Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary

Folks – this is a long and detailed article, but it is worth your time to read it all. For the sake of our country and our children’s future, you must clearly understand the great danger that confronts our freedom when the legal system is corrupted and subverted by the very Judges, public officials and police who have a duty to uphold the law.

We urge you to carefully consider everything that is revealed in this article, because the abuses we document could occur at your home next.


Barbados Police, Judiciary & Government Officials Spit On The Rule Of Law When Convenient

In the early hours Tuesday, December 19, 2006 – a few days before Christmas – officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force descended like a gang of wild thugs upon the sleeping family of Mrs. Ronja Juman. * (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)

Her offense was not having paid back-rent to her landlord – who happens to be Charles Leacock, Queens Counsel, and the Director of Public Prosecutions for the sovereign nation of Barbados. One of the most powerful men on the island, Mr. Leacock arranged to have officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force collect his back rent from Mrs. Juman.

When these thugs (and we include the Director of Public Prosecutions with the police in that term) were unsuccessful over some weeks with mere talk, threats, visiting her son’s school and blocking her car in her driveway – they decided that a full police raid on a sleeping family would be the next proper step in extorting the rent money from Mrs. Juman.

The Barbados police thugs pounded and kicked the door, pried open a window and forced their way into Mrs. Juman’s home to the screams of her six year old son. She was then dragged off to the police station where she was stripped naked and a female police thug examined the inside of her vagina for no reason other than to terrorize and shame.

Then they took her for interrogation – about the back rent owed to Charles Leacock, QC, Director of Public Prosecutions.

After a few hours of terror, Juman was released without charge and given a while longer to come up with the back rent. When she couldn’t come up with the money, she was charged with some trumped up offense and given a kangaroo trial without a lawyer – where the Director of Public Prosecutions acted as both a witness and in his official capacity!


Welcome to Barbados – Rapidly Becoming Zimbabwe West

When the police raided the sleeping family of Ronja Juman, they attempted to give their actions a veneer of legitimacy through the use of a blank search warrant – pre-signed by Justice of the Peace Douglas N. Burgess.

We have often heard of these blank pre-signed search warrants in Barbados, but this is the first time that we have had tangible proof – including a copy of the search warrant. Thanks to our usual source on the RBPF we now have an understanding as to when and how these blank search warrants are issued and used.

Before we get to the details though, let’s remind ourselves as to why search warrants exist in the first place and how they are supposed to be used.

Why The Police Must Use A Search Warrant

According to the British tradition in law (which Barbados pretends to follow) we as a society don’t allow the police to enter into homes and businesses to search for drugs, stolen goods or anything else without written authorization of a Judicial official. This is to prevent a police state – where the police go around entering homes and terrorizing people on mere suspicion or even worse – for reasons unrelated to law enforcement.

We as a society must have limits and rules for the police, both to guide them and also to prevent the abuses of power that otherwise happen. (You know… abuses of power like public officials using the police to collect back rent.)

It is ILLEGAL for police to search a home without a Warrant to Search

Before the police can legally kick in the door of a home and search for drugs, stolen goods or other evidence, they must apply to a Judge or an authorized Justice of the Peace for permission. The police must give reasons for wanting to enter a home, which the Judge considers. If the Judge determines that the reason is valid, and that there is no easier way for the police to obtain the evidence they want, the Judge will issue them with a Warrant To Search.

This Warrant To Search is a piece of paper that lists the police officer, where he or she can search, when they can search and what they can look for. A search warrant is not a Carte Blanche for the police to do as they wish. Properly issued search warrants are a tremendous protection for the ordinary citizen in a free and democratic society.

BUT… when search warrant procedures are abused, they become a tool for corruption, oppression and the worst kind of thuggery.

Welcome to Barbados, comrade.


Blank Pre-Signed Search Warrants Let The Police Break The Law Without Fear

According to our usual RBPF source, pre-signed blank search warrants are not an every day event, but neither are they uncommon. Mostly they are given to drug squad officers to facilitate late-night situations where the police believe that drugs are in a home, but they believe that by the time they call a justice, write out a warrant, travel to get it signed and then return to the drug dealer’s home the drugs might be gone.

This is very illegal – so the Judges sign blank search warrants only for certain trusted police officers. The officer keeps the signed, blank warrant in their pocket or even at their home but never at the police station where it might be found. When they want to search a person’s house in the middle of the night, they fill in all the spaces and there you go… they have a “properly signed” search warrant authorizing them to do what they want.

Some Judges and Justices insist that the trusted police officer call them before using a signed blank search warrant, but like all such arrangements (according to our police source) it soon turns into a situation where the officer uses the warrant and tells the judge about it in the morning. Some judges will only issue one pre-signed blank search warrant to a trusted police officer – but officers get around that by obtaining blank warrants from other judges so they have two or three blank warrants in their possession.

The Judges are required to sign every copy of the Warrant to Search, so when a “blank” warrant is issued, every page has an original signature.

Why do the Judges who are trusted to give the police such power issue signed, blank search warrants? According to our police source they do it for two reasons – to be “friendly” with the police and because they don’t want a call at 3am to get out of bed and consider a police officer’s request for a search warrant.

Abuse Of Blank Search Warrants

The power to go into anyone’s home at any time using a pre-signed blank search warrant is too tempting for some police officers and it is well known that one drug squad officer is no longer issued blank warrants because of abuse.

