Barbados Labour Party Candidate Celebrates His Organisation’s Win Of International Cash Prize For “Outstanding Achievement In Abortion”


At Least Barbados Is A World Class Leader In Something!

From The Nation News…

Family Planning wins ‘safe abortions’ award

THE BARBADOS FAMILY PLANNING ASSOCIATION walked away with a first-of-its-kind award that brought with it a cash prize of $25 000 and an international accreditation.

The announcement came from president Jefferson Kirton yesterday at a Press conference at the association’s headquarters Bay Street, St Michael.
Referring to the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s regional council meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, last Saturday, he said that “coming out of the regional council meeting, we luckily received a west wing award for outstanding achievement in the area of safe abortion/termination.

Executive director George Griffith said that to achieve this accreditation the association had to modernise its operations “to make it more transparent and accountable to ensure there was full compliance with international standards. That was a major achievement,” he added

Should It Matter That BLP Candidate Griffith Is Part Of The Abortion Industry?

A better question would probably be “Will Griffith’s employment matter to voters in St. Philip North?”

Since the formal legalization of abortion in 1983, so many of us have been touched by abortion ourselves – or know someone close to us who has. Despite the now relatively commonplace nature of abortion in Barbados and the euphemisms proffered by industry advocates to normalize and conceal what really happens during an abortion – nothing can change the heavy emotional price that each one of us has paid.

…And many continue to pay that price for years after. Easier to forgive others than ourselves sometimes.

Only the final count on election day might tell us whether voters are too emotionally invested or torn by abortion to elect BLP candidate George Griffith. Even Griffith’s name on the ballot once again makes abortion a political issue during a campaign, but his employment is obviously not considered to be a major liability by the BLP.

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North

Should Barbados Family Planning Association Cover Up Sexual Abuse Of Young Girls By Adult Males?

The cat has been out of the bag for some time… the Barbados Family Planning Association provides abortions to young girls and keeps quiet if the girl was impregnated by an adult. Parents are not always informed or asked for consent. Abortions upon young girls are a tool for covering up sexual abuse of children.

So we have a question for Mr. Griffiths… “How often are children given abortions without the knowledge and consent of their parents – and under what circumstances?”

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

Mr. Griffith’s Conflicts Of Interest: Hospital Board, Abortion Provider, Fetal Body Parts Supplier To Private Clinics

Let’s get one thing straight folks – most of us BFP editors don’t like Mr. George Griffith on principle alone. How on earth the Barbados Labour Party could select the Director of the largest abortion provider in the country to be their candidate in the upcoming election is totally beyond our understanding.

We also believe that Mr. Griffiths should not be on the Board of Directors for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital because it is an obvious conflict of interest between his abortion business and an institution that is supposed to be in the oversight chain over his abortion business. We also don’t like the relationship between the abortion industry, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the stem-cell clinics in Barbados – which makes Mr. Griffith part of the fetal body parts supply chain.

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board Split Over Large Scale Internal Thefts

How Much Revenue Does Barbados Family Planning Association Generate From The Sale Of Aborted Fetuses?

What used to be something to be “disposed of” is now in many cases providing significant revenue flows to hospitals and other medical facilities.

Barbados has no laws in place to regulate this practice, and no civilian oversight or public accountability structures in place to monitor just how far the Barbados Government and the medical industry take our country down this road.

The sale of aborted fetuses would provide a significant source of revenue to the Barbados Family Planning Association and/or the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – so much so that it would be difficult for Executive Director and BLP Candidate George Griffith to ignore such a potential revenue stream. So once again… we want to know, Mr. Griffith… Are we? For how much? To whom?

… above reprinted from BFP’s articles Unanswered Questions In Barbados: How Were Sophia’s Dead Babies “Disposed Of” By Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Were They Sold For Revenue? and How Much Revenue Does Barbados Family Planning Association Generate From The Sale Of Aborted Fetuses?

The Thriving Fetal Body Parts Industry In Barbados

Not pretty, but a compelling read for any who have doubts about whether Barbados should be involved in the international fetal body parts industry.

BFP: BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

BFP: The Nation Newspaper Tackles Barbados Clinic – Baby Murder Story

BFP: How Much Money Did Barbados Labour Party Receive From Stem Cell Clinic?

BFP: Barbados Clinic Baby Murder Scandal


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58 responses to “Barbados Labour Party Candidate Celebrates His Organisation’s Win Of International Cash Prize For “Outstanding Achievement In Abortion”

  1. YUM YUM I like it!

    An interesting article.

    It seems from a PR perspective alone, a foolish (possibly somewhat arrogant) decision of the BLP to nominate this chap Griffith as the candidate for ST.P North. In this strongly christian country the issue of abortion is an especially emotive one.

  2. RRRicky

    Someplace on this blog somebody said that they wouldn’t throw any stones at George Griffith but they wouldn’t have him over for dinner and they for sure wouldn’t vote for him.

    Me too. No stones. No dinner and sure as anything I would not have an abortion person for my elected member in parlament.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t like it when teachers or boyfriends take minor girls for abortion and the girl’s parents aren’t told. What is the law about this in Barbados?

  4. YUM YUM I like it!


    On looking more closely at this article I am a little concerned and dissappointed by its tone. You must be careful in chasing down any opportunity to attack to BLP that you don’t inadvertantly shoot yourself in the foot!

