Is Barbados Going Bankrupt? Part 78 Of A Continuing Series… More Late Payments To Government Employees: Teachers This Time

Today’s story of government workers not being paid is nothing special… just more of the same.

Like all the past articles on the same subject.

When you have spent all the rent money on booze and fast women, something has to give. It’s the same way with government: when you blow a third of a billion dollars on a cricket party, the teachers have to wait.

TEMPORARY TEACHERS who have not been paid should receive their salaries before the end of next week.

This assurance has been given by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Atheline Haynes, who told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday evening there was “a problem” regarding the payment of temporary teachers “at a number of schools”.

“The Ministry of Education is apologising for the delay,” she said. “Every effort is being made to ensure all teachers affected are paid by the end of next week.”

Tuesday was pay day and the WEEKEND NATION understands that teachers at more than 30 schools have been affected. Some of them have been working for more than five years.

The Nation News: Pay Soon For Temporary Teachers


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17 responses to “Is Barbados Going Bankrupt? Part 78 Of A Continuing Series… More Late Payments To Government Employees: Teachers This Time

  1. Lady Anon

    This has been happening for so long. A friend of mine got a teaching stint at a primary school effective September 1 2005. End of October 2005, she still was not paid. The head teacher of the school LENT HER money so she could attend her UWI graduation on October 22, 2005.

    In calling to check to see why she was not paid, the clerical officer “marked” her because the Deputy Chief Education Officer at the time had just queried the payment.

    She finally got paid in November 2005.

    Inefficiency is ineffficiency no matter where it exists.

  2. anon

    The government has to ensure there are no “phantom” teachers on the payroll and this takes time


    BFP Comments

    Yes, and we have to ensure that no “phantom” members of parliament are on the payroll, so we will hold their pay for 6 months as well!

  3. The People's Democratic Congress

    As we have explained in a previous blog on BFP, it CANNOT be that Barbados is going bankrupt giving the great amounts of private wealth, assets and income there are in Barbados, as it is indeed that the government is going bankrupt, given that the wealth, assets and income (most of the latter stolen by means of Taxation) of government have for a long time been grossly and recklessly mismanaged by this Owen Arthur led Administration.

    Moreover, when you add the fact that the Government’s Total Debt (misnomer to state National Debt) is about 70 something per cent of GDP, to the above, you then begin to realize that there is some truth in the noesis that government is going bankrupt – that of its present inability to clear its debts properly in the short and long term.

    Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Owen Arthur, has GROSSLY and DISASTROUSLY FAILED to put forward a serious long term debt management strategy for substantially reducing the government’s debt, given that it has long been objectively proven that one of the inherent fundamental features of this essentially locally adapted Western so-called financial and economic system in Barbados is the propensity to debt crisis.

    What compounds this very aggravating situation (of Barbados reaching debt crisis ) is that in relationship to the productive sectors of the country, the government sector is thoroughly NOT as productive as the private sector is. Hence, as the size of the government unnecessarily increases in relation to the size of the private sector, the smaller the overall size of the GDP of Barbados, in real terms, also. The more government taxes that are so brutally imposed on the people, businesses and other entities in this country, the lesser and slower the rate of growth in National Income of Barbados. The lesser and slower the rate of growth of the latter variable, the more the government debt is, esp. when the extant levels of National Income CANNOT support unsustainably big central and other government (off-budget) expenditures.

    Too, with there being more and more government workers, we in PDC strongly believe that the productivity levels per worker of the government will in the long term decrease, and this is against the backdrop that already the government sector tends to be very inefficient, deficient, and unrational. Thus, under this ailing economic system, the more public workers and debt there are, the more public officers will have to do WITHOUT pay for a while – which is, nevertheless, utterly reprehensible. Such is largely as a result of the government being too big, foolish taxation, gargantuan government debt, excessive government spending, totally insufficient National Income being earned, too grevious BLP mismanaging of many more of the state’s financial and other relationships with others in Barbados, etc, NOT just BLP squandermania.

  4. BFP Reader

    Teachers have to send a letter at the end of every academic year or term to the ministry to indicate that they wish to be reassigned.

    (if they didn’t want the job they would quit duh!!!)

    The ministry then reassigns some.

    Some to the same school, some to different schools.

    So they say they delete all temporary teachers -over 400 and assign them to the pay clerks responsible for each particular school who then process the payments.

    It seems that every year that takes longer and longer.

    Some teachers have been going through this for over 6 years, every September.

    This is not the first time contrary to BUT President Karen Best.

    Her school always gets paid so I can see how she would make that mistake.

    But come Monday, “Heads down children…”, from 8:45-3:00.

    Then someone will pay attention.

  5. Golf courses, lotteries and donations to politicians

    Education and health is a first priority in first world nations along with basic human rights, transparency and accountability. That is not the case in Barbados.

    Judge someone by what they do and not what they say.
    You will begin to see how few people there are in this country to act for the greater good and with complete honesty.

  6. Rumplestilskin

    It does not appear that people realise what an economic mess we are in, including the public officers who are actually paid to do so i.e. Central Bank etc.

    As I have said before, not only is the concern that our public debt is so high, including international loans, but this was created in time of world boom.

    With the USA on the verge of a serious recession, that Alan Greenspan warned a couple if years ago would soon materialise, our economic situation is indeed dire.

    The USA economic decline will obviously impact worldwide, that Nation being such a heavy consumer.

