Drunken Sailor Spending By Barbados Government Will Result In Increased VAT And Other Taxes


If you don’t believe that our government has borrowed and spent like a drunken sailor then listen to what the IMF told Owen Arthur
last week: If you don’t increase the VAT to 17% and make it apply to more things then you are in big trouble.

Oh and the tax incentives – giveaways to the rich- that we have now? Both the DLP and BLP governments have told us that they are good because they bring in more investment that is good for us. Not so says the IMF. Actually the concessions are raising our costs.

Sounds right after all someone has to pay while the rich get away.

And the IMF were too polite to mention the vast overspending on projects where the government is ‘only’ the guarantor of Gems, Veco, 3S and the Kensington Oval debt for a total added on the top of just over one billion dollars.

Oh and of course no one in government bothered to tell the IMF about the hundreds of millions of dollars that leak out every year into the pockets of Owen and his merry band. That adds 1% to the VAT right off so every time you are buying something thanks is being given to our government pickpockets.

Don’t believe that Owen and the gang are thiefing? Or maybe you are a government BLP supporter and you are outraged over this accusation?

No problem… have each member of the government declare their assets, including all offshore bank accounts and assets that they have had since the BLP were elected some 14 years ago and we’ll withdraw the accusation.

We’ve mortgaged the airport, the port, taxed the people till they can’t take it anymore. We’ve let the politicians tell us to put up with it while they get fat on our backs.

When will we have a leader who is for the people?


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27 responses to “Drunken Sailor Spending By Barbados Government Will Result In Increased VAT And Other Taxes

  1. Revenue beyond our wildest dreams!

    This VAT increase will come AFTER the election.
    -No matter who gets in-

    It’ll be the first nasty thing the new DLP Gov’t. will “inherit” from decades on blp mis-management!
    And it’ll be “the DLP’s fault” ..you’ll hear the blp crowing from their side.
    You can’t win.


    Would just like to remind the general public
    of a statement made by the blp-GoB
    about 2 weeks after VAT was initiated around Dec.96/Jan.97…

    Essentially, the headline was
    and the gist of the newspaper article was that..
    Oh RamGoat! lookah aaallll dis money flowing in!!
    Maaaan..we shoulda do dis YEARS ago,nuh?!
    Whuh we gyne do wid all dis money?
    Barbados NOW stan’ prim!

    (Yuh think we cud tief a lil, and nuhbody wun ‘t know?)

    Ten Years later: here we are,
    in need of a raise in VAT rate,
    in order to meet governmental needs.
    How very very strange.

    remember, boys and girls..

    Whuh gwan???

  2. Undertaker

    Unfortunately – “six and half dozen is the same thing.” “ya know what ya got but ya don’t know what ya gine get” Our anscestors were brilliant they knew that one day we would have politicians who would be the splitting image of each other.

    I too am concerned about this overspending and underspending, seems that the poor and lower middle class are allowed to only have the basics, while money is spent wildly on the wrong things – greenland, flyovers, etc. We always talk of the poor but I think that both middle classes (yes there are 2) upper and lower feel it the most. The poor are “forgiven” for now having certain things but the middle class person is expected to have a certain size house, car, akita dog, guyanese maid, cable tv, adsl, etc. But reality is that when the bills are $1500 morgage, $175 light, $140 phone, $70 water etc along with children to college, university some people who are expected to have barely make it to work. I know of supervisors and managers who have to borrow at times from their line staff. Maybe the gov’t is trying to to send is back to the basic, simple life you know. He said at least one car in each home would be nice, just he did not say what yr, type or brand.

    To make it family have to come together, stop the bickering and jealousy and pool resources. (take a leaf from the indians) Otherwise we will perish a own NOTHING IN BARBADOS that is tangible!

    Oh we can still own the car though – nothing now for a new 5ys to repay, and we can refinance the loan each yr to pay insurance, rent a room for $150/200 per week and park the car outside.

    Until….. I going to catch a Mercedes Bus.

  3. theNickster

    A leader for the people? lead them to where? You have seen how the system works, with banks making money out of nothing and forcing us to repay them (with interest), with money that is practically worthless depending on what day it is. Owen is doing what he was trained to do, borrow lots of mystical money to keep the flawed economy system working.