    George Griffith is executive director of the Barbados Family Planning Association, which has quite a wide remit in reproductive health. Abortions (or terminations) are only a small part of what they do. To make him out to be some sort of ‘chief abortionist’ is misleading. He is not a surgeon!

    Plainly George Griffith is an effective manager of a medium sized NGO organisation and has commendable communication skills. I think BFP should be applauding this fellow if indeed he did manage the BFPA in such a way as: “to make it more transparent and accountable to ensure there was full compliance with international standards” (quoting George Griffith himself)

    After all is this not our chief aim for our government?

    Maybe he is a good candidate afterall!

  5. Red Lake Lassie

    Good manager or not, I won’t vote for him.

    Plus, is the Family Planning Assoiciation selling the aborted fetuses like many other abortion providers everywhere?

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    Yum Yum, I agree George Griffith is a bad choice from a PR perspective. I don’t understand the thinking of teh party leaders in choosing him because they were setting themselves up for questions. Say what you want about the necessity of abortion and I agree with that, but to pick him has a candidate was plain weird and a bad choice politically IMHO.

  7. Red Lake Lassie

    What I mean is that if you don’t have to have a candidate with that baggage, why choose him? It is not like his abortion job is likely to get him votes or anything. It may get him some votes but with our religious nation it will probably lose him far more votes than he gains.

    Bad choice for the party.

  8. Crusty

    Abortion is an issue for which strong opinions are held both for and against. These opinions seem to be irreconcilable. In a democratic society, the “will of the people” is represented by the laws in existence. Barbados has legalised abortion.

    Persons holding opinions contrary to the law might choose to lobby for a change in the law, but I am not aware of any country where abortion laws have been repealed once implemented.

    It is also legal to smoke tobacco and drink rum. I suspect the number of deaths attributable to these factors exceed those for abortion. If the death count is the issue, then, for the sake of consistency, opposition to one should mean opposition to the others.

    Do you propose to condemn smokers and drinkers in the same manner?

    Beware the ground you tread.

  9. J RObertson

    RLL, Please read Crusty’s last post . Right to Choice may be the issue some may debate but why should that stop Griffith from running. BFPA has had a fine reputation re reproductive health generally… to call him chief abortionist as has been touted is way off mark and insulting to the intelligence of most Barbadians. Bfree press may need to moderate itself sometimes. Abortion is a very emotional issue with the question of when does life actually begin but thats another issue perhaps Bfree Press can start a debate on that.

  10. Red Lake Lassie

    Some people won’t vote for a person who drinks. Some won’t vote for a person who smokes.

    In urban America, smoking and drinking are mostly legal, but no one would deny that they impact voters’ perceptions about a candidate and therefore impact votes. I say “mostly legal” because in some US cities smoking has been banned in public places even outdoors.

    You won’t see too many politicians smoking or drinking in public in New York or San Francisco.

    In Central America smoking and drinking in public by a politician is a non-issue unless they are fall down drunk.

    Political supporters of George Griffiths would like to say that his association with abortion is a non-issue, but they are dreaming. Some people are not going to vote for him only because of his being the director of the BFPA. Some people will vote for him because of his employment and especially if it becomes a more public issue.

    It is foolishness to think that Mr. Griffith’s employment and association with abortion will not have an impact on his candidacy. That would be true in any American city and it is doubly true in Barbados.

  11. Straight talk

    Following your analogy Red lake Lassie, what are the chances of a drunken serial womaniser galvanising the popular vote when the bell rings?

    We have already heard that Barbados votes for the party leader.

  12. Straight talk

    Let us ignore these career advisors, madame,
    and carry on with the debate.

  13. Radiance

    Whether we agree with it or not, please let’s not make abortion an election issue in Barbados. If we want to make abortion an electoral litmus test, we must also do the same for all kinds of other moral issues. So, does the candidate drink? If so, how much? Does she smoke? Has she been divorced twice? Did he smoke weed when he was a youngster? The list can go on and on.

    Let that divisive nonsense stay overseas where it belongs. Barbados is too small for the kind of social sniping and separation that comes along with making these things into political issues. What will we have next? Red parishes and blue parishes? Please, let’s not.

  14. once

    “Right to Choice may be the issue some may debate but why should that stop Griffith from running.”

    It won’t stop Griffith from running.

    But it may or may not stop him from winning.

    The other debate is should Barbados be involved in the fetal parts trade? How should this be regulated? Should any restrictions be placed on the private stemcell treatment clinics on Barbados? Who should regulate such clinics?

    Other debates are: When should the BFPA provide an abortion to a 12 year old girl and not tell either of her parents?

    The bringing of “emotion” into the abortion debates is usually done as a dismissal so substantive issues are not discussed.

    Start with the 12 year old girl question. Under what circumstances should YOUR DAUGHTER be given an abortion by the Barbados Family Planning Association and NEITHER of the parents be told?

  15. Anonymous

    Radiance said, “Whether we agree with it or not, please let’s not make abortion an election issue in Barbados.”

    Radiance, no one except the BLP made abortion into an election issue. They did that when the declared Griffiths a candidate. When they announced he was a candidate they gave his employment as “Director of the Barbados Family Association”

    Check out the Nation News when he was declared a candidate and you’ll see.

