement had been signed and the flyovers were expected to be completed by January 2007’.

    ‘Clarke put the cost of the construction of the flyovers, widening of the highway and synchronisation of traffic lights at around $120 million’.

    21st October 2005 – Nation

    Ralph (Bizzy) Williams – ‘But as if he had not insulted our intellingence enough, Mr Whittingham then compounded his insult with the statement and I quote’
    ‘To protect the Barbadian public from further extravagance it would be wise to hire foreign engineers’.
    Mr Williams added ‘Mr Whittingham, please find a job somewhere to occupy your mind so as to relieve you of the bitterness you feel towards our Government and local engineers for ignoring your ideas’.

    So lets recap:

    12th October 2005
    Memorandum of Agreement signed by Gline Clarke.
    ‘A few days after he said they were prepared to go ahead with flyovers based on the information and recommendations from the Traffic Management Committee and Police’.

    QUESTION: Did any BAPE members sit on the Traffic Management Committee?

    5th December 2005
    ‘the flyovers are not a done deal, she (Deputy Chief Technical Officer Cheryl Bennett-Inniss)meant, they will not be done until they are proven to be the right solution and viable’.
    ‘3S’ recommendations would be put out for public consultation before any decision was made’.

    Does this sound like a democratic process anyone?

  9. Anonymous


    What is your response to this?


    Oct 13 2007

    MPT and 3S put engineers body on right ABC track

    Web Posted – Sat Oct 13 2007

    THE Ministry of Public Works and Transport and 3S (Barbados) SRL, the major contractor for the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Project, met Thursday with representatives of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) following concerns raised publicly by that body in relation to the project.

    At the meeting, chaired by the Ministrys Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Frank Thornhill, the President of BAPE, Mr. Roger Blackman, questioned the level of openness regarding the project and posed several queries to the Ministry and the main contractor, which were all dealt with thoroughly.

    The Ministry and 3S stressed that the work on the ABC Highway Project has been undertaken by leading design firms with extremely well-qualified staff in Barbados and North America.

    The detailed road design, including the associated drainage work, has been carried out by Stantec Consulting, a well-established and respected professional engineering firm in Barbados, in conjunction with its offices in the United States and Canada where it is one of the largest and most respected engineering firms. As part of its work, Stantec had significant input on the environmental impact study, considering the effects of the drainage system.

    Richard Gill and Associates, another local firm, undertook the environmental impact assessment and produced the overall study report for the Chief Town Planner. This EIA also included the sound study that analysed the noise impact of the various design alternatives, the Ministry and 3S said.

    Mr. Thornhill said that all construction drawings will be made public at the upcoming Town Hall meetings.

    The meeting then dealt with each technical concern raised by BAPE in the media. These related to hydroplaning, the splitter islands at the Belle Intersection, lighting fixtures, the jersey barriers and temporary lighting during construction.

    These features, which are all being carried out in accordance with international engineering codes, were thoroughly explained by the representatives of the Ministry and 3S in relation to the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Project.

    The meeting ended amicably with BAPE now understanding the depth of study carried out by the Ministry and 3S, in conjunction with the design team.


    BFP Comments

    Our response will wait until some sort of media statement from the BAPE as to the engineering factors. We certainly don’t see a retraction by BAPE. We see a “everyting be fine, now shut up and go away” bit of “investigative reporting” (HA!) by the Barbados Advance.

    We do note, however, that the issue of corruption and the failure to complete various studies prior to issuing the contract and commencing construction is completely ignored by the “new development”, so it is likely that the government has slapped some people around.

    that’s the way tings work ’bout hey.


  10. Pogo

    The traffic problems in Barbados come from too many cars and awful inadequate roads. This is not about the ABC Highway but where cars go when they come off that road. (The ABC Highway does not go into Bridgetown which is getting worse and worse for traffic.)

    Where we could have had trains to get into town politicians decided on cars so now we are stuck with the problem. But they can solve it too very fast.

    Pouring money into flyovers now is just gonna make things worse.

    Maybe time to think about fewer cars going about each day. They do this in England where it is very costly or not allowed to drive at certain times and places. Makes people double up to commute or find ways that end up easing the congestion by fewer cars being on the road. Result is no need to spend more money just make people be sensible about car use.

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Does it change the fact that there is gross mismanagement and corruption and that this project is three times over budget and that people are stealing from us the taxpayers?

