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Barbados Labour Party Candidate Celebrates His Organisation’s Win Of International Cash Prize For “Outstanding Achievement In Abortion”


At Least Barbados Is A World Class Leader In Something!

From The Nation News…

Family Planning wins ‘safe abortions’ award

THE BARBADOS FAMILY PLANNING ASSOCIATION walked away with a first-of-its-kind award that brought with it a cash prize of $25 000 and an international accreditation.

The announcement came from president Jefferson Kirton yesterday at a Press conference at the association’s headquarters Bay Street, St Michael.
Referring to the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s regional council meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, last Saturday, he said that “coming out of the regional council meeting, we luckily received a west wing award for outstanding achievement in the area of safe abortion/termination.

Executive director George Griffith said that to achieve this accreditation the association had to modernise its operations “to make it more transparent and accountable to ensure there was full compliance with international standards. That was a major achievement,” he added

Should It Matter That BLP Candidate Griffith Is Part Of The Abortion Industry?

A better question would probably be “Will Griffith’s employment matter to voters in St. Philip North?”

Since the formal legalization of abortion in 1983, so many of us have been touched by abortion ourselves – or know someone close to us who has. Despite the now relatively commonplace nature of abortion in Barbados and the euphemisms proffered by industry advocates to normalize and conceal what really happens during an abortion – nothing can change the heavy emotional price that each one of us has paid.

…And many continue to pay that price for years after. Easier to forgive others than ourselves sometimes.

Only the final count on election day might tell us whether voters are too emotionally invested or torn by abortion to elect BLP candidate George Griffith. Even Griffith’s name on the ballot once again makes abortion a political issue during a campaign, but his employment is obviously not considered to be a major liability by the BLP.

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North

Should Barbados Family Planning Association Cover Up Sexual Abuse Of Young Girls By Adult Males?

The cat has been out of the bag for some time… the Barbados Family Planning Association provides abortions to young girls and keeps quiet if the girl was impregnated by an adult. Parents are not always informed or asked for consent. Abortions upon young girls are a tool for covering up sexual abuse of children.

So we have a question for Mr. Griffiths… “How often are children given abortions without the knowledge and consent of their parents – and under what circumstances?”

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Source: Barbados Family Planning Association Provided Abortion To 12-Year-Old Girl – Parents Not Told

Mr. Griffith’s Conflicts Of Interest: Hospital Board, Abortion Provider, Fetal Body Parts Supplier To Private Clinics

Let’s get one thing straight folks – most of us BFP editors don’t like Mr. George Griffith on principle alone. How on earth the Barbados Labour Party could select the Director of the largest abortion provider in the country to be their candidate in the upcoming election is totally beyond our understanding.

We also believe that Mr. Griffiths should not be on the Board of Directors for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital because it is an obvious conflict of interest between his abortion business and an institution that is supposed to be in the oversight chain over his abortion business. We also don’t like the relationship between the abortion industry, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the stem-cell clinics in Barbados – which makes Mr. Griffith part of the fetal body parts supply chain.

… above reprinted from BFP’s article Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board Split Over Large Scale Internal Thefts

How Much Revenue Does Barbados Family Planning Association Generate From The Sale Of Aborted Fetuses?

What used to be something to be “disposed of” is now in many cases providing significant revenue flows to hospitals and other medical facilities.

Barbados has no laws in place to regulate this practice, and no civilian oversight or public accountability structures in place to monitor just how far the Barbados Government and the medical industry take our country down this road.

The sale of aborted fetuses would provide a significant source of revenue to the Barbados Family Planning Association and/or the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – so much so that it would be difficult for Executive Director and BLP Candidate George Griffith to ignore such a potential revenue stream. So once again… we want to know, Mr. Griffith… Are we? For how much? To whom?

… above reprinted from BFP’s articles Unanswered Questions In Barbados: How Were Sophia’s Dead Babies “Disposed Of” By Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Were They Sold For Revenue? and How Much Revenue Does Barbados Family Planning Association Generate From The Sale Of Aborted Fetuses?

The Thriving Fetal Body Parts Industry In Barbados

Not pretty, but a compelling read for any who have doubts about whether Barbados should be involved in the international fetal body parts industry.

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