Cowardly Voice Of Barbados Radio Promises To Never Again Ask How Politicians Become Overnight Millionaires


Barbados Government Beats Media Into Submission

On October 2, 2007, Barbados Underground reported that Voice of Barbados Radio had just paid a politician off from a slush fund to settle a lawsuit. We speculated that it was the infamous Noel Lynch Brass Tacks walkout, and indeed it was. (Nation News: Minister Lynch Awarded $60,000)

As well as having the police physically beat journalists, the Barbados Government uses its control of the courts and cows the media in any way it can. Freedom and democracy be damned – the government has ripped any life and credibility out of the island’s newspapers and broadcasters.

On March 25, 2007, thousands of listeners of the Down To Brass Tacks radio show were stunned as Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch ran out of the studio after being asked on air to comment about his personal wealth and Integrity Legislation. The emailed question from a listener and comments by moderator David Ellis abruptly ended the Minister’s participation as he angrily ripped off his headphones, stood up and left the studio.

With no disclosure laws in Barbados, Minister Lynch does not have to reveal his assets or where he got them. With no conflict of interest or integrity legislation in Barbados, it is legal that Noel Lynch misused his office to become a millionaire while awarding lucrative government contracts to friends, relatives and associates. Even if he took kickbacks – it is all legal in Barbados. The government has crafted its laws in this manner.

And they sure aren’t going to have some lowly call-in radio show host asking the question in public that is on the tip of every citizen’s tongue: How is it that a politician with nothing can become a millionaire virtually overnight once elected?


Government Owns The Courts Through An Old Friend – The Chief Justice Of Barbados

In any civilised country, the truth is always a defense, but not in Barbados with its oppressive libel laws. In any civilised country, a responsible media knows that it must fight for its right to report the truth. That’s tough to do sometimes and especially in our country where even the Chief Justice is a former Cabinet Minister of the same government. With no impartial and independent justice system, the Barbados media will always be fighting an uphill battle.

No Public Trial Will Be Held

But there will be no battle because Voice of Barbados Radio surrendered without a fight.

IF the spineless cowards at Voice Of Barbados Radio had forced the issue to trial, Noel Lynch could have been put on the spot with questions about the truth of the allegations on Brass Tacks that he became a millionaire while in government.

Voice of Barbados Radio took the easy way out, and now, thanks to their cowardness the Barbados media will never again ask a politician to account for their personal wealth gained while in office.


Welcome to Zimbabwe West, Folks!

Your leaders drive Lexus, BMWs and Mercedes vehicles while they toss you the scraps of your tax dollars that they haven’t yet stolen. If you ask questions, you and your family will be sorry.

Touch on the photo of Noel Lynch (top photo) to hear the recording of the Brass Tacks show where he ran away from the truth.


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69 responses to “Cowardly Voice Of Barbados Radio Promises To Never Again Ask How Politicians Become Overnight Millionaires

  1. anon


    You all ought to be shamed how you have written this article. for instance when you say “……..As well as having the police physically beat journalists,” you are giving the outside world the impression that hte polic force is engaged in assaulting all journalists on the island”

    You have not even mentioned the fact that the station being sued was advised that ” it had no strong defence”

    Please please stop insinuating that Barbados is like Zimbabwe. You are doing Barbados a grave disservice in so doing. Check out what happens when people use their search engine on the web for Zimbabwe.


    BFP Replies

    For photos and stories of Barbados journalists being roughed up and dragged off by police for taking photos, and other government oppression of free media in Barbados, please see the following…

    Barbados Reporters Again Assaulted By Police Thugs – But Is The Nation News Reaping What Is Sowed?

    Barbados Police Seeking Help To Replace Important Evidence They Intentionally Destroyed – Superintendent “Poop-For-Brains” Broomes Was “In Way Over His Head” At Bus Accident Scene

    Barbados Journalist Were Roughed Up OUTSIDE The Hospital!