According to our police source, early last year a situation occurred where drug officers used a pre-signed blank search warrant to raid the home of a suspected drug dealer in the middle of the night. Only a small amount of herb was found, and the suspected drug dealer claimed that the drug squad stole thousands of dollars in cash from his home and planted the herb.

Naturally, no “formal” complaint was made by the drug dealer (who didn’t want to be found floating off North Point one day) but the word around the RBPF was that the drug squad raided the dealer because they knew he had money in the house. They did not know he had drugs. Naturally, the “official” story is that a small amount of herb was found, but no money.


The Blank Search Warrant Used To Terrorize The Sleeping Juman Family

Some members of the Judiciary are known for issuing blank pre-signed search warrants. According to our usual police source, Justice of the Peace Douglas Burgess is known as one of the “friendly” types who look after the police in this manner.

If you read Ronja Juman’s statement of what happened on the night the police raided her home, you will see that upon her insistence, the police gave her a “copy” of the search warrant… that happened to be blank. (See BFP article: New Blog Alleges: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!)


That blank Warrant to Search is shown above, and if you click on the image, you will see a large size that you can examine closely.

According to our police source it is an obvious “pre-signed blank search warrant”. The officer made a mistake in that when he filled in the blanks, he did not press hard enough to create clear copies all the way through. You can see only a few faint images on this page…

Yet, the signature of Justice of the Peace Burgess is an original on the blank page…

Proof that the Justice signed the last page when the entire warrant to search was blank. No surprise, of course, as Justice Burgess is known to be “friendly” to police.


Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock, Police and Justice Of The Peace Burgess SHOULD RESIGN IN DISGRACE

Friends, a corrupt police officer who cared nothing for his public duty used a blank pre-signed search warrant signed by a corrupt Justice of the Peace to terrorize a family in order to collect back rent for a corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions.

Do you owe any monies to a government official? Your home, your wife, your child could be next on the list for a raid by the Royal Barbados Police Force And Debt Collection Agency.

As you will see if you read our original article on Juman, the Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Attorney General are all engaged in a cover-up of what happened. The trial of Ronja Juman was a farce with Charles Leacock, QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, acting as both a private citizen and in his official capacity!

The judge even fraudulently modified the court records during the trial. Read our original article for the details. (link here)

What a kangaroo court farce.

Welcome To Your New Country: Zimbabwe West


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85 responses to “Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary

  1. cherry2enpowered

    Jamaica?, Trinidad?, Barbados?.

  2. sweetie pi

    What devastating proof of the corruption of our justice system! Public prosecutor, justice of the peace and police ganging up on a single mother to collect a civil debt. THUGS is the right word BFP. May the Lord bless you for what you are doing.

    We can expect to see this story in the Nation News tomorrow? LOL 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    It look like Chief Justice Simmons is covering up a lot!

  4. Wishing in Vain

    The CJ is a bastard indeed!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    What happened to your alleged wiretap story?

    You have removed it from your banner.

    Is it DEAD?


    BFP Comments

    The story is not dead, and we shall continue with the banner on and off for the future.

    But today we focus upon Pre-signed Blank Search Warrants and the Ronja Juman case.

    We have more coming on the wiretap story because some government insiders are upset at the abuse.

    Thanks for your interest.


  6. Wishing in Vain

    Are you going to delve any deeper into Hardwood Holdings?
    And also any new developments on Adrian Loveridge and hus tracking of that IP number with Elon Richards at CWC?


    BFP Robert comments

    Hi WIV,

    Clive is doing up a hardwood summary but he’s working again so you’ll have to ask him today at lunch. I’m doing spam tonight and trying to finish my hammerhead article that I promised last week. Given my tardiness on that I can hardly complain about Cliverton. (NOT THAT IT WOULD DO ANY GOOD!)

  7. Wishing in Vain

    We have more coming on the wiretap story because some government insiders are upset at the abuse.
    When you say they are upset with the abuse expand a little on this issue.

  8. BFP

    You’ll have to wait for more WIV. Marcus would kill me if I tell more now. 😉

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Well I hope to see it today.
    You need to start an emailing list!!!!

  10. Pogo

    Blank search warrants in the hands of the police.

    DPP Leacock using police to collect his own rent.

    Trial where Juman’s lawyer not present.

    Judge changing notes of what was said at trial.

    And not one word of disapproval from the Attorney General or the Chief Justice?

    They are a disgrace to the judicial system which we obviously don’t got one anymore. These men all wearing skirts afraid to do the right thing. Don’t deserve respect or the money we pay them.

  11. liz

    Can a citizen use the services of the Ombudsman in a case like the Juman incident?


    BFP Comments

    Ya gotta be kiddin’ us, right? Ombudsman? Who pays his salary? Does the Ombudsman have the power to suspend the thugs and lay criminal charges?

    (Oh… I forgot, one of the Thugs is IN CHARGE of criminal prosecutions and the Chief Justice who is doing the cover-up is IN CHARGE of the courts and a good old drinking buddy of the Prime Minister who is covering up and IN CHARGE of the G.D. Country!)

    Sure… call the Ombudsman. Go ahead.

    HELL, LADY even the so-called auditor general can only audit what the government tells him to.