    The BLP knew that his employment might come up and might be an issue, but they thought it wouldn’t matter politicially or they could overcome it.

    Don’t be thinking that nobody considered that before they made him a candidate.

  16. Warrior

    Publish the statistics and let us see. Nothing hits you like when you see something in black and white for all of you lauding abortion, all of you were given the chance to see the light of day and now callously you sit and determine that other babies should not.

    I would like to know

    How many abortions are performed in a year?

    Group the abortions by age of victim?

    Group the abortions by who referred them to the B’dos Family Planning Assoc. or Doctor’s office.

    Define the numbers by race? This should be interesting

    What are the peak times of the year for abortions?

    Is there counselling done before and after abortions?

    In Barbados we take everything lightly “erie man”, then when catastrophe hits then we are startled into the realization that we sinking and fast.

    One more scourge, but wait for it more judgement coming you know.

    As human beings we don’t have the right to play God, true, but God has the right to be God and when he acts it will be no time to play…. for anyone.

  17. Radiance

    Anonymous said: “when they announced he was a candidate they gave his employment as “Director of the Barbados Family Association”.

    OK. I take your word for it because I didn’t read it.
    But, since when is family planning a partisan political issue? As far as I can remember I was hearing about the BFPA since I was a child. Did it stop its work during X administration and restart again when Y administration was in power? I don’t think so. People in Bim of all political stripes have had abortions or paid for them. It’s silly to discuss it as a partisan issue.

    Also, your reasoning is flawed. I would buy your argument if they had said “they gave his employment as ‘Abortonist'”. I mean, using your argument if a candidate’s occupation is “doctor”, we could say the same thing. If it is farmer, we could state “destroyer of the environment through use of pesticides”. If it is “entertainer”, we could say “corrupter of the morals of our youth”. See? So, I think it is pointless to go down this road from a political standpoint because we would have never have any candidates – present or future – who are suitable for anything.

  18. Anonymous

    Radiance, “Family Planning” to me is condoms and birth control pills.

    Abortion and the fetal parts industry is something else.

    Giving 12 year old girls abortions without the permission or notifying at least one of her parents. 12 year old girl pregnant by a 25 year old man and they hush it up and don’t tell her parents or police is not “family planning”. It is letting some animal abuse a 12 year old girl.

    It is not unreasonable that people want to know where and how our tax dollars are used.

    Where is part of the oversight of the BFPA abortions? HA – the board of the QEH and Griffiths is on the board.

  19. Lady Anon

    Lets be honest here. When an under-aged girl goes to the family planning for an abortion with an adult who says he/she is the girl’s parent, who is the nurse or practioner to say otherwise?

    Do they ask for ID? No. Do they ask for proof of parentage? No.

    Many times, the practioner believes that the adult accompanying the minor girls is a parent. They DO NOT go alone.

  20. Anonymous

    Lady Anon,

    So your argument is that abortion in Barbados is basicly a free for all. Inadequate supervision of the providers. no rules about reporting sexual abuse to authorities. that the practicioners don’t care or are so committed to abortion that they “move ’em in and move ’em out”

    Call it wilfully blind so they can do wat they want to.

  21. Anonymous

    What about the fetal parts profits? The person not asking for ID and it is to the benefit of the BFPA to not ask too many questions. It is a business after all and they make money from doing the abortions.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    I just would wish that Griffith as a board member of the QEH that he would attach the importance to trying to get the hospital in shape and to serve the masses rather than collecting money for killing life.
    The hospital continues to be the scorn of the minister of health and the board of management none of them seem capable or willing to put themselves to the task to get the hospital back on track hence the dire condition our health care finds itself in.
    He and the rest of them that are responsible for the management of the QEH should all resign as the are a total and dismal failure of massive proportions.


    Balance of post deleted by BFP Auntie Moses.

    WIV, that sounds a wee bit too much like going towards some of the stuff the horrible peoples posting on here to cause the problems. You probably had second thoughts after posting it so we will erase your error for you. Please don’t hit the “send” button too soon.

    Always with respect,
    BFP A.M.

  23. ??

    WIV… depending on ones position early term abortion is not seen as taking life. bfp as mentioned by someone earlier this topic might make for a good debate.
    WIV we do however agree on the gross mismanagement at QEH. Having personal experience I am disappointed that a once revered institution has over the last 20 years been allowed decay to its current level.

  24. YUM YUM I like it!

    A lot of people have just missed the point altogether.

    The main issue : Is George Griffith a suitable candidate for election as a Barbados MP?

    This is not a debate on the wrongs and rights of abortion.

    George Griffith has a management role in a medium-sized N-G.O . One of the many functions that this organisation performs is to refer women for surgical terminations, all of which is done under the framework of the law.

    Opponents of abortion have NO right to blame the legalisation, nor the continued practice of abortion upon George Griffith. After all he is just a manager, and if he wasn’t with the BFPA he would be in another N-G.O. or private company!

    The man must be judged on the his ability to manage factors in his life and work that ARE within his control!!

    It is essential that issues such as are raised above (e.g. about young girls being given abortions without knowledge of the parents) are considered VERY carefully. However these debates have to point towards improved legislation, not vilifying individuals who have no power to change the law.

    In some ways it may be of benefit the country to have someone in parliament who has a working knowledge of reproductive and sexual health, especially in the light of current rise in STDs and the current statistics about underage sex.

