So Much Corruption In Barbados and So Little Time! Sir COW Williams’ Conflict Of Interest and The Great Barbados Land Grab

A reader has taken us to task for not addressing the issue of Sir COW’s conflict of interest in relation to the Barbados Farms Ltd. land grab.

Our apologies, dear readers. There is only so much time in a day and so very much corruption in Barbados.

If only we could win the lottery and do Barbados Free Press on a full time basis, we would be able to print many more stories of the way things are on our small island home.

So, take it away concerned reader…

The Great Barbados Land Grab

I have been increasingly disturbed by what may now be called “The Great Barbados Land Grab”.

Following the announcement by Sir Charles Williams and a group of investors to purchase a controlling interest in Barbados Farms Ltd, this has now been succeeded by a further bid by the CLICO Group. The disgrace here is that Sir Charles Williams (COW) is a board member of Barbados Farms Ltd (BFL), and yet claims that his bid is based on the inability of BFL to make a profit.

How could you at BFP allow COW to get away with this blatant conflict of interest? Surely, as a director, COW has a duty to the shareholders of BFL to make the company perform to the best of its abilities. How can he therefore turn around and claim that he and his friends can make BFL profitable once again? He didn’t even have the decency to resign as a director first! The fact is that BFL own 4000 acres of land in Barbados. For the amount being offered for the shares by COW and his cohorts, they would only need to develop about 300 acres to recover their investment, leaving them with 3700 acres free.

It’s the kind of land grab reminiscent of the stories we read about the Wild West! Nobody who has seen COW operate with agricultural land will believe that he seriously wants to keep it in agriculture. His whole juggernaut has to be continued to be fed. As one job is completed, those earth moving machines must move on. The CLICO offer has little more to recommend it, and there is generally a feeling in Barbados that, despite Mr Parris’s protestations, they are just awaiting a change of government to move ahead and develop what they have.

They don’t need any advanced “nod and a wink” before they purchase, because both they and COW know how it’s done.

To the shareholders of Barbados Farms Ltd, I say that you must make your directors identify that land owned by BFL that cannot be used for agriculture, and apply to develop it to YOUR benefit, and nobody else’s. And demand the resignation of Sir Charles Williams from the board, immediately, for failing in his duty as a director.


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  1. Fallon Anthony

    I thank the contributors for that mention and I BEG the readers and contributors not to ease up on his topic. My family has 100K in Barbados Farms and the company has been purposefully mismanaged.They would be millionaires if they invested that money in Microsoft.. I believe it is probably illegal and definetly unethical for Mr Othneil Williams to remain on the Board. There are plenty urban planning professonals that can sit on that board and they dont need to be white..not saying that being white should exclude a qualified person..But this is serious highhanded gangsterism and I think some of these concerns should be fwd in lettes copied by public, employeses and shareholders to the Attorney General, Securities Commision and Office of Fair Trade..Unfortunately the shares held are not mine but my family’s and they are not to sharp businesswise. In fact I understand Mr Williams sat on the BS&T and YES many contracts were tendered to COW construction company. These things are partly the fault of the supposed to be functioning watchdog laws, regulatiosn and relevant govt departments..where is the Securities Commission..BS& T is a public trading company and the minority shareholders who stuck with this old evolved plantation management company need to be protected.

  2. Anonymous

    Why don’t you find a way for us to pay you so that you can do this full time?

  3. passin thru

    Owen Arthur pay big time for Marcus to NOT do this! 🙂

  4. James

    Not the worst idea in the world. Surely there’s confidential payment systems that could be used – and I mean confidential for both parties. Me, I think that some of the reporting is over the top and some of the unsubstantiated stuff lacks credibility (the latest DPP article is one of them) but it’s an excellent blog and a necessary public service until the real-world (if you can call them that) media wake up to journalism.

  5. Frankology

    For the past two months, Barbadians have been bombarded daily of the eminent takeover by two Trinidadian powerhouses of the Barbados Shipping and Trading Company. We are accusing Government of not intervening; we are asking why a successful Barbadian entity cannot buy out BS&T, but while we are monitoring the debate with baited breathe, another Trinidadian powerhouse is buying out Barbados and not a word is being uttered by our established critics.

    We are talking about the CLICO group which is one of the largest owners of land in Barbados, including many plantations, they own two priced properties – Sam Lords Castle and Villa Nova and no one utter a word about Clico’s takeover of Rayside Construction – did we hear of any bidding on that take-over or buyout?

    Now we are hearing of a local hardworking magnate, who are employing thousands of Barbadians and everyone is trying to crucify him of buying out all of Barbados’ land….now tell me, isn’t this what you call double-standard. In one voice you are talking of foreigners buying up our land and another voice you are criticizing a born and bred bajan who has the collateral to invest in his homeland.

