Secret Order In Council Cancels Privacy Rights – Invokes Executive Powers – Barbados Government Takes The First Step Towards The Abyss


Government Prepares To Win The Election Any Way It Can

The Government of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur may have already used a secret Order In Council to invoke far reaching executive powers to intercept the private communications of Barbados citizens – including the political opposition.

Two independent and previously-reliable sources inform Barbados Free Press that as early as July of 2007, senior government Cabinet Ministers held talks about intercepting private communications and sought legal advice about how to legitimize this action without informing Parliament.

We are told that some weeks ago Prime Minister Arthur announced his decision to a group of inner party members that his government would use a secret Order In Council “legalize” the tapping of phone calls and the interception of emails and other electronic communications.


The purported intent is to stop leaks of government information that have recently been exposed on the internet, but our sources indicate that the government’s intent is far more sinister and wide-ranging.

Orders In Council – A Means To An End, A Means Of Getting Around Parliament

In Commonwealth countries, an Order In Council (OIC) is primarily used as a method for the government to create minor laws and regulations without going before Parliament each and every time a minor change is needed. For instance, increasing the fine for submitting late tax information might be done through an Order In Council.

According to Wikipedia and some other research we’ve done, OICs are created by Cabinet and must then be approved by the Governor General.

Parliament and the public are notified about most OICs, but the most controversial use of Orders In Council happens when a government wishes to cross the lines of democracy, but wants to keep to the “letter of the law” in case they get caught. The solution: make a new, secret law that Parliament and the people don’t know about – that lets the government do as they please, but provides them with a “get out of jail free card” in case things get exposed.

An Order In Council could make an otherwise illegal wiretap “legal” – with no judge’s warrant necessary. (As long as the government is willing to say “to Hell with democracy”)

For examples of controversial uses of an Order in Council you can check Google or read a bit on Wikipedia here.


“No Warrant” Communication Interceptions Have Already Started

Our sources are not in a position to know if the secret Order in Council has already been signed, but one source reports that the interceptions of communications without warrant have already started as if the OIC had been signed.

Our sources state that the Owen Arthur government will be intercepting the private communications of opposition party members, government workers and others who are suspected of being behind the leaks and the various Barbados blogs that have been causing the government so much concern.

The skills and interception equipment gained during Cricket World Cup are now being used to implement the intent of the Order in Council. It is believed by one of our sources that at least some police officers and or defense personnel would have to be working closely with the government. In other words, while most of the communications interception team would be told that their purpose is to identify persons leaking confidential government information, at least SOME of the personnel would have to be part of the larger agenda to gather information about the political opposition.

Barbados Free Press Was Notified Four Weeks Ago Of Nation Newspaper Server Downtime

In the early hours of September 15, 2007, the servers at both the Nation News and the Barbados Advocate were taken offline simultaneously. BFP had been notified of this several weeks ahead of time so it came as no surprise – although several comments by readers showed that this strange occurrence did not go unnoticed by some of the public.

BFP can now let our readers know that the reason the newspapers’ servers were taken down was to install new monitoring software to facilitate the government’s efforts to identify the writers of Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press. This was done with the cooperation of the senior management at both news organisations.


Barbados Free Press Responds

As must be obvious to everyone by now, some of the sources who provide BFP and Barbados Underground with information probably work for or within the BLP Owen Arthur Government.

While we must all be careful of the agendas behind any news organisation or information (and that includes BFP – we expect our readers to question and think about everything and that includes BFP), it is apparent to the writers at BFP that some within the government are appalled at this latest Owen Arthur government assault upon democracy.

Barbados Free Press has taken the steps we needed to maintain our privacy. In the end, Owen Arthur’s problem is that many in his own organisation are appalled at what is happening to our democracy and our country.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, the next time you are talking about intercepting private communications and abusing your power, just remember that some of the folks in the room might actually care more about their country than their political affiliation.

Because such good people exist, we have four words for you and your thugs, Sir: “Private Data Network Uplink”


Dear Mr. Thompson

This article should serve as confirmation about some of the things you have been hearing from your own sources. During the past year, you and your party have not been an effective opposition. When the government wanted to change our constitution with four days’ notice and zero debate – and empower foreign troops on Bajan soil – you and your party allowed that to happen.

Time to stand up in public, whether in Parliament or not, and ask the question directly of the Prime Minister. Time to refuse to accept non-answers.

Time to see what you are made of. Time for us all to see if you have what it takes.

Next Article In This Series…

Blank Search Warrants Pre-Signed And All Ready To Go


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93 responses to “Secret Order In Council Cancels Privacy Rights – Invokes Executive Powers – Barbados Government Takes The First Step Towards The Abyss

  1. BFP Reader

    I dont know polictics or laws but I know this.

    A lot of warnings went out to certain “commoners” involved in a recent tragedy that their lines were tapped.

    Whether tapped or not some serious echoes, clicking noices, diconnected calls and whirring sounds were observed for almost three weeks. It has only recently quietened down…I hope

  2. Anonymous

    “Justicebemine” blog seems to have been taken down. where is your “how to ” article on creating blogs?

  3. Anonymous

    Can you belive that transperncy International still ranks Barbados as the most transperent in Caricom? That organisation must be staffed by blind people.

  4. Braveheart

    One would want to understand who the council referred to are? Does anyone know, and can they enlighten?

    It seems that we are now to be gripped by fear of what will happen to us if we speak. It reminds me of the reasons Errol Barrow was voted out after the first term.

    The country is on the verge of destruction if this is the case.

    We cannot see any accounts from airport, from prison, from roads. Now we are going to be afraid to ask?

    Well, I am not afraid, and the reason for this is…I have not done anything wrong!

    Is it wrong to combat the rape of our tax and foreign exchange dollars and to question why we cannot see what is negotiated? NO!!