    Arson, Burglary, Bedroom Spying – Three Separate Incidents Make A Bad Day For Fired Barbados Journalist Who Is Critical Of Government

    Secret Order In Council Cancels Privacy Rights – Invokes Executive Powers – Barbados Government Takes The First Step Towards The Abyss

    TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS: Barbados Media Hides 3S Fraud Scandal From Bajan Citizens

  2. Roger Rabbitt

    Edmund Burke once said that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. Were Gladstone Holder alive today I wonder what would be his take on the state of affairs on this island today?
    Zimbabwe did not reach that position overnight. The slide had to start somewhere and good men turned a blind eye. And what have they got for doing so?
    Allowing anyone to remain in power too long the leaders begin to believe that they OWN the place. We don’t want that, do we?
    So to all those who think that these blogs are tarnishing the image of our dear country, I suggest that you tell the current leaders that they are the ones who have brought the island to this sad state of affairs, not BFP nor BU. They are only stating what everyone else has been seeing and talking about without any outlet to vent their concerns.
    Nothing wrong with the article as is stands.
    We need to continue supporting these blogs.
    BTW, Al Gilkes, on behalf of these blogs (BFP & BU), thanks for the “free” publicity in your article in today’s Sunday Sun.
    Keep it up, Al. They need all the support they can get.

  3. Bush tea

    Are you some kind of idiot?
    How does an obviously true statement that ‘police physically beat journalist ‘ suggest to you that ‘the police force is engaged in assaulting all journalists on the island”
    Did you actually read the article?
    And Barbados is not ‘like Zimbabwe’ it is actually worst- if you consider the potential that we had to become a leading light in this world as an example of a honest, well run BLACK nation.
    If you consider the blessings that we have had over the last 50 years to now have come to this stage…
    Zimbabwe has always had it tough, and Mugabe probably has an excuse for his nonsense -what is ours? besides GREED?

    Far from a disservice, BFP and BU are giving us our LAST CHANCE to dig ourselves from the morass of decay that has descended on us in the last 20 years.

    Thanks BFP…

  4. anon

    Bush tea………..if it worst than zimbabwe then go and live there

  5. anon

    Bush tea

    I refer to your statement

    “How does an obviously true statement that ‘police physically beat journalist ‘ suggest to you that ‘the police force is engaged in assaulting all journalists on the island””

    If you review the article written by BFP it says
    “……..As well as having the police physically beat journalistS”. I trust you note that they used the plural word “journalists” and not the singular word “journalist”


    BFP Comments

    The journalists (plural) are named in the articles and some of THEIR photos are published as well. Or… Perhaps it is okay with anon if “only” one or a few journalists are beaten?

  6. Bajan Bullets

    The decision to settle this matter out of the courts has undermined the perceived integrity of Starcom Network and the Down to Brass Tax program. The network has proved itself to be cowardly, biased, and unable to perform its social responsibility to protect the public.

    Barbados has a corruption epidemic. We are in a downward spiral that can only end in disaster. The media of this country has a responsibility to present the raw truth to the public and in doing so fight to bring an end to this downward spiral – or at least diminish its ability to rampage without resistance. This settlement has reinforced the notion that our government can, and will, do anything it pleases without a moment’s thought as to the ethical, moral, or social implications of its actions.

    Shame on you Starcom Network! Shame on you Vic Fernandes! Who is left to fight for the people when our own media, the very social tool that should keep the government in check, is too cowardly to stand up for the truth? Shame on you!

  7. anon

    bajan bullets

    Read the nation article today and tell the readers all.

    The last paragraph states ” the CEO said the station settled the matter as it was advised it had no strong defence”


    BFP Comments

    Which perfectly supports our position that Barbados’ libel laws are crafted to prevent transparency and accountability. Nonetheless, we think that the Bajan media should have fought back, but they are afraid.

    The government controls the courts so that is a losing proposition.

    Take our stories to the world, folks. Like South Africa in the old days and Zimbabwe now, all we have left is world opinion and truth.

  8. anon

    I am distressed with the mentality of persons on this blog who can compare us to Zimbabwe and say that we are worst. The BBS ran a 1/2 hour programme on Zimbabwe yesterday that all should try and see if it is repeated. Undercover pictures were shown of people being beaten merely queuing up for bread.

  9. John

    …… but then again, maybe the payoff of the minister and his lawyer may galvanise the press and us foolish citizens to say “NEVER AGAIN. We don’t want to be even a little like Zimbabwe.”

    … I can dream, can’t I?

    If it isn’t clear what the benefits of Integrity legislation could be after this payoff we must be totally blind.

  10. YUM YUM I like it!


    ” it had no strong defence”

    This is nonsense.

