Barbados Taxes, Skyrocketing National Debt: Same Old Situation, Just New Masters


‘From Sun to Sun the Negro toils
No smiles reward his trusty care,
And when the indignant mind recoils,
His doom is whips and black despair’

I found this bit of anti-slavery culture on the web some time ago. The lines came from the pen of abolitionist poet Fanny Holcroft in 1797. I’m in a mood for poetry tonight, so I’ll leave you with two pieces. The first is the entire poem “The Negro” by Holcroft – with the exception that she would not take credit for the lines in italics. You can read the story about the poem here.

The second is an excerpt from a Who song that I began to appreciate after George told me to really listen to the words. George and his music are pretty old – but there is some life left in both! 😉


by Miss Holcroft

(The Lines in Italics excepted.)

TRANSPIERC’D with many a streaming
The Negro lay, invoking death :
His blood o’erflowe’d the reeking ground
He, gasping, drew his languid breath.

His sable cheek was ghastly, cold ;
Convulsive groans their prison broke :
His eyes in fearful horror roll’d,
While thus the wretch his anguish spoke:

” Accursed be the Christian race ;
Insatiate is their iron foul :
To hunt our sons their fav’rite chace
They goad and lash without control.

” Torn from our frantic mother’s breast,
We bear our tyrant’s galling chains ;
Deny’d e’en death, that lulls to rest,
The keenest woe, and fiercest pains.

” From sun to sun the Negro toils ;
No smiles approve his trusty care ;
And, when th’ indignant mind recoils,
His doom is whips, and black despair.

” Yet Christians teach faith, hope, and love :
Their God of mercy oft implore ;
But can barbarians mercy prove,
Or a benignant God adore ?

” Hear then my groans, oh, Christian God !
Thy curses hurl but, no ! forbear.
Let Christians wield Oppression’s rod,
Spread hatred, woe, and wild despair.
” While I a nobler course pursue,
Yes, let me die as I would live !
Yes, let me teach this Christian crew,
The dying Negro can forgive.

” And if, indeed, that pow’r be thine,
O Christian God! In mercy move
Thy people’s hearts, by pow’r divine,
To justice, gentleness, and love.”

The suff’rer ceas’d, death chilled his veins ;
His mangl’d limbs grew stiff and cold ;
Yet whips nor racks inflict the pains
Men feel who barter Man for Gold.

And Because We Appear To Be In Election Mode…

Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again
Don’t get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Excerpt from The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again


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11 responses to “Barbados Taxes, Skyrocketing National Debt: Same Old Situation, Just New Masters

  1. Barbados Shipping and Trading, the biggest conglomerate in Barbados, Goddard Enterprises, another big conglomerate in Barbados, Banks Holdings, Barbados Light and power Holdings, Bico Ltd, Cave Shepherd and Co Ltd, and many other major public companies in Barbados certainly DO NOT TAX Barbadians in order to gross revenues, and so provide for money outlays to carry out necessary commercial and infrustructural projects and programs to meet customer and consumer needs in Barbados and beyond!!

    Yet, this peripheral capitalist-oriented Barbados state/government that has just as many or more employees, physical resources including land space, building assets, intellectual property and other assets and services, continue to peddle the very toxic, dangerous and destructive myth that for it, the Barbados state/government, to provide social and economic goods and services for primarily the use or misuse of the citizenry of Barbados, it must therefore TAX (steal from) the relevant peoples and businesses and other entities in Barbados.

    What scatological and phantasmagorical ignorance of the worst and uncivil kind that could ever be continually followed and imposed on the wider Barbadian society by esp. the likes of Mr. Owen Arthur, Mr. Clyde Mascoll, Mr. Anthony Wood, and Sen. Tyrone Barker, persons whose imagery is such that they are like those enslaved blacks who during slavery would have been identified by the plantation slave masters as being the ones capable of learning the language, ideas and behaviourisms of “massa” , not so much as to lead a rebellion against massa, and therefore to help bring about the revolutionization of Barbadian slave society, but regrettably to help perpetuate the ill-legacy and ill-designs of one called Willie Lynch:

    ” In my bag here, I have a fool proof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee every one of you that if installed correctly it will control the slave for at least 300 years. My method is simple…Any member of your family or overseer can use it…Take this simple little list of differences and think about them..AGE, Color, or shade, intelligence, size, sex, status of the plantation, attitude of owners…. I shall give you an outline of action – but before I shall assure (you)..(that) distrust is stronger than trust, and (that) envy is stronger than adulation, respect or admiration…..The black slave after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling ans self-generating for hundreds of years, may be thousands”.

