High Court Judge Elneth Kentish Assaulted By Woman “Actual Bodily Harm”


UPDATE: New article at Nation News here. Not many details.

Does Anyone Have Further Details?

From The Nation News (link here)…

A 39-YEAR-OLD WOMAN will appear in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today charged with assaulting a High Court judge.

Cecile Codrington, of Rock Hall, St George, is accused of assaulting and causing actual bodily harm to Justice Elneth Kentish last Wednesday.


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15 responses to “High Court Judge Elneth Kentish Assaulted By Woman “Actual Bodily Harm”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, BFP.

    We won’t be attacking you over the next 24 hours.

    Have a good night and day.

    Take care.


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  2. Tony

    Won’t comment too much until more details are given, but sometimes things are not always what they appear to be.

  3. Anonymous X

    Was this an in Court or out of Court incident?What are the details. The woman was allowed to leave Court on a $1000 bail…..a small sum for assaulting a High Court Judge!

    Is this woman a friend or reletive of the Judge?

  4. Me

    Can our comments be traced back to us.


    Barbados Free Press Replies

    Under the new secret order in council that the Barbados government has implemented, all your comments and all your emails can be read. It is highly likely that all Bajan citizens who visit Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground are having their web activities and emails monitored by government.

    So, yes, the government is monitoring you posting your comments on this blog and others.

    Welcome to Zimbabwe, comrade.

  5. Hants

    In Canada. we safe for now.

    Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said the government would not introduce legislation forcing internet service providers to give customer information without a warrant

  6. Undertaker

    Sometimes when I use my phone lately I hear a strange noise. But who knows I may be getting paranoid.

  7. crossroads

    always wanted to visit an african destination.

  8. Bajan Youth

    listen ppl there are so many (unofficial) wireless hotspots around this island. Plus numerous internet cafes. Get the picture?

  9. Anonymous

    been getting strange calls,too. no-ones there when u pickup.be afraid be very afraid.take my advice.this site is readonly.do not post here. a hiteck friend tells me of two completely different routes for those who just read and look and for those who post. bajan yute needs to explain more about wireless hotspots and inet cafes for those less hiteck

  10. iisnoone

    Topic: Elneth Kentish assaulted by Cecile Codrington.

    Is this Codrington related to the family whose home fell into the cave?
    What was Cecile’s motivation?

  11. Fly on Wall

    From what I heard it happened in a supermarket involving a trolly…(serious bodily harm)? How hard can one of those things hit? If you read the article in the paper, the judge stated that they don’t tend to walk around with lables on them stating their profession. With that in mind, I think we can say that a woman was hit rather than a judge.

  12. iisnoone

    Thanks, Fly on Wall. It was reported as “actual bodily harm”.
    But if this were just a careless collision, why is it an “assault case”?

    My point, as a layperson, is that if it is serious enough to be treated as a criminal assault case, then a motive must exist. As far as I know, someone bumps you by accident, then it is a civil case. Someone bumps you with a motive, or intent to harm, then it is a criminal case.

    I would hate to think that, if I accidentally bumped someone, I could be arrested and sent to jail!

  13. you know

    Actually, she didn’t “just bump” the judge. She attacked her.

    The judge accidentally bumped her a little and apologized. The woman didn’t accept the apology and attacked her.

    So, yeah. Know your facts.

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  15. queen

    are you sure the judge apologised after she hit the woman. I saw the judge hitting the woman with the trolly and continue talking on her cell phone. not paying the woman any attention at all. when and how did the judge apolagise ?