    So if someone knows who I am or what I am presently saying, what I say, what I said- what of it?

  5. Anonymous


    Should the readers and commentators of BFP have anything to worry about?

    Could you send this by e-mail to the leader of the opposition personally?

    On another note I wonder what it is that the Barbados Labour Party is so scared of?

    I just wish they would call elections and get this over and done with.

  6. Sargeant

    Will there be a Star Chamber next?

  7. centipede

    Kindly publish the e-mail addresses of about 12 overseas watchdog agencies so we can forward the sort of stuff you are revealing. Please do this right away. Thanks.

  8. PiedPiper

    The people now afraid to post or what?

  9. Kathy

    This is horrific. How can people sleep at night?

  10. Nice!

    What a nice little can – of worms. wouldn’t it help to be a republic to engage in such shenanigans? maybe not!

  11. searchwarrants?

    why even both with the pretence of search warrants just brek down the door and go in mugabe style and do whatever needs to be done kill them in their beds at 3 in the morning whatever. the power must be maintained

  12. boogeyman

    BFP, these are very serious charges. I for one would like to know more information regarding the

    Do you know what kind of monitoring software? What type of information they are gathering? How they intend to put two and two together.

    As a private citizen I do not very much like the idea of a major news organisation in league with the goverment to be tracking or gathering information on me without my knowledge.

    Please, if you can give as much information as you possibly feel safe enough to provide.

  13. Pogo

    The machinery of the state at its worst.

    Using powers given to them by the people to perpetuate their own stay in power tarnishes the Prime Minister, the Governor General, and the Chief Justice beyond repair. All politicians who stand mute are accomplices.

    The leader of the opposition is duty bound to protest to a maximum not only in parliament but in the streets at this removal of our rights. Where is he?

    Let’s remember that it is the people’s own blogs they are trying to crush — words on the internet criticizing them, cajoling them to make Barbados better. And this is their reaction?

  14. reality check

    this illegal invasion of privacy cannot occur without the full complicity of Cable and Wireless. Does London know what is going on?

  15. Pat

    BFP, if what you wrote is true, then something stinks in the state of Barbados. What can Owen Arthur be thinking? Is he power crazy and money mad? Ia Barbados now going the way of Zimbabwe? It is alleged that Mugabe eats his enemies. He has a fondnes for the heart and liver. You should all watch out…… It is also said that he is near 100 and looks like 70 from eating “long pork”, the name given to human flesh in Papua New Guinea.

    Seriously, this would be a serious erosion of basic privacy rights. The signs of an autocracy. I hope you print this article out and have it circulated. I myself, will copy and email to some senior Canadian government officials. This is too serious to be left in limbo.

  16. Anonymous

    Gerard Kennedy, a Canadian politician observing the election process in Ukraine, was confronted Friday by police who tried to interfere with the process.

    Leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy delivers his speech at the Liberal Leadership Convention Friday, Dec. 1, 2006 in Montreal. (CP / Ryan Remiorz)

    The former Ontario education minister and one-time Liberal leadership hopeful told CTV Newsnet a squadron of police confronted the observers Friday at the election commission in Mariupol, an area of Donetsk.

    Kennedy said the police tried to hinder the observers from ensuring that the process was fair leading up to Sunday’s parliamentary poll.

    “Police came, one carrying weapons into the area, which is not supposed to happen, and then a kind of humorous thing happened where local TV stations came and there was what we considered mock interviews, where the party’s regional representatives denounced us one after another in front of the TV cameras,” Kennedy said.

    Members’ passports were taken by police and the group was temporarily stripped of its observer status, Kennedy said, adding that he felt a palpable feeling of hostility from authorities.

    “The rest of the day we were followed by eight people in cars and everywhere we went they would interrupt what we were doing,” Kennedy said.

    He noted that the election process is controlled by the parties involved, not by an independent commission.

    Kennedy said the group has already observed major flaws in the voting process.

    “There are extra ballots being distributed,” said Kennedy.

    He said observers felt safe at all times, despite the obvious tension associated with their presence.

    Coming to Barbaods soon…….

  17. BFP Reader

    How come no comments are being posted. Is this how a PDNU works ?

  18. addiction to power

    This is extremely sad and serious. The previous comments of “King for Life” or “Comrade for Life” are coming to pass.

  19. Hants

    While we discuss the Governments efforts to hunt us down, prehaps we should be concerned with the simple issues like the one below.

    “ALL PATIENTS of private ward A6 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) now have a means to alert nurses if they need assistance.

    This is after a presentation of bells to the ward by the nine-year-old Cardiac Support Group yesterday.”

    Yes folks. That is what I just read in the

    Could the Government not cut $5 million from the $180 million Flyover contract to fix the expletives deleted Hospital.

    Yes I know that the BigUps can be flown to Miami by Air Ambulance but how about the average Barbadian?

  20. NowIAmVex

    Ok guys…where to know from here…

    These ppl need to be removed from office as soon as possible, and jail time is mandantory with hard labour to get it through their heads this is not done.

    And let us not forget the complicity of the senoir staff in of the Media, starcom, advocate, nation.

    Heads have to roll on this one. People will now have to feel the long arm of the law and the will of the people.

    I for one am not taking this laying down…i am sending this article to every person i can.

    And then we as bajans have to form a huddle and decide what we are going to do to save this country.

    These bastards must be exposed!

    How does one know when your phone is tapped or if your internet is bugged? If any knowledgeable persons on here inform us so we can know if we are being spied upon!

  21. NowIAmVex

    And one more thing, BFP. It is no longer good enough to keep listing only the BLP in this wickedness.

    If NationNews/Starcom/Advocate/CBC is involved in this foolishness PLEASE list them boldy so that they know we know that they are doing wickedness.

    And i mean list them everytime as part of this wicked bunch because the now seem to be. And if C&W involved call there names too…so that everyone will know what these creepers are up too!