    I listen to callers trying to instigate the language of Mr. Williams purchasing the land at below cost, but if you are purchasing thousands of acres of bulk land, the cost price will be lower than you purchase a single acre. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to reach that conclusion.

    Now let us get back to the CLICO issue. It was announced by the chairman of its Barbados head office (see Saturday Sun of September 22, 2007) that after purchasing Rayside in November 2005, it moves from a near bust (we would like to know the real near-bust dollar figure) to a colossal profit of $18 million in its first year and is looking at a $6 million for the first part of this year. Even if you are an economic guru, it would be impossible to invest in millions of capital investments – heavy duty equipment etc. Could we on the outside say, the former Rayside Company did not get the economic backing from our financial institutions or it was hampered in its quest to maintain prominence and was struggling to keep a float? Or Operation Free Flow was in the offing – The award for the Flyovers was eminent and it was a target by the takeover sharks. After the Flyovers, will Rayside be on the market again?.

    I find it extremely difficult to comprehend why the same management structure could not have work and at least make half of the so call $18 million profit.

    So in the next take-over equation, please include CLICO and stop the negativity of Mr. Williams.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Frankology, I am sure that a major part of this fuss is not the attempt to take over but more importantly the price at which the take over occurs at, it is know and proven fact that COW’s bid is half of what the price ought to be, is this a fair and an honest approach to trying to take over these valuable plantation lands soon to become Golf course, shopping malls and Marina lands.

  7. crossroads

    If I could buy a $200000 benz for $30000, I would take the opportunity as well.

  8. Frankology

    If you are aware COW’s bid is $2.75 and Clico’s bid is not less than $3.00. Would it not be better for a bajan to own the said Barbados Farms? If the going market price should have been doubled, why did Clico not show the true share cost and bid for $6.00 one time? How can you jump to such a conclusion that Sir Charles intention is to build a golf course or mall? Don’t you think that he might be more interested in diverting to horticulture or livestock farming or some major foreign exchange earner?

    Who could say if Clico don’t have intention to change from agricultural setting and put it into housing or allow it to become grassland? Or you prefer to be bias as usual and overlook the gist of my statement of Clico’s intention of buying up all of Barbados’ land.

    Where is the opposition’s voice in all these takeovers and highway over-runs which will make our grand children indebted to maybe Trinidad or China for ever?

  9. Wishing in Vain

    You need to ask COW at what price did he recently sell estate lands at, trust me no where his offer price.

  10. Hants

    Frankology “Who could say if Clico don’t have intention to change from agricultural setting and put it into housing or allow it to become grassland.”

    Why has Clico kept the existing Plantations they own in Agriculture all these years? They could have built Houses if they wanted.

    As far as I am concerned, a bidding war between COW and CLICO will drive the share price up and the shareholders will benefit.

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Absolutely right Hants, more importantly is that the shareholders should be paid at the same level as if COW were selling a piece of own lands, if he did so they could be no quarrel or no need for discussion but these piece meal bits and pieces offers are an insult to those that have a shareholding in Barbados Farms.
    Clico has been a longstanding land owner in Barbados and to date they have chosen not to erect Golf courses, Marinas, or shopping centres therefore I have no real issues with them aqquiring more land.
    What I would like to see them erect is a few nice quality hotels unlike the Condos that suddenly Lynch has gotten so sweet on maybe because the builders have promised him one of the condos in the beachfront Dover Beach property that the private investors conned him into, a prime beach front property that would have been fantastic for a hotel instead Lynch sets up a condo block !!
    What a twit we have making decisions in the most important industry in Barbados it says a lot about what Owing thinks about the main foreign exchange earner for the island, not the least bit concerned not a care in the world.

  12. Tudor

    When the Govt changes next election I predict that CLICO will get permission to develope their St. Johns estates into housing. I cannot understand why CLICO has allowed Wakefield House to fall into such a state of disrepair, Todds house has only recently been “fixed up”. Please do not forget the “Plantations” debacle CLICO was only interested in getting their hands on the assets not really turning Plantations around.

    On this issue of COW offering to buy the shares of B’dos farms while being a Director he was, in my opinion wrong, he should have resigned first. Someone wrote that since COW was a Director he should have done the things to turn the Company around and not waited until he purchased it (my words); it has been my experience that non-excutive Directors can only set policy etc but it is up to the excutive directors to really affect change and to do what is needed to increase profits.

  13. Certainly, it is absolutely detestable and disgraceful that Charles Othneil Williams and Ralph Williams could once again wish to own and/or control thousands more of acres of Barbadian lands!! And, no doubt with Owen Arthur and this BLP Government looking sheepishly on, these two zealots can be seen using certain corporate powers and influences available to them to NOT ONLY attempt (via this BFL situation)to “own” and /or control so much more of our precious lands, BUT ALSO to attempt to obscenely deprive thousands upon thousands of Barbadians, living and unborn, from rightfully and truly on their own volition, “owning” pieces of this rock. What a very terrible twosome!!

