Mikaela Davis, Bajan Student At University Of Toronto, Canada – Excellent Ambassador For Barbados

During the last few years, Mikaela Davis has had the benefit of traveling and learning outside of Barbados and she is putting her expanded world view to good use for herself and her country. A few years ago she was part of an exchange programme at the University of Connecticut that saw her meet and work with other high school students from all over the world.

Now at the University of Toronto, Mikaela has just published a two-page feature article in the Victoria University paper The Strand.

‘Barbados: Just around the corner, still beyond your imagination’ is well-written in a friendly, easy-going style that illustrates our national character as much as it does Mikaela’s love for her home. I’m sure that half the folks reading the article will want to get on a plane to Barbados the next day. I’m also sure that many folks will actually travel to Barbados at some time as a direct result of reading Mikaela’s article.

Barbados needs talented, hard working young people like Mikaela Davis and we hope she comes home after finishing her education – but even if she ends up working abroad (as so many of our young people seem to do these days – can’t blame them) Mikaela will continue to be an excellent ambassador for Barbados.

Somebody on BIM should be targeting her to be hired on her graduation day. We shouldn’t let this one get away!

Barbados: Just Around The Corner, Still Beyond Your Imagination

by Mikaela Davis, The Strand

Some might consider my summer destination very exciting, but to me, spending two months in Barbados was simply spending quality time at home. As a local I often take for granted the beautiful beaches, the gorgeous weather, and the blue skies – but I must say that Toronto winters have helped to cure that a little bit.

Barbados: the home of singing sensation Rihanna and the best rum in the world – what more could you want from a place, right? Well, Barbados has much more to it than those trivial details. Not only is the weather wonderful all year round (except during hurricane season) but the culture and general atmosphere you find in Barbados is fantastic. It’s one of the most laid back, relaxed places out there. If ever you visit, you must venture into one of our many rum shops and you will see this attitude I am describing unfold before your eyes. In a rum shop you will probably be privy to some locals playing a good old game of dominoes over a few drinks and maybe a flying fish cutter (a Bajan term for sandwich) to satisfy your taste buds. The people are so friendly and helpful that your venture into the rum shop will show you the heart of Barbadian culture. Perhaps you will even get a few rounds of dominoes in yourself…

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Note: All information for this BFP article was entirely gleaned from the internet and started with a Google alert for “Barbados”. We’ve never met Mikaela and she’ll be as surprised to see this article as anyone. Which is all to say that the people seeking to know who BFP is shouldn’t bother Mikaela with their damn-fool thuggish questions. A shame we have to write this here, but there it is.


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4 responses to “Mikaela Davis, Bajan Student At University Of Toronto, Canada – Excellent Ambassador For Barbados

  1. Look what the fool BFPE posted over at The Strand under the young lady article.

    “Adrian Loveridge
    posted 9/22/07 @ 8:54 AM EST
    All this is lies. Barbados is a horrible island. Visit barbadosfreepress.wordpress.com and get the truth about that filthy corrupt place.

    Adrian Loveridge, BFPE.”

    BFPE who ever you are you are one foolish person why after the young lady took her time to write such a great article about YOU, my self and her great Island Barbados will you want to post such foolishness. TAKE NOTE its currently your Government and Political PARTY (BLP) that are going to be look at in a BAD way you fool.

    BFP can you please try to make contact with The Strand and request that they remove such from they site (comments area) as its foolishness to be using and posting under Adrian Loveridge NAME.

    LINK to the comments area:

  2. Kathy

    I hope the rogue blogger impersonating Mr. Loveridge is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Imagine interfering with a young, talented, idealistic student like Mikaela Davis, who could be generating all kinds of foreign exchange for Barbados up in Canada. Shame! I hope the old coward gets locked up.

    It is the same thing with Mr. Loveridge himself – the man succeeds in getting Barbados all kinds of rave reviews worldwide with his hotel, bringing in foreign exchange and making Barbados more prosperous, and a bunch of losers who probably never worked an honest day in their lives want to pull him down. Shame!

    How can anyone object to talent and hard work?

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