  12. mosquito

    I am not an engineer,but I cannot understand the reasoning behind the flyovers as planned. All it will do is take traffic up to bring it back down to the same road which they were on in the first place.
    For any flyover to make sense it should cross the highway ie diverting traffic off the highway from secondary road to secondary road. But as I said I am not an ENGINEER

  13. mosquito

    On another matter I read with dismay that the BTC (BARBADOS TURF CLUB) will lose some major sponsorship because Sir Cow was disciplined at the last race meet. This seems like a case of sour grapes and shows up the real character of the individual. All in it for SELF

  14. mosquito



    BFP Comments…

    Hi Mosquito

    All comments must be moderated because those nasty people the government has hired to post filth on the blog are at it again. When I step away from my computer to make a tea, you have to wait until I return.

    We are taking turns moderating, but life must go on as well. Its not like we’re being paid for this ya know!

    So have a little more patience please.

  15. Inkwell

    The application of a little logic and common sense will demonstrate that far from easing traffic congestion on roads leading into Bridgetown, flyovers on the ABC Highway will make it considerably worse.

    Bottlenecks are presently being created at the roundabouts, in particular Garfield Sobers, Bussa, Norman Niles, Hothersal and Warrens because traffic traveling from Airport side to West (East/West) coast is clashing with traffic (North/South) trying to cross the ABC at the above named points. The bottlenecks cause severe delays in the time traffic can proceed along Collymore Rock from GS Roundabout, along Two Mile Hill from Bussa, along My Lords Hill from Norman Niles, along Waterford Bottom from Hothersal and along Green Hill from the Warrens roundabout.

    If delays at the roundabouts are reduced or eliminated because westbound traffic now travels on flyovers, the result will be that traffic (North/ South) will reach points past the roundabouts heading for Bridgetown at a faster rate, causing an even worse bumper to bumper situation than now exists.

    Waterford Bottom, Green Hill, Government Hill, My Lords Hill and Collymore Rock will become true nightmares as the exits from these create even denser bottlenecks.

    Synchronized traffic lights seem a more viable and far less costly solution. It would be prudent to try this option first.

  16. Inkwell


    As the major proponent of flyovers on this site, perhaps you would point out the flaws in my logic.

  17. Not the Editor

    Why would anyone expect PM Arthur to be a prudent manager of the countries finances when he has failed so miserably on projects like CWC, GEMS etc. The PM is planning another ego boosting knight rider into town move heaven and earth speech.

  18. Bush tea


    This is not a story, this is a PR stunt pulled by 3S and Al Gilkes.
    It would have worked in the “old days” too – when the lackey foreign owned newspapers would have jumped to publish their nonsense and then edited the BAPE response into a small corner 2 weeks later.
    BUT THOSE DAYS ARE GONE (thanks again BU and BFP)

    Have you considered the kind of people who would call for a meeting with a professional body on technical matters, bring a bribery accused and Al Gilkes and then rush off to the willing newspapers to claim that they somehow ‘showed’ BAPE?
    You would think that serious businesspeople would have a joint release – or that the ‘newspapers’ would seek a BAPE response BEFORE publishing the junk.

    But I guess AL Gilkes has influence in many places.

    I hope that BAPE will stick to their guns and continue to let Bajans know the truth about this ‘meeting’ and this whole ABC mess…

  19. Sargeant

    Power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely (Lord Acton). The govt cant treat citizens like mushrooms – in the dark and covered in sh…. this is a major construction project and there should have been consultation with the public and professional associations before launching. Traffic gridlock is the price we pay for progress and solutions are not so simple.The Don Valley Parkway in Toronto was constructed in the 1950’s to serve as the major north/south access to the city. It is still the only north/south freeway into the city . The population of metro Toronto is over 5 million today and in the Greater Toronto area there are over 8 million people yet there are no plans to add or change the road configurement. Any govt which opts to change or add a new roadway to deal with the vehicle density without public consultation does so at its own peril.