    Make sure everyone who is involved name get’s call so the barbadian public is fully aware who they know who not to turn their back too!

    Now what is the next step in getting these persons out of government, and bring the Media and whoever else to face the consequences of their actions.

  22. crossroads690

    I hope we are not becoming a state of paranoid people, moving around in fear. I belive that we must continue to shout about the wrong doings that are happening in this island. Something has to be wrong when $10.00 can’t even buy a carton of milk and a loaf of bread from a gas station, utter bull—- of the highest order

  23. cynty

    I was advised today to change my e mail if I had caribsurf or sunbeach, anything local, change to yahoo or g mail………..

  24. Reader

    Seems this tapping has been going on a long time, hence all the recent “busts”. But they really dont need to do all that just take a trip to upton and plug in to any line you want.

  25. Jerome Hinds

    crossroads690 , I am in FULL agreement with you . Why should we rational thinking citizens of Barbados allow a corrupt DESPOT like Owen Arthur seek to sully our reputations for FAIR , TRANSPARENT and HONEST governtment ?

    A PM that came to the Barbadian public and promised to uphold the best traditions of TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY……yet

    * The leadership at the UDC continues on it’s “Out of Control ” path…….despite the revelations of the Barbados Audit Office !

    ( no longer called ” Urban Development Corporation…..but now is the ” O’ BRIEN Development Corporation ” )

    * A seemingly CESSPOOL… GREENLAND continues for 10 YEARS to suck – up millions of taxpayers dollars…….despite the advice of Environmentalists and Engineers !

    ( a construction firm benefitting from the LARGESSE )

    * A judicial system that has to contend with an UNSCRUPULOUS Chief Justice who has thrown the Al Barack case to MADAM Justice Cornelius……despite Justice Cornelius being in an advance state of pregnancy !

    ( likely no decision on this case before ELECTIONS )

  26. Reader

    Why all the owen bashing? Seems a little severe dont you think!!!

  27. thebrokentrident

    Ever notice how the lottery gets bigger when the really shady stuff is going down.

  28. blipsondescreenn

    “As a private citizen I do not very much like the idea of a major news organisation in league with the government to be tracking or gathering information on me without my knowledge.”

    would you feel better -maybe great- about it
    if they were gathering info on you
    WITH your consent or knowledge?
    they probably have quite a bit on you already.

    Come to think of it, the Americans probably have more on you, than does the GoB/blp

  29. Roger Rabbitt

    Something strange seems to be happening. Why is it that none of the BLP candidates are seen campaigning? A check with ppl in various constituencies revealed that those who were in the field are no longer visible. I do not like the looks of this.
    We all know that elections are not very far off, but what are we getting?
    This wire-tapping was going on for a while. It may have been stepped up, but yes, it was always there.
    Listening to the Prime Minister today talking about the price of land almost made me vomit. It has reached a stage where everytime the prime minister or any of his stooges come on the radio I simply turn to another station. I am sick of the lot. And when I think back that this is the party that I supported since ’94 I can only conclude that my head needs to be examined.
    What is it that the GoB does not want the populace to know? Can it get any worse? Why are we not hearing anything from the guard dogs like Addully and Lynchy and Turncoat Clyde and lying Liz and the sadist Mia? These are truly sad days indeed.

  30. Roger Rabbitt

    This is a very serious article which may cause some of the posters to have second thoughts about commenting on anything.
    They need to use a proxy IP which should give them some anonymity. How much I may never know as there is no trust in C&W. They (C&W) are also in the hip pocket of this gov’t.
    My main concern is how can we put an end to this madness? The leaders are drunk with power. What antidote can we use to bring them out of their drunken state?

  31. Maat

    I am at a lost as to how the Nation or Advocate could be any threat to my personal telephone line privacy. If the point is that government suspects BFP and BU has connections within the media houses and will monitor and track communications at those places, then that is a slightly different matter.
    Many civil service offices may be bugged and there may be many a double agent bugging the buggers! So they had better be careful. Spitting into the wind can be disastrous.


    BFP Comments…


    Obviously, you visiting a newspaper’s website does not endanger your telephone privacy, however a little research will show that any unscrupulous website can invade your computer and examine or copy your hard drive. This might, or might not be of concern to you.

  32. Pat

    Commentators, please switch from your ISP for email and use one of the free ones like BFP does. I, too, have never used my ISP for blogs, forums or emails. When I first came to the site, BFP had information up saying to use yahoo and to email them through yahoo. I already had hotmail, so that is what I use. I live abroad to boot.

  33. anon


    Provide the hard evidence for your story.


    Hello anon,

    Perhaps a simple statement by the Prime Minister that the entire story is false would be appropriate.

    We are willing to print the Prime Minister’s statement denial right away!

    Meanwhile… stay tuned for a photograph of a signed blank search warrant.

  34. theNickster

    Look at the economies of developed nations and see the direction they are headed in, look at the social liberty erasures, the marginalizing of healthcare, the privatization of all the major economic resources. 15 more years of foul-ups, bleeps and blunders, obviously owen is playing on the “short memories” of the public or perhaps the “easily distracted”. Try building a first world country on a third world infrastructure where the government no longer controls its own capital (assets not city). Just a bunch of over paid front-men to a hidden “boss”.

  35. iisnoone

    Can this be verified: “Secret Order In Council Cancels Privacy Rights”? If this order is going to be used, is it written down anywhere?

    If it is verified, what crisis has prompted this action? How can the public protect themselves against this?

    I have heard stories of people making private phone calls, and then to overhear their exact words parroted in Bridgetown! Is my phone tapped? Is your phone tapped?

  36. Wishing in Vain

    And we though that Adams was a worthless, digusting,immoral,duggie, bastard, but we have Owing who is even worst than TOM ever was at least Adams never called people at 2.00am in the morning to torment them.
    We can reverse the roles of Druggie for that of Drunk and we will have acomplete picture.