    Don’t shoot the messanger!

  25. YUM YUM I like it!


    Your comment: “collecting money for killing life” is very dissappointing if not deeply offensive.

    (Read the above)

    I have always considered you as an intelligent and astute commentator, but this sort of talk is not helpful! Try to keep at least a modicum of objectivity. If every time you see “BLP” you start spewing this sort of nasty rhetoric, nobody will take you seriously.

    INFORMED debate please my man!

  26. Is it NOT the case that Mr. George Griffith, BLP Candidate for St. Philip North, is a moderator on CBC’s Guttaperk call in program on certain days? Is NOT CBC the chief information conduit of this BLP Government? Is NOT this call in program sometimes dealing with political and governmental issues, and blatant partisan ones, at that?
    Invariably, we must in all cases of those questions respond, “YES”.

    Thus, it cannot be gainsaid that it is downright opprobrious and repugnant that this individual is the duly selected candidate for St. Philip North and is still having command of Gutterperk on certain mornings. As well, it must be absolutely unfair and vulgar to the other candidate(s) in the election for St. Philip North that this individual may be or is using this forum, at times, for his own political electoral gain and advantage, and for spreading the worthlessness and inanities of this BLP Government. What kind of conscience does Mr. Griffith have, knowing full well that his independence and impartiality as a so-called moderator would be perceived by many callers to the program and by many listeners of it, to be totally compromised by his own pro-BLP leanings as he so awkwardly attempts to moderate discussion on the program, and, thereby, as he is so rendered politically challenged and violated. Of course, enough Barbadians do know the substantial political influence that the media do have on the minds of thousands upon thousands of Barbadians. And with CBC being under the control of the BLP there is NO doubt that he is there heading this call in program for very obvious party political reasons, nevermind his apparent good ability and skills as a social worker in Barbados, and his fairly good communication skills.

    So, what kind of professional and ethical standards does CBC have when it allows this individual to continue commanding this call in program on certain day? The same question must be put to all other media houses that employ or otherwise make use of services of selected candidates of parties, or independent candidates even, in the Next Elections, on an ongoing basis in Barbados. What do the non-partisan colleagues of Mr. Griffith, Mr. Blackett and Mr. Gill feel about the political nature of their presence in their midst? What decadent and grevious states of affairs!! Where are these political persons really heading to in Barbados?

  27. Wishing in Vain

    YUM YUM I like it!, ??
    Many of those in the pro life will tell you once it has been created it is a life, so any destruction of this is a destruction of a life.
    We need not run and hide from Griffith’s role at the family planning in allowing abortions for underaged minors, it seems strange that he can be a director on the board of the QEH some where that attempts to keep people alive and healthy versus his role at the Family planning that takes lives away and disposes of them.

  28. Yum Yum I like it


    So, what you are advocating is to close down the BFPA and divert the monies towards the QEH, with the consequent explosion in unplanned pregnancy (uneconomic population growth) and STD transmission.

    The BFPA is an essential organisation and does SO much good work in education and pregnancy prevention (as well stopping STD transmission). I think your words are irresponsible and pander to a section of the public who hold (and are perfectly entitled to hold) morality based anti-abortion views.

    I myself have very sombre experiences of abortion. Two women whom I am very close to, underwent early term termination and I am telling you right now that this was the most difficult decision in their lives! The hurt that this procedure caused these girls is unmeasurable and lasted for decades. Even given this extreme angst, I am convinced that it was the right decision at the time that it was taken. (I must add that neither were my partner)

    Abortion should always be a last resort. The main work of the BFPA (contraception, education) actually guarantees that there are less of these so called ‘last resorts’. As such it could be argued that the BFPA are actually working to reduce abortion!

    I still resent this ignorant comment: “collecting money for killing life”. I urge you to say it to yourself 10 times and if you still feel comfortable then you are less of a person than I though you were!

  29. The Truth

    It is amaizing how blatant lies and misrepresentations can be paraded before the public. The BFPA does not admister abortions to any minors with out the legal parental consent. All referrals are offered pre and posr termination counselling. There is no trade in body parts or any products of abortion by the BFPA . Griffith is not a Doctor and does not conduct abortions. The authors of this bogus information are yellow belly mongrela who are propogating DLP garbage. George Griffith is a professionally trained social Worker who is brave and a champion of women’s rights in Barbados. He will win the elections because the people know him to be honest and true to yhe cause of the people. What about the morality or lack there of of his opponant?


    BFP Comments,

    Actually “The Truth” is that the BFPA HAS administered abortions to minors – at least one as young as 12 years old – without the knowledge or consent of at least one parent. That is fact.

    It is also “The Truth” that Barbados is heavily involved in the body parts trade. A written statement from the BFPA and the QEH that neither organisation nor any of their personnel have been directly or indirectly involved in the fetal body parts trade would be most interesting and we would be very interested in hearing Mr. Griffith make that statement on video tape. We would also like some transparency and oversight of the organisation by other than boards that Mr. Griffith sits on.

    As for Mr. Griffith being a social worker and proponent of women’s rights, he may believe that his work benefits or empowers women but many believe that his work does just the opposite. Similarly there is a strong, even overwhelming, case to be made that abortion is primarily found in the black and immigrant community and has played a significant role in destroying the black family as an institution.