    In a true democracy which had a modicum of press freedom this case would have been fought to the BITTER end!

    This case goes to the VERY core of the debate about press freedoms and serves as confirmation the Barbados has none!

    David Ellis simply read out an email sent in by a listener. This was NOT a question posed by Starcom OR David Ellis himself, but by a tax-paying/advert-listening/voter who was genuinely puzzled by how Mr Lynch had amassed ALL that money on a goverment salary. This is a subject which you will here in rumshops, on porches, at the beach, in the churches, in the schools……everywhere.

    How dare they stop it from being asked!!!

    What next? Who next? A sad day indeed….

    The worst HAS been confirmed!

  11. John

    … maybe StarCom could publish the legal opinion it received so we all can see how our laws gave rise to this recent payoff.

  12. anon

    A sample of one of the writings of a blogger on the bbc web site on zimbabwe

    “For 7 years, the country of Zimbabwe has been subjected to Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship. The consequences have been horrific, with daily tortures and beatings of both men and women, who peacefully protest for freedom and democracy. Mugabe employs thugs and has trained up youth militia to carry out his orders, orders which are put in place to make sure that nothing or no one can criticise his government, to assure that he remains in power. Zimbabweans were once blessed with a surplus of food, but now Zimbabweans have to rely on aid agencies such as Amnesty International, as there is 80% unemployment, and those that do have jobs can’t manage to keep up with the inflation predicted to reach 1.5 million %. ”


    BFP Comments

    Yes, you are correct anon, we are not yet anywhere near as bad as Zimbabwe.

    We are in the formative stages… especially with the recent secret order in council to allow police and government agents to intercept private communications of citizens without warrant.

    Government control of the media is all but solid. The government changes the constitution with four days notice and no public debate.

    Oh, yes, we are on that slippery slope.

  13. YUM YUM I like it!

    If this WAS the proper legal advice given the law. Then the law is an ass!

    No wonder so many disrespect the law, when a crooked politician can win $60,000 at ‘LEGAL BINGO’ and the little guy who steals to feed his family gets his face on the Nation ‘court pages’ and a spell in jail!!!

    What has this country come to?


  14. YUM YUM I like it!


    Enough of the Zimbabwe smoke screen!

    The media have TRULY been gagged and this is the start of much worse things to come.

  15. reality check

    maybe the legal opinion came from the CJ or one of the lower judges in his pocket—they understand exactly who pays the bills and have no understanding of conflict of interest, nor the law for that matter.

  16. John

    October 7th, 2007 at 2:59 pm
    A sample of one of the writings of a blogger on the bbc web site on zimbabwe

    “For 7 years, the country of Zimbabwe has been subjected to Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship. The consequences have been horrific, with daily tortures and beatings of both men and women, who peacefully protest for freedom and democracy. Mugabe employs thugs and has trained up youth militia to carry out his orders, orders which are put in place to make sure that nothing or no one can criticise his government, to assure that he remains in power. Zimbabweans were once blessed with a surplus of food, but now Zimbabweans have to rely on aid agencies such as Amnesty International, as there is 80% unemployment, and those that do have jobs can’t manage to keep up with the inflation predicted to reach 1.5 million %. “
    ….. and that is why we do not want to be even slightly like Zimbabwe.

    “Mugabe employs thugs and has trained up youth militia to carry out his orders, orders which are put in place to make sure that nothing or no one can criticise his government, to assure that he remains in power.”

    We want to be sure that our laws do not take the place of thugs or youth militia.

    To Starcom I say, publish the legal opinion you received and which caused you to payoff the minister and his lawyer.

    Bring the facts out for all to see so we can understand how our laws work.

    Had the minister been subject to Integrity Legislation, there would have been no need to get a legal opinion because the facts would be on the table for everyone to see.

    It would be great if you could publish the correspondence too. Had it gone to court all data filed would/should be in the public domain.

    So put it there!!

    If you accept this lying down your credibility will be under question.

  17. Sargeant


    This after all is a Pyrrhic victory. I believe that this decision was made in a boardroom to save the Corporation legal fees which would far exceed the $70,000 paid and we know that the bottom line is what really matters. Imagine a “libel” such as this where the grieved party settled for $60,000. Who wouldn’t settle for this amount?
    Relax …… take a valium, after all everyone knows the truth

  18. YUM YUM I like it!

    Why would Mr Lynch sue Starcom for libel? Would he not have to sue the individual who asked the question? That might be have been funny!