  37. Sapidillo

    BFP, have you considered making this story your second printed edition? I would think that you have to be cautious and take things in stride. But, publishing the article, it may really drive lil Hitler and his cronies to drink — more.


    BFP Replies

    Hi Sapidillo

    Yup… lead story. We’re a little late with the printed edition because of recent happenings. We won’t make promises, but soon. Thanks for your support!


    Oh… should also mention that we have had further confirmation on the OIC, who and what.

  38. Anonymous

    The Blp are at it once again they have posted on thier site where someone was asked to donate $ 500.00 to BFP and got robbed, I felt it necessary to defend the BFP blogs and I think others should as well these people are not only dishonest they are bastards at spin.
    Dear Blp,
    You have reached a new low in your example to the citizens of this nation, because at the BFP site they throw some lashes your way which in my view you are most deserving of because you have given them the fuel to do so with, your attacks are not exclusive so to the DLP gets their share the only difference is that according to the recent posting on the BFP you have the method and the means to spy into the living rooms of the average Barbadian and intrude in their privacy as per their report of yesterday.
    To publish the story above as you have is a clear indication as to the extent that you percieve this blog to have hurt your standings in society, by printing or creating this trash as above is a sad sad statement of your intent and your standing, for you to write something as dishonest and as misleading as this as your mission to discredit BFP is a dishonest and bastardly act.
    You know not all that you see on these blogs is real but then again much of it has truth attached to it, why not address the question asked on BFP such as why the tripling of the cost of the Prison, why the tripling of the scope of works of the road works project but only a doubling of the cost according to Mascoll moving from $ 120 million to the unbelievable figure of $ 360 million ?
    When you address those issues it may negate the role of BFP, until then we the taxpayers are left to ponder is their real corruption and dishonesty in gov’t or is it a myth or is it just BFP?
    Smarten up guys you are suppose to represent the gov’t of the day and when you slide into priting dishonest untruths as you did above it does nothing to enhance your reputation as being an honest gov’t.

  39. akabozik

    The BLP will try to divert attention from this major story.


    I have permission to use the lazer printer at work and I have my email list ready. Come on!

  40. Hants

    Can someone remind the Barbados Government that the Econy is structured around Overseas Investment.

    Offshore companies may not like this “Order in council” and may not take kindly to having their wires tapped.

  41. Constitutional wrong?

    Before the CWC the Barbados constitution was changed without a referendum, without any public scrutiny or debate.

    Do these above-mentioned actions have any linkage to the abrogation of our constitutional rights in Barbados?

    Is this a bitter harvest we are reaping by way of ‘Legacy’?

  42. Hants

    Guess who said this.

    “There is a lot of squalor in Barbados,” he said.

    “That is a shame on the landscape of a country that has the material capacity to do better.”

    Hint…. man with tall gorgeous wife, a Lexus and a reputation as a connosieur of clear spirits and exotic Scottish beverages.

    First world Barbados. I guess he needs 15 more years to get rid of the “squalor” generated during the last 13 years.

  43. Yardbroom

    One can reasonably ask, why is there this frenzy of telecommunications and other activities , the simple fact is, that the Government will not call an election until they “believe” that they have neutralized BFP, or created an atmosphere of fear, which will cause citizens to hesitate before posting on BFP. Some three months I said, when posters were attacking people on this blog, that things will get worse. I do not mean to be alarmist, and it is not my intention to do so, but I fear it will. One must also be prepared for character assination of the worst kind, history has a habit of repeating itself.

    An intelligent person should ask, why should a Government or august organizations, companies, and individuals hitherto of supposed unblemished character, engage in such activities? the reason simply is, that there are many stones, which if turned in Barbados, will expose a cancerous seam of wrongdoing, for which the consequences could be severe.

    Ultimately the Government will call an election, but until then, the electorate should quietly go about their business, using the facilities of the internet and others to express themselves. As far as identifying individuals is concerned – that time has long since passed, and many of us know that we have been identified and how, but so be it.

    At the end of it all the overburdened citizens of Barbados will take their country back, why is this so, because history dictates it will happen. Criminals and corrupt people believe they will never be caught, and those in power imagine their power will be forever – it never does – cornered, and with their backs to the wall, they fight to the death, they have no alternative.

    However, the will of the people will be done.

  44. I can believe this wiretap thing, whenever I call certain numbers from my cell (especially after I dared to comment favourably on that monkey-dove item) there are two loud clicks on my line, can you imagine if Adrian Loveridge was one of my regular phone-a-friends? 😮

    If Burma can down the net to halt bloggers (no wonder Underground & BFP are looking for Print) and Chavez in Venezuela jams the signal of a suspected opposition tv station, who then resorts to youtube to get their 90 min. bulletin out there, well… What do you expect?

  45. WOW Thanks IB

    People look at this of all people giving hints people wake up and stop the PM and his gang of bandits from commenting there acts of madness against you.

    They say letter writing is the gratis invention, people hint, hint start gritting or printing the BFP and BU articles and mail (air mail) them to family do not mail more than two pages.

  46. cherry2enpowered

    SO i guess we shall see more drug barons before the law courts right?
    More info on proxy IP please.

  47. Proxy info is at “About Us & Submissions” there is not only Anonymouse but Proxy-dot-org


    Lets call this whole thing the ‘P.A.T.R.I.O.T.A.C.T. ‘ the bajan edition . Its happening in the great United States of Amurica ( the beacon of freedom in the world ) so why not in a third world first world wannabe Banana republic like Barabados.

    Come on now , its necessary to lose a little privacy and freedom to be safe isn’t it . The War for Peace strategy seems to be doing quite well in other parts of the world. Only a half million or so Iraqis have had to be sacrificed so far to save them from Saddam’s tyranny . Thats pretty good odds isn’t it.