    Surely, A PDC Government shall make sure that TAXATION is Abolished, that this modern day massa – the elite political economic dispossesion system in Barbados – is smashed, and that this pervasive neo-slave mentality is dealt a very severe blow in Barbados!!

  2. Where are our comments? posted hrs ago!!

  3. Yardbroom

    The lines of Fanny Holcroft’s poem:

    … Thy people’s hearts, by pow’r divine,
    To justice, gentleness, and love.

    Reminded me of a very important part of West Indian slavery, and that was a judgment given by Lord Mansfield who was Lord Chief Justice of England. It was about the slave James Somerset at his trial the question was were black slaves in England, on english soil still slaves? In his judgment Lord Mansfield said.

    “Slavery is so odious that it must be constructed strictly. No master was ever allowed here to send his servant abroad because he absented himself from his service or for any other cause. No authority can be found for it in the laws of this country and therefore we are all of the opinion that James Somerset must be discharged.”
    Verdict delivered on 22nd June 1772

    This was an important judgment when one considers that James Somerset was aided by the well known anti-slavery activist Granville Sharp, and this judgment was many years before slavery was abolished in the West Indies – it gave the anti-slavery activists hope.

    The reason for my interest with the poem was the the use of the words “justice” and “love”.

    When Lord Mansfield made that judgment he had living in his house a black woman – think how unusual that was England 1772 – she was Dido Elizabeth Belle, her father was Sir John Lindsay, nephew of Lord Chief Justice Mansfield, her mother was reputed to be an enslaved African woman, he met in the West Indies.

    Dido was brought up in Lord Mansfield household, not as a servant, she was even mentioned in his will. Confirmation of her parentage was Sir John Lindsay’s obituary in the London Chronicle of 1778.

    “… he has died we believe, without any legitimate issue but has left one natural daughter, a mulatto who has been brought up in Lord Mansfield’s family almost from infancy”…

    I will not go into Dido Elizabeth Belle’s life here – brevity inhibits – as that can easily be researched, but simply ask would Lord Chief Justice Mansfield have made the same judgment, had he not had the opportunity of seeing Dido at close quarters as a person entitled to freedom “love” and “justice” and when he saw James Somerset before him, what did he see. All of this is conjecture, but from a collection of unusual events the history of our people turned.

  4. theNickster

    The irony of the comparison of business to government:

    A government (from the Greek Κυβερνήτης kubernites – steersman, governor, pilot, or rudder) is an organization that has the power to make and enforce laws for a certain territory. There are several definitions on what exactly constitutes a government. In its broadest sense, “govern” means the power to administrate, whether over an area of land, a set group of people, or an association.

    A business: An organization operated with the objective of making a profit from the sale of goods or services.

    A business could exist even if only machines worked for it (a simple vending machine for example), and machines help to increase profits (if used correctly). A government by definition cannot exist without people.

    A tax is an involuntary fee paid by individuals or businesses to a state, or to functional equivalents of a state, including tribes, secessionist movements or revolutionary movement.

    Taxes, for better or worse, are how these systems function (in a capitalist system). It must be stressed however that it is the OVER- taxation that appears to be the bode of contention. The bigger irony is if the government were to be run like business its sole purpose would be to make profit (which this administration has effectively snuffed). Businesses (some) answer to shareholders, when promised profits are not met the shareholders take the business heads to task and functional expenses are reviewed. In this case the “company of Barbados” is operating “in the red”. If a business is deemed profitable but is suffering through mis-management, heads can be changed and or the controlling shares bought by one with the capital (one who can afford it).

    What this tell us, is this country was purposefully “run into the ground” not through stupidity or necessarily greed (though it is a major factor), to create an environment suitable for a takeover. Not by powers internal but forces external.

    What hidden contract was signed on one of those regular trips owen takes,

    how much did the citizens of barbados cost, how much were your foreign masters willing to pay

    are you going to fly away to lands of tranquility when the “scat” hits the fan, build your nest anew with the bones of the children and elderly.