    If the legal advice was sound, then it is obviously important that the libel laws are reformed URGENTLY!

    Lets hear from the DLP. Are they keen on a reform of this archaic law?

    But as usual the DLP are silent!

    I’d like to see them stand up and query this out of court settlement.

    Won’t happen.

    They don’t even seem to have a complete set of ‘balls’ between them! (sorry BT)

  19. Anonymous X

    I am far from being a legal expert but this might have been an opportunity for the Nation to investigate the source of MM’s wealth.

    MM no longer calls the radio station and therefore no longer has access to that medium as he did in the past.

    His days are numbered.I wonder how he will sustain this wealth?

  20. YUM YUM I like it!

    I DO wish that people would stop writing ‘nation’ in capitals!

    I know it is a small point, but when referring Bim use a small letter, otherwise everyone will think that you are speaking about the ‘Nation’ – you know that colourful comic that some call a newspaper.

  21. the voyager

    An absolute scandal. MM Lynch openly boasts about his wealth. The public cannot comprehend how he got rich so quickly. Why is he rewarded for evading question on his new found prosperity? He is paid by us the taxpayers. He has to answer to us. MM and the likes of Mia, and Rommell Marshall another dubiously rich blp politician have lifestyles at odds with our moral groundings. It is time for soul searching and house cleaning.

  22. John

    October 7th, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    This after all is a Pyrrhic victory. I believe that this decision was made in a boardroom to save the Corporation legal fees which would far exceed the $70,000 paid and we know that the bottom line is what really matters. Imagine a “libel” such as this where the grieved party settled for $60,000. Who wouldn’t settle for this amount?
    Relax …… take a valium, after all everyone knows the truth

    … but then again, this assumes the statement “no strong defence” was taken as “no defence” by Starcom.

    It was for Minister Lynch to take Starcom to court.

    He would have had to incur legal expenses to launch the action.

    The shoe would have been on his foot to find the resources to do it and he would then have to translate the advice his lawyer gave him, presumably “strong case” into “sure win”.

    In addition to his legal costs he would have to decide if to gamble on “strong win” given the possible fallout on his “career” as an MP and his source of waealth.

    Guess StarCom blinked first and we have this result, ……. but as you say, we know the truth!!

    Maybe the result is good after all as we quickly see how these things work and don’t have to wait a decade or so to find out how the wheels of justice turn (or don’t turn) in Barbados.

    Still think StarCom should make their legal opinion available to the public for closure!!

  23. Adrian Loveridge

    I have just replayed a recording on the entire 25th March 2007 Down to Brass Tacks Sunday programme and just cannot believe what ‘we’ the ordinary citizen are willing to put up with.

    Here is a public servant that was allowed to practice overt racism, at best deliberately mislead the entire listening audience, at worst systematically lie repeatedly.
    And who pays the price, StarCom!

    We seem to have forgotten the issues.

    ‘90,000’ long stay visitors on Barbados for the week of the CWC final.
    Plus ‘75,000 cruise ship passengers’
    ‘700 Yachts’
    ‘500 villa rooms’

    and ‘absolutely no loan’ ‘categorically no loan’ of US$15 million to charter the Carnival Destiny.

    What is Minister Lynch’s CWC legacy.

    An increase of a total of 44 long stay visitors for the first four months of 2007.

    Now, remind me what was the cost to Government of hosting the event?

    What is Minister Lynch’s legacy to tourism in general?

    25 closed hotels during the last 12 years.
    2,000 or 14% or one in eight of the total number of people employed in tourism LOST between 2002-2004.

    And in 2004 despite the wonderfully optimistic figures thrown out by him, our regsistered hotels, guests houses and apartments recorded an annual average occupancy of 49.7%.

    Simply put, over 3,500 hotel rooms stood empty, every single night of that year and the improvement in 2005 was only about 1%.

    Tourism annual spending is not even keeping up with inflation.

    And dare I mention, since Hotels and Resorts Ltd has been his responsibility, what curtailment of the liabilities and debt has taken place?
    The taxpayer has not even been told where the sale proceeds of Eastry House and Silver Rock has gone to.

  24. Anonymous Z

    Anonymous X asked, ” I wonder how he will sustain this wealth?”