    Doublethink at its best , study it .

  49. Anonymous

    We shall call this issue .. the ‘P.A.T.R.I.O.T.A.C.T..bajan’. Its happening in that beacon of world freedom ..the United States of Amurica so why not in our own little third world first world wannabe banana republic . We ain’t people too .

    The War for Peace strategy is doing wonders in the middle east is doing wonders and yeilding tremendous dividends .Only a half million or Iraqis have had to give up their lives for freedom from the tyranny of Saddam. Thats a small price to pay to have your oil stolen and your land bombed and radiated to death .

    So whats giving up a little privacy and freedom so that we may be free .The government knows whats best for the ignorant masses anyway , they told us so .. so it must be true.

    Welcome to the Barbados leg of the New World Order , its a lovely place isn’t it.

  50. negrocrat

    I have voted for the BLP all these years and never in my mind did I think that Owen Arthur would have dealt such savage blows to bajans. High prices, squandermania, O’Brian Trotman and the UDC are all indications of the blows that he has inflicted.
    I’m finished with that bunch and will use everything at my disposal to get the rid of him and his bunch of ……
    I’m afraid to really say what i feel about them! But you get the drift.

  51. negrocrat

    What you revealed today about the plan of the BLP to tract down the bloggers and to shut up BFP is frightening. What is Bdos coming to?
    We have to get rid of the BLP as fast as possible

  52. iisnoone


    Truth defeats all things!

  53. Baje

    These people just don’t get it. They don’t understand that if they try to shut down BFP,things would get even worse in the BLP camp.
    They are willing to do anything and by any means neccassary to regain this government.
    When the BLP made jokes about Crime and Violence in this country to win ab election, I never thought in my wildest dreams that these same politians would create a country triving in crime and violence, helping themselves to most of the tax payers dollars into their offshore accounts.
    No wonder these crooks and pirates would want to introduce this LAW but to hell with dem dem gine down this time.
    I had to lol when i read in de papers another 15 years fah dem, even de great King Owing couldn’t filled de FC HALL talking ’bout another crook in TOM ADAMS. He must be turning in he grave knowing a man like Owning massacare Jamaica economy,running back here in Barbados to do did same thing.
    Even de Great TOM ADAMS never believed in this man Owning as a Prime Minister. Now he ’bout hey as a big guru and slow killing de poor people of this country Barbados

  54. Wishing in Vain

    I would seriously suggest that those at BFP send an email to Mr David Thompson providing him with the background to whatever information that you may have available to you with regard to this wire tapping and ask him to look into in on your behalf, I can assure you that he will not bite you, there is nothing to be afraid about.
    I am just not certain that the laws of Barbados allow for such a system as an Order In Council to operate in Barbados, but then again we following the Americans so closely that who knows we maybe also limiting the period in office to 8 years as is done in the almighty USA and with that we may also have an Order In Council as they would do.

  55. reality check

    WIV and Jerome Hinds

    Your buddy David Thompson knows full well what is going on in his and our country. The BLP must have an amazing amount of dirt on him to keep him this quiet this long.

    He and his party redefine the meaning of opposition.

  56. Wishing in Vain

    I sincerely hope that he also ask if Mascoll is involved with this company and what is his role within this company?
    Also I would like to know if Mascoll ever paid one red cent towards the cost of the office that Hardwood Holdings constructed for he Mascoll’s wife in Eagle Hall?
    If he has not as I understand he has not, why then have they not taken action to recover their money in that building.
    I would also like to know why it is that this man at Hardwood Holdings can molest three (3) women and he has not yet been taken before the courts?
    Could it be that there is a political coverup going on has Mascoll spoken with Owing and Owing spoken with Leacock and CJ Simmons and instructed them not to take action?
    Also how can it be that a company that is receiving funding from Gov’t to purchase various pieces of equipment that when these pices of equipment arrives in the island and is installed that this same equipment does not appear in the books of Hardwood holdings but rather it is owned by the director he is the owner of this equipment, in essence should the business fail the gov’t has no legal access to the assets of the company ie this equipment that has been bought with our taxpayers monies will not be recoverable for debts, this is a serious and very disturbing matter that needs the attention of the public and the PM, the AG and the DPP, someone needs to take the bull by the horns and resolve these sickening issues of corruption and dishonesty.



    OPPOSITION LEADER David Thompson is calling for an investigation into the financial dealings of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc. – a company promoted
    by Government as the answer to low-income housing in Barbados.

    He said he was in possession of… [more]

    OPPOSITION LEADER David Thompson is calling for an investigation into the financial dealings of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc. – a company promoted
    by Government as the answer to low-income housing in Barbados.

    He said he was in possession of information which would suggest there were improper “sweetheart handouts” and “kickbacks”.

    “I am therefore calling for an independent forensic investigator
    to probe the company . . . someone
    of the standing of Mr Bob Lindquist because I am determined that
    there must be no cover-up in this particular instance,” Thompson
    said in an interview yesterday

    Lindquist, a Canadian, is
    an internationally recognised forensic expert who recently investigated
    a corruption scandal into a water project in Trinidad and Tobago.

    “It is amazing, for example, that this company – not on the corporate record as belonging to a Barbadian – could have benefited in less than two short years from royal handshakes from various Government agencies including direct cash investments,” Thompson told the SUNDAY SUN.

    “Not only that, I have been advised of the allocation of land which many other Barbadian enterprises were denied access to and the granting of contracts to build Government facilities that would both normally be built
    in concrete and are well within
    the capacity of ordinary
    contractors to build.

    “The question we must ask is who
    is the real brain behind Hardwood Housing Factory Inc. and what qualifies it above all others to benefit in this way from Government largesse?”