    The banks are who really decide where the country is going, think those foreign investors pay with gold or something of real worth? just more mystic money. So your taxes and mine go to paying off the balloon debt created by the IMS (international monetary system) and Owen (it is a two part problem), instead of going to health care and other more local infrastructures.

    Show me a leader who is willing to kick the banks out of the country and thats the one thats “for the people”

  4. Going... going...

    I give “Independence” another 25 years,tops
    and we belong to someone else.

    It’ll either be USA or China.

    Take your pick!
    GONE! – to the highest bidder!

  5. Pogo

    The IMF told Barbados to shut down the mega projects and not start any new ones if there is any hope of getting things back under control even with the VAT increase.

    It is time to look at BNB which is the holder of many of the loans that are financing the mega projects with government guarantees behind them. These loans don’t show on Barbados books and are immense and will drag us down and increase costs

  6. theNickster

    Of course the question of the future is will the VAT ever go down? the spin is that it will temporarily go up we clear our debts and things are all hunky-dory. Of course (as we see with gas stations and gas prices) if the “debt” is gone why throw away all that “profit” being thrown at us. Just more money to play with and to fuel the cycle all over again.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Really why are any of these measures necessary in the first place?
    Simply put if we could get Owing, Nicholls, Bannister, Wilkinson, Shorey, Cox, Lynch, Clarke to return to treasury what is rightfully our 1/2 billion dollars that they have extorted from us the taxpayers in cost overruns and just pure blatant crookery, we would have little need for the IMF.
    The ongoing problem in Barbados is just about everyone is aware that Owing and company are a dishonest pack of rats but those with the money to do developments in this island are also aware that all is required is to make a donation to Owing via Nicholls and any and every project will get its approval , even if this is a project that may create flooding further upline as was done with St.Peters Bay project.
    It is the raping of the reasury and the gross cost overruns that have us in dire straits, nothing less nothing more, lets ask our leaders back for a small portion of their ill gotten gains.

  8. Fred

    Why are they going to send up my taxes when really the should be firing overpaid people like Allan Fields at CBC.
    This is my story yesterday I listened to the sports news on CBC in which they clearly stated that they were going to televising the remainder of the matches now this is on Friday evening with these matches to be televisec on Saturday morning not a lot of time to get the news wrong in.
    Now Saturday morning comes and there is no cricket on TV, I call the CBC and speak to a Guyanese woman who very matter of factly tells me they were supposed to be showing cricket but they did not get the sponsorship to show it, I asked her if the sponsorship issue did not relate to getting sponsors for the entire package?
    Having it announced on their radio station yesterday it would have suggested to me that something had changed and it was going to televised.
    We can over spend millions on the Oval, road works, prisons but refuse to give the citizens a little cricket on the scheme of things this really is small money.
    How sad can it be?

  9. jamaicangirl2007

    You know what I like about reading articles like this? These %#@*&@ in Jamaica think that the Barbados economy enviable ane we must strive to be like you…I am glad that there is some corruption down there..and I am glad you have someone like the IMF directing something…..I say this not from the point of view that I wish you any ill….but from the point of view that some of our people don’t believe that there is trouble in Paradise….only in Jamaica.

  10. Undertaker

    Wishing in Vain – you hit the magic name there Nicholls.

  11. dogbitemuh

    a revolution is necessary here

  12. Anonymous

    have you seen the BIG wall of huge rock-stones placed across the Hilton Beach, to the East of the hotel.?
    Presumably to keep Bajans out?

    Yubh see dis “private beach” ting?
    Yankee is well impressed by that,
    Bajans are NOT.

    The days of public beaches on this island are drawing to a close,see?

    When BigHilton,Inc. came in with the new hotel, you can bet that one stipulation for such a biig investment was that they/Hilton be allowed to fence-off(rock-off,den) the beach a certain ways up,
    and who be de BigUp in charge of Town&Country Planning, to give the directive, that Hilton,Int’l. be allowed to do as they please??

  13. If a PDC Government were to take office at the Next Elections in Barbados, there will in the medium term, and certainly for as long as we remain in office, NO need for either “VAT” and “any other Taxes”, or increases in “VAT” and “any other Taxes”, as means of the state coming by its own revenue and paying its own bills. Moreover, there shall be greater liberation and prosperity for the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados as a result of PDC Abolishing this scourge called TAXATION!!

