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What Is Good Government?

Bajan Lion left this comment on our post Demand Justice For Ronja Juman!

We think it is worth reading…

Good Governance

To whom it may concern.. an it should concern you , did you know?

Good governance adopts policy and practice that promote the interests of the governed. Politicians are elected and officials appointed to advance stability, prosperity and dignity. They operate judiciously, accountably, responsibly and in a transparent manner, and use community resources optimally for the common wealth.

Good governance has realistic, audited programs to combat corruption, and does not send good money after bad.

Corruption in officials is bad on so many levels. It connotes decay, immorality, or impairment of integrity or virtue. It denotes the abuse of power to gain personal advantage in the form of financial or other material resources or in reciprocal favours. The culprits exploit their office to win advantages (to which they are not entitled). They are not up to the tasks of good government, but seek office to milk the system. Given the opportunity and the ease of concealment, the temptation is rife in societies inured to it. Beyond a criminal law which detects it and orders restitution, we need a fearless press, a vigilant democracy and savvy electorate.

Now if we cant get or expect this from the BLP and the DLP, then who or by what means are we going get Barbados back on the right track? If not for us then at the very least for the next Generation. All Bajans deserve to have a good standard of life.


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So Much Corruption In Barbados and So Little Time! Sir COW Williams’ Conflict Of Interest and The Great Barbados Land Grab

A reader has taken us to task for not addressing the issue of Sir COW’s conflict of interest in relation to the Barbados Farms Ltd. land grab.

Our apologies, dear readers. There is only so much time in a day and so very much corruption in Barbados.

If only we could win the lottery and do Barbados Free Press on a full time basis, we would be able to print many more stories of the way things are on our small island home.

So, take it away concerned reader…

The Great Barbados Land Grab

I have been increasingly disturbed by what may now be called “The Great Barbados Land Grab”.

Following the announcement by Sir Charles Williams and a group of investors to purchase a controlling interest in Barbados Farms Ltd, this has now been succeeded by a further bid by the CLICO Group. The disgrace here is that Sir Charles Williams (COW) is a board member of Barbados Farms Ltd (BFL), and yet claims that his bid is based on the inability of BFL to make a profit.

How could you at BFP allow COW to get away with this blatant conflict of interest? Surely, as a director, COW has a duty to the shareholders of BFL to make the company perform to the best of its abilities. How can he therefore turn around and claim that he and his friends can make BFL profitable once again? He didn’t even have the decency to resign as a director first! The fact is that BFL own 4000 acres of land in Barbados. For the amount being offered for the shares by COW and his cohorts, they would only need to develop about 300 acres to recover their investment, leaving them with 3700 acres free.

It’s the kind of land grab reminiscent of the stories we read about the Wild West! Nobody who has seen COW operate with agricultural land will believe that he seriously wants to keep it in agriculture. His whole juggernaut has to be continued to be fed. As one job is completed, those earth moving machines must move on. The CLICO offer has little more to recommend it, and there is generally a feeling in Barbados that, despite Mr Parris’s protestations, they are just awaiting a change of government to move ahead and develop what they have.

They don’t need any advanced “nod and a wink” before they purchase, because both they and COW know how it’s done.

To the shareholders of Barbados Farms Ltd, I say that you must make your directors identify that land owned by BFL that cannot be used for agriculture, and apply to develop it to YOUR benefit, and nobody else’s. And demand the resignation of Sir Charles Williams from the board, immediately, for failing in his duty as a director.


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Jdid Presents The Afropan Steel Orchestra’s ‘The Barber of Seville’

You must visit Doan Mind Me blog when you have a few minutes to watch this video. Thoroughly enjoyable!

And while you’re there, our friend Jdid has many other interesting posts.

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Demand Justice For Ronja Juman!

In Barbados, An Abandoned Mother’s Unpaid Rent Meant A Night Raid By Police For Interrogation & Intimidation – Complete With Naked Body Cavity Search

When thugs of the Royal Barbados Police Force planned a raid upon Ronja Juman and her 6 year old son, they scheduled it for the middle of the night when the family would be sleeping. Like the Nazi Gestapo or Communist Stasi of old they wanted to inflict maximum terror and intimidation.

Her offense?

Unpaid rent – a private debt to Charles Leacock, the Director of Public Prosecutions for Barbados.

Juman was dragged off in the small hours of the night to the police station where she was searched naked and even had her intimate parts searched by police.

All for unpaid rent!

Ronja Juman’s story is detailed on the Justice B Mine blog and in the BFP article Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!

* (Mrs. Juman’s first name is spelled two ways in various court documents “Ronya” and “Ronja”)

What Are Good Barbadians Going To Do About This Injustice & Thuggery?

In the next few weeks or months, we’re going to have a discussion about what good Bajan people can do to stop the government corruption and abuse by government officials that has now even gained hold of our Royal Barbados Police Force and our Justice system.

Forget about complaining to the police, the government or the justice system. As they say in the gangster movies, The Fix Is In.

Various public officials have known about Ronja Juman’s middle of the night horror for months. These public officials include Chief Justice Simmons, Attorney General Dale Marshall, Prime Minister Owen Arthur and various high police officials.

Robert Mugabe would be proud.

Tell The World!

One place where I think we should start is to tell the world. International embarrassment and pressure works. If we organise, Barbados citizens could send out hundreds or thousands of Emails within a week or two. We will put together some examples of letters and publish the names and addresses of organisations that might put pressure on the thugs that seem to be in charge of this country.

So let’s get the contact information for various organisations and BFP will post it all later.

Who can Barbadians turn to in the international community?

Here’s some specific and general suggestions for organisations we want to tell about what happened and what is happening to Ronja Juman. Let’s hear your suggestions and comments please.

– Transparency International

– Amnesty International

– Reporters Without Borders (over the Barbados media blackout and censorship that will accompany Juman’s case in Barbados.

– International Association of Chiefs of Police (What is their criteria for membership? Can we petition the organisation to revoke the membership of the Royal Barbados Police Force?)

– Other respected international police and justice organisations.

– Women’s groups around the world.

– Various high courts around the Commonwealth. The Chief Justices around the world.


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