Myanmar Cuts Internet To Shut Down Bloggers and Independent News


The government of Myanmar (Burma) is killing people on the streets again this morning, and they have shut down all internet service to the country.

You see friends, despots everywhere fear a free news media, but most of all they fear ordinary people discussing corruption, freedom and democracy.

That is true in Myanmar, and it is true in Barbados.

No, the Barbados government is not shooting people in the streets – but all the other danger signs are there.

Especially now.

While we ready our breaking story, you can read about Myanmar here…

Myanmar Government Shuts Down The Internet


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5 responses to “Myanmar Cuts Internet To Shut Down Bloggers and Independent News

  1. Sundowner

    If anyone is interested in supporting the people of Burma/Myanmar you can go to

    and sign a petition to be presented to the U.N.

  2. The People's Democratic Congress

    It is terrible what is happening in Myanmar (Burma). What is happening there is the worst expression of military rule that could ever be imagined right now any where in this modern era. The ruthless killing so far of possibly hundreds of Myanmar civilians, and the maiming so far, too, of possibly many more, who have been demanding democratic change in their country, by this military dictatorship in Myanmar, must be condemned in the strongest terms possible by the People’s Democratic Congress. Such abominable behaviour has no place in a supposedly modern civilized world.

    When the citizens of Myanmar CANNOT freely exercize fundamental rights to freedom of expression, speech, association, assembly, movement, etc. within a constitutional context in these modern times, it certainly means that they have to get the assistance of democratic nations of this world to change that sick despotic military regime. That this military government or regime of Myanmar could begin so cruelly to suppress the rights and freedoms of those monks and other people who have been legitimately marching and protesting against it, certainly means that other nations of this world must take strong stances against such a repressive regime, to the point whereby it is replaced by a democratically elected civilian government. History tells us that, in 1988, the Burmese military also brutally put down civilian demonstrations against it. What is also known is that the opposition leader there has been long imprisoned by this same military.

    Certainly, this awful tradegy in Myanmar does, to some extent, show that citizens worldo’er have to really achieve greater power and authority than the little power and authority they now have in the countries in which they live. PDC is surely for people’s sovereignty in Barbados. That is why under a PDC Government there shall be put in place a constitutional political regime whereby Constituents will debate and pass the laws of this country.


  3. Anyone pass at Ronya Juman’s blog? All content has been obliterated!

  4. armchair critic

    What is happening in Burma is truly horrific and deserves the condemnation of every democratic nation. However, to in any way attempt to draw a comparison between Myanmar (Burma) and Barbados is definitely a case of hyperbolic insanity…….

    Media in its various forms should not only be free and fair (AS IT IS IN BARBADOS). It should also be RESPONSIBLE…….

  5. Anonymous

    armchair critic hahahahahaha rofl