    The question is what is the govt’s overall plan for the roads in B’dos? You can’t build “flyovers” in one area and ignore the other highways
    My suggestions for what they are worth are:
    1) Improve the public transportation system- spend money on personnel and equipment (training and upgrades) and make it attractive to the middle class it seems to be targeted to the working class
    2) Encourage businesses to work off peak hours offer incentives in the form of tax breaks etc.
    3) Encourage car pooling – again by tax breaks to business according to percentage of employees that car pool.
    4) Impose restriction on the use of commercial vehicles (excluding PSVs) on some roads during peak periods
    5) Improve signage – when I’m in St. John I dont’t want to see a sign directing me to Bridgetown via St. Philip
    6) Finally – use the local professionals including civil servants for advice to resolve local problems.
    I can get the response I want by the way I phrase the question

  20. ABC

    There are still lots of questions about how the flyovers benefit traffic flows other than along the highway. I’ve posted this previously on BFP and BU so here it is again.

    The problem with the highway as it existed was that the roundabouts acted as bottlenecks for several separate streams of traffic: that going along the highway as well as joining/exiting the highway and crossing the highway – these stream were in competition with the limited capacity of the roundabouts.

    The largest percentage of these separate groups was traffic going along the highway. By elevating the traffic that is going along the highway what they do separate these streams of traffic and free up much needed capacity at the roundabouts making it easier to cross and join/exit the highway.

    The ratios of traffic volume to roundabout capacity are something like:

    The ratio of volume to capacity of roundabouts at all times of the day in 2005 was 1.14:1 – i.e. 14% more volume than capacity. And given that this is at average at all times of the day you can only imagine what that ratio is at peak travel times. With projected vehicle growth that ratio skyrockets as we get to 2030.

    With the flyovers the ratio plummets to something like 0.2:1 and with the projected growth rates we do not get back into our current predicament until 2030 when the ratio is expected to be 1.1:1.

    This has the effect of allowing for traffic flowing more freely both along the highway and long the rteries crossing the highway. These will include Wildey road, government hill, waterford, green hill, rendezvous and all others that cross the highway

  21. Anonymous

    BFP: Mosquito is over on BU brassing you up and complaining to “David” to do something about you! You should take a peek. I sincerely hope he doesn’t come back on here (didn’t he admit he was originally “Bashy”?) and take over this blog like he is doing on BU. He has chased other bloggers from there with his constant boring nonsense.


    BFP Comments

    Mosquito is following a pattern that we have seen and are blocking here at BFP. For a time the government agents used all manner of foul words to disrupt the conversation here. When we effectively blocked that by going to a “always moderate” model, they changed their tactics. Mosquito is part of the new tactic which is to divert discussion wherever possible onto a new topic and away from issues contained in the articles.

    That and continual complaints etc., so the whole mood of the blog goes from addressing issues of importance to citizens, and becomes focused upon the details of personality, how the blog is run, etc etc etc.

    “Mosquito” is just the latest name. When we catch on, they come back with another name and another tactic.

    And yes, the foul language and threats of violence keep coming. We only let a few through the filters once in a while to let everyone know that it is still happening.

    WE BELIEVE that the blogs are having a far greater impact upon the timing of the election and politics than one would think at first glance. The government is desperate to eliminate the blogs because they are changing the thinking, mood and language of Bajan politics.

  22. Bush tea

    ABC (…may you move on to DEF soon)

    After we spent $400 Millions dollars that we don’t have, and let’s say you are right and the traffic moves past the ABC roundabouts…..then what?!?

    the jams will now be in 2 mile hill, waterford bottom etc.
    you got another 800 million to move the jams closer to town?

  23. Hants

    Barbados needs a really good Public Transportation System and existing roads need to be properly maintained.

    A lot of people would leave their cars at home if they could get to work on time and in a comfortable safe public vehicle.

    Transport board buses are usually not on time and PSV’s/Minibuses are “scary”.

    With regards to the “war of words” among the Engineers, Barbadian Engineers get their degrees at the same or similar Universities as the Foreigners.

    For the record Sargeant, Toronto has 2 main north/south Highways(404/DVP and 400). you forgot Highway 400.

  24. Hants

    ABC says…..The problem with the highway as it existed was that the roundabouts acted as bottlenecks for several separate streams of traffic:

    These bottle necks at the Roundabouts would also reduce the number of vehicles lining up at the Traffic Lights so I still don’t see Flyovers doing more that getting you to the next Traffic jam faster.

    Is that worth $360Million bds.

  25. crossroads

    quote:”But poor black Barbadians will pay the price in wear and tear, gasoline taxes, accidents and delays”.
    i guess white folk don’t pay taxes or use the highway.

    October 12th, 2007 at 10:37 pm
    Bravo, Mr. John W. Whittingham, Bravo.