    It is no secret that these brothers through their own personal and corporate dealings and holdings have already come by “ownership”, directly or indirectly, of huge tracts of land in Barbados. Indeed, it is totally unfair, wrong and outrageous for the political and legal systems of this country, too, to have gone so long without ANY checks and balances or any prohibitions in them as it relates to the possibilities and realities of too many lands falling into too few hands, and esp. among them, foreigners. And, yes, PDC must therefore reflect on the adverse social and other implications and repercussions of such serious disparities in land ownership and distribution among the social categories in Barbados, and God forbid if they are widen in the short to medium term!! Not to forget the astronomical “prices” involved already in the purchasing of many lands in Barbados!!

    We restate it now, and without any compunction whatsoever, that when PDC becomes the government of this country there shall be very, very fundamental reform of the land/ “ownership”/”lease” system of this country. Indeed, et al, then, our land/related laws will state that NO FOREIGNERS SHALL “OWN” OUR LANDS, but, instead, many of them would be permitted to enter into 10-15 yr terms of leases of land; caps shall be placed on the number of acres of lands to give a maximum number of acres of lands, and in regard of all locations, that any Barbadian citizen, business or any other entity can “own”; and, too, such lands SHALL ONLY be permitted to be “sold” at nominal/administrative costs. VOTE PDC.

  14. Thistle


    You can’t understand why CLICO has allowed Wakefield House to fall into such a state of disrepair? Well, I wasn’t there when he said it, so I can’t swear for its veracity, but I was told that Mr. Leroy Parris once stated that as long as he was around and had the resources, no white person would ever own a plantation/plantation house in Barbados again. So, it doesn’t matter what he does, or doesn’t do with the plantations after buying them. It’s about making sure a white person doesn’t get them.

  15. Lady Anon

    Saw the front page of today’s nation…”Barbados Farms board tells shareholders to reject AIL’s Offer.”

    Published on: 9/27/07.


    BARBADOS FARMS LTD’S board of directors has advised shareholders to reject the hostile takeover bid by local conglomerate Agricultural Investment Ltd (AIL).

    In a circular issued to shareholders yesterday, the directors of the island’s single largest private landowner rejected the bid being led by fellow board member Sir Charles Williams and his brother Ralph “Bizzy” Williams.

    According to the circular, Sir Charles has taken a leave of absence from the board.

    The remaining directors, led by chairman Anthony King, described AIL’s offer of $2.75 per share as “not in the best interest of the shareholders”.

    Basing their advice on an assessment of the agricultural company’s real estate holdings by Terra Caribbean, the directors told shareholders AIL’s offer undervalued their shares as Barbados Farms’ “intrinsic value” was “substantially higher” than the offer being made by AIL.

    If AIL gets the 60 per cent of Barbados Farms it is bidding for, that transaction has an estimated cost of $33 million.

    However, the directors said AIL’s offer did not fully compensate shareholders for the potential cash flows that could be achieved from Barbados Farms’ real estate assets.

    The company is said to own more than 4 000 acres of land, much of which is cultivated.

    The directors added that the AIL offer also would not compensate them for passing control to AIL should the takeover be successful.

    In their estimation, shareholders would become “a minority group under the control of a majority shareholder” if AIL achieved its 60 per cent holding.

    The directors also said the AIL takeover would lead to business synergies and opportunities – not least of all the manufacturing of pre-cast components for the homes AIL plans to build on portions of the land. The Barbados Farms directors said the AIL offer price did not reflect this.

    Since AIL’s offer, CLICO, a financial services company, has announced it would launch a formal bid of $3 per share for 100 per cent of Barbados Farms.

  16. gentle jim

    Seems like Mcal really wants BS&T. They just upped their offer to $10.00 per share . Seems like EGO is at work here. If I was Neal& Massey I would leave and go to the bank smiling!!!!!

  17. Adrian Loveridge


    Don’t forget the roof at Sam Lords falling in and have you seen the state of the beach at Long Bay recently.

    Repeated emails to Leroy Parris to contribute to a beach clean-up have gone unanswered.

  18. Thistle

    I’m not surprised, Adrian. I cannot bring myself to visit Sam Lord’s, it would be too painful.

  19. RoyBoy

    is the Chairman – Anthony King the same AK at BS&T?

  20. Frankology

    I am indeed surprise that a “Director”s Circular” was submitted to shareholders asking them to refuse the bid from Sir Charles. It is most surprising why someone will prefer a 100% buyout as per CLICO’s offer and not able to be a part of the decision process or go with Sir Charles and have 40% say in decisions and profits. Simply, if Sir Charles divest into a few houses on rab land, shareholders will still get a piece of the financial pie. Use your head shareholders.