    Maybe YOU can complain to the Ombudsman that the government has secretly suspended civil liberties, invoked executive powers via a secret Order in Council and is tapping phones and reading emails! Ya, that should get the Ombudsman going, huh?


    This government doesn’t get a damn for the law, rule of law, the Constitution or any other rule. They make the rules. They make the laws. They sign the blank warrants and blank Constitution as they go along. They thieve and make the laws so they are not breaking any laws.

    They see the law as only a tool to get what they want and to squash any dissent.


    BFP george.

  12. John

    It is difficult to see but does the year at the bottom of the search warrant look like 2006?


    BFP Comments

    Yes, 2006 is when the search took place. On the large one, you can even read “Juman” where the police officer filled in the form but didn’t press hard enough. Yet the justice’s signature is original on the blank page… because it was signed while blank!

    Disgusting criminals, each of them.

  13. Anonymous

    Three things,

    Can someone email this information to The American Ambasador, the US state department, the blind people at Transparency International, the Secretary General of the British Commonwealth Orgnisation, I do not have their email addresses,

    Can someone who has information about this cowardly DOG Douglas Burgess please publish it?

    When are we going to get another print copy of BFP? This story should be the HEADLINE!

  14. Equilibrium

    hmmm if this is the case…boy are we in for some serious times ahead…i think that is what my mom and dad were saying back in 91

  15. BFP

    Liz say… BFP
    Can a citizen use the services of the Ombudsman in a case like the Juman incident?


    BFP Comments

    Ya gotta be kiddin’ us, right? Ombudsman? Who pays his salary? Does the Ombudsman have the power to suspend the thugs and lay criminal charges?

    (Oh… I forgot, one of the Thugs is IN CHARGE of criminal prosecutions and the Chief Justice who is doing the cover-up is IN CHARGE of the courts and a good old drinking buddy of the Prime Minister who is covering up and IN CHARGE of the G.D. Country!)

    Sure… call the Ombudsman. Go ahead.

    HELL, LADY even the so-called auditor general can only audit what the government tells him to.

    Maybe YOU can complain to the Ombudsman that the government has secretly suspended civil liberties, invoked executive powers via a secret Order in Council and is tapping phones and reading emails! Ya, that should get the Ombudsman going, huh?


    This government doesn’t get a damn for the law, rule of law, the Constitution or any other rule. They make the rules. They make the laws. They sign the blank warrants and blank Constitution as they go along. They thieve and make the laws so they are not breaking any laws.

    They see the law as only a tool to get what they want and to squash any dissent.


    BFP george.

  16. iisnoone

    INCREDIBLE! BFP you produced the goods you promised! The existence of “blank search warrants” must warn the general public that the time for action is NOW!

    Once freedom is lost, it is very hard to regain. If you doubt me, ask Owen Arthur’s colleague Fidel Castro.

    Questions I would like to ask:
    Is the signature genuine or forged?
    What is the official government reaction to this matter? Are they planning an investigation with a view to putting out a report?


    BFP Replie

    Marcus talk to the peoples and his police friend and everybody says the signature is for real and the justice does this blank warrant thing all the time. Good question but is probably real. Why fake a signature when the justice going to sign blank warrants anywhay?

  17. Jason

    Secret phone taps. Reading our emails. Preparing to rig the election. Attorney General is a member of government one day and Chief Justice the next day.

    Blank search warrants with the prosecutor, police, Prime Minister, Attorney General and the Chief Justice cooperating together.

    We have arrived someplace and it sure isn’t the Barbados I was born in.

  18. Anonymous

    You think that is bad.

    A lady friend of mine who was recently on jury duty told me that she noticed something very strange with juries. A select group of jurymen(and women) were constantly being picked to sit on various cases. When speaking to some of them she realised that these same people were career jurymen, by that I mean that for years they were being called upon to sit on juries, the same people over and over again. The conclusion we drew from this situation was the fact that these same people would render the verdicts that the Prosecutors wanted. How is that for Justice! For the whole of the Assizes my lady friend was not selected once. Does anyone else have any more information on this?

  19. Adrian Hinds

    I must say this, and will say it. When those who we trust to protect and serve, are this willing to abuse that trust in such an illegal manner, why should the citizen remain social, civil, and law abiding? One never hears of these actors being held to account or even castigated for their actions yet i am sure to hear “two wrongs do not make a right” if i the aggreive, the person against whom this action was taken, had met Mr. Burgess and introduce him to two “rock-stones” to the head. For his sake I hope he would be able to sheild himself with the same blank sample search warrant. I continue to see no reason why i should remove personal justice from the list of tools at my disposal in dealing with some people.

  20. Inkwell



    I find your above remark to be boorish and highly offensive.

    Where do you get off insulting a contributor for asking a reasonable, even if in your opinion naive, question. You are way out of line, but hey, its your blog.

    If you have any class at all you will apologize.


    Hello Inkwell

    Cliverton talking now.

    Yes, I apologize to Liz for all of us at Barbados Free Press. George made the comment and he is a cranky old person with a short fuse. The writers on BFP are often at odds with George, but he does loyal yeoman service moderating the comments every day and we couldn’t do without him.

    I went over the line last week and in my opinion, I guess it is George’s turn this week.

    So, very sorry Liz. George was very abrupt and there is no call for it.

    He will be back on this evening and will no doubt have something to say about it.

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  22. John

    … but the amazing thing is that this seems to have been dated 2006 so it was in waiting to be used for some time.

