Combatting Illegal Dumping – Community Meeting Tuesday For Haggatt Hall, Monroe Village, Dash Valley

Is The Island Getting Cleaner In Some Parts?

Is it my imagination, or am I starting to see a cleaner island in some parts? Perhaps wishful thinking, but we have to applaud the efforts of the Sanitation Service Authority, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health and the other agencies who have been organising these town hall meetings. The people who work with waste problems every day know that it is not enough to merely clean up the mess because there will be a new mess tomorrow. We must change the public consciousness and the morality that is behind illegal dumping.

Good work, folks! Please keep it up as all Barbados appreciates your efforts.

Sanitation Service Authority


Town Hall Meeting at Dash Valley Community Centre on Tues. 25/09/2007

The St George South District Emergency Organisation with the Ministries of Environment & Health will be hosting a Town Hall meeting at the Dash Valley Community Centre at 7:00 pm on Tuesday 25th September 2007.

This meeting is for the following areas only – Haggatt Hall, Monroe Village and Dash Valley – persons from the community will be brought up to date on the best ways for combatting illegal dumping and the benefits of recycling.

Talks at the Dash Valley Community Centre will be given by – the Sanitation Service Authority, the Environmental Protection Department, the Solid Waste Project Unit and the Vector Control Unit.

A question and answer session will be run after the presentations – all residents from – Haggatt Hall, Monroe Village and Dash Valley – are asked to make a special effort to attend the Dash Valley Community Centre at seven o’clock, Tuesday night on 25th September 2007. Together, we can all keep Barbados clean!


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3 responses to “Combatting Illegal Dumping – Community Meeting Tuesday For Haggatt Hall, Monroe Village, Dash Valley

  1. YUM YUM I like it!


    Well done with this and the last story. It is great to hear of the good and the positive in Bim.

    On the dumping issue I believe you have a point when it comes to re-educating people.

    Barbadians NEED to start taking more responsibilty for their actions. This is not just on the issue of dumping, as it is equally well true of personal health, driving, noise….. TOO many people are living lives ignorant of their effect on others. It is time that this is stopped!

    The law can only only do so much.

  2. crossroads

    Would like to see the day when a full recycling effort is being made in this island. eg. separation of garbage, plastics, glass, degradable etc. Only then will we have a true controll over our garbage problem. I am sure that our good friends the chinese could advise us on how they control garbage in a over populated city like Hong Kong.

  3. 3posts!

    Three posts.

    That’s as much as Bajans care about keeping their island clean – for themselves, not for the tourists.

    HATE to think what this island would look like,
    were it not for tourism up our tails
    to keep this place clean!