    That expressed, our pre-Election Manifesto speaks to the fact of Taxation being a basis for flagrant and reckless misallocation of a huge amount of Barbadian resources. Therefore, such includes but is NOT limited to – the Kensington Oval Redevelopment Folly; the GEMS Scandal; the Greenland Landfill Debacle; the Edutech Disaster; and the NHC Warrens Offices Fiasco.

    This manifesto also speaks to the FACT that there is ONLY one and ONLY one form of Taxation: Income Taxation. It is a total fallacy for Mr. Owen Arthur, Mr. Clyde Mascoll, Mr. Anthony Wood, Sen, Tyrone Barker and some relevant others, to make Barbadians believe that there are really VAT, NIS, Corporation Taxes; Property Transfer Taxes, Departure Taxes, Consumption Taxes, Customs Duties, etc., when ALL are Income Taxation. This can also be regarded as an example of the Divide and Conquer tactic being implemented.

    Another gross and objectionable fallacy concerning Taxation, and that our pre-Election Manifesto addresses is: Barbados lacks natural resources, hence, Taxation. What unadulterated and unbridled poppycock!! Guyana with all its natural resources riches, as well as mineral rich South Africa, USA, Russia, the Congo, still have Taxation systems. Taxation was NEVER around from the start of human civilization and when resources at this time were so plentiful on this earth!!

    Surely, Taxation is but a very terrible function and outgrowth of the incurable disease that some human beings possess, which is, to unnecessarily control others to the point of enslavement, exploitation and dehumanization.

  14. Undertaker

    Congrats PDC you articles are getting shorter, and hence readable. I actually read all of it.

  15. If a PDC Government were to take office at the Next Elections in Barbados, there will, in the medium term, and certainly for as long as we remain in office, be NO need for Interest Rates in whatever forms, as some means of the state, financial institutions, the relevant businesses, individuals, and other entities in Barbados, coming by greater income and debt, in very unfair and exploitative ways. Moreover, there shall be greater liberation and prosperity for the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados with PDC Abolishing these scourges of Interest Rates!!

    That understood, our pre-election Manifesto deals with the fact that Interest Income and Interest Expense, which are realized on a daily basis by depositors/lenders/investors, and borrowers, respectively, involve one of the most dishonorable uses/sickest distortions of the money/value of the people of Barbados by the relevant institutions and others involved.

    Whether it is the state or private people, including financial institutions, being involved in the fashioning of particular Interest Rate loans, Mortgages, etc., potential Barbadian Voters MUST however realize that these Interest Rates primarily mean the use of public money for PRIVATE GAIN/PERSONAL LOSS. These Interest Rates are totally unrelated to the production or distribution or exchange of goods and services in the country. All it takes to create Interest Rates are the constant wilful and reckless and misuse of power and auhority by the State and financial institutions primarily and their having some understanding of how to manipulate figures.

    Finally, only a certain class of people worldo’er, Mr. Owen Arthur, Mr. Clyde Mascoll, Mr. Anthony Wood, Sen. Tyrone Barker included, drunk with political power, bent on doing political disservice and social harm to others, would suggest that money on the whole makes money/costs money. For generally, money CANNOT make or cost money on it own!!! To do this, in fact, would staggeringly illogically and tautologically involve the use of the same commodity!! Huh?? Hence, in the same way that apples CANNOT make apples/cost apples on their own, money CANNOT make money/cost money on its own. Just look at the Barbados Government’s Interest Rates payments to whomsoever as a component of total government expenditure. It is staggering and with very severe implications for the continual dire exploitation and dehumanization of our people by this BLP Government and the Elites, primarily!! VOTE PDC.

  16. theNickster

    The Obstacles a PDC government would face would be numerous. Assuming how the government works does not change, the head of state is still the Queen (represented by the Governor General). Though the powers of that entity are seldom used there are still there. If the crown’s interests are threatened heads will have to go, and that ability is still there.

    The banking/financial systems are deeply entrenched in every sector of society, and the government has already created rules to keep them where they are. It would be folly to underestimate how powerful banks are, though our lobby system is not as obvious as it is in the states, they (the banks) do hold some incredible clout when it comes to the actions of the government (there is a reason why the central bank is the largest building in town).