    If that 2006 date is correct and this is the warrant executed all down in 2007 …. we got serious problems.

    There must be a flaw somewhere … it can’t be 2006.


    BFP Comments

    John, this is the ACTUAL warrant that was used at Juman’s home a few days before Christmas, 2006, so yes the date is correct.

  23. Hants

    If this report is true, it is unlikely to get a response from the GOB because it so serious.

    The good thing is that now it has been exposed, the JP and the Police will probably not risk it again.

    We will await comments from the Ministers who visit this site.

    Advice to everyone, buy a Cellphone with a Camera.

  24. Not the Editor


    The Ombudsman has to many skeletons in his own closet for him to be effective in that position anyhow. Remember that he and the PM are tied in one knot. When you understand the Ombudsman’s relationship with a now retired PS and the relationship of this retired PS to a tourism boss you really get a since of the amazing reach of nepotism and corruption in this country.

    The Ombudsman is a disgrace to the essence of what that title means in society.

  25. Not the Editor


    says advice to eveyone, buy a cellphone with a camera.

    This is an excellent idea.

    BFP you should list instructions for the benenfit on how to upload and email pictures to you guys.

  26. politically correct

    “These men all wearing skirts afraid to do the right”


    Please don’t disparage women

    My experience in Barbados tells me that most Barbadian women are not only hardworking and breadwinners but have more balls than most men.

  27. John

    Thanks BFP, I had the date of the search wrong in my mind.

  28. bottomliner

    this government is a law onto themselves, they will not, do not care a damn about barbados. they will continue to rape this country as long as they are in power. the rich will continue to get rich and poor people will get poorer and poorer. Wake up and smell the coffee, all these so called projects are just ways of funneling money into their pockets, this country is serious financial debt, and very soon we will be only buying things that we need, e.g. food, even food is expensive. Very soon, supermarkets which have a lot of stock will be stuck with it as people will buy only the necessities, this country has been milked dry by these criminals, they need arresting and their assets seized. They HAVE to held accountable for their wrongdoing. Com on barbados, take back what is left of your country and let the government know that they are OUR servants, and not the other way around. ps. take heed

  29. Jerome Hinds

    Patrick Manning like he following Owen Arthur also………on his trip to Zimbabwe like RULE !

  30. Deeply Concerned

    Thanks you for the info contained in the article about Mrs Juman and my symapthies to her for the terrible ordeal she has suffered.
    Ralph Thorne stated clearly yesterday on The Chat Room yesterday that The RBPF can use evidence in court that is illegally obtained, including evidence obtained by breaking into a persons home!! Therefore they do not seem to need warrants. Can anyone explain this?

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Well congrats to all of you at BFP and BU you must be doing something right to have these clowns so confused and agitated.
    I am enjoying your investigative work this story is yet another one of those such stories, please keep fighting the fight for us the taxpayers.

    The new lows for which Thompson is now being forced can be seen on the Barbados Free Press and the Barbados Underground on a daily basis. The manner in which DLP operatives uses these two blogs to malign this country in the international arena everyday while purporting to be Barbadians suggest a serious character flaw.

  32. Adrian Hinds

    politically correct
    October 12th, 2007 at 2:22 pm
    “These men all wearing skirts afraid to do the right”


    Please don’t disparage women

    My experience in Barbados tells me that most Barbadian women are not only hardworking and breadwinners but have more balls than most men.
    ha ha ha ha ha so true so very true. “Of Men that are really mice” seems more appropriate.

    Building on my theme of doing unto others as they have authorise others to do unto you. 😀 and in keeping with the example set by this GoB BLP corrupt lot, of working overtime to expose the operators of the BFP blog, so that they may penalize them in the Market square, would i be accorded the same privilege of exposing the Address and telephone number of Mr. Douglas N. Burgess that i the aggrieved is so chooses may reach out to him to have a private conversation/meeting with him, in an effort to have him consider his ways and actions? I think not. 😀

  33. cherry2enpowered

    No need to be insulting. Stick to the facts and move on.

    Probably explain why in a small country like ours, I haven’t been called up for jury duty as yet.

  34. Bajan Bullets

    After reading this article and comments, and also reflecting on previous comparisons to Zimbabwe, I was encouraged to do some research into how bad corruption is in Barbados compared to the rest of the world.

    The below link, from the all-knowing Wikipedia community, listed a number of conditions which favour corruption. On analyzing the list, Barbados meets no fewer than 70% of the conditions. Theoretically, this means that Barbados has a 70% likelihood of widespread corruption.

    One would think that the Barbados government, in its attempt to move towards first world classification, would be actively pursuing this as a checklist of things to do to legitimize itself in the international political arena. However, the current trend in Barbados is actually the complete opposite.

    Instead of moving towards ELIMINATING all of the conditions that favour corruption, we are moving rapidly towards FULFILLING all of the conditions, and in the process falling deeper and deeper into the inevitable self-destruction of widespread government corruption.

    Food for thought…

  35. Bajan Bullets

    It should also be noted that Barbados is the ONLY country within the Organisation of American States (OAS) that has not ratified the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

    And Barbados is one of only four OAS countries that has still not ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

    I guess our elected officials would reiterate that ‘we don’t have a corruption problem in Barbados’ so why would we ratify something so meaningless?