    Like all the rest of them – Grass and the White Lady.

  25. Pelican

    I have some questions for all BFP readers, in the light of the current,apparent misuse of public funds, accusations of corruption etc :

    1. Who is responsible for the current BLP government being in power ?

    2. Who took hook-line-and sinker the promise of a better Barbados out of the mouths of these politicians?

    3. Who sits and complains about their current state of affairs ?

    4. Who has the power to bring the “system” to its knees ?

    5. Who really runs this country ?

    6. Who will pay for all the misuse of public funds ?

    7. Who continues to be blinded by the intelligently devised “party” atmosphere which takes attention away form the real issues ?

    8. Who has been fooled into thinking B or D and not Barbados ?

    Please readers, answer those questions and get to me.

  26. BajanNewYorker

    BFP, Pelican above post needs to be removed and posted as and article as not to take away from the current discussion as it has nothing to do with the current discussion.

    Thank you,

  27. John

    Adrian L.


    As usual, you have hit the nail on the head!!

  28. FamilyB

    it’s a real pity that Starcom either allowed themselves to be bullied, or took the low road in the vain hope of acquiring a television license (let’s not forget the constant pleas for this). This would have been a golden opportunity for the media to rally together, and place the burden of proving them wrong squarely on the shoulders of Minister Lynch. Bring your bank statements, bring your proof of income and investments that support your opulent lifestyle, and discredit the media. Sadly, because any information would have given credence to the allegations, Lynch used the only defence he had, duck and run. Then in the company of his peers, he sought to bully the media using the legal system, to cover his ill-gotten gains … thus the slide into decay as the media have given up (or had forcefully taken from them) all the rights they had in this country.

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  30. Pelican

    BajanNewYorker, I Pelican have posted those questions in light of what i’ve read on this same topic. And maybe you’re right, it probably has nothing to do with the topic, like the lack of integrity legislation has nothing to do with why someone(lynch) would be asked such a question.

    The public has a right to know, or do they ?, questions raised by Adrian L. are some of the same I’ve asked since before the whole world cup fiasco.We were promised a larger than usual long stay visitor arrival figure, and when one of the big CWC contenders got booted it all fell apart.

    Is this how we make a judgement on such an important sector such as tourism, “If” someone does/doesn’t make it in CWC ? I listened in awe to both the minister and Mr.L , at the fact they couldn’t be in the same room. What foolishness. If you can’t sit face to face with someone in the sector and behave like a grown man, step off the train. Just don’t turn up for work.

    I can’t say how wise or unwise it was for Starcom to allow the e-mail to be read, but one thing I have a problem with, the idea the Minister left abruptly seemingly in a rage. Diplomacy is only a word we apparently reserve for others outside of us. So call my questions irrelevant, but one is forced to ask them when we are reminded of issues like the ones Adrian L. has posted. Thanks for the reminders Mr. L

  31. Pelican

    I love the great show of intellect and large vocabulary $$$$$NOEL$$$$. Brilliant ! ! ! Our educational system has not disappointed us !

  32. Anonymous Z

    yes, and knowing you, as we know exactly WHO you are, you must be enjoying all that nastiness.

  33. Anonymous

    Spinless VOB taking the easy way out! I believe that their lawyers were also representing Barney Lynch.
    “no strong defence” never heard such BS in my all life. No wonder the jail in Barbados is so full. With so-called lawyers such as the ones that we have no wonder prosecutors have a field day in Barbados. I am positive that Barbados have the worst lawyers in World.

  34. Pelican, I am not saying that your questions irrelevent I just thought that they can all be discuss seperate as they are all valid questions.

    Okay buddy

  35. BFP Please change that name to BajanNewYorer


  36. 2 Cents

    I propose that starcom read the email again tomorrow during every newscast and 10 times during the down to brass tacks programme. Then open a Freedom of Press Fund at a Commercial Bank.

    Let the people speak with their pockets.

  37. 2 Cents

    I pledge $1,000 right now!!!

  38. 2 Cents

    We need to stay on message. DO not even acknowledge the distractions which sometimes get posted on this blog. On March 25th when Mr. Lynch said that that 3,000 people had come to Barbados for the World Golf Championship he also lied. This and all the other lies that he told can easily be proven. Mr. Lynch attended a meeting at the BTA on Friday March 23 during which he was provided with all the spin necessary for the Brass tack programme. This meeting followed one held in his ofice at Sherbourne.
    His lies and instances of convenient forgetfullness, can easily be proven and published.