    While the UK etc are also markets for Chinese and far Eastern goods, no one can say that the USA import decrease will not have a serious impact.

    Therefore, we have our own debt-overextension now impacted by a coming world recession and disaster awaits.

    The …. is about to hit the …..

  7. General Strike.

    Barbados needs a general strike!
    Close the country DOWN. Entirely. For a day or two.
    I think I’m right in saying this has never happened before,but the time is now for a General Strike. A big ole wakeup call to the blp and so the world out there will know that all is NOTwell on this blessed idyllic island.
    Yes Barbados is broke. Has been for years. Why do you think we’re always borrowing? We live from loan to loan.
    blp/GoB lives in denial – and spin!

  8. Hants

    Owen Arthur has asked for another 15 years in power.
    He said “Give me 15 more years.”

    That would mean a total of 30 years of continuous rule by one party.

    Is he suggesting that a one party state is the best form of Government for Barbados?

    One party in power for 30 years is a defacto one party state and if the same Prime Minister rules for 30 years he is a defacto Dictator.

    I hope I am wrong about this.

  9. Undertaker

    I think two of the major problems are (a) the haves care nothing for the have-nots and want to pretend to be so developed that they pretend to don’t remember what it is like to be in need.
    (b) the gov’t is in financial trouble, and come to the people with more DIRECT taxes AT THIS TIME, so we get this like increase in taxes on cars etc. things that not everyone will see (because in bim it only matters when it affects us) just add up all the bills and see how the gov’t cannot be in trouble – vat, and taxes can only go so far. Prison cost, ABC expansion, ABC flyovers, Kensington, these are only the US$ multimillion dollar projects. Don’t forget about bills, salaries, road works, airport expansion etc. We are painting a good picture to outsiders, but how does behind the
    frame really look. Big money is being spent and the hospital and patients are suffering.

  10. Hants

    OK PDC let me change from the one party state comment.

    The Prime Minister of Barbados is asking that he and his BLP party is given a total of 30 years continuously in power.

    You are right. That is not a one party state.

    It is a One party ruling for 30 continuous years state, occasionally taking OPPOSITION members and OPPOSITION Leaders into the Government under the guise of “politics of inclusion”.

    For the record PDC, the members of the BLP would like to be in power forever with or without opposition but you are right. They would prefer to have an opposition to continue their “politics of inclusion policy”.

    PDC you too have an opportunity to become “included” so you will have no problem with the notion of indefinite rule by the same party.

  11. Anonymous X

    I have been trying to post on your blog for hours without success! Just wondering whether you are having technical problems or have the BLP finally got you??

  12. Hants

    PDC you wrote “Hants, what we do know is that our ultimate quest is to win the Government ….”

    I will visit your website and hope to find a list of candidates and a pre manifesto statement given that Elections may be called before the end of this year.

  13. Straight talk

    Big Brother:

    I am open to your investigations.
    I seek no proxy, only to speak my mind.

    Deny me this, and democracy in this country is dead.

    I only ask a few questions to my representatives:-

    Why has the Dodds cost risen from $60m to $360 million, what is the increase in “scope” ,when VECO say they are on budget.

    I will delay questioning the increase in the ABC cost because Minister Mascoll has promised us that even though he has no way of estimating the
    actual cost he can assure us that with 90-95% of the estimates settled we are ONLY twice the original estimate.

    I bow to this master of economics in his firm projections, however it must be noted that in Sunday Sun today it was only the road widening that would be completed by May 2008, one year late!

    No mention of flyovers!

  14. asssphinctersayswhat?

    RE General Strike

    Proper Idea!… that’s exactly what we want…if Bim is in fact as bankrupt as everyone seems to think it is what we need right about now is a little strike…, you know to let our global customers know exactly what we think about productivity… and our island as a place to invest foreign dollars….it’s just a small general strike, not long…just a couple of days…just long enough to convince the global community we’re a bunch of banana republicans. While we’re at it why don’t we fill Greenland with some garbage and build another state of the art prison in the North….you know…just in case…for a rainy day and all of that…that will get you the “big ole wake up call” you’re looking for….won’t it.

  15. Anonymous

    we don’t want it – we need it

  16. General Strike!

    you twisted blp fool..
    “it is what we need right about now is a little strike…, you know to let our global customers know exactly what we think about productivity…”


    this is not about a little strike,
    this is about a big close-dung-de-whole-goddam-country strike,sweetie!
    This is not about productivity: that sux already,duh! Outsiders done know dat,already!
    Why yuh think so many Guyanese in here??
    because of “Bajan Productivity”?? oh puhleeaaze!

    this is about an unheard of process in Barbados called PUBLIC PROTEST.
    that’s why we NEED (not ‘want’) a General Strike.

    You still don’t get it, do you?
    We intend to disrupt your various flowing processes,most of them illegal.
    as in: A spanner in your works.Yes, the sort of thing You definitely do NOT want, but richly deserve to get.
    A spanner IN YOUR WORKS.

  17. Rumplestilskin

    Don’t worry about a strike, the really sad thing is that if the USA economy continues on the current path, our unemployment figures in a year and a half will be abysmal so a strike will not be necessary with so many out of work, and we will now be paying back ridiculous levels of debt.

    I mean this, prepare for some really tough years ahead.

    While some will blame world economy (hah, even though they ignored THAT recession when Sandi was in power), the reality is that we have also overstretched on our loans, to a ridiculous level.

    PM-In-Waiting Thompson will have to bear the ‘Legacy’ heat.