    This is coming from a Black Barbadian!”

    who cares if he is black or white?

    to “peace” i’m sure the mention of BARL was a typo error.

  26. ABC

    Bush Tea (despite the name calling – grow up man) and Hants have a valid point that I’ll explore further.

    Hopefully they would agree that this would not be an issue in evening rush hour as traffic is coming out of Bridgetown – at that time of day the freeer flowing traffic crossing the highway would allow traffic out of town quickly and with no post-highway crossing impediments to got to sooner.

    If they are correct on morning rush hours you might be able to cross the highway easier but will butt up traffic within the greater bridgetown area more quickly.

    Well perhaps, however a part of this project (and a component of the price tag) is a traffic light synchronisation system. You may have noticed the cameras that have been installed at some of the junctions. These will send video into a central control station and will allow operators to adjust the timing of trafic signals depending on the prevailing conditions. This will, in principle, favor traffic coming into the city on a morning. This, in conjuntion with the flyovers, is expected to have a combined and palpable influence on traffic on the island.

    Look we will never eliminate all traffic problems – I am of the view that this project (despite the issues) will have a positive effect on our driving experience. The proof will be in the eating and we should see the effects live and in person sometime next year.

    BFP – I am just trying to lend some balance to this discussion. The blog comments here and at BU are decidedly one sided in this discussion.

  27. Anonymous

    “The detailed road design, including the associated drainage work, has been carried out by Stantec Consulting, a well-established and respected professional engineering firm in Barbados, in conjunction with its offices in the United States and Canada where it is one of the largest and most respected engineering firms. As part of its work, Stantec had significant input on the environmental impact study, considering the effects of the drainage system.”

    O! MY! GOD! Looka trouble.

    ” Barbados West Coast Sewerage Project
    West Coast, Barbados

    Stantec provided full-service consulting for the West Coast Sewerage Project, from initial master plan study though to detailed design drawings and final report.

    Stantec’s services included preparation of master plan studies and reports, detailed design of project components, pre-design reports, detailed design drawings and specifications, and the final report.

    The system consists of a secondary sewage collection system, a trunk sewer, three mainline trunk sewer pump stations, six small collection system pump stations, and a treatment plant.

    The West Coast Sewerage Project year 2020 service boundary extends from Shermans in the north at Little Good Harbour in St. Lucy south to Lakes Folly Road in St. Michael. The western boundary is the Caribbean Sea and the east boundary predominantly follows the base of the cliff on the Lower Terrance.”

  28. Anonymous

    “Local engineering firm joins international leader Stantec
    St. Michael, Barbados : December 6, 2001 – TSE:STN

    Local firm, Associated Consulting Engineers Ltd. (ACE) announced today that it is joining global design firm Stantec. ACE is one of the regions’ top tier consulting engineer firms.

    “Stantec’s investment in ACE reflects our confidence in the stability and growth potential of the Barbados and Regional economy” says Malcolm Gibbons, Vice President & COO of Stantec Consulting International Ltd. “The Barbados operation will be the hub of Stantec’s overall Caribbean operation. It will create greater employment, training and career opportunities for local staff.”

    “We’re excited about the opportunities joining Stantec creates for our company,” says Andrew Hutchinson, ACE Principal who will continue with Stantec. “We gain access to a 3,000-person strong network of technical resources and specialized expertise that will increase our service offering and directly benefit our clients.”

    ACE, based in St. Michael, has provided a broad range of professional engineering consulting services in Barbados and across the Caribbean since 1980. In Barbados, the company is known for its engineering work on such projects as the Julie ‘N’ Stores at Bridge Street and Haggatt Hall, CIBC Complex at Warrens, Millennium Heights Development, Sandy Lane Golf Development, 69KV Underground Cable System, Sheraton Centre Expansion, and the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex.

    In the Caribbean, ACE has recently provided engineering services for the expansion of power stations in Grenada, Bequia, St. Kitts, St. Vincent & Dominica, and also environmental work at the main hospital in St. Kitts among others.

    Stantec has worked throughout the region for more than 30 years and expects this transaction to be beneficial to their clients in the Caribbean.

    Stantec will consolidate its current operations in the region into the existing ACE office in St. Michael where it will operate as Stantec Consulting Caribbean Ltd.