    “In addition,” Thompson went on, “the country has a right to know whether there are any criminal charges pending against any of the company’s senior operatives.

    “This potential scandal in the making must now be viewed against the backdrop of several alarm bells being raised in relation to other Government projects.”

    In this regard, the Opposition Leader identified the highway expansion project and the new prison, slated to be handed over
    to Government today.

    “I said many months ago that the next general elections in Barbados would be ‘the fly-over election’ in which I saw the move towards flyovers as
    a public expenditure project in which there would be a lot of ‘election fat’,” he recalled.

    “Without the fixed price
    for the Barbadian contractors increasing, the road project
    on the ABC Highway may be up to three times the original cost and counting.

    “This is a very serious matter. There has been a deafening silence from senior members
    of this Barbados Labour Party Government in relation
    to the currently on-going
    legal matter relating to one
    of the principals of the company undertaking the work on the ABC Highway.”

    He charged that there was also a “foul smell” coming from
    the construction of the new prison in St Philip.

    “Again the public wants
    to know why we have not heard
    a word from any senior Government official in relation
    to the serious investigation by the FBI of certain principals in the company contracted to build the prison,” he said.

    “The question that the people of Barbados must begin to ask
    is why are so many characters
    of dubious background following our reputedly clean, honest, transparent Government.
    This is the first case I know
    of flies following vinegar.

    “Or perhaps what we were
    led to believe was vinegar
    is actually syrup.

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  58. Anonymous

    Reality Check, no, I am not WIV nor Jerome Hinds, but I’m going to have a field day watching you and your BLP people eat those words.

  59. Wishing in Vain

    Sadly the there is more to come on this matter, Mascoll is a partner in a venture that is receiving grants and funding to the tune of $ 2 million dollars but the equipment is in essence is owned by the Managing Director and not the company, he should be fined and charged with fraud and deception.
    These blp people seem to be operating beyond the law but let me advise them that time is longer than twine and they will be eventually be brought to justice!!!!!

  60. wuh-loss

    Just 15 years and the Guvment is so drunk with power that the country is in serious danger of internal collapse.
    What can we do about the continued corruption and injustices? Not much, but we at least have to change gears. Time for a change!!!!

  61. Steal&Stash

    These blp people seem to be operating beyond the law
    but let me advise them that time is longer than twine
    and they will be eventually be brought to justice!!!!!
    I wish you luck.
    very few W.I. politicians are ever “brought to justice”
    this is not American TV-land, this is the neo-African West Indies, and anything goes. Steal what you can and stash it away…it’s YOURS,once it’s stashed.
    No problem,man!

  62. Eyebother

    Look nuh, Barbados telecoms backbone was set up principally by Cable and Wireless which has always worked very closely with GCHQ (the British signals intelligence establishment) which itself is locked into a strategic partnership called Echelon with the United States’ government’s National Security Agency (NSA)– what this means is that whatever passes through the pipes in/out/ and around Bim is and has always been accessible to foreign agencies, who don’t care anything about Barbados’s laws. They take what they want and they share a little piece of it with the Barbados government. But maybe Owen may want to negotiate for more of the take? Anyway, short story- we doan have an we ‘ent nevah had nuh telecoms or web privacy in Bim.

  63. HeWhoKnows

    I wonder how you all think the BLP got it’s hands on that email between Thompson and that US lady that was planning the elections for them. The email about bajans being maids etc. Tell me how you all think the BLP got there hands on that. I am looking at you C&W. We ent forget ’bout that one yet.

  64. Leviticus

    This hardwood housing story has shocked me but it also rings a bell. Mascoll definitely owns hardwood housing. Let him deny it first.

  65. Adrian Loveridge

    Hardwood Housing Factory Inc., was registered at the CAIPO office 2 November 2006 – Registration Number # 27882

    Is it not a legal obligation to list all the directors of this company on the registration form?

    Do I also understand current Ministers of Government have to resign from any private company while they are in office?

  66. Green Monkey

    Look nuh, Barbados telecoms backbone was set up principally by Cable and Wireless which has always worked very closely with GCHQ (the British signals intelligence establishment) which itself is locked into a strategic partnership called Echelon with the United States’ government’s National Security Agency (NSA)– what this means is that whatever passes through the pipes in/out/ and around Bim is and has always been accessible to foreign agencies, who don’t care anything about Barbados’s laws.

    Not that they care that much about their own countries’ laws either.


    Ekstra Bladet meets former Echelon spy. In spite of illness and angst, she now reveals how illegal political surveillance was carried out.

    by Bo Elkjær and Kenan Seeberg.

    LAS VEGAS (Ekstra Bladet): “Even though I felt bad about what we were doing, I was very pleased with the professional part of my job. I don’t mean to brag, but I was very good at what I did, and I actually felt like Echelon was my baby.”

    Ekstra Bladet meets Margaret Newsham in her home in a sleepy Las Vegas suburb. For obvious reasons we are omitting the name of the town where Margaret Newsham is trying to lead a normal life. She has never mentioned her past to her neighbors.

    A past in which Margaret Newsham has been in close contact with the very core of the most secretive world of all worlds.

    Margaret Newsham helped build the electronic surveillance system known as Echelon.


    Newsham has gone through hell ever since she was fired from her job at Lockheed Martin where she designed programs for Echelon’s global surveillance network. When asked to work on a project in 1984, she refused because she believed it could harm the US government.



    “To me, there are only two issues at stake here: right or wrong. And the longer I worked on the clandestine surveillance projects, the more I could see that they were not only illegal, but also unconstitutional.”

    Margaret Newsham is not pleased with herself for participating in spying on ordinary people, politicians, interest groups and private companies, which is exactly what she did for 10 years, from 1974 to 1984.

    Both the satellites and the computer programs were developed at Lockheed’s headquarters in Sunnyvale California, and in 1977, she was stationed at the largest listening post in the world at Menwith Hill, England.

