Thousands Of Monks And Protesters Murdered By Myanmar Government – Just Like China


Everyone is horrified about the thousands slaughtered in Myanmar over the past week. And so they should be.

Reports indicate that the government has dumped several thousand bodies in the jungle.

But as we look at the photo (above) of the body of a monk floating in a swamp, we might remind ourselves and our government that our new friend Communist China has murdered millions of their own people and continues to imprison, torture and murder people for the offense of being Christian.

Further reading: Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle


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23 responses to “Thousands Of Monks And Protesters Murdered By Myanmar Government – Just Like China

  1. Anonymous

    i am not horrified it serves them right they were warned to get off the streets and they didnt so they had to face the results of their own stupid actions


    BFP Comments

    thank you for your opinion, Mr. Prime Minister

  2. peltdownman

    What a shame that Anonymous has forgotten the 1937 riots which led to him being able to post his ignorant blog in the first place.

  3. ninemikemike

    What an oaf you are anonymous, and as peltdownman says, ignorant with it. Talking to you would be like talking to a wall.

  4. cherry2enpowered

    US and the UN wanted to impose sanctions on Burma but Russia block it, allies and all that.

  5. Mua'Dib

    @ Anonymous… you are twit of the highest order.

    You do realize that the military was entering monestaries and killing Monks?????

    I swear the internet needs a border patrol for ppl who post comments like this.

  6. Anonymous

    wait til the morning after the thief election, when igrunt bajans on de street rampaging in disgust, and the defence force start wid dem ting too. barbados is next doan say a word.

  7. Anonymous

    they should of burnt all the stupid monestaries down thats wat i think a mistake just like george bush snr made in iraq in 1991 saddam should have been removed then but the us did not hit them hard eneough then in the long run it still had to be done

  8. Anonymous

    should HAVE, anonymous.
    where’s yer English spelling and grammar fer god’s sake?

  9. Help BFP to much LIES

    From BBC.COM (10 people were killed as the protests)

    BFP u are full of SH*&^%$

    Lies Lies that all BFP is all BFS is LIES (thousands slaughtered in Myanmar over the past week) more LIES

    Get your FACT’S only 10 people where in killed the protests not Thousands

    The authorities said 10 people were killed as the protests were dispersed,
    The banned opposition broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma has issued a picture which they say shows the body of a monk floating near the mouth of the Rangoon river.

  10. OH NO!

    Following as per

    The authorities said 10 people were killed as the protests were dispersed, though diplomats and activists say the number of dead was many times higher.

    The banned opposition broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma has issued a picture which they say shows the body of a monk floating near the mouth of the Rangoon river.

    Last week several monasteries were raided, and there were reports of monks being beaten and killed.

    With many monks behind bars, the demonstrations have now died down.

  11. Jerome Hinds

    Barbados is next !

    Why should we expect any different now that we have a Philanderer as our PM !

    Any woman…….or man affiliated to that woman who does not find favour with this BLP PM’s Philandering ways will be taken out just like the Monks in Myanmar !

    Yuh think he asking for 15 more YEARS……fuh JOKE !

    15 MORE years…….

    * Of TIEFING…..UDC is just the beginning !

    * Of SQUANDERMANIA……ABC roadworks is just the beginning !

    * Of INTERFERING with our young women…..the WEDDING in August 2006 is just the beginning !

    A unbridled DESPOT he is !

  12. Baje

    Why do we as bajan like to hear the truth.
    It seems as though when yah tell certain bajans de truth thay seem no to understand what de hell is going on in this real world.
    Maybe it’s just to discredit BFP, they are surely losing this battle.
    BFP is a breath of fresh air from de norm of our very paid off media. Keep reporting

  13. Baje

    should be: not like to hear the truth
    seem not to understand
    just wanted to correct myself before someone else did

  14. The ghost of Christmas Past

    If in fact the first remark is from our illustrious PM, then the Barbadian public couldn’t have a better idea of why they need a change of government yesterday rather than today.

    To kill a bunch of innocent monks who have given up all worldly goods for a saffron robe and a bowl of rice each day simply because they won’t sit by while their country is being supressed by a ruthless
    dictator and dictatorship, is nothing short of savage.

    The PM should come to his senses ( without alcohol ) and repent his sins. The saffron ( orange ) robes may be an omen of things to come.

    As it is, the way he has been spending the citizens money like the Burmese dictatorship, a bowl of rice is about all the Barbadians will be left with after paying his legacy debt.

  15. If anyone is interested in the Real story of Burma? Then you need to look at Ko Htike’s blog that CNN sources! “ko htike’s prosaic collection” which shows in graphic detail dead monks and protestors beaten – go to **ko-htike dot blogspot dot com**

  16. Like Dr. Martin Luther’s march, the Tibetan monks were making a peaceful protest march.
    In many cases, protesters become violent and disorderly. This was NOT the case in Burma.
    It was a clear case of supression of the worst kind.
    One can only hope that any actions against local government will be done verbally.
    The same has to be expected from those in power.
    Violence is not the answer.
    Barbados has enough bright minds and people with vision of what Barbados can become. It is time for a change of direction!

  17. Anonymous

    mr . bourne it serves them right

  18. bashy

    Its absoluty appaling that an illegal unelected government can murder its peaceful unarmed citizens in this way.
    The rightfuly elected leader of the country has been imprisoned in her house for the last decade.
    China should be made to pressure these people they are the major trading party of the junta. A world boycott the Olympic games would be a start.

  19. Yardbroom

    Do you think China will exert pressure on Burma? Burma is where China gets its natural gas -which it is much in need of – and it is in competition with India for the same, hence China’s reluctance to exert pressure, self interest is in play here.

  20. Anonymous X

    Why do you put up with this ghost of an idiot Anthony Gunn? Is he one of the Government Operatives? The real Anthony Gunn was no Saint but that was not his modus operandi!!! Why don’t you ban him and let all of us rest in peace!

  21. Rumplestilskin

    Well, similarly as in Iraq where Saddam and his lot murdered minorities and stood against ‘democracy’, I guess we can expect the ‘Great West’ to intervene on behalf of the good citizens of Myanmar.

    In the interest of saving lives and ‘democracy’ of course.

    When will the intervention come?

    By the way, I am not begging for the assistance, but merely pointing out that certain countries ‘insist’ on intervening on behalf of democracy, thus it follows that they will hold their ‘principles’ and do likewise in this case.

  22. paul sealy

    Yah lie…owen make that first comment in this you want defense force soldiers shoot innocent protesting bajans in dem belly and head after you tief this next election and dem start to riot…ok…i could see your time will be short and your days of driving around barbados by yourself coming to an end…you would order soldiers to shoot me cause i protesting against your tiefing ways?…time coming rummie..time coming.

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