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HEAT Writes About Bajan Blogs’ Printed Editions


Now Every Citizen Is A Potential Reader Or Publisher Of The Barbados Free Press Print Edition

“THE popular and equally controversial Bajan website, Barbados Free Press (BFP) has started a printed version, while another hot topic Bajan blog, Barbados Underground (BU) has also started its own print version”

… from the Friday, September 14, 2007 edition of HEAT (page 4 – top)

The current issue of HEAT Newspaper features an article about the new printed editions of the Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press blogs. The editor of HEAT interviewed BFP’s Marcus and Cliverton early last week via a thoroughly enjoyable email exchange through a covert server. No doubt that the government already has copies of all emails, for all the good it will do them.

The HEAT article is straight reporting of BU’s and BFP’s first printed edition, and the one thing that really stands out when I read the article is how upset the government must be that they can no longer control what Bajan citizens read and discuss.

The biggest message in the article is this…

To all those who hae been behind these efforts (to stop BFP), the BFP folks had this to say: “There is NOTHING you can do to kill the Barbados Blogging movement”

“Now every citizen is a potential publisher or reader of the Barbados Free Press print edition. The man who fuels his auto, the woman in the mall, the clerk in the grocery store, the guy who tends to his garden, the driver in the next vehicle: each of these folks could have printed out or been given the print edition of the Barbados Free Press.”

“Soon, many thousands who might not have even heard of Barbados Free Press before will be looking forward to each new print edition – handed to them by friends and family – or found on the ZR”

HEAT missed one little point though – that message as quoted is a bit out of context as it was originally directed personally to Prime Minister Owen Arthur and should read…

“The man who fuels Owen Arthur’s auto, the woman in the mall, the clerk in the grocery store, the guy who tends to Owen Arthur’s garden, the driver in the next vehicle: each of these folks could have printed out or been given the print edition of the Barbados Free Press.”

Click on the photo to read the article from THE HEAT.


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Oh Oh – Barbados Polo Playing Jodie Kidd Caught Up In Cocaine Sting


To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected…

It looks like a bunch of reporters set out to see if they could purchase some cocaine through Jodie Kidd and her polo set.

Were they successful?

You be the judge…

Daily Mail: Polo-playing model Jodie Kidd ‘exposed in cocaine sting’

And don’t forget the background..

BFP: Lives of The Rich and Unfaithful In Barbados: Holders Plantation House and Those Wacky Kidds!


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Pre-Medical College Studies In Venezuela: Biology, Chemistry, Castro’s Speeches, Che’s Biography…


We at Barbados Free Press have to agree: there is no doubt that studying one of Castro’s 4 hour marathon speeches will make the Venezuelan medical students much better physicians. (roll eyes)

Despots seem to be all the same, don’t they? Its all about control.

Thanks to reader BW for the tip.


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Barbados Caves And Landslips – Memories Of Richard Goddard

UPDATE: March 25, 2010

This letter from Richard Goddard was first printed in the September 18, 2007 online edition of the Barbados Advocate. We turned it into a blog article on that day because we thought it was valuable, and also because the Barbados Advocate does not maintain online archives – and, as we understand it, not much of a paper archive either.

We’re again putting it as our top article for a few days because Richard Goddard’s message is still important – and very relevant especially as our country considers building a windmill farm over areas that might be riddled with caves and fissures.

Take it away, Mr. Goddard…

Caves And Landslips In Barbados

THE tragic collapse of a section of the apartment building at Arch Cot Terrace, Brittons Cross Road, St. Michael about 5 a.m. on Sunday, 26th August, 2007, and the death of five members of the Codrington family, should serve as a wake-up call to the politicians, the Town Planning Department and the emergency services.

Do not allow construction on any area of Barbados before testing that the foundations are stable by doing bore hole tests to some depth, depending on the building plan for that site. For ordinary two storey houses say to about 25 feet, but six storey apartment blocks would be 150 feet. Ensure the area does not have a history of flooding, of heavy storm rain, as in the area of Sunset Crest, or construct in areas which are endangered by massive landslips or rock falls, i.e. Scotland District. Continue reading


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