    In fact Barbados has failed to fulfil any of the suggestions made by Transparency International at the last Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly. Our government’s lack of enthusiasm for stomping out corruption is evidence enough to show how widespread corruption is. What a disgrace to my country!
    Awaiting approval of previous comment that was made before this one.

  36. Bimsha Boy

    It has been said by a friend of mine that, “the only thing America has that Barbados does not is snow” Why did it take this long for Barbados to adopt some of the same actions that the USA has taken in the name of “National Security” Hmmmm!!

  37. john

    If Owen is elected again then I must say Barbados does have serious times ahead —maybe, just maybe –we might see another mongoose gang in the Caribbean.

  38. anon

    what is the name of the ombudsman

  39. Santa Claws.

    I have a question.

    Should the BLP be victorious at the polls in the coming election. Then what would be the next step from there. We may as all well be honest and frank about that.

  40. Jerome Hinds

    October 12th, 2007 at 7:17 pm
    what is the name of the ombudsman

    Mr. Cyril Clarke, Former PS of Min. of Civil Service.

  41. reality check

    In Russia today

    there is only two ballot boxes

    one is for Putin the other box is a shredder

    get ready citizens!!!

  42. Brabsoda

    Justices of the Peace should not be allowed to issue search warrents.
    I am still waiting to George’s appology, BFP.


    BFP Comments

    Hello Brabsoda,

    George won’t be in until later this evening, so when he gets here (electronically) he’ll read everything and then, well – George will do as he pleases.

    In terms of Justices of the Peace issuing such orders, you are missing the point. In many countries JPs do issue warrants of all kinds.

    It is about corruption, not about the status of Judicial officers allowed to issue warrants. The Chief Justice himself interfered in this case, so status doesn’t matter. Integrity and rule of law matters.

    Not to mention the corrupt activities of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

  43. Anonymous

    Can some one publish a short Biography on Douglas N Burgess?

  44. ex-pat

    Well, I’d like to see them try that shit in some of the people I know…. They’re liable to be shot!

  45. John

    October 12th, 2007 at 7:11 pm
    If Owen is elected again then I must say Barbados does have serious times ahead —maybe, just maybe –we might see another mongoose gang in the Caribbean.

    Maybe, maybe not, but let us not get too carried away with predicting the future. Bajans are not fools.

  46. Bimbro

    I’ve observed this attitude in Barbadian officials before who seem to think that laws and the rule of law are some kind of airy-fairy concept which don’t really apply to them. It just seems that people in high places simply can’t resist the temptation to abuse their power, a tendency which Barbadians are prone to, just like anybody else but must be prevented from doing so by the eagle-eyed vigilance of organisations such as your own and other organs of the media.

    Continued good-luck with your efforts BFP in exposing the miscreants who would turn Barbados into another Zimbabwe, it seems, given half a chance.

    Deal with the bastards. I’m sure you’ll continue to receive massive amounts of support from the general public!

  47. liz

    I may be an innocent but I do not call you stupid and it is not necessary for you to treat your readers with contempt.
    Everyone is not going to agree with the methods you would use to deal with situations and you can sometimes catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


    Hello LIz

    I am soory I called you stupid. I really am. I get frustrated due to the hundreds of spam we get every day and sometime we can not tell what is from spammers or not. I appologize.

    BFP george

  48. Brabsoda

    Justices of the Peace are usually appointed by their friends in power so that they can do favours for them and their friends. Taking away this power to issue search warrents would reduce the chances of blank search warrents in the hands of police. I know we have some corrupt judges.

  49. Yardbroom

    We are falling into the trap of blaming the office people hold, the office is not to blame, neither are Laws in many cases. We unfortunately have people in some cases – of dubious character – holding public office, they are prone to a nod and a wink culture, and cannot resist the odd bit of corruption on the side.

    Until we have people of the highest probity and integrity, elected and appointed to public office, we will languish in the morass we are now experiencing.

    We must inculcate in our officers, civic duty, honesty and integrity, until that is done, no amount of Laws will change the culture that exist.

    It will take time, it cannot be done in a split second, and we open ourselves – and perhaps others – to disapointment if we give the impression that it can be.

    Our salvation is that all change has to start somewhere, and now is as good a time as any.


    BFP replies

    Yardbroom says…

    “We must inculcate in our officers, civic duty, honesty and integrity, until that is done, no amount of Laws will change the culture that exist.”

    We must respectfully disagree with you on the laws, YB. Laws often lead cultural change, and where there are no laws to regulate corruption, people tend to say “What I am doing is not against the law”

    No, laws do not solve everything, but they are the foundation for everything. Without laws to establish what is acceptable behaviour, we will still be lamenting corruption in government ten years from now.

    Your argument is false and easily proven so. Just imagine our society without any laws at all… relying upon the good will of honest people to not steal, not speed, not to engage in insider stock trading.

    So far, politicians have been successful in maintaining their government and political arenas as areas of society that are without laws and rules.

    This must be where the change starts – but neither Thompson’s DLP nor Arthur’s BLP wish to have laws imposed upon their behaviours because such laws would hinder their feeding at the piggy trough.

  50. Yardbroom

    I will not go into individuals, my point is broader than that.

    I have not made the case that Laws are not an aid to an ordered society, and perhaps a Lawful society.

    My argument is that if the Administrators of Justice are corrupt, there is no Law.