  5. akabozik

    I see your new thing with humour in your banner BFP (The Mia one was priceless) but I am not in a joking mood over your current banner.

    “Secret Order In Council”

    Rumours happening. Are they true? Do you have confirmation?

    This is serious and not a joke.

  6. YUM YUM I like it!

    Has anyone seen Dangermouse?

    Owen Arthur IS Penfold!!

    Complete with the inane little grin and chuckle.

    Check it out.

    BUT who is his Dangermouse!

  7. YUM YUM I like it!

    Ernest Penfold : A timid, bespectacled hamster, and sidekick to DangerMouse. In the first episode, it is mentioned that his codename is “Jigsaw” because he often “goes to pieces”. Sometimes referred to as the “Hopeless Hamster” by the enemy. Catchphrase: “Ooh crumbs!”

    How apt this!

  8. Who Fan

    Gotta love The Who!

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  10. NoRevenueNoGovernment,No?

    All governments exist on taxation revenue.
    They have to.

    Government is the only kinda business that generates income by decree.
    Those decrees are called taxes.

    Governments don’t have to work for livings:
    they just tell gas-station owners, I need the biggest fattest slice of the gas-price-per-litre,
    and for doing absolutely nothing!

    Furthermore, YOU the gas-station Mngr. shall bring that big fat pie-slice to ME,
    I’m not even coming around to collect it.
    That’s how governments work.

    How is the PDC going to generate income/revenue without taxation??
    This would be a world’s first.

    VERY HARD, PDC, to take you guys seriously, if your heads are just soooo up-in-the-clouds that you emphatically state you’re going to do away with that revenue-earner all other world governments have found essential,
    in order to pay for
    the list goes on and on.

    We await your response as to how you’re going to fund everything.
    And by the way, for God’s sake keep it short, really short

  11. Some years ago when we came to the the public with this proposition to Abolish Taxation on acceding to governmental office of this country, we found that many, many countrymen and women doubted our intentions, some were in stark opposition to it, and some, indeed, supported it. Needless to express that, today, there is however a perceptibly small minority that remains skeptical, and that remains stoutly opposed to it!! Through hard work and serious explanation we have therefore been able to successfully change esp. many Barbadian minds from being skeptical and stoutly opposed into rightly believing that it will be done by our party.

    Here are some of the strategies (totally in brief ) that will be put in place by A Newly Elected PDC Government to replace Taxation, and thereby that will be put in place to undergird PDC policies and programs aimed at the State earning its own revenues , paying its own bills, and substantially reducing the National Debt, et al:

    1) Substantial reduction in the role and size of the State and its operations in the livelihoods of the people of Barbados and other non-nationals, through the substantial elimination of almost ALL inefficient and unnecesary State Ministries, Departments, Enterprises and Projects. Target is half of the State. Present day government workers will even be absorbed into their own or other enterprises via partnership businesses before they are severed.

    2) Certain Divisions and sub-Divisions, Subsidiaries of State Partnership Inc. ( entity created and established to run the affairs of the state – replacing the Crown and the ministry – elected politicians heading it ) will be given power and authority (autonomy ) to devise and implement their own revenue generating, profit maximization, market and resource allocation and cost reduction projects and strategies;

    3) The financing of many, many SPI enterprises and projects by way of voluntary public investment in them – NOT on the basis of the issuing of government paper – which will be forbidden under a PDC Government – but on the basis of taking risks and opportunities that will very likely eventually bear profits for the partners and investors in these enterprises and projects;

    4) By coming within the relevant laws and regulations then making it the case that Barbadian citizens, or wholly or majority owned/controlled Barbadian entities, so truly in need of institutional loan financing for productive purposes, will, on the basis of meeting affordable and clear criteria, succeed at getting such loans from any financial or money collecting institution in Barbados, and, moreover, will succeed in finding that such loans will be deemed NON-REPAYABLE, shall surely mean that, given its lead role in managing the affairs of this country, and which involves, too, heavy financial loan and investment responsibilities, SPI will be one of those national entities that no doubt will qualify as an entity that in principle SHALL BORROW MONEY FOR PRODUCTIVE PURPOSES WITHOUT REPAYING IT.