    The saying is: two things are certain death and taxes. Taxation is a natural byproduct of individuals employing a government to take care of the needs of the citizens it resides over. Taxation became overbearing because we allowed it to, we wanted nicer things from over seas, nice cars, marble floors, big screen tvs and so on. In the beginning when new taxes were added and the old ones weren’t taken away (that were to be replaced), this should have been the sign that things were not right. We did not kick out the government for it then and look where we are now.

    To reduce Taxes would mean having to increase efficiency, to reduce wastage, throughout every area that the government still has control over. The PDC’s next obstacle would be government workers themselves, because why should they have to change their way of doing things?

  17. Perceived Corruption, for a reason.

    Is not only de Jamaicans that perceive Barbados to be an idlyllic paradise of perfection.
    The TRINIs too are still languishing in their memories of a Beautiful Problem-Free Model Barbados back in the 1970s.

    Both larger islands are yet to come to grips with the realities of the perceived corruption of the 2000’s
    on this little can of worms called Barbados.

    They’ll both come down to earth when the new Transparency International stats for 2007 come in,soon,
    and Barbados comes down from its false position at no.24 !

    go to
    and take one last fond look at a Barbados in a position of smoke and mirrors, magically held at no.24.

    Are the white people who make this index SO EASY TO FOOL?
    Don’t they read Barbados Free Press to see how local Bajans are perceiving the local level of corruption?

    I don’t keep using the term PERCEIVED CORRUPTION just for fun you know..
    I’m hoping they/T.I. have a search function that looks for key words like perceived corruption,
    that would hopefully bring them to these pages, and our perceptions, real or imagined.

    Sooner or later, the big wide outside world must come to know the reality of the rot beneath the carefully polished blp veneer.

  18. theNickster


    “For generally, money CANNOT make or cost money on it own!!! To do this, in fact, would staggeringly illogically and tautologically involve the use of the same commodity!!”

    You do not understand what “money” is. Its origins were based on representations of value. One silver dollar represented a unit of silver (yes I know that dollars aren’t made of silver)(anymore). Where is barbados’ silver mine? where is our gold mine? how then does barbados’ currency get its value?

    Money is created by the banking system (don’t think paper and ink), it is that system, empowered by the government that gives money its value. (notice every bill has “these notes are legal tender”).

  19. Paper Money

    IF you can get ahold of that novel by Milton Friedman called PAPER MONEY,
    it’ll change your thinking about that trash in your pocket you think has value(as long as Central Bank says so!)
    paper currencies are a mater of faith,
    as much as, if not more so, than religions!

    The only real monies are the precious metals.
    Silver,gold platinum.
    All else is Representative Thereof.

    Barbados has no silver mines, no gold mines and very few platinum mines at last count…as pointed out,above.
    . . . . . . . . .

    We do (or did) hold some gold, deep down in the vaults, in the days when such assets were held in the basement of what is now Inland Revenue Bldg.
    (personal account of the Chubb safe guy who seen it) – now I imagine that stash of yellow metal is held at Central Bank,not far away.
    If we haven’t sold off that,too!

  20. Perceived Corruption

    Jamaica’s at position 61 – probably realistic
    Trinidad’s at position 79 – definitely realistic!

    what the hell is Barbados doing, soaring with Eagles,
    at position 24 ??

    How do they DO it??
    Who do we make the cheque payable TO?

    Enquiring Minds are curious as hell
    as to how this abberation is maintained!
    O$A please explain!

  21. The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) in its pre-election Manifesto, 2006, deals with the matter of a newly elected PDC Government, in a matter of weeks, commencing the process of Barbados becoming a People’s Republic of Barbados, with the Queen being ultimately removed as head of state of this country. Such a republic will eventually entail the Cabinet of Barbados being elected by majority Voters at election time vis-a-vis a variant of the proportional representational system, NOT the first past the post electoral system. At first, the Cabinet will elect the Executive President, then later, once it is realized that sufficient numbers of Barbadians are knowledgeable and assenting to this Republican form of government, Voters in Barbados will directly elect the President/.