    However if there is no Law and citizens or those in charge are honest, and free of corruption, it is better for society as a whole.

    We have to change the “culture and the mindset” and then we will have the proper administration of “Justice”.

    Perhaps we will have to agree to disagree on this one.


    BFP Replies

    Perhaps we are not so far apart after all, YB. There must be laws (and we lack integrity laws in Barbados), but you are correct… even with the few laws we do have, when the administrators of these laws are crooks it destroys everything.

  51. White Rabbit

    Welcome to the wonderful world of British legacy. In the Westminster system that we enjoy in Bim, and virtually everywhere else that the British were influential, the populace elects a dictatorship since there is no effective system of checks and balances with the PM being the leader of the party in power. We don’t even have the benefit of small parties that contribute to a coalition, just a “ruling” party. All the laws in the world against corruption mean absolutely nothing when there is no system in place for an outside or non-aligned group to see to the enforcement of those laws. I know it is currently chic to blast the United States, but their system of three separate divisions of power has worked very well to greatly reduce (not eliminate) corruption. Here the head of state is the Queen. Anybody have her email address? Anybody really think she would, or could, intervene in any significant way? With all power held in the hands of one party, with everyone beholden to the PM, we are lost, doomed, and beyond reprieve. Forget changing the laws. What we need is an entirely new constitution based on true separation of powers. What we have happening today was entirely predictable in 1966, the logical outcome of the Westminster system.

  52. theNickster

    I think the AG has the ability to fire even Owen, but those kinds of powers only get used under very specific circumstances and these guys aren’t foolish enough to lose their spot at the trow over a “technicality”.

  53. Bush tea

    White Rabbit is correct. I would like to think that you get the point made and think again about your confidence in integrity legislation as a solution to our problems.
    It will NOT work.
    I have always said that ALL of the problems that we are complaining about ARE AGAINST SOME LAW RIGHT NOW.
    The same way that the scamps can ignore these and get away – they will ignore future integrity laws.
    In any case -those CROOKED lawyers (with possibly 3 or 4 poor exceptions) will write the law in such a way that only small poor people will ever be convicted.
    Now that White Rabbit has so well articulated that situation , can we move on to look at a REALISTIC solution for dealing with these crooks?

    How do you rate the Chinese approach?


    BFP Comments

    BT, most of the activities that the crooked politicians are engaging in are NOT against the law right now.

    We must have laws to establish standards and penalties… also freedom of information for citizens so they can access the government information that is theirs.

    Why do you not want to have laws against this behaviour? There is a difference in saying “Such laws will be difficult to enforce” and saying “We don’t want such laws”

    Folks should be extremely suspicious of anyone who is against the implementation of laws to regulate politicians’ behaviour.

  54. Bush tea

    Cud dear BFP, don’t kill muh…

    I am NOT saying that we should not have the laws – BY ALL MEANS – let us have the laws…
    What I think Yardbroom, White Rabbit and myself are saying is that this in ITSELF may not be enough to solve the problem.

    The real problem is a general lack of strong moral values. Too many scammers and cheats all over- not only in Government – and worse, there are no real serious penalties for those found guilty. (IN other words our SOCIETY CONDONES THIS BEHAVIOR)

    Are you saying that there is no law now against:
    Thieving Public funds
    Failure to adhere to legal requirements
    Giving false information in court
    Falsifying documents
    mis-use of police resources
    mis-use of office

    and what is this about access to information? You done know that any such law is now redundant – i challenge you to publicly ask for anything now and see if you don’t get a relevant email in 12 hours.

    (I feel that BFP done got the ABC flyover plans.)

    How do you feel about extreme penalties for such criminal behaviors as per Muslin custom and some other jurisdictions.


    BFP Replies

    Hi Bush Tea,

    Good… I’m happy that you agree that there must be effective laws, real penalties and freedom of information so that citizens can get the goods on crooked elected and appointed public officials and hold them accountable.

    Starting your hyperbolic red herring of the extreme punishments found in many other societies… that discussion tactic is actually a typical response from those who don’t want anything to change regarding politicians’ access to the piggy trough. A bit silly, and we’re going to ignore it and not get into discussions about absurdly out of place penalties.

    Let me turn the question around and ask you about a few things…

    You say that “our society condones this behaviour”. No bush tea, our society doesn’t condone this crooked behaviour, the demagogues in power condone their own actions. The ordinary citizen does not.

    You sound out of touch with ordinary Bajans, Bush Tea.

    Access to Information – If you know of any law that entitles individual Bajan citizens be given access to government documents as a right, please let us know. The fact that some folks might be able to sneak such documents out of government is not Freedom of Information.

    Now let us consider that the Prime Minister receives say, $750,000 “campaign donation” and puts that into his own personal bank account in Barbados. It is an outrageously unethical thing to do… a crooked thing.

    But he broke no laws because he and his crones have failed to institute conflict of interest rules and integrity legislation. Further, there is no requirement for disclosure on the Prime Minister’s part.

    Just the way he and every crook in his government like it!

    And obviously, just the way David Thompson likes it too.

  55. reality check

    tough stringent accountability and transparency laws first

    strict enforcement second

    sure people without any moral authority will ignore the laws and enforcement but they ALL need to be exposed every foot of the way regardless of party affiliation.