    It is also true that the Planned Parenthood Association was originally founded with the purpose of “lowering the birth rates of Negroes, mentally deficient persons, the physically deformed and other persons from the lower classes.” (That’s from memory, but its close. Check it out)

    Think that statement is bogus? Think it is too strong? We invite you to do a little research and read the writings of Margaret Sanger – the “mother” of the modern abortion movement.

    Last but not least, have you ever noticed how we as a society use the word “fetus” when we want to kill the baby in the womb, and the word “baby” when we want the child in the womb to continue to live? We cannot on one hand talk about babies learning in the womb, and the effect of music upon the child in the womb – but then say that the child is not a human being when we want to get rid of it.

    Abortion is the killing of a human being. We will not go into the methods of abortion, but in or out of the womb there is little difference in the excruciating pain and horror of what happens.

    But people who generally favour abortion on demand do not want to consider those scientific and medical facts.

    Advances in science and medicine have proven to be a very inconvenient truth for those who support abortion on demand.

    That’s my opinion – and I suspect it is shared by many Bajans in Mr. Griffith’s riding.

  30. Royalrumble

    If this post does not tell Barbadians exactly who and what the BFP is then nothing will. Just imagine having your school child come onto this blog hoping to gather something of intellectual worth?

    When this blog first came up the administrators sold us the idea that it was an impartial medium set up to give wider press scope to free and fair comments. We had always contended that it was another of thompson’s political rag – the ultimate piece of his intellectual creativity. This is thompson at his best. There is nothing more to expect from the man.

    Today the BFP has come full circle and bloggers would now have to agree that our first impression of them were correct. They are just another branch of the Deception Lies and Propaganda- DLP posting around sites with their begging bowl hoping for a slice of the fatted calf. How can you explain the posting of this stupid thompson-like piece of political nonsense when in the Advocate newspaper, on page 13 there is a real article for which Barbados had really won an award?

    It was the UK Tourism Award that had been won by Barbados for the forth consecutive time. I believe that the capacity of the BFP to deal with such great truth must have posed a very serious challenge for them. As you know thompson has a problem with truth. The BELIEVABILITY FACTOR has him in trouble. He simply is not a man who can be taken at his word. He can not be trusted.

    Any how I found the article in the Advocate to be a good article. It certainly is a departure from a DLP past when we use to have a lot of infighting in the Ministry with Ministers being fired left right and centre.


    BFP Comments…

    Damn… I thought this blog was run by Adrian Loveridge and now you say we are DLP?

    Make up your mind guys!

    Unfortunately for RR, we are merely ordinary citizens – mostly of darker skin, with a sprinkling of other races thrown into the mix.

  31. Anonymous X

    The People’s Democratic Congress,
    What action have you taken in relation to Mr.Griffith? If you are a serious political party you have to stop all the talking and take some action.

  32. Wishing in Vain

    Royal idiot, I find it most amusing when you state that you find it hard to believe somone you have to more of and idiot that I first felt that you were, when you can really make a nonsense statement like this one is do you not realise that you have the champion of liars in your mix you remember Lynch and his bout of lying that became laughable eventually remember the myth of 90,000 arrivals for CWC and 45,000 cruise ship passengers on 38 ships in port not to mention the 7oo yachts?
    You remember, Marshall working as an ATTORNEY while working in the office as AG talk about a conflict, Liz Thompson and GREENLAND, Mottley and EDUTECH, Wood FISHING DEAL WITH TRINIDAD, Atherley and Paradise, Owing and his cheque for his deposit of $ 750,000.00, Glyne Clarke and his wuk for wuk TAXI PERMITS SCAM?
    Wake and put you brain in order and desist from talking absolute crap.

  33. YUM YUM I like it!


    “Abortion is the killing of a human being”

    As I have said above I am troubled by the tone of the entire article. It is a pity that the BFP seems bent on any story that discredits the BLP government even if the story lacks objectivity and inspires hatred or prejudice towards an individual who does not deserve it.

    I am especially disappointed by your line above (in quotes). This must be the opinion of one person, but it is not expressed as such and comes across as the opinion held by BFP. Please leave medical ethics to the doctors, scientists and their colleagues. If abortion is legal, how dare you, as a neutral information and news medium express this as your collective belief. Think of the harm that this does to individuals who have (for whatever reason) undergone this procedure. Would you say this to their face??

    After all: when does a foetus become a human? when can it feel pain? when can it think?

    There are all sorts of reasons that women consider abortion. Some women, for instance have foetuses which are so badly deformed that they would have no quality of life. It is a choice which is NOT taken lightly!

    Please try to keep your stories factual. Much more of this sort of desperate anti-government muck and you will start to lose the credibility you have built up.

    Try printing some good news about what people can achieve in spite of corruption etc..

    You have put me in the rather dreadful situation where I actually agree with RoyalRumble!

    Please please don’t let that happen too often!!!!


    BFP Replies

    Hi YYILI

    Perhaps you mean “when does a foetus become a person?” – for surely it is already human. When can it “think”? When can it feel pain? Is that the criteria of a person?

    Nope, we don’t want to see you agreeing with RR much, but nobody said we’re always correct! We have an opinion on everything, and we’re no doctors or medical scientists…

    But the truth is the truth. We can search for it, agree, disagree, doubt and search more. Some doctors and medical scientists have put forward their research and you can have a look at it for yourself.