    At the first stage (Please see our pre-Election Manifesto – very soon online – for second and last stage), under this Republican system there shall be a strong and stable 19 member COALITION
    Government, as that parties and their candidates shall ONLY be allowed to vie for 10 positions, some of which, (2), shall be constitutionally publicly known before the elections, as that these shall be permanently reserved for party candidates – in this case, the Departments of Education and Domestic Trade; non-party political groups like trade unions, BEC/BPSA, shall ONLY be allowed to vie for 5 positions, some of which, (2), shall be constitutionally publicly known before the elections, as that these shall be permanently reserved for non-party candidates – in this case, the Divisions of Attorney General and Health; and independent politicians shall ONLY be allowed to vie for 4 positions, of which just 1 position – the portfolio of Division of Finance shall be permanently reserved for any of these winning candidates. Winning candidates of their particular category (party, non-party, independents ) shall get together and agree among themselves and ONLY in their respective categories, on who shall be Secretary of the particular Division. The President/Vice President shall be from any category.

    The President shall have NO say in who becomes political head of these particular Divisions, ONLY the People. Other portfolios, yes, the president shall appoint other winning candidates to – as Secretaries – or therefrom. He/she will NOT be capable of removing persons from the Cabinet itself. (Again, please see our pre-Election Manifesto, very soon on line – for details on this and other related items).

  22. TheWatcher

    September 22nd, 2007 at 12:33 pm put this issue into perspective with the statement made regarding banks. I’ve always said and will continue to say: Greed will be the un-doing of this nation.
    What we are seeing as pointed out by the authour of the piece on the Hilton and what they have been allowed to do is a government that is not listening to the people and what they require. Only the peeves of big business.
    I cannot agree more with this writer:

    September 22nd, 2007 at 6:48 pm
    a revolution is necessary here
    Nuff said!

  23. Revo?

    September 22nd, 2007 at 6:48 pm
    a revolution is necessary here

    Nuff said!”

    Yes, it’s beginning to look that way.

    A revolution is necessary now, to change things.
    Either a technological revolution
    (BFP’s print edition changes public perceptions to the point where change is precipitated)
    or a quiet revolution
    (non-payment of land taxes,road taxes, deprive the bastards of all revenues,wherever possible)
    or a physical violent revolution
    (involving the Bds.Def.Force shooting citizens,which they will,
    probably lasting no more than 2 days, and achieving not much, unless hundreds maybe thousands die in the process: not likely).

    We hope for the TechRevo,
    because basically, Bajans are rather spineless lot.
    As a St.Lucia woman commented to me, that
    “she’d never seen a people so ‘fraid as Bajans.
    Look at how dey drive,she said: from a position of Fear!
    From a position of ‘Something IS going to happen’.”
    -and no doubt enjoying the fear.

    But for those PAST Fear (the blp) life is sweet.

    Too many of our people are fearful:
    – thank you,religion!(keep them placid by focusing their little minds on The Unreal! – it works!!)

    We now find ourselves in a lovely little fix,
    with very little way out!

    We are being taken full advantage of,
    and only a temper tantrum will break the cycle.
    Who goes first? Not me! I too ‘fraid!

  24. only me

    ~paper money~~ lol rofl do u really think i keep my money in barbados hahahaha i know better than that far less my assets in other parts of the world i bring in a few dollars every month to live on im not exactly stupid u know

  25. Anonymous

    OnlyMe, maaaan you sound like me,yuh!

    I haven’t had my lil nest egg here on bajan soil for YEARS, now.
    It comes in from abroad as and when necessary.

    Anyone still holding accumulated assets for Old Age, in Barbados Dolars LACKS IMAGINATION!

    Keep yuh money outside,hear>?

    Speaking of which… CSME relaxations of barbados Dollar Exchange Controls is SAID TO BE coming at year end.

    Can you imagine the sheer capital flight, now that BFP has opened the can of worms?

    Too late shall be wunnuh cry.
    Um cud fold tonight, I en worrried
    what I keep here is scratch grain, fuh de supermarket!

  26. theNickster

    Curious as to which currency “anonymous” and “only me” are dealing with, as long as your “money” is in a bank, it isn’t safe. It matters not if it is else- where, all banks are interconnected. If your “assets” are property take a look at the emergency aquisition laws of the country it’s in. Stop fooling yourselves.

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