  39. 2 Cents

    I would like to suggest a campaign which will ensure that Noel Lynch never gets elected to public office in this country again. Actually, lets make this a National effort againts the corruption of the BLP.

    “60,000 Reasons to get rid of Noel Lynch and the BLP”.

  40. Bob The Builder

    Having them not being elected or voted out is no longer a satisfying thought. They must each face at least 15 to 20 years in jail with hard labor. I think this needs to be repeated more often so it becomes acceptable to the bajan public, and hopefully cause the new government to investigate and prosecute these wicked persons. Jail time must be part of the package for these criminals of any new government that is to be formed. And a forensic hunting down of all of these offshore accounts.

    Again I say this needs to be repeated so it sinks into the heads of people as being the only acceptable outcome.

    If this is not possible then no party in Barbados is worth the effort of voting for or forming a new government.

    Jail terms (15-20 years) hard labor for, Owen and his team for the times.

  41. Inkwell

    If I was the decision maker at Starcom, I would have to take the advice of my attorneys seriously if I was told that I had “no strong defense” given the current libel laws of Barbados. No doubt it was the possible large size of a court imposed settlement which influenced Starcom into an out of court settlement for a relatively painless $60,000.

    But Starcom must realize that there is a wider principle to be defended. This case emphasizes the inadequacy of this country’s libel laws and Starcom, if it is to live up to its responsibilities as the premier news agency must be the entity to carry the fight to the establishment to force change. That this settlement has to be made in 21st century Barbados is shameful to a nation priding itself as having freedom of speech and claiming to be a progressive country approaching first world status. For a government to condone and be a participant in this blatant stifling of and intimidation of question or comment on matters of integrity and accountability of public figures is even more shameful.

    The time is now for Starcom to put this nonsense to the test. I fully support 2 Cents who says

    “I propose that starcom read the email again tomorrow during every newscast and 10 times during the down to brass tacks programme. Then open a Freedom of Press Fund at a Commercial Bank.

    Let the people speak with their pockets.”

    Starcom should take this offer very seriously. Provoke another challenge and let it go to court. I am positive that all seekers of true democracy and change of our archaic libel laws will rally to Starcom’s aid if necessary.

    A Freedom of the Press Fund would easily raise any settlement Starcom is assessed.

    The upside is that though Lynch and the government might win the battle, the exposure of unaccountable wealth by a government minister would surely cost them the war and strike a mighty blow for press freedom.

    Now is the time Starcom, the public is ready to support you.

  42. Not the Editor

    Any serious and professional news organisation would now launch a serious on the issues of press freedom, integrity legislation and corruption in public office.

    Call-in programmes for the foreseeable future would focus on scenarios or corruption and other forms governmental and ministerial fraud. Suggestions of the type of questions which should be posed to parlimentarians and electorial candidates would be provided, discussions woud be held on the types of practised which need to be stamped out, legal brains would discuss possible scnarios where charges could be laid against politians.

    Are we serious or not!

  43. John

    Think of the light in which Minister Lynch has been cast.

    For $60,000, he has agreed not to fight the allegation that he has acquired wealth in a non standard fashion.

    It is amazing that an MP would be content to put such a price on his name when his very presence in parliament depends on that very asset, his name …… we now know his price!!

  44. Tony

    I have read the story and the comments with amusement. $60,000 is no money in a suit. This was orchrestrated. The top brass at Starcom Network are rank BLP supporters. They all got together with the lawyers and agreed not to let it go any further. The reason? Starcom Network could have fought this which meant that Noel Lynch would have had during a court case to reveal his assets, explain how he acquired them in order to prove that the email was libelous, but he got away easy by settling. Now more than ever there is a serious need for INTEGRITY LEGISLATION in Barbados. I have really lost confidence in Starcom Network. I shouldn’t be surprised though. The need that television license.

  45. Wishing in Vain

    I have to say shame on VOB today in their effort to avoid reasoned discussion on the pressing issues of the day, they have now narrowed the subject area to Business in Barbados with Ellis and Hoyos.

  46. gentle jim

    I would like a lawyer ‘s opinion on this one. How can a question be construed as libel??