    Are they correct? Are they promoting an ideology rather than science? Hey… I don’t know…

    But they say that at 8 weeks, the foetus feels pain.

    You may not like that answer, but that is what they found…!

    I have also seen the film “The Silent Scream” and you can probably find it online if you want – or not. People don’t like to look at it for all the usual reasons – but also because they really don’t want to know that a foetus feels everything. Everything.

    Like I say, the truth is the truth. If you want to hide that truth or even the discussion about what is the truth from women, well, lots of folks do.

    Me… after being a strong supporter of “a woman’s right to choose” for a long long time, I became convinced of the humanity of the unborn child not because of some religious position, but because I watched one too many medical and scientific presentations about the development of the foetus in the mother’s womb.

  34. Wishing in Vain

    You have put me in the rather dreadful situation where I actually agree with RoyalRumble!
    Surely you are not like that a spineless disgusting creature as that idiot?

  35. YUM YUM I like it!


    The issue of abortion was never meant to be subject in my last comment and the ones prior to that. I was hoping NOT to be dragged into that debate. I have personal experience of abortion as I have said, and I must say I am not TRULY sure where I stand on the issue (hence I wanted to avoid the argument). I will read the link you have sent, so thank you for that.

    My contention is that this chap George Griffith has been unfairly represented by this article, which lacks objectivity and exaggerates factors which have no bearing on his ability to be a good MP .

    Does BFP not recognise the good work that the BFPA does?

    Does BFP not recognise that George Griffith is a manager, not an abortionist?

    Would BFP call the chief executive of BS&T an animal murderer because his supermakets sell meat (which is also a legal regulated activity)?

    It is not my aim to be anti-BFP. I think that the work that you are doing is superb. However please, for the sake of Barbados, avoid over-sensational articles just to get a cheap dig in at the BLP gubbermint!

    Do you understand what I am saying?

  36. Radiance

    I think this entire thing is off track. The discussion about the morality of abortion is not wrong. It’s a good debate, but it’s just in the wrong place in terms of attaching it to an individual person and a political party.

    BFP started off this story rather irresponsibly with the headline suggesting that Mr. Griffith had personally won a cash prize. Further reading shows that the BFPA won the award. BFP, that kind of tactic makes you look like the National Enquirer, and they are not exactly shining examples of responsible journalism. You are going to damage your credibility with that kind of thing.

    Secondly, BFP chose to conflate abortion with PARTISAN politics. Again, that does not make sense in Barbados because, as I said earlier, BLPites, DLPites, and all other ites have probably had or paid for abortions, if not through BFPA then through someone else. The work of the BFPA has been done by people of all political stripes.

    One other thing, BFP. Be a little more reflective when you receive criticism . I’ve noticed that you do not take criticism very well. Instead of using it to reflect and improve, you become defensive. This is a natural response, but it is not useful for your development.


    BFP Comments

    Hello Radiance,

    While I understand your arguments against making abortion “partisan politics”, I would submit that thousands of folks on this rock connect an individual’s choices as a reflection of character and values. And they don’t like what they see with Mr. Griffith. Although Mr. Griffith, his political supporters and supporters of abortion as a method of birth control may wish that his position as head of the largest abortion provider in Barbados did not matter to some voters – it does matter to some voters.

    How many remains to be seen.

    Indeed, there are many voters who will continue to turn a blind eye to BLP government thieving, but who will not be inclined to vote for Mr. Griffith because of his employment. These folks don’t usually say anything against abortion because the proponents of abortion are very vocal and fervent.

    But in the voting, don’t fool yourself – Mr. Griffith’s employment will matter on election day.

  37. Radiance

    Hello, BFP.

    Respond to my first point too. You are aware that you were deliberately misleading in the heading of the story, right? Please respond to that. I wonder whether you used that headline to make a SPURIOUS connection between Mr. Griffith’s occupation, his receiving personal reward for abortion (which did not happen), and his political affiliation. You don’t need to do that kind of thing to make your point.

    BFP, you also said: “I would submit that thousands of folks on this rock connect an individual’s choices as a reflection of character and values”. Oh, so true.

    So, because you are interested in fairness and justice, and in revealing the true character and values of politicians, I would encourage you to be as thorough as possible in revealing the individual “choices” of ALL political candidates. Include their occupational choices, use these choices to discuss their character and values, and then discuss these choices in relation to partisan politics. Fair is fair. Don’t just stop at the perceived negative aspects of working for the BFPA.

    So, talk about the medical doctors (e.g., those who don’t speak out against abortion – because if they are not against it, they must be for it), the attorneys at law (i.e., getting all those criminals off), accountants and banker’s (supporting a capitalist systems at the expense of the poor), business people (exploiting the poor for gain), etc. Connect the “negatives” of each and every one of these occupations to a political party, and then say why we should not give support to this candidate or party because of the immoral aspects of their jobs, characters, and values.

    Continue to be fair. That’s all.


    BFP Comments

    Hi Radiance

    We will consider what you said, and we appreciate your comments. That is the great thing about blogs… Anybody can say anything, but someone else is welcome to dispute it, tear it apart or to post their own views for all to consider. If some don’t consider our articles to be fair, they are welcome to post a comment or even submit a major article. If you wish to create a 100% positive piece about Mr. Griffith, we would print it for you as a proper story. I would think that it would be largely unedited, and you could have a look at the final version before publishing if you wanted.

