To The Person With The Pink Paper…


Message received. Please wait.

Give us 24 hours exclusive for reasons that will become obvious tomorrow.

Something big happening and have to wait 24 hours.

Folks, this message is another one of those housekeeping communications that have to be posted when we can’t email… and we don’t dare email at this moment.



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15 responses to “To The Person With The Pink Paper…

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I trust this is a hot issue, can you also get that person over at BU to deliver the plans for the road works project, He seems to be holding a handful of aces.

  2. jamaicangirl2007

    Hey can someone tell me how you get to put in the link so that people can click “random” to get random files? Thanks….you guys can email me…you know where to reach me:)

  3. Does “Random” work with Blogger? Or is this wordpress only (he says with trepidation)?

  4. bechazz

    Bechazz BFP liar.

    Loveridge you are a DEAD MAN.

    BFP…. and E!

  5. Waiting in Vain

    Loveridge, that st11nking white dog.

    KILL HIM!!!!

  6. Waiting in Vain

    Loveridge needs to be gotten rid of.

  7. Shona

    Irene Sandiford-Garner does look too hungry and starve-out, doh.

    Dah gal look as ef she want FOOD.






  8. Thistle

    drdog: I’m afraid you don’t quite get it … the filthy termites are back.

  9. Sundowner

    I hope you at BFP are being careful, I don’t like the way this is going………

  10. smfdpdc

    What is going on at BFP? What is really happening??We could NOT see your site for a long time – 6 hrs – until about 7.15 am. What really is happening!! All we were getting was We were very confused and were misled to fill out information on creating some ignorant blog at Hell, we dont wish any blog at this stage!! Later we discovered on that you all were going to be off line for 24 hrs or less. As we post this bit of information we dont know exactly where it is going to end up. We will still post it still hoping it goes to you all. How do we get back our name, website and email address in the post comments section?? Email us and let us know.

  11. frankology

    Hi bloggers. What the hell is going on out there. I am sick of the way these blogs are being managed. A blog can be an eye opener based on facts, eye openers and a medium to express doubts or speak about the ills that confronts us all, but the above bloggers who are using this site should be banned and these perpetrators should be brought to justice. We must all understand that the behaviour of people exposed on a sensitive instrument like the internet can bring shame to the our country. Don’t you feel that potential visitors to Barbados will be reading these uncouth blogs? Come on people, clean up your acts now. We can have fair discussions between opposition entities without the nasty name calling or direct threats from these bloggers. If the moderators of this site cannot control and monitor these wicked blogs, it will be better to shut down this site. My country deserves better, and as I said before and will say again….If some bloggers have agendas and are trying to get the opposition to the fore, remember, if your party wins the next election, damage control will have to be the first thing on their agenda. Why?, we are exposing dirty laundry to the world, certain linens that seems to be questionable. Do we deserve the stares from the international market? Enough said!

  12. Anonymous

    frankology is worried about our appearance in public.
    is that classic blp or what?

    oh dear the image is sullied.
    boohoo frankology, so the world knows that barbados too has dirty linen. big problem 4u?

    do you sense us slipping from 24?
    wait til the TI index for 2007 is put together!

    all that dirty laundry you find so distasteful
    will do its work. the facade is finally removed.
    boohoo i cry 4u.

  13. Frankology

    Anyone who states he/she is “Anonymous” surely don’t have a backbone. I am not a BLP apologetic; I am not here to defend BLP’s policies. If you took the time to read my blob, you will see clearly that I was speaking about the name-callings, the threats and the cuss words by certain bloggers.

    I am surprise with your behaviour, Is this the same blogger who a few minutes ago, wrote on another subject, the following “You guys do good work, don’t get me wrong, and there is a place for a blog of this nature, but you need to hold yourselves to higher standards with regards to your journalistic practices and ease up on the over sensationalism.” Am I seeing contradictory statements? These are the same statements that I was speaking of in my blob. I am against who ever submit vile threats to Adrian.

    We as a people have to realize that our behaviour whilst dealing with a problem don’t have to be threatening to one another, our behaviour will escalade to our children and to our guests in the outside world..
    People of your intellect should be a catalyst for a better Barbados using your ability to inform, improve and motivate change for the betterment of our people. I read a good set of your articles and expect better, you are beginning to show your slips.


    BFP Comments…

    Hello Frankology,

    Perhaps you could clarify your statements vis a vis commenters vs. bloggers. Bloggers write the articles, commenters, well, comment!

    BFP Auntie Moses

  14. Frankology

    Thanks for your rectification Auntie Moses. The language should have been the people who are commenting in my statement.

  15. Frankology

    Hi Auntie Moses

    I hope you read my comments regarding the behaviour of certain commenters issuing threats to Adrian. I hope you will be able to trace those perpetrators and block them from any further discussions.