    Adrian, thank you for enlightening bloggers of Sam Lords Castle. I respect your views because you are looking at the whole picture and how it will affect Barbados.

  21. Adrian Loveridge

    I tried to buy Sam Lords on more than one occasion. They refused to sell it to me.

    I know that under my management it would have been profitably run.

  22. Thistle

    It is seen as a symbol of British/White rule and all that terrible sort of thing, so it will stay there and crumble, like the plantation houses.

  23. blueboy

    Anthony King-chairman is certainly same AK from BS&T,robroy.It is no joke a clannish wealthy minority tightly controls our economy. King and Williams brothers very much part of that small white clan. Cow and Bizzy want more of the pie than their fellow clan conspirators so a little internal bloodletting taking place. Majority of Barbadians are helpless onlookers as our land and resources are sold, traded and divided up among the few.

  24. Frankology

    I cannot understand why directors are pushing take-over decisions down the throat of shareholders using “Director’s Circulars” to influence them to sell to companies they favour. This dictorial behaviour should not be entertained until the directors meet with shareholders and give tangible facts why they should sell their shares to that company. Barbados Farms is behaving the same way as BS&T, maybe we are having the same directors associated with too many boards. We have a massive cadre of educated sons and daughters that can sit on these boards and do a better job than these existing directors.

  25. Thinking this thru

    This was posted on the blp blog and it in response to their page where they are saying that the DLP are discussing changing period of service and putting a limit of a max of 10 years in office for any party, maybe they the blp are wishing this was the case now.
    Knowing them the way I do I now doubt if the DLP is even aware of this discussion as they referred to.

    I certainly would support such a move it maybe the only good thing about the American system, but what it would ensure is that politicians would not grow to arrogant and cocky during their time in office but it would also put an end to what we have commonly know and seen as third term madness where leaders and his followers start to realise that their time in office maybe coming to an end and we then see wholesale stealing and corruption setting ( I am not suggesting that this is what your party is about ) afterall you are way to honest to be part of those scams.
    I have known a place where a Prison has been built with third term adminstrations in vogue and this project was three yes three times overbudget but no one said a word, or in another case a road works project moved from $ 120 millionm to $ 360 million and not a word in anger, now were that to happen in Barbados I am sure our politicians would be up front an honest and tell the taxpayers exactly how their money was being wasted.
    However in these third world countries these things go unnoticed and uncontrolled , I sincerly hope that acts of total corruption never makes it to our shores, but I have every confidence that Mr Arthur with an eagle eye for scamps and corruption would identify these crooks within five seconds of meeting them and would do what was necessary to explaing the ground rules to the corrupt ones that come to these shores to ravish and rape our island of natural treasures, the sea, sand and sun.

  26. peltdownman

    Frankology, you see to be a bit of an apologist for COW. What makes us think that he will go for golf courses? Why, his track record, of course! As the orginal writer states, he has to keep the juggernaut moving. No more land to develop, then the machines stay idle. The orginal writer also states that CLICO is no better. I agree that they should have come n at the proper price one time, but that’s not business. And what about COW’s partners in the bid? One of them owns Vaucluse – formerly one of the best producing estates, now lying fallow, and a real eyesore in the heart of the country. Think it will revert to agriculture? It’s time to get real.

  27. Frankology

    Peltdownman, I can say without prejudice that I don’t have any connections with Sir Charles. I have strong respect for the gentleman, yes, he has endless assets and people might be angry why he keeps buying more land, but be realistic, if a plantation with over 3,000 acres is in financial difficulties, the laws of Barbados would not allow the plantation to sell that land in lots, but would ensure that it is sold as a whole transaction. Do you have the hard cash or a banker friend to guarantee a million dollar loan?. Would you be able to transform that land in order to pay back the bank, would you have additional monies to pay workers, purchase equipment, repair equipment, pay utilities, pay yearly taxes, purchase raw materials to plant, school your children, entertain your wife and the list goes on. That is where Sir Charles comes in. He have the funds, the bankers confidence and the equipment. Yes! CLICO now have all of these, but the question you need to answer. Is CLICO a Barbadian entity or Trinidadian? Anytime a Director’s Circular advise shareholders to go with a particular buyer, you must ask the question. What’s the catch? When you purchase a vehicle you ensure that it should work perfectly, the same goes when you purchase a business, you expect it to work for you. If a car is selling for $500.00 and you get 40% Off, you will pay $300.00. If the owner say he want the full 100% for the car, you don’t save a cent. Sir Charles want 60% and CLICO want 100%. If you go for the latter, look for a job before you do the maths

  28. Waterboy

    “Agricultural Investments Ltd – A Misnomer.” See comments by Dr. Frances Chandler in weekend Nation 28.09.07

    GUEST COLUMN: Losing our arable land
    Published on: 9/28/07.