  47. where fore the media?

    If memory serves – first year law speaks to TRUTH!
    1. If I were Starcom I would FIRE my lawyers.
    2. Hire attorneys with steel in their back and elsewhere.
    3. I would counter sue the Minister. (Prove what I reported wrong)
    4. I doubt that the Minister would want the matter to reach the law courts.
    5. The Minister would have to settle with Starcom and not the other way around.

    The Court system would be tested!
    1. the substantive matter is the information that was read to the Minister on the air-waves;
    2. the question is was the information TRUTHful or not?
    3. the court would have no choice but to address the substantive issue and hence the TRUTH will out.
    4. The integrity of the journalist as well as the Station would remain in tact

    Media has no backbone and they should check out the bona-fides (or should that be the agendas?) of the high priced legal advisers!
    1. given the ease with which apparent unfounded, untried threats can cause the media to fold;
    2. who will stand for the people and ensure that they get the unbiased facts?
    3. can we trust what is presented or do we have to all spend time investigating the TRUTH for ourselves?
    4. why should the consumers agitate for these media houses to get TV or other licenses? To do what? Spew more questionable stuff?
    5. consumers should boycott the media unless;
    6. media seeks to redeem self
    Over to Starcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Carnival Destiny

    When Vic Fernandes went on a recent cruise on me
    there was a story re. his importance.
    Time came for disembarkation – a lengthy process.
    Mr.Fernandes is a busy busy businessman, a very important one to boot.
    It’s alleged he stormed over to the Pursers Desk and demanded to be allowed to disembark the ship right away!

    “Do you know who I AM?
    I’m Vic Fernandes!”
    – like that meant anything to my crew from all over the world.
    I’m sure my crew were ‘suitably impressed’.

    I hear he was told to go right ahead(twit)
    and he did..only to find himself out in de hot sun waiting on my baggage system to eventually get around to the baggage on his deck
    (which is what the disembarkation process is all about -BAGGAGE-duh)

    Of course, had he been less important,
    he could have chilled awhile longer in my luxurious airconditioned interior,
    doing his ever-so-important work via cellphone or whatever(important businessmen have their tech.means to ‘connect’).
    But he had to leave. Oh dear.

    And so it has come to pass where he has now been bitten in the ass. how unfortunate.
    Must be something called Karma.
    I cry for him.

  49. Ghost Busters?

    “Jail time must be part of the package for these criminals of any new government that is to be formed. And a forensic hunting down of all of these offshore accounts.”

    Barbados Police Fraud Squad to the rescue! Wheeee!

    Who ya gonna call?
    Ghost Busters?

    NO- the FBI, the only people with any real testicular fortitude, capable of seriously impinging on this local Caribbean Mafia.

  50. Roger Rabbitt

    I am no longer listening to any starcom station for any news. In fact, I will hardly listen to them for anything. My news must come from somewhere else.
    These blogs are better.
    I have lost all respect for what starcom stands for.
    What is it that that organisation represent now?…..who cares anyway.
    BLP all ’round dis place.

  51. Anonymous X

    Carnival Destiny,
    That is the same way Vic behaved when he came home one day and catched Tom in bed with …..

    He is also very keen to be the first in line for certain very specific x-rated events. He likes to occupy the front row!

  52. Iwatching

    if the court cannot enforce a judgement in the Juman’s woman’s case how it going to defend integrity and transparency.

  53. Pariah

    R.Rabbit I’m with you on that one. After listening to the useless drivel today on brasstacks I wanted to throw up. They need now to change the program name to brassknuckles in light of it’s just being used by the mafia bosses currently in power to brutalize us poor barbadians.

    Nation News and Starcom and CBC is a waste of time, I am canceling my multichoice with them and just use the internet for what i need to get. I see a mass exodus from them in the future.

    useless stations, and a bunch of useless spineless, double talking journalist bar none.

  54. Undertaker

    OK folks, lets not forget something here Starcom Network is as far as I know STILL part of the nationnews paper group. And the nation group is now mainly owned by – Trinidad and who is selling everything to Trindad yes you said it this group of politicians. So you see no one within that media will ever diss a politiican to get to the facts, not when their financial affairs are at stake. David Ellis probably got a good talking down to/scolding and may have been reminded about his job security, morgage etc. So he now has to take it easy and just do his job, after all who will give him a job CBC? I think not. Oh, and if it were a DLP politician that the question was asked of then you would have the CLICO effect to deal with (yes trinidad again) So, I believe we should support David Ellis, he took a moral stand to ask the question and he would know why, it was his employer that let him down. But then again they were only following the rules of the parent company. Until………..