    “On the day at Menwith Hill when I realized in earnest how utterly wrong it was, I was sitting with one of the many “translators”. He was an expert in languages like Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Suddenly he asked me if I wanted to listen in on a conversation taking place in the US at an office in the US Senate Building. Then I clearly heard a southern American dialect I thought I had heard before.”

    “Who is that?” I asked the translator who told me that it was Republican senator Strom Thurmond. ‘Oh my gosh!’ I thought. We’re not only spying on other countries, but also on our own citizens. That’s when I realized in earnest that what we were doing had nothing to do with national security interests of the US.”


    In all its complicated simplicity, the American intelligence agency, NSA, together with intelligence agencies in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, has established a system of satellites and computer systems that can monitor by and large all electronic communication in the world: phone conversations, e-mails, telexes and telefaxes. A number of other countries are affiliated as third or fourth party participants, including Denmark.

    The fundamental concept of the system is to get access to all important political movements in hostile and allied countries alike and to keep an eye on all important economic movements. Knowledge is power, and the NSA knows it. Furthermore, NSA’s spies function as the only primary authority to supervise who receives what information and what it is used for.

    “Even then, Echelon was very big and sophisticated. As early as 1979 we could track a specific person and zoom in on his phone conversation while he was communicating. Since our satellites could in 1984 film a postage stamp lying on the ground, it is almost impossible to imagine how all-encompassing the system must be today.”

    Continued at:

  67. Bimbro

    Hi BFP, is my comment of yesterday still ‘awaiting moderation’ or has it been overlooked!!!!

  68. Anonymous

    Green Monkey , that is a very informative article i hope people take the time to read it in its entirety . I hope people come to the realisation that this privacy ting ain’t justtt come about but have been in the pipe works for a while being tweaked and perfected to the stage its at now.

    It also shows how through segmentation and various security levels how normal people can contribute towards monstrous things without realising it .Vis a vis that event 6 years ago whose anniversary not too long passed .I know it may seem like a tired point but i think its important that we see what the powers that be are capable of . Even against their ‘own’ people .

    The truth shall set us free fa real . Deception requires energy and effort but the truth just is.


    The anonymous post is mine , i am not sure what happened . The earlier one too about the Patriot Act.

  70. Beckles

    “Deception requires energy and effort but the truth just is” <— one of the most profound things I eva hear. Now that makes me think and rejoice.

  71. Anonymous Also

    I don’t know if Beckles is on the same wavelength as I am, but I am not only thinking, I am having a damn good laugh. Oh, yeah, deception certainly requires energy and effort, but you know what? Even a chameleon gets caught eventually.


    BFP wrote..
    Obviously, you visiting a newspaper’s website does not endanger your telephone privacy,
    however a little research will show that any unscrupulous website can invade your computer and examine or copy your hard drive.
    This might, or might not be of concern to you.

    I’d suggest you immediately switch to a more secure(than IE7) web browser
    preferably Firefox, and make use of their several SCRIPT-BLOCKING system extensions.

    your computer is open to invasion
    unless you -YOU- do something about it.

  73. Thistle

    With Firefox and Zone Alarm complete with a firewall, I have managed to stave off (or rather those security systems staved off) three virus-infected attachments that were sent to me from a supposed “friend” who tries to fill my inbox with all kinds of links from International newspapers which I now delete as soon as I see them. Firefox and Zone Alarm work just fine.


    BFP Comments

    Very true, thistle. Zone Alarm is far superior to Norton, McCaffe etc. I think that BFP must be THE advert poster child for Zone Alarm. The latest versions are also far more user friendly.


  74. Anonymous

    How do I get Zone alarm.

    Please give some info on it,I currently have norton anti-virus.

  75. BFP

    Zone Alarm dot com

  76. theNickster

    I almost went to that hardwood housing place, looks like another avenue dead. A guy can’t get a break on the whole housing front, either I need friends in high places, a hidden illicit business venture or bust out the chalk and some candles to summon the dark forces (must give Owen a call to ask him which one he serves).

  77. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian you are correct as a minister you are supposed to not employed in any other venture, but as is the case with our attorney general Dale Marshall he is the AG but still carries on a law firm which is know to make things happen when it comes to dealing with the gov’t of Barbados.
    So yes and no is maybe the correct response to your question.

  78. Wishing in Vain

    I wouls almost appear to me that the opposition and BFP press are at right angles to each other here we have the opposition breaking a story about corruption at Hardwood Holdings but not getting any support from BFP and then we have BFP breaking a story about tapping lines and the DLP have not responded, BFP I am not sure why you have chosen not to react to the Hardwood story but it does warrant a reaction and comment, as for your wire tapping story it is being investigated to see if there is a provision for such a thing in the laws of the land.


    BFP Replies

    Hi WIV

    We are getting an article together on the DLP call for an investigation into the hardwood housing etc., but I’m afraid that neither you nor any other DLP supporters will like what we have to say… but you may think for a moment and agree with us.

    Clive… where is it? You promised!


  79. Bimbro

    Well, I can only assume that you’ve decided to censor my comment. It’s difficult to see why and can only assume it must have been a very important one. I thought this was the kind of thing which you were complaining about re: the BLP, i.e. censorship and lack of or interference with communication!

  80. Hants

    BFP I am a DLP supporter so I may not like what you have to say but I am also a BFP supporter so whatever you got.. Bring it on.

    I hope you don’t come with anything that happened more than 13 years ago.

  81. Wishing in Vain

    BFP nothing fazes me any longer I am too old to get excited or worked up about stuff.
    However I find it very amazing that you can concoct an article that would be negative about the DLP call for accountability at Hardwood Holdings, but never the less I guess to be sensational and shock value is what really matters to those involved.
    By the way I am sure that many are still eagerly awaiting your story on money laundering and corruption, when is that one due to be published?