    I NOTED WITH INTEREST and chagrin the proposal made by a company called Agricultural Investments Ltd, reported to comprise a number of individual companies, to buy Barbados Farms Ltd.

    In my opinion the name Agricultural Investments is a misnomer, since agriculture, as far as I am concerned, is not foremost in the minds of any of the persons involved.

    Judging from the condition of the plantation lands presently controlled by the head of one of the companies involved, it is difficult to believe that this person would suddenly promote agriculture on Barbados Farms lands.

    Furthermore, I was listening to a radio interview promoting the same company recently in which the answer to a question as to what was in the pipeline after the present developments were completed, was a statement to the effect that “there is always more to come”. Apparently land for development is unlimited in Barbados.

    Although no one can deny that Sir Charles Williams is involved in agriculture, it would be interesting to calculate the percentage of the total lands owned by him or his companies, which is in productive agriculture.

    Furthermore, until recently, Sir Charles was a member of the board of directors of Barbados Farms.

    How come he could not use his influence as a director and also, as far as I am aware, the largest shareholder, to make the company more vibrant, but plans to do so after the purchase of the company?

    It should be obvious to any clear-thinking person that if such a proposal succeeds, there would most likely be token attention paid to agriculture, while some of our best agricultural lands would no doubt be used for housing.

    Although it should be possible to use the non-arable or “rab” land within plantation lands for housing, as has been done in the past, my experience is that placing modern-day residences in the midst of agricultural land inevitably is done at the expense of the operators of the agricultural land.

    Residents often originate from urban areas and are not willing to accept the smells, sounds and other phenomena associated with agriculture. One usually finds that the farm operations are stymied by the likes and dislikes of these residents.

    This fact was brought out recently on a radio programme where a resident was complaining about horses being kept on agricultural land that was adjacent to a number of residences.

    I say: “If you can’t stand the farm smells, stay out of the farmland,” which emphasises the need for a firm land use policy which clearly delineates land for agricultural use and compatible operations.

    CLSS Holdings, a subsidiary of CLICO Holdings Barbados Ltd, has since entered the fray. CLICO claims that it recognises the important role of agriculture, which sounds good, but whether the talk and the actions will coincide is left to be seen since it did mention something to the effect that it would only take out from agriculture what was necessary, whatever that means.

    It is true that it has left the lands it has already purchased in St John in agriculture, although it has allowed the plantation houses to fall into disrepair.

    It is not obvious to me what it has done to improve the performance of the plantations it has already bought or the technology used on these plantations.

    I invite those shareholders of Barbados Farms who might be considering selling their shares, to take a trip to the ridge north of Brighton Plantation and look south across the beautiful, peaceful, green St George valley, and decide whether they would like to see this land go into housing or remain in its present pristine condition, so soothing to the eyes and ears.

    Then take a trip to St Philip and look at what is being done to Grove and Foursquare, two plantations which I am advised have usually made a profit from agriculture.

    I hope that the shareholders would not fall prey to grabbing at short-term gains at the expense of the long-term sustainability of our nation and ultimately the welfare of their children and their children’s children.

    As shareholders they should be taking an active part in influencing and improving the performance of their company.

    If this agricultural land is allowed to go into housing, I will be convinced that the policy-makers purporting to encourage food security, agro-processing and exports are figureheads and that the real power is in the hands of the officials of the Town and Country Planning Department.

    Dr Frances Chandler is an Independent Senator and agriculturalist.

  29. Shrek

    Hopewell and Vaucluse are 2 St. Thomas plantations with the owners equivalent to Williams industries and Eastern Land Developments.

    Both have gone out of agriculture. That is more than 1000 acres.

    Regardless of nationality- CLICO or Williams- there has to be some assurance set in stone that our population will be fed.

    Moreover the government of Barbados, whoever it may be is obligated to create the economic stimulation that will encourage this fact.

    And not through the subdivision section of Town and Country: but by creating a tax scenario that is condusive to planting food (either trees or crops); and by way of incentives/tax credits for doing this.

    In other words, you should pay more tax for holding agricultural land if you do not produce the goods, but you will be amply rewarded for planting. A double winner for owners and consumers.

    Wonderful to see the rain today in this dry rainy season 2007. If only there was something growing on these lands.

  30. Straight talk


    If Barbados does not formulate a viable plan for subsistence food self- sufficiency, we have already surrendered to the “winner takes all” philosophy of Mr Bush.

    When world food is scarce, what are we Bajans to do, being as we are too well down the pecking order to be listened to.

    We can’t graze the golf courses or polo fields, long abandoned by the well heeled 2%, who can afford to fly, we may be still hoping for first world status in a world that has long passed us by, leaving us in the gutter of floating wannabees, abandoned to our dismal fate.