  55. Yardbroom

    I am glad, at last someone is seeing eye to eye with me on this point, sometime ago I felt like a lone voice in the wilderness, as very few seemed willing to grasp the practical aspects of the situation for David Ellis.

  56. Burton

    Once again, I am minding my businees, i would like answers to the following.
    1. What is happening about the disburstment of funds that went into the wrong person’s hand from the BTA, is it a False company? is it owned by a top official to the tourist board, in england?
    2. If my son was a millionaire. would owing the NIS be good?
    3. If you are married and get children from an outside woman while still married, is that adultry? then sorry I am owing.
    4. Who is the father of the Tour operator’s young daughter. ~W-ish I -T-ook T-ime~to check it out.
    5. Would I be lynched, if I was found with a million dollars and didn’t win the lotto.
    6.Don’t forget homosexuals and lesbians, do it for money and material things too. is that how politicians get rich too?
    6.Do you think the flyover money will fly into the Ferry Business?

    Five more questions next week.


  57. Oh my gwad

    How come my comment is still awaiting moderation after 24hrs. Everything in it can be substantiated

  58. Tropicalreble

    In general, Barbadian and by extension Caribbean politicians are not always as trustworthy and upright as they would like voters to believe. That is why the introduction of integrity legislation would be such a scary idea for persons like Mr. Lynch. We as a people and even more so the journalists of this region NEED to be a bit more aggressive and at the same time tactful with the line of questioning put forward to our CHOSEN parliamentary representatives because at the end of the day, these individuals represent US the people and not their own personal interest. Mr. Ellis could have exercised a greater level of professionalism in this particular instance but I applaud his boldness. I’m extremely disappointed that the StarCom network gave-in and settled the law suit with Mr. Lynch because I would have loved for him to take it to court and ‘air his dirty laundry’. Keep up the great work Barbados Free press.
    P.s. In reference to this legacy he spoke about….I do not think he would ever be elected by the people of this country again. But he is right, it’s a legacy of failure, lies and deceit.

  59. Jerome Hinds

    Reading the link below the question must be asked……can David Ellis ever rise to such accomplishment ( getting an Honorary Doctorate Degree……for Investigative Journalism )……?

    Answer : Nah….Nopes…Never…..Look how he POOH POOHED on the Barney Lynch million $$$$$$$ QUESTION……!

    He FAILED at a CRITICAL juncture……..Failing to pursue his line of ARGUMENT !

  60. Wishing in Vain

    We name but so few of these blp politicians as misfits but what about the others of them like Mottley who has tampered with so many ministries and completely screwed them up,Ronald Toppin almost invisible to the human eye he has said and done nothing to represent his people for years since his fiasco of the exercise at the fair trading commission,George Pain, since his declearation that he will be the next PM he too has had no voice,Hammy Lashley demoted and put out to pasture,Joe Edghill occasional mouthings anti the party in nature but generally as quiet as a church mouse,Rawle Eastmond with his diaboical forces speech and his not knowing what he has done to the PM because the PM not helped him in anyway for nine years, and can honestly go back to the electorate and request another 5 years of more of doing nothing for them, time for a change it has never been clearer to me the need for change than it is this time around!!!!
    Dishonesty, corruption and stealing abounds mastered and done so by no lesser a person than Owing See Thru Arthur and his cohorts, tell us about the cheque, tell us about DANOS 3 S, road works and VECO prison all projects that tripled in cost between conception and delivery,or even shed a word or two on HARDWOOD HOLDINGS INC,I know Mottley will not be willing to speak on this subject as she absolutely detest anything to do with HARDWOOD,maybe her house does not contain any HARDWOOD furniture at all maybe she lovers her Wicker furniture but what is sure she does not like ASSCOLL and his HARDWOOD.

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  66. ac

    Dennis .Don’t act dumb you know that some of theland owned by the government belongs to some individual person .Do you Think that the goverment is going to give up that kind of information .Get real; Yes collectively as a people we owned but indivually we will have to fight to get the land back and we won”t win.

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