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What The DLP Could Have DONE About Corruption and Integrity Legislation In The Past Two Years…

David Thompson and the Democratic Labour Party have been hiding behind their “Opposition” status for the past two years, and if the truth be known for much longer than two years. Whenever the subject of integrity legislation or conflict of interest standards comes up, the DLP and their apologists say “We’re not the government. What do you expect us to do about these issues?”

Leadership is what we expect, Mr. Thompson. Leadership.

THIS is what Thompson and the DLP could have DONE during the past two years…

December 2005

– DLP makes a written statement of a commitment to anti-corruption legislation upon election, and an ongoing datelined strategy to study, consult and create the necessary legislation while in opposition so it will be ready to implement immediately upon winning the next election whenever that is.
– DLP also makes a written statement of a commitment to clean its own house and to establish party standards for elected representatives and candidates long in advance of the next election – so that candidates can be selected with the new standards in mind.
– Internal DLP committee struck to carry out this entire strategy.

January 2006

– Standing committee examines anti-corruption legislation and standards from around the world. This will be ongoing as the draft legislation is formulated over the next year.
– Standing committee calls for a series of internal meetings where DLP members discuss integrity standards for DLP candidates and representatives – to be implemented by the end of 2006.
– Public meetings are announced to receive input from citizens. These meetings will be held every month in different parishes until all are covered. The meetings also serve to raise the issues of integrity and political corruption in the public consciousness.

April 2006

– DLP releases preliminary outline of draft legislation with many caveats about still in development, etc.
– DLP Integrity Committee does the talk show circuit and media briefs.
– Letters and articles start appearing in Bajan media discussing integrity issues.

May 2006

– Public discussion re amnesty in the context of integrity legislation.
– DLP publicly invites comments from the BLP about the proposed draft integrity legislation. (No comments? Ok… move on)

June 2006

– DLP caucus meets to formally discuss draft integrity legislation and party integrity standards in light of six months or research, discussion and public input.
– Integrity standards for candidates and representatives are solidified for a vote later in the year.

July 2006

– Revised draft of DLP Integrity Legislation is released for both public and party discussion.

October 2006

– Party senior executive formally approves draft integrity legislation and candidate standards.

November 2006

– DLP membership ratifies the finalized DLP Draft Integrity Legislation and candidate’s standards. The standards are now mandatory for candidates, and a complaint and review process has been established.
– One high profile DLP candidate refuses to sign on to the standards. Leader David Thompson thanks the member for his years of valuable service to Barbados and the DLP. To everyone’s shock, Thompson with the full approval of the senior executive cancels the candidacy of the member and declares a new nomination in that area.

December 2006

– Integrity legislation is presented to the pubic.
– Party announces that all candidates and representatives must adhere to the ratified Standards and sign on to the draft integrity legislation.

January 2007

– Campaign begins with the BLP on the ropes over their corruption and lack of integrity standards.

Do you have any other ideas about what the DLP could have done about corruption issues, integrity legislation and conflict of interest rules in the past two years? Comments are open!


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“Short-term Gains With No Thought For The Future Of Our Children”


“We must not allow our country to be driven by money, greed, and egos which cloud good judgement and place emphasis on short-term gains with no thought for the future of our children.”

One of many excellent points made by Dr. Frances Chandler in her Nation News editorial Need Maps, Advice Before Building

On the same theme of our children’s future, the politicians on both sides (BLP and DLP) seem to have made a decision that condos and parking lots are more desirable than creating a National Park at Graeme Hall.

Why doesn’t the Prime Minister want a National Park at Graeme Hall?

Money. Greed. Ego.

Dr. Chandler is correct: these three items continue to cloud the judgment of our elected representatives.


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Barbados Underground Publishes 2nd Print Edition – But The Article Misses The Point (IOHO)


“…Thompson And The DLP Appear Hapless And Helpless…”

Barbados Underground has published their second print edition, which can be read and copied by clicking on the photo above or here.

BU updated an important article that is becoming more important with every day that the political opposition leader and his party prove they are incapable, incompetent and just plain invisible.

David Thompson Has Owen Arthur By The “Balls” – When Will He Squeeze? asks the BU article.

We have the answer to that question… David Thompson and the DLP are NOT going to “squeeze” because Thompson’s skeletons in the closet are as real as Owen Arthur’s.

When David Thompson asked Owen Arthur in Parliament how it was that Arthur accepted a “campaign donation” cheque and deposited it into his personal bank account in Speightstown, Arthur stammered and sputtered and was caught out on television. We all thought and hoped that this was the opening shot in a DLP campaign to hammer the Owen Arthur government for corruption and at the same time fully commit to integrity legislation, conflict of interest rules and transparency backed up by law.

Not One Word About The Cheque Since That Time From Thompson Or The DLP

The cheque comment by Thompson was nothing more than a warning shot across Arthur’s bows when Arthur pushed a little too much in Parliament. Just a reminder between two gentlemen players in the same game “Don’t go there, I have stuff on you my friend.”

Thompson and the DLP will never speak about that cheque again, and certainly not with any details even though they must know them all for Thompson to have said anything.

It was a slip by Thompson and nothing more. There will be no real commitment by the DLP to integrity legislation. No conflict of interest rules for their own members and candidates, no transparency and freedom of information backed up by laws and penalties.

Both parties are, and have been, so corrupt that neither can raise the integrity flag without being slaughtered by the other side on the same issue… so they have an agreement between the parties and their leaders that none of the punches will be thrown too hard.

The deal is “We’ll have the election about other things, but we won’t bring up integrity or corruption as an election issue.”

Corruption, integrity and transparency issues would be deadly against the BLP Government in the upcoming election – but only if Thompson was pure and unsullied himself.

Nope… don’t look to the DLP and Thompson to do anything substantial in this area.


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