LIVE: Bloggers Covering UN Conference On Climate Change… Where Is Owen Arthur?

Live From the United Nations

Today UN Dispatch and the UN Foundation is hosting a group of 12 bloggers at the UN, the first-ever event designed solely for bloggers, enabling them to report on the United Nations. These bloggers and UN Dispatch will be live blogging the UN’s High-Level Event on Climate Change. We will be linking here to their posts. The content below is all their own…

… from the United Nations website UN Dispatch (link here)

This Should Be Interesting…

As our source told us yesterday, Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur is co-chairing the UN Plenary Session “From Vulnerability To Resilience”. The event is being covered online by 12 invited bloggers.

I haven’t seen Owen yet other than a brief mention of his presence on the Global Voices website. Strange… the PM of Denmark who is co-chairing with Owen Arthur is mentioned, but no mention of Owen yet. I hope he wasn’t “sick” last night.
We hope he looks well rested and that his hotel room was satisfactory! šŸ˜‰

We’ll be following along to see if he actually says anything – and to see if he is actually there!


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4 responses to “LIVE: Bloggers Covering UN Conference On Climate Change… Where Is Owen Arthur?

  1. misnomer

    “From Vulnerability To Resilience”

    How about from resiliency to extreme vulnerability

  2. DFX

    At US$15,000 per night I would not leave the room either šŸ˜‰

  3. He DID leave his room and showed up for his 5 minutes of fame.

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