    Sorry, if that sounds depressing, but this is exactly the way we are moving.

  31. Anonymous

    I Fully agree with you Straight talk , this current model does not benefit the less priveleged amonst us at all .When we grow most of our foods it also saves foreign reserves for items we really need to buy from outside . Also , we have more control over the quality of the items if monitored properly . Maybe incentives could be given to those who not only grow food commercially but also those with kitchen gardens .

    There is alot of genetically modified foodstuff knocking round out there that i think we would be much better off without .

    It got to work some way some how.

  32. Fact Finder

    Back in ? or 24 hours or ?

  33. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    I have proof on how things were done and taken , some names… Ivan N .Jessamy, Jennifer King, G.Dennis Clarke, Q.C,, Cicely P . Chase, Land Tax,Barbaddos Cricket Association,,Ralph Throne Q.C.

    I Am Power of Attorney for the Estate of Violet Beckles,,,, I have about 45 Deeds one have the Great house of Kensington Great house,,, any time you may come see what I have….. deeds from Beatrice Henry to Violet Beckles…..2632761 cell, anytime can call,,,and all papers ,,,,,the have to do jail time ……..

  34. .19

    Do you know Linzie Boldin is selling land to people overseas , and he has not given them a deed , whover he is taking money for building homes and not one has been compleated ,and he has now open up a new company called ” Just Linzy”. The previous company was , Eagle Pointe Cove” .He has taken thousands of dollars, and has not deliver deeds for land nor complete building . That is fraud. Mr. Boldin how can you sleep at night. I am hearing that you are too big , no one can touch you. so much corruption in Barbados. He is a QC well well , a little just told me he thief the land. If anyone knows what is going on please let us know. Canada, USA, England ,Barbados .

  35. Tell me Why

    Do you know Linzie Boldin is selling land to people overseas , and he has not given them a deed
    Corruptions by Barbadian lawyers usually relates to Barbadians living overseas trying to get a piece of the rock. Do you feel these same lawyers would try to pull a fast one of wealthy foreigners? These foreigners are smarter than you think, so I am finding problems in your post. Maybe, you are trying to incite corruption. Remember, “talk does mek talk”, simply, you pelt out a sprat to catch a whale.

  36. .19

    who did cow, clico and bolin bought all this land from, who did they pay for it, or was it will to them. I just asking a question. “I want a plantation I want it at any cost.

  37. Anonymous

    I heard cow father gave him one cow, that cow got him started, look what you can achieve, I wish someone would give me one. also all these young people who is having a hard start in life, all they need is for someone to give them one cow . {smile}

  38. 197

    I have seen the wicked in power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree,but the transgressors shall be destroyed together the end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord : He is their strength in the time of trouble< the Lord shall help them, and deliver them:from the wicked and save them because they trust in him. psalms 37.

  39. fraud

    Dose anyone know where linzie bolding is? the police can’t find him the nation news cant find him every body is looking for him for weeks . He must be hiding behind his QC gown.

  40. canon

    Barbados has a weak legal profession, the historical evidence is overwhelmingly clear. They can take cliant’s money do nothing for it , then tell them they lost the case without going to court, they are a sorry bunch. ARE THEIR ANY HONEST LAWERS TO BE FOUND IN BARBADOS?

