Barbados Free Press Going Offline For 24 Hours Or Less

Hello Folks

Before 11pm on Wednesday, September 26, 2007, Barbados Free Press will be going offline for an estimated 24 hours – or less. At times the blog will entirely disappear – while at other times we will be online but none of the moderators will be on duty.

Whether we are down for the entire day or a few hours all depends on how quickly we can make some things happen.

The reason for this will be clear upon our return.

My friends…

We are not living in the Barbados of our parents – where no matter what hardships we faced, our elected representatives, police and judicial officials at least knew right from wrong and the importance of the Rule of Law. No, people didn’t always live up to the standards as they should have: but at least they knew enough to know when they were doing wrong.


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18 responses to “Barbados Free Press Going Offline For 24 Hours Or Less

  1. cynty

    Good luck…………

  2. Sundowner

    Whatever you’re doing, fingers crossed, hope all is well.

  3. akabozik

    Welcome back BFP. We can’t wait to hear what has been happening.

    Good luck!

  4. Undertaker

    When I saw the site down, I thought they had gotten you. Came in the dark of the night, dragged and beaten you in front of your children…. Glad to see it was not that. Until…….

  5. Pogo

    BFP you are right our leaders have lost the difference between right and wrong.

    The things they are doing and not telling us is hurrendous and the blogs are bringing all to the surface.

    Barbados needs blogs now more than ever.

  6. Kevin

    Is the Government bankrupt?

    Can you respond to this post if you are eligible for a tax refund, filed on time and still have not yet received it. Maybe its not so odd.

    If you have received a refund could you say when you filed?


  7. Undertaker

    Kevin – I filed just days before the deadline (about a week or so) and I got back mine the last week in June. I was surprised because I usually get mine around late July mid Aug. I was not a bad piece either. If my return is what broke the treasury them I am very sorry. I would like a another one though…….

  8. Anonymous

    I tried accessing this website from workplace,earlier. was confronted with a username and password submission form.I suspect the party’sover and we will soon all need to register in order to post. if that’s the case I can’t be bothered, as this shall put a biiig spanner in your works and kill the spontaneity of the whole thing. IF this does transpire to be the case, the blp will have won out. IF.
    I hope I’m wrong

  9. Just asking

    Are you back on yet?


    BFP Cliverton says:

    Not really. Not yet. Maybe midnight tonight back up and rockin’

    Don’t worry about the login screen. You won’t see that again as we’re finished with that part of things.

  10. Anonymous

    Well, bfp staff certainly have a flair for the dramatic. Enough with the theatrics already, what’s all the fuss about?


    GOOD LUCK I HOPE IT does not last long

  12. Roger Rabbitt

    After you have made the site more secure, can we all look forward to some really tight articles coming from you? We do expect a very efficient organisation where the muck-rakers would not be allowed to spoil the party.

  13. theNickster

    Fight the power!!.. or something to that effect. I haven’t got my returns back either, must have been something i said…

  14. Anonymous

    Roger Rabbitt, I’m not quite following you – you hope that we can look forward to “some really tight articles” coming from BFP. And then you say we “expect a very efficient organisation where the muck-rakers would not be allowed to spoil the party.” In the first place, I think most of us find the articles from BFP “tight” – whatever that means – challenging, interesting, and many times provocative. What more do we want! As regards the muck-rakers, BFP have explained that they can’t do much about them, unless they are moderating 24/7, which they are unable to do.

  15. Anonymous

    You are correct when you refer to “tight” as provocative and challenging and interesting. The muckrakers will always be there. What I meant was that the said muck-rakers will have to be ignored as much as possible and not be allowed to derail serious arguements/discussions.

  16. Anonymous Also

    Wait a minute! The “Anonymouses” got muh head giddy. I thought it was one Roger Rabbitt that said something about muckrakers. How it get to be Anonymous now? Straighten up and fly right.

  17. Roger Rabbitt

    Anon Also
    True. That previous post was mine. Did’t know what happened there. Must be one of those things.