    While we remain under attack we will continue to moderate in real time as much as we can to provide Barbadians with the freedom of speech that has been suppressed on our island for so long.

  38. sneakers

    my wish is to see likes of george griffith sent into wilderness by electorate. When I listen to griffith and likes of atherley,Lynch, Liz thompson,wood, one gets a sense of menace. These people come across as real threats to our democracy and one minute dictators. if they had their way we would be a police state. The BLP must go.

    BFP we want a seperate thread on Rommell Marshall. Why are you treating his case with kid gloves? In other jurisdictions Rommell would be suspended from Parliament.


    BFP Comments

    Hi sneakers… we’ve just been busy, but yes Mr. Marshall’s story is worthy of an article – especially considering that so many other government members and former members are not charged or even investigated.

  39. Radiance

    BFP? Did you just change and add to your comment after initially posting it? Hmmm…Can I have that benefit too? So now that means I have to write yet another response (following the one that you are moderating now). Ok. Here goes.

    Re. “But in the voting, don’t fool yourself – Mr. Griffith’s employment will matter on election day”, that’s fine with me. Let his occupation matter. As I said before, though, bring all the potential wrongs of all the occupations to light, BFP. Why pick and choose? Is it to serve your own purposes and to influence people’s choices? I don’t know. I’m just asking a question. Reveal them all for the sake of the people. We need to know!

    Also, who are these proponents of abortion who scream loudly in Bim? We seem to know two different countries. I don’t hear too much screaming by either side about abortion in Barbados. Maybe people scream at each other in their private conversations, but I have never noticed this in the public sphere. Except on this blog.


    BFP Comments

    Hi Radiance

    Ok, perhaps “screaming” was a bit of hyperbole. My point is that whenever abortion is discussed or brought up on Bim, those “against” tend to remain silent, while those “for” are the most vocal.

    Whatever the discussion, I am sure that Mr. Griffith’s employment matters to more folks on election day than the BLP team realises.

    POINT ASIDE: Isn’t it good to have discussions without having to filter through 25 vile and threatening comments?

  40. Radiance

    BFP, you said: “If you wish to create a 100% positive piece about Mr. Griffith, we would print it for you as a proper story. I would think that it would be largely unedited, and you could have a look at the final version before publishing if you wanted….While we remain under attack we will continue to moderate in real time as much as we can to provide Barbadians with the freedom of speech that has been suppressed on our island for so long”.

    That’s exactly what I am talking about in terms of how you receive criticism or opposition to you points, BFP. You just pounce without regard for what has been said. Everyone who makes a critical comment is not the enemy, BFP. Don’t let the nasty language on the blog turn you foolish, ok?

    So, to respond to point #1, I don’t care to have a “100% positive piece” about Mr. Griffith or anyone else created by me or anyone else. That’s a laughable comment to me, because I never said or suggested any such thing. That’s not the point I’m making. I’m saying that, for a blog that criticizes the poverty of journalism in Barbados, do not practice low standards of journalism. (You haven’t commented on this yet, by the way).

    Point # 2: I appreciate your clear commitment to freedom of speech. I am exercising it. You are exercising it. Hooray! Let’s cherish and protect it. But let’s not change the topic. You did something that was less than responsible in how you headlined this piece.

    If you are movie fans, you should remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility”.


    BFP Comments

    Alright RAdiance,

    We think it is a matter of semantics but we’ll change the headline. Tell us how you like it.

  41. Yum Yum I like it


    Your comments are very valuable and back up my own protests about this article.

    Whilst I agree with BFP that it MAY matter about George Griffith’s occcupation come polling day, this need not be so. It is irresponsible articles such as this one, that will bring forward issues which have no bearing on his ability to be good MP.

    Through its deserved rise in popularity, ‘Barbados Free Press’ has a responsiblity to report truthfully and impartially on subjects without resorting to smear campaigns or name-calling.

    Please, in future take criticism of those are your supporters (such as myself and radiance) with a bit more humility.

    I come here to learn, I come here to argue, I come to inform, but all the while I remain with an open mind
    Long live BFP!

  42. Jason

    Yum Yum and Radience think that a person’s morality has no bearing upon their performance as an MP and shouldn’t be considered.

    “Yes, but he made the trains run on time” is a phrase that comes to mind. I question if Yum Yum and Radience have ever heard of it?

  43. Yum Yum I like it


    A little question. (Which you do not need to answer)

    Where would you place yourself?

    1) A pressure group
    2) A political lobby group
    3) An alternative independent news media


    BFP Replies

    You’ll have to ask the others where they sit, but from my perspective we are all three and probably more…

    1/ Pressure Group: We as a group have a common goal to pressure all politicians to keep honest and to implement our agenda of Integrity Legislation, Conflict of Interest standards and transparency laws. (and also to awaken and educate Bajans about the current situation and how we need to change our laws)

    2/ Political Lobby Group: Certainly we are a group, but as individuals we have our own political agendas that we would like to push. BUT… as you can glean from the articles, we don’t always agree with each other or have the same priorities. Perhaps we are better described as a forum set up by a group of friends to facilitate ad hoc political lobbying.

    3/ Alternative Independent News Media – very much so!