  41. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    Land Grab? Call the NAMES of who Most of the land was grab from By the COW. Violet Beckles who most of the land was grab from . UDC grab land and never paid for from Violet Beckles, Barbados oil , farmers with out land, land lease ,Police stations, govt buildings, Housing, roads cut, ABC highway not paid for as YET.Land tax numbers do not match the true OWNERS.The LAWYERS took her money and reduce the amount of land on some deeds.Sold land and never give DEEDS to the so called buyers . WATER was turned on with out DEEDS, NO S.O.P, for friends and family and letters from LAWYERS who also have Violet Beckles land under their control .This was done under Owen , with O’BRIEN TROTMAN, ANDREW PAYNE,GEORGE EDGHILL REMOVED from UDC with the help of police.Books on Barbados history is FRAUD . NATIONAL TRUST not to be trusted and other white book writers. The parts with land and OWNERSHIP , ALL the books i see show when WHITE PEOPLE OWN THE LAND , IT DO NOT SHOW WHEN THEY LOST IT TO THE BLACKS OF BARBADOS OR WHEN IT WAS SOLD. They want for you to think that from the time of Barbados 1630 till 2009 . That they did not change to BLACK HANDS.Then to have white lawyers and their family live in side THE GREAT HOUSES.Book after book back up the FRAUD .The ARCHIVES have a BIG GAP in land ownership, it shows also when white Persons own the Plantations , but do not show when the black Persons own them in 1900’s till now.It seem to Me that new deeds start from when COW sold it to you today. The rule of 20 years good title rule was made by lawyers for lawyers to steal land and make money making new deeds cutting up the lands for houses ,only most in Barbados cant afford.Owen, TOWN and COUNTRY never check to see if who was building, own the land they apply to build on, BUILDING BY APPLICATION I call it. All a deed mean if not from the true owner is proof of your trespass and that you are on Violet Beckles DEEDS .The Banks lawyers , sellers lawyer, buyers lawyer all have a duty to make sure tile is clean COW do not clear DEEDS.Some of the same crook lawyer are now judges today.Search the deeds you have , they all need to go back to a Plantation deed if not you got problems soon to come , Banks will loose, for they know more than they saying for the bds$. Made the money of the loans and now time for them to fall , crooks.1892-1985 DECEMBER 13 , BEATRICE E HENRY WAS THE BUYER OF MORE THAN 5 SQUARE MILES OF THIS ISLAND , WHO LEAVE TO VIOLET BECKLES OF KING STREET , NOW THAT IS GOOD TITLE , FIRST LANDS BOUGHT IN 1926, 30,32,36,37,40,52,57,AND MORE ,MORE THAN 25DEEDS WITH MORE THAN ONE PLANTATION ON THEM , AND MORE THAN 15DEED WITH LAND AND HOUSES.CHECK THE AIRPORTS AND THE DOCKS THE LAWYERS ARE RUNNING AND MANY DIED LASTS YEAR BUT SOME WILL LIVE THE REST OF THEIR LIFE BROKE AND IN JAIL, THEY WILL BE THE FIRST TO SMELL THE NEW PAINT IN A CELL WITH THE DOOR LOCK

    POLICE IS COMING RUN NOW LEAVE ALL YOU STEAL BEHIND.LIKE Violet Beckles say , WHEN YOU HEAR THE SHOUT!!!!!!she is alive and well as they start rumors she is DEAD to steal her land, let them tell the truth , if its not hers she do not want it ,only what is hers , leave sixmens alone, its not a parking lot for private boats , We have deeds for WATER HALL, KENSINGTON , GOOD LAND, GARDEN, BUSH HALL, CHURCH LAND,WELCHES,KIE LAND,BRITTONS,HAGGATT HALL,SANDY LANE,ARTHUR SEAT,KENT,KENDALL,BUTTALS,BLACK ROCK,VENTNOR,GRAZETTES, SIXMENS, WALKERS, and more …time to say what you know

  42. Police Stationrathole

    This lady should be in a mansion with her children and grand children, poor soul, but God is watching.

  43. question

    Where did she get the money to buy all these properties .

  44. passin thru

    Most were left to her, but for the lawyers and politicians it was like taking candy from a baby.

  45. Anonymous

    check the names of the lawyers and you would understand

  46. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El


    Notice to quit was given to All of Baxters Road and Tudor Street and Kensington Oval on the 73 acres of KENSINGTON PLANTATION .

    CROOK FROM Violet Beckles, Violet is not dead so stop the lies.

  47. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    Thursday, January 30 1986. DAILY NATION printed.Probate Advertisement
    LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION CUM TESTAMENTO ANNEXO dated the 17th day of January 1984 to the Estate of BEATRICE EVANGELINE HENRY late of Lake Folly in the parish of Saint Michael in this Island who died in this Island on the 13th day of December, 1985 by VIOLET BECKELS the beneficiary of the residuary estate of said deceased.

    Henry deeds started in 1926 to 1977 some recorded in years after, some 30 years later.

  48. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    REWARD OF $1,000,000.00 REWARD any information leading to the arrest and conviction of any and all lawyers, QC, Sirs, Judge, government workers, UDC, HOUSING, TOWN AND COUNTRY, WATER COMPANY, for the Massive Fraud upon the BEATRICE HENRY Estate to Violet Beckles .Upon the recovery of the Estate money or Plantation Lands , any Bank accounts information of Beatrice Henry also know as SUGAR.

    All information will be kept private . Please call night or day, if you cant reach please call back in case the phone run out of money 246-263-2761, or email to—-—-All of what is wrongs with Barbados starts with what the lawyer did , do , still doing in Barbados,,,fraud in America reach Barbados in dirty stolen money. One got 150 years the other pending no bail. 20/20 cricket at the Oval

  49. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El


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  51. orisha

    yes,preach my brother/sister tell the wicked that have destroy the land of sweet barbados,jugement is around the corner in a very big hurricane

  52. orisha

    no not one

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  54. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    He will not spend on what is not his ,It may belong to Violet Beckles. The bigger the man the bigger the croooook.