    Stantec provides lifecycle solutions to infrastructure and facilities projects through value-added professional services and technologies. By combining global experience and skills in management, planning, design, and implementation, the Company supports clients at every stage, from initial concept and financial feasibility to project completion and beyond. Services are offered through 3,000 employees, operating out of 40 locations principally in North America. Stantec trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol STN.”

    Stantec Consulting Caribbean Contact
    Hugh Sealy
    Caribbean Regional Manager
    Stantec International
    Ph: (246) 421-8185

  29. Frankology

    I don’t know if Anonymous statement of Stantec associated with the original laying of the 69KV cables. That mean Stantec, who is advising 3S, would have known the cables would be in the path of the Warrens section of the highway. Why then is Mosquito stating in the BU that MPT was responsible for the late request of the removal of the said 69KV cables?

  30. Stantec

    wasn’t Stantec involved somehow with Greenland?

  31. Bush tea

    I admit that I am often guilty of ‘name calling’ and that it is a bad weakness…
    but calling you an idiot does not fall into that category.
    I like your disposition, but you are simply talking foolishness… and in spite of all evidence – you continue to do it.
    Now what would YOU call a person like that!?

    Don’t feel bad about it, check google for ‘idiot’ and you will see that you are in good company. Your mentor Georgie is near the top of the list – mainly for continuing to insist that his ABC (A**ing bout Behind Cheney) project (IRAQ) was a good idea, worth the high cost in dollars and lives – (after all he disposed of a ‘bad’ man).

    You seem to be intent on gaining a place on that google list too – supporting your ABC project -despite the crookery, cost and ineptness.against all the evidence.

    Why you think that Arthur silent? Glyne silent? Siddall silent? Mia silent? -even the Davids (Thompson and Ellis) silent?

    BAPE shame that engineering could come down to this level so they speaking out and Mascoll probably somewhere on the google list too..

    Take a hint ABC – hush your mouth if you don’t know what you talking bout.

    If not for auntie moses i would really call you a good old bajan name fuh truth…

  32. balance

    To Mr Whittingham?
    “I mention this because Ms. Cheryl Bennett-Inniss claims to have a Masters degree in Traffic or Transportation Engineering from Berkeley. Evidently she places no value on the instruction she may have received there. I would have thought that the Minister would have been guided by her presumed expertise. Or was he?”

    Couldnt u have commented on this matter without being personal? Y do u continuosly operate like this? Mrs Bennett Inniss has done you nothing wrong or is that you are upset that a poor black (note the black comment came from you im not trying to introduce race here)person could attend Berkley to pursue their studies? come on man you can do better than that. What jobs have you worked on since coming to Barbados? arent you the same one who one more than one occasion have submitted quotations which were so outrageous that they were considered quite laughable? even if as you continuosly complain that Government wouldnt take you on what have u done in the private sector other than a few Traffic Impact Studies. If you had devoted the amount of time you spent on attacking Mrs Bennett Inniss’s competence/qualification on the junction proposal you were paid to do at the junction by Automotive arts the developers wouldn’t have had to turn to another Engineering firm to do the work. We have a group of competent engineers in BARBADOS and we can do without people like you coming here and using them to fight your personal grudge matches.

  33. Bush tea

    What you are saying then ‘Balance’, is that
    “if greedy wait, hot will cool…” right?
    How come you complaining bout Whittingham being personal and you bringing confidential quotes and job information to the Blog?

  34. Horsesense

    I know nothing about engineering, but I have a lot of common sense! Pls tell me where we are flying over to? Could we not build another alternative road to the ABC highway at a cheaper cost than these flyovers? Just asking.

  35. John

    … or just reduce the number of cars!!

    COW once said he wanted to be the first man to build a flyover in Barbados not realising that when the train operated it passed over a road.

    He has thus been beaten by more than a century!!

    Why not just bring back the train from College Savannah to Bridgetown. All the railway bed remains along cartroads in the Valley and would require none of mayhem that exists and will exist for a long time on the ABC.

    Encouraging people to park and ride by guaranteeing a 10 minute ride to Bridgetown in a cool relaxing coach I believe would seriously reduce the number of cars on the road at rush hour.

    Then instead of having to look to impose toll charges on the revamped ABC, the train owner can collect fares.