  44. Radiance

    “Alright RAdiance,

    We think it is a matter of semantics but we’ll change the headline. Tell us how you like it”.

    You are intelligent and sensible people. You can figure it out.

    Keep up the work with the blog. And yes, it’s much easier to read (and post) without all the dirty stuff on the board.

    Ah gone to work!

  45. Radiance

    “Yum Yum and Radience think that a person’s morality has no bearing upon their performance as an MP and shouldn’t be considered”.

    Where did you get that from? Not from anything I said. Look, don’t say what I didn’t say. If you’re not sure what I mean, then ask.

    I can clear it up for you: I am saying that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If you will hold person X to a certain standard, then you must also hold persons A, B, C, D etc. to the same standards. That’s all. Hopefully that isn’t problematic for you.

  46. Yum Yum I like it


    Your assertion is both ludicrous AND untrue.

    At no time did I state or infer that a persons morality has no bearing their ability to perform the job as an MP. All that I said, in defence of George Griffith, is that he is performing a role ar BFPA that another would do in HIS absence. His Executive Directorship at BFPA has nothing to do with morality. (In fact the BFPA has as MUCH to do with reducing the need for abortions, through its work in educating people and encouraging contraception)

    Let me ask you this Jason. Would you say that all of the workers at BFPA are morally corrupt? Would you say that all of the workers in the clinics in which abortion is carried out are morally corrupt? Would you say that to their faces?

    Think before you comment!

    AND no I’ve absolutely NO idea what you are talking about re. “Yes, but he made the trains run on time”.

    Please enlighten me, as I am always keen to learn.

  47. Jason

    Yum Yum says “His Executive Directorship at BFPA has nothing to do with morality.”

    We agree on that!

  48. Yum Yum I like it



    I’m glad you agree that the two things are not inter-related.

    Now tell me about the trains!

  49. Jason

    Yum Yum I really like you and your comments but we don’t see eye to eye on abortion that is sure.

    I meant that I don’t like Griffith’s morality, that he has none to work for the place. That is what I meant.

    Re the train comment, any web search will find it.

    It is somehting said about Hitler and Mussolini and it goes like this (I dont know the origin, but google it)…

    “Oh Hitler (or Mussolini) was a bad fellow, but he did make the trains run on time”

    Mr. Griffiths is making the trains run on time.

    That is my point.

    Sorry to disagree with you on this point as I said I like you and usually we agree.

  50. sneakers

    BFP your being busy is understandable. Overall you are doing a fantastic job allowing ordinary joes and janes to speak their mind. No way honest opinion seen here would make it in BLP controlled Nation, Advocate, CBC,VOB. However I dont want Rommell case to go in direction of white lawyer from Cattlewash who had a racial encounter with a poor black youth in Highgate. What became of that case? Its a disgrace that the public never got an open verdict and closure on that.
    Rommell’s situation vindicates the thousands of posters who for long have been highlighting major corruption in the BLP. His charges are the tip of the iceberg for the haughty, self serving, viscious BLP and their hangers on.

  51. Yum Yum I like it


    Thank you for the kind compliments.

    As for my opinion on abortion, I am neither pro- or anti-. I was pro, but now I’m on the fence.

    I am a little puzzled about how you can speak for the morality of Mr Griffith. I don’t know the man. He may well be a buffoon! but since I do not know I do not defend, nor attack him personally.

    For all we know he may well be opposed to abortion, personally, or like me he may sit on the fence on the issue (being prepared to go along with the Democratically elected Govt’s verdict on the issue, which is that it is legal). To use the analogy above: Would you call the Chief Executive of BS&T a hypocrite if he was a vegetarian and their shops sell meat? (To borrow from radiance)Would you call into question the morality of lawyers who have to stand up and defend child molesters, rapists etc…?

    I am sure that we do not disagree on my main contention, but I fear that you are so blinded by a hatred of abortion that you cannot see the ‘wood for the trees’!

    Best regards


    I like the Dictators thing I’m going on google right now!

  52. Jason

    BFP, I like the little sign that let’s us know when comments will be moderated. GOOD!!!!!!!

  53. Hants

    Sneakers….. “However I dont want Rommell case to go in direction of white lawyer from Cattlewash who had a racial encounter with a poor black youth in Highgate. What became of that case? Its a disgrace that the public never got an open verdict and closure on that.”

    The problem for BFP is that there are so many”Hot Topics” on this blog that nobody can keep up with past topics like the “Highgate issue”.
    Hopefully justice was served.
    The “Rommel” case will resurface.Its early days yet.

    BFP has done us “bloggers” a great service by giving us the opportunity to discuss issues that will not be touched by nainstream media in Barbados.

  54. sneakers

    Could not agree with you more Hants. I welcome any information on the outcome or lack of with regards to the unseemly race incident in Highgate. Any bloggers know what transpired courtwise? The secrecy surrounding it would do justice to the North Korean, Taliban Afghanistan,Iran and PRC judicial systems.

  55. Wishing in Vain

    To the best of my knowledge it was settled about three months ago out of court

  56. Warrior

    Has anyone seen the Nation is asking the Barbadian public to vote on if we should go the route of putting our 11 year old girls on the pill because 10-20% of our teen-aged girls get pregnant.

    Where are we going with this crap. Chk Nation News Oct 24, 2007 bottom of page 3A.

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