  56. Bush tea

    All right BFP
    when i get a chance i will check out ‘hyperbolic red herrings’ but I think that a good start place is Bajan attitudes where we seem to disagree…

    I am so in touch with ordinary Bajans and their idiosyncrasies that it isn’t funny. There is a growing culture here of ‘easy money’ rather that one of honest work ethic and caring about others. This is seen in ALL areas, from the many underhand deals that are common to ‘get stuff cheap’ to attitudes at work to shaft the employer, the NIS, insurance companies and every one else.
    Wha’ you never hired a artisan to work for you? You got any information on national ‘sick days taken’ or worse, ‘work days’ spent doing personal business?
    You have any idea about the everyday scams with licenses, tickets, police reports, getting jobs… look BFP don’t get me started yuh…
    You ever visited the ZR stand? just pass through anytime and tell me if you see the culture to which our students are exposed.
    What we doing bout that?!
    Now if we accept this as a society, what do you expect to happen when 28 products of the society suddenly become ‘right honorables’?

    Honesty and integrity? HA!

    …and exactly what makes you think that ‘ordinary bajans’ are crying out against the corruption now exposed in high places? the fact that some of us hide behind BLOGS and complain?

    You don’t feel that many are just upset to have been left out of such ‘sweets?’ (you can imagine 750,000 just to sign a land use change?)

    Everyone is amazed at the recent high level of thievery, but we have for years ‘expected’ politicians to ‘do a little ting on the side’ – you playing you ain’t know…

    So now let us look at fixing the REAL problem.

    1 – Identify a no- nonsense person that we INSIST be appointed as next CJ. (we the public should say who we want NOW -instead of letting the ‘students choose the headmaster’)
    2- Insist on the laws that you BFP wants passed – BUT they must be across the board – not just for politicians.
    3- Put penalties in place which suggest that we are serious and not just playing games with justice and morality.
    4 . MOST IMPORTANT – keep these BLOGS on line so that everyone knows that the days of stealing and hiding are GONE.

    …wha dah is yuh say now?… ?


    BFP Replies

    HA! Now that is the tough gull that we enjoy chewing on once in a while!

    Bush Tea, you have forever earned our respect. Now… how can we get you to run for public office?

  57. Avatar Gurl


    Products of the society, indeed.

    I was born here but certainly was not bred Bajan. My Grenadian parents saw to that!

    To be quite honest, in my very young years, I saw the fact that Bajans worked hard, and were good people.

    However, things change, and with that, some weak people change also. I still adhere to my breeding of honesty and hard work, as well as a trusting nature, that my parents taught me; but i can see that a lot of Bajans are not being taught that anymore. All they are looking for is a quick buck and the next thrill. I am glad to see that not all Bajans have adopted this.

    It will be up to the people of Barbados to make their choice: be a lamb to the slaughter, or take their destiny in their hands and run with it.

  58. John

    Bush Tea

    “Now if we accept this as a society, what do you expect to happen when 28 products of the society suddenly become ‘right honorables’?”

    It is getting worse. There are 30 of them now!!

  59. Anonymous

    Avatar Gurl,
    This is what you get when you put idiots in charge. The problem is that everything in life is cyclic. Barbados had some sensible people in the early days of the last century, people who understood that wisdom came from God and that life was much more than material things. This understanding came largely out of hard times and poverty.
    The place prospered because of this old time ‘common sense’ and we were then able to afford to develop a country of educated idiots all walking around with ‘degrees’ (which only means that they wasted three years at UWI surfing the internet) and no common sense whatsoever.

    So, for example, we just wasted over 1Billion dollars of precious resources on stupid projects like Greenland, Flyovers, half-done airports, Concord graveyards and empty George Washington Houses.

    a fool and his money is soon parted…

    Meanwhile, we ignore things like:
    Most of our males dropping out of society
    Our Hospital falling into disrepair
    The education system that has failed us
    The prison bursting at the seams from crime
    Foreigners buying all our prime assets
    etc etc

    where there is no vision -it is the people who suffer

    Avatar – the drivers can’t drive, and the passengers blind.

  60. Bush Tea

    My apologies BFP

    those posts are mine – i did not check my name field

  61. Anonymous

    Thanks John

    I left a little room for two to be half decent. Just in case we ever need to make and exception for ‘present company’ etc…

  62. I do not know why i feel this is more political than a common interest in what that lady went through .
    I have been around for 77 years , 60 of these on the side line of politics in Barbados and London and i can tell you: change seldom mean the change
    that we are looking for
    Keep motoring.
    DRB .London.

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  64. masiastar

    I am so ***** mad and fed up of this shite going on in Barbados it aint funny. For so long we in Barbados have been putting up with these goddam police and political corruption, that it is time to say enuf is enuf.

    Thes jonnies that they appoint as justices of the peace, do not know they asses from their elbows about the law and constitution.

    You must remember that they are political appointed hacks, that think they are real legal scholars. The main problem lies with the intimidation by the person whose job is to protect and serve the public, has blatantly dismiss the said constitution that he swore to uphold .

    These tactics are right outof the play book of the Gestapo police of the Nazis. The Attorney General and the Prime minister MUST MAKE HIM,THE SENIOR POLICE OFFICER AND THE JUSTICE OF PEACE RESIGN FORTWITH.Ms. Ms. Juman must now file a lawsuit against the government and the Charles Leacock personally. Make him pay, since he was not acting on the behalf of government and people of Barbados.