  36. balance

    note bush tea the quote came from the beginning of Whittinhams comments

  37. fairplay

    A disgraceful letter from Mr Wittingham one that succeeded in insulting so many at one fell swoop
    A masterpiece of superciliousness and condescension if this is the caliber of the members of BAPE spiteful and vindictive it is little wonder that their self seeking ‘advice is disregarded.
    The unwarranted attack on Cheryl Bennett Iinniss a fellow engineer and moreover one who is far more qualified that the self proclaimed expert Mr. Wittingham revealed the real bitterness and envy behind his alleged need to uphold public awareness.
    Mr. Wittingham the missionary carried on to address the ‘poor black Barbadians’ who must be saved from the folly and ignorance of their government by ‘a white foreign engineer’.
    The same Mr. Wittingham who previously insulted local engineers by declaring that ‘foreign engineers were needed in Barbados changed his tune once highly qualified foreign engineers were employed by the government. It transpires that was wrong too, it had to be his foreign engineers or to more explicate himself.
    A disgrace.

  38. Hants

    Fairplay a lot of Barbadian Engineers and other professionals go to the same Universities as the “foreigners”.

    The perception that White and Foreign is “better” is absolute nonsense.

    I strongly suggest to Mr.Wittingham that if he can’t find work in Barbados, there is a shortage of workers in Canada and it would be real easy for him to get work.

  39. geographer

    Why refer only to ‘poor black Barbadians’? This smacks of racism. There are many Barbadians, some poor, some working and paying taxes, who are not black. Please speak for all taxpayers, not just the black ones.

  40. peltdownman

    I’ve just come back from Warrens at 2.45 p.m. local time. In my opinion, the total mess surrounding traffic into and out of the Warrens complex is going to cause a back-up on the highway as far as the Hothersal flyover. This will result in traffic being unable to leave the elevated part of the highway at Hothersal, which is only going to be 2 lanes, and this hold-up will feed right back down the highway. There is therefore some merit in the argument that the flyovers will feed the blockages quicker, thereby possibly making the blockages more severe. Meantime, I agree that Mr Whittingham’s letter is both rude and insulting, and it does smack of racism. When you think that you have valid arguments, then you should avoid getting personal and insulting, as it affects your credibility. I will therefore take anything coming from him in the future with a pinch of salt.

  41. Me

    Maybe it’s just me but Mr. Whittingham hasn’t addressed the crux of the missive from Mr. Williams – why would BAPE, a professional organisation, attempt what amounts to a public assasination of the reputations of some of its own members, without seeking first to discuss the issue with said members?

    Something’s not right there. I understand that perhaps when you are under contract to do a job, there may be confidentiality issues, but perhaps the project’s engineers could have interjected the same concerns on behalf of the BAPE or the BAPE could have presented said concerns to those members and could have asked that they be addressed.

    This is Barbados so I seriously doubt that “secrecy” here carries so far that BAPE doesn’t know and did not know who the project team was before they made their public comments.

    I also did not read anything in the text that seemed to indicate Mr. Williams support of anything (or was I lost? Is there something printed elsewhere that I missed?) Seemed like a pretty nasty response which was far from to the point. Was there more to the conversation than what was printed?

    Anyway, I would have appreciated something that made more sense with respect to the quoted letter(?).

    Anyway, on to other things.

    Personally I have lived in the Warrens area for years and I’ve read what other said about syncronisation of lights, etc. So let me add my two cents:

    1) Minibuses picking up commuters and traffic turning right to SuperCentre/DaCosta Mannings/the govt office complex at Warrens typically backs up traffic heading towards town. This congestion is made worse for people coming from Jackson because the traffic headed along the ABC towards Hothersal Turning blocks what opportunities they do have to get past the roundabout.

    2) The large number of buses stopping at the bus stop in Eagle Hall sometimes affects traffic straight through the traffic light.

    3) The traffic light at Redmans Village experiences back ups every weekday evening, despite there being no nearby traffic light to cause flow issues.

    4) Traffic slowdown out of town on evenings may be attributed a supermarket on Green Hill .

    I could probably site more examples but the point is, we have a serious volume problem and some organisational issues in certain locations. We need to relook traffic management as areas become developed, and we either have to try to reduce flow or try to increase capacity. There is no easy solution.

    I can almost hear some man on the radio saying the government is trying to “unfair poor Black people” if they try to restrict car usage. Some business group is going to get all hot under the collar if governments comes in and tries to set working hours or make businesses move to a shift system or stagger working hours so that workers aren’t all coming in at the same time.