Message For “Maria”

You sent us a long document this morning. We need to know more about how you know what you know and where the information came from. Please take the time to tell us more background.


(Folks, these little housekeeping messages are sometimes necessary when we cannot reply to an email for one reason or another.)


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3 responses to “Message For “Maria”

  1. Maria

    All this information was given to me by an insider in BS&T. It has all be substantiated.


    Thanks Maria,

    We would like to do a major story on this.

    But we need more details – perhaps additional illustrations. Also… please email us so at least we don’t carry on the conversations in public. If you knew the name of the bank, or the city for instance. The name of the supplier paying the kickbacks, who, when. More details. (don’t say it here – email it please)

    Do you have the transcripts from that public conversation that took place in 2000?

    Also very very interested in the company that was set up. You tell all about it but no name or address, etc.

    We cannot email you at this time. We simply cannot send any email from anywhere in Barbados – even an internet cafe – unless it is encrypted. Go to and get yourself set up with a free account. This will solve one of the communication problems.

    Thanks so much to you and all the readers who are now breaking the silence that keeps the corrupt in power.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Please do not tell me that Allan Fields ‘s wife has a company setup in Costa Rica that Banks buys all there bottles from and she collects the commission but never sees a single bottle?

  3. Anonymous

    Good morning Loveridge. eh? Our cyber-trolls will get to work on that right away.

    We WILL kill you.

    (Or maybe we’ll just let you PAY US OFF to stop this… and then kill you anyway.)

    Have a nice day.