    Ms. Juman, you should now be owning this property that he now claims , in addition to upper seven figures of Sir. Grantley Adams.


    BFP Auntie Moses comments,

    We’re mad as anything too! But please watch your language young man or Auntie Moses will beat the living… Well, you get my message dear!

  65. k

    Truly an eye opener. i believe that there are many things going on in Barbados that so many of us are clueless about. We just go about working, paying bills, not breaking any laws and trying to do better. All the while not knowing that our country is being stolen from us. We need to wake up and take action through the vote and use call in programmes for serious issues like these.

    I wonder if a new government would be bold enough to do forensic audits of these many projects to see and publish what really went on. Then again they might not be able to given the capability of industrial shredding machines. 🙂

  66. Justice

    maybe you should be getting onto Ms. Juman and advising her as from my understanding she can’t find a lawyer with enough cahons to take on the DPP & State here in Barbados

  67. Straight talk


    Do you know such a learned person in the whole of Barbados.

    What about DT’s chambers?

  68. Justice

    DT’s chambers? You have a number or listed address? Something that I could perhaps pass onto her as I still have her contact details.

  69. Thistle

    Here it is, 10 o’clock of a Saturday morning, and you lot at BFP are still sleeping??!


    BFP Robert replies

    Does being hung-over count as sleeping? 😉

    Cliverton… where is your “we aren’t dlp” article?

    (Clive was in rough shape when I last saw him.) 🙂

  70. Thistle

    Not good for the kidneys at all! And what with the various machines at QEH not working?? Better watch it!

  71. BFP

    I posted the article. Going back to bed.

    I will never drink again. 😦


  72. Hants

    Clive…. keep drinking but stop getting drunk. Take a lesson from the PM.

  73. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Are you people fuhreal? You are representative of just a small fragment of the rock who are truly interested in the moral, social and economic development of this our “fear-induce-land.” As educated as we deem our fellow Barbadians, most are culled by the Pie Piper (and intimidated by him as well), who ensures that each have his own rat in the hidden hole. With that rat constantly providing the cheese and not fearful to enter and steal what so ever it will, these culled Barbadians could not give two rat’s poop and pee what happen to the country cause the Piper continues to pipe the tune of their favourite rat. Their silence has been brought and their pledge placed at the feet of the Piper. Talk all you like, get all the facts and present them all you like, but the bad apples at the top have already spoilt the apples in the middle and the bottom and the few who are trying to make a difference can’t get out because with so much wide spread contamination they too soon decline in their moral stance.

  74. Thistle

    Excuse me, BFP, is Auntie Moses still sleeping? Wake her up and put her on duty!


    BFP george on duty SIR!

    a little “tired” today! 😦

  75. give jack his jacket

    A search warrant is made up in triplicate and all three are each signed , the copy to be left is pink as was the one left at the Jumans. This is just a case where the police did not check to see that the copy left was legible .To say that had a blank search waarrant is inaccurate. To say the DPP is drunk with power and used the police is correct.


    BFP Comments


    Our police source says that your statement is NOT TRUE. The signature of the justice on the “pink” copy was original… not a copy. Therefore, the Justice of the Peace signed the page while it was BLANK!

    As our police source says… this happens all the time. IT WAS A BLANK WARRANT WHEN THE JUSTICE SIGNED IT!

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  77. tom

    i am a bajan i know first hand the things the RBPF does to people i think it is time the international community does something bout the palm greasing in the corrupt judiciary and the gang the RBPF.

  78. in house

    this man is a clown …..dont have a idea what is going on in barbados …..oh let me see 1 let us shut the hive of the entertainment area @ 2 in the morning of run about behind cars that are to low to the ground… when your a… cant even walk though town without getting you phone snatch.

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  80. gold


  81. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    Same thing done in St. Vincent also

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  83. In any country-this is bad news indeed. Because the country is so small it is hard to fight corruption. Can you publish a white paper indicating what prompted them to do this other than just lashing out at them and telling me how bad they ?are specifically why did the Officials decide to sign a blanket search warrant?

    thank you.

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  85. Same shit happens here in ireland ,the only difference is that they will burst their way into your property and say they have a search warrant but refuse to show it,if any thing is seized from the search then they will go to the peace commissioner and obtain a search warrant also if they arrive at your door with a search warrant and it has the wrong address on the warrant it doesnt bother them as when the court case is due in court the police suddenly have a new search warrant with the proper address on its face ,,,
    A new way of interviewing suspects is by recording the interview on video ,this is suspose to protect you from police saying you said something that you did not say during interview but it also records stupid mistakes and incriminating statements made by police while questioning you ,when the time comes for your court date and the video is shown to the court parts of the video interview goes blank during the stages were police incriminate themselves as are other parts of the video that should vindicate the accused ,they doctor the video to suit their case in order to make sure you are found guilty,
    Fake search warrants are used to search houses regularly , crimes are not reported to massage the figures to make it look like the crime rate in the district is dropping due to good police work which is a joke as crime in ireland is on the up every year on year ,
    People outside ireland shud google garda john wilson the whistle blower and seargant maurice mccabe another whistle blower who exposed the corrupt going ons of the irish police force from the top down to the bottom ,the judicary and the goverment consistantly cover up the corruption in irish society especially in the goverment the catholic church and the police force
    So we do believe what you posted in your post here ,its happening in ireland regularly and unchallanged