  55. Hon: Alex-Mitchell:El

    They have not power to sign a true DEED. Just like the Oval . Set up to run and make money on the true owner.But Violet Beckles still alive. What ever they have problems with selling they tend to open companies to run the land and what is on it . Never BUY with out 100 year search to see who steal what.They all Madoff and Standford boys. Beware of your lawyer, he or she knows more than they telling you.If your lawyer not a crook they know one and will not speak on each other.Make sure who ever you buying land from is in the island face to face , overseas seller are not the true owners.Lawyers dont search .

  56. need help

    Corrupyion-lawers coverning up for lawers, and when you go to one of them he cannot or would not do anything because he has his own skeleton , so he does not want to rock de boat. Corruption can be deminished by havind an upright government. It is extremely important to let people know we don’t want to pay bribe , and we will not pay bribe. Mortality is mortalty, do not do the wrong thing and take advantage of the poor. king arthur want a developing country for he and his cronies, having more houses than they can live in they say Barbados is rich.Poor people cannot buy food never mind a piece of land, so what kind of richness is that, king arthur want us to go to guiana. He will keep BARBADOS FOR HIS CORRUPT POLITIONS AND HIS HOTELIERS .We cannot find a lowincome house to rent in a half way decent neighbour,remember we were call “pogreat” that is poor great respectable decent people, Daddy made sure every thing was filled with water before he went to work. but when i visit my grand mother and had to go to the pipe I was still great. Control corruption bring it to an end knock corruption in the head, stamp out corruption in Barbados, get rid of the lies. No freedom of the press? it takes 5-8 years, we must fight corruption abuse of office, stamp out proverty. Good people need to do the right thing. But Miss Liz ,you in’t tell me how you get all them houses?gie me one nu.

  57. Terrible; it is a shame whatt
    linsey bolin and him friend graftin marchall do to them folks from over& away. dem tek the people money and when them com, no house. Bolin tell them the house soon ready but the folks still waiting 3 years now. I wander when the news paper will print the whole story. I understan every-body fraid for the BIG MAN, but is time some one expose them tiffin lawers.

  58. Moors

    It seem as if L. Bolden and Grafton Marshall is not the only 2 crooks,, Grafton Marshall just made bail I heard of 80,000 , and is to pay and do what he is to do . Lets see if he clean up his act or run from the courts and police . Why I do not see the Fraud kings in the papers for the word they dont do and the money they take, ,,,casting stones cant be cast when the same papers and lawyers in the same game.. Just think? Do any one buy land from each others in Barbados , ,, for it seem all owners are either in USA, Canada or England ,,, The law need to say all selling land need to show up for the closing,fake , deed , never own land , lawyer acting on the so called behalf of who never owned land ..lets buyer we warned… search need to go back to Plantation deed,99 years ,,, 20 years id fraud lazy work ,,,, do your own home work or fail and never see you money nor hear form the lawyer again….

  59. Moors

    Other Plantations of Beatrice Henry to Violet Beckles , Willed in 1984, Rev,Dec.13th-1985 upon her DEATH.Six Mens in the Sunday paper Dec13th-2009 on pager 13A of the Sunday Sun Paper.Know your Numbers. Here are Some More other DEEDs for Plantations being held back by lawyer and Media.Kensington, Bay(on Bay street), Alleynedale, Bush Hall,Ventnor,Providence,Arthur Seat.Haggatt Hall,Grazettes,Garden,Risk, Cave Hill,Brittons,Church land,Sandy Lane,Buttals,Kent, Pine, Bagatelle, Bank hall ,Rockley,Sturge’s,Sargeants Village,Goodland,Welches, WaterHall, Black Rock,Kie land just some or part of Plantations of the more than 200 site named in the paper,, Ask the COWand ask the High Whitepark Rd. Court for there Deeds,,,,,, New World in Our Time

  60. I was just reading this information and it is interesting, the fact that I met up with this individual cited on this page, ‘Grafton Marshall’, who tried to pull a trick or two, however I saw through his act, it would seem he has not learnt his lesson. I did not know of him before, however I saw that his character was shaky and decided to play it safe and then I googled him. Most interesting, I believe people should be made aware of such individuals.

  61. TheNextGeneration

    Stumbled upon this info by chance. A very educating and entertaining read, opening the eyes of someone to whom the country’s baton must be passed on to.

  62. Fast news is bad news, get the FACTS first

    Making laws to hide FRAUD is not law , Fraud will not stand . If its fraud they it goes back , no time limit. If there is no Fraud the law moves in ,,, Ask is it Fraud or is it Law? The Law will rule against Fraud no matter your title , JUDGE< SIR, QC , PM, Matter of time , what about 9/10 of the law? haha, then what is Fraud ? 100%,, think ???? i hope you see my point

  64. 204

    What is needed is a
    better government, retirees should not be robbed of their savings by Barbados thieving QC lawyers and they getaway with it, plundering the elderly who they trusted to look after their inheritance is so wrong. So much corruption.

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