  82. Wishing in Vain

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    This is about as bad as it gets to have Barbadians restricted from freedom of beach access allowed by a short drunkard because of his greed for his bank account this is a very sad day in the lives of Barbadians.
    How timely my post was last night, without knowing anything about the story in the newspaper of today’s date.
    This was on the cards from the moment this project started and I would never have expected the gov’t to tell that they have granted these permissions to affect the beach access to locals and residents alike.
    This gov’t is sold out to the highest bidder and Pemberton has them by the short and curly and pulling hard and getting any and everything that he wants including restricting the access to our beaches thanks Owing for selling out our country and us the citizens.
    How corrupt and dishonest you and your party are is unreal.

    Published on: 10/1/07.

    This access road to Batts Rock Beach will be no more if developmentof a multimillion-dollar condominium project gets underway. (GP)


    VEHICULAR ACCESS to the popular Batts Rock, St Michael beach will disappear if those behind a new upscale condominium development get their way.

    According to the physical scoping study and social impact assessment documents at the Town Planning Department, the developers want to remove the current public access road, instead creating a footpath that would lead to the Batts Rock beach and public facilities.

    The developers, identified as “Mr and Mrs Lee Simon”, want the road removed because it divides the almost four-acre property in two.

    Plans for the development, which will consist of an undisclosed number of four- and five-storey residential apartments with associated parking, swimming pools and other amenities, were submitted to the Town Planning in August 2006.

    The developers promised it would be “quite different to previous privately-owned development projects in that it introduces a significant public gain through the grant of public right of access and use of the attractive coastal cliff-front section”.

    The development will include landscape lighting, water features, focal paving, garden gateways and parking, and will incorporate a sea turtle management plan.

  83. Anonymous

    Please give some info on it,I currently have norton anti-virus.
    norton used to be quite good, but i would suggest replacing it(and/or MacAfee) with something else when the $ub$cription expires. many people now use AVGfree which auto-updates and auto-scans daily and works quite well…apprehending many nasties including T.horses.
    however, anti-virus is just one problem and it’s a problem largely taken care of these days, at server level. your anti-virus is just a backup to the server efforts, but still wise to have it. Sunbeach users have Postini, who do a great job.

    sounds like you’re still open to pop-ups, bad/hostile scripts, diallers(for those still using dialup) trojan horses, worms etc.

    Whatever you do, stop browsing via Internet Explorer of any sort or version, and get Firefox a.s.a.p. it is much much better and somewhat reminiscent of the old Netscape navigator we all so enjoyed way back when(Ffox is created/maintained by many of the same old Netscape Nav. crew!)

  84. Mike Parks.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten my name, dammit!
    I was a big part of the whole slot-machines shenanigans here on the island.

    It was Me and Tom and Aaron!
    How dare you leave me out?!

    I also used to run a few brothels in Santa Domingo, and was even picked up in Italy on a murder or manslaughter charge.
    I was a real nice piece of work, until I died about a year or two ago, leaving the world a better place,
    but hell we used to have some good parties with all the girls, up at Little Bentley in St.Philip..


  85. Wishing in Vain

    Hey Mike how many women you provided for Adams and how much Cocaine you had on hand for him?

  86. Wishing in Vain

    With regard to Marscoll rambling and lying.

    He will make many other inaccurate pronoucenments once he continues to try to defend the indefendesible, If he were to try to recapture his ego and his pride and realise that the blp are using him for what he is worth and that basically he is fodder for them, he is dispensible as is Mottley, Marshall, Edghill, Duguid, Liz Thompson, Payne and others.
    Owing must be smiling and saying what an idiot Mascoll must be to have fallen hook line and sinker for his bait and now that he has him that he is a spent force he is only now setting the hook in him to put him in the market for sale.
    Anyone heard the rumor that there is a plan afoot by Owing to unseat Mottley apparently he is not happy with a group from within his party that has been assembled by Mottley to oust him from office and he has vowed to have her removed from her seat, sounds like Peanuts and Bree when Adams was power hungry and Bree was the most fitting for the post of PM Adams paid people to campaign against Bree, Adams had Peanuts elected at the expense of his friend Bree, that is politics for you and this time around it will be no different.
    My word of advice to Mottley is that she should have kept her mouth shut and it would not get her in as much TROUBLE as it has done recently, I hope these comments BITE at her and she thinks about what she does more carefully

  87. The burden of proof rests on the accuser not the accused. The prime minister should not have to deny the claim, since it’s typically *not* necessary to disprove that which has not been proved.


    BFP Comments

    Accusation? There is no accusation here, merely a statement of fact based upon information that we believe is true.

    The fact that the Prime Minister and senior Cabinet remain silent about the Order in Council is expected and of little concern to us. They are, after all, thugs who care not for the rule of law.

  88. Perhaps you believe this to be true, and you may very well have good grounds for this. In fact it might very well be true. However, aside from “we have heard from our sources” I’ve been shown no evidence to back up such a claim.


    BFP Comments

    Then don’t worry about it caribdaily. We know our sources are reliable, and furthermore they are independent of each other. We believe them. We also saw the Nation News and Barbados Advocate websites go down on the date and time that our source said they would – over a week in advance.

    There is no doubt in our minds. You will have to judge for yourself.

    Of course, in the past when we even published photos of corruption (ie: Government Minister Gline Clarke building a house on land that his own government expropriated) the government doesn’t say anything, so why should we expect them to say anything now?

    But it is still true whether or not they comment on it.

  89. Mac

    Person must be willing to put their country first and when good men turn a blind eye to injustice evil men prosper. Wiretaps or not we need to understand what coruption and mismanagement has done to Haiti, Trinidad,Guyana and Jamaica. What are we creating for our children? Every thug will have his day as Karma is real.

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