Two Barbados Blogs Now Have Print Editions – Barbados Government and Media Stunned At Loss Of Control Over News


Barbados Underground Blog Launches Print Edition

Our friends at Barbados Underground launched a Print Edition of their blog today – a four page masterpiece that focuses on the Kickback and Fraud Scandal involving Jonathan Danos, President of 3S Barbados Limited, the company that is building Barbados’ way-over-budget flyover and highway project. This news story is being hushed up by the Barbados government and mainstream broadcasters and newspapers.

There is no doubt that a copy of this new BU print edition will be on the desk of every government minister tomorrow morning – but that is nothing compared with the number of copies that will be distributed throughout the island by concerned citizens.

Government Monopoly Of News Ended On Monday When Ordinary Citizens Started Printing Blog News Stories

Last Monday, Barbados Free Press launched a print edition of our blog. The idea came from one of our readers. We don’t print the news flyer ourselves – we create it in an easy to download .JPG file and post it online. Our readers access the online news flyer and then print copies out at home or work so their friends and family members who don’t have internet access can read Barbados Free Press stories.

BFP readers have also been leaving the flyers all over so strangers will pick them up and read the news that they can’t get in the mainstream Barbados media. Readers have posted comments telling how they left BFP flyers on buses, on the ZR, in washrooms at work, at KFC and on the windshields of parked autos.

The idea is so simple, yet so revolutionary and powerfully effective.

By using readers as our printing and distribution network, Barbados blogs are now able to reach a far larger audience than ever before possible – ordinary folks who lack internet access.

More importantly, these print editions mark a loss of control by the government and media over what news citizens are able to know about, when they are able to know about it, and what perspectives and limits are placed on that news.

The government monopoly and control over the news ended when hundreds of ordinary citizens handed their friends one of the blog print editions and said, “Have you heard about this?”

Since September 4th, the Barbados news media have been crawling on their bellies and refusing to print the story of a scandal that calls into question the integrity of the flyover contractor and the government’s credibility for hiring a person accused of fraud and kickbacks on another government project. Now ordinary citizens are reading about the scandal and asking why the media have intentionally ignored this important story.

Sources: Barbados Government And News Media Are Stunned

Our regular readers know that we have sources within both the government and the media. That’s how we broke the Roy Morris arrest story – a source at The Nation News told us. That’s also how we broke the story of Minister Gline Clarke lying to the United Nations – a source within the government told us of a secret that had been kept for so long.

Yesterday, Tuesday, our sources told us that the government and the media are “stunned” by the implications of a Barbados Free Press print edition. Closed doors at the Nation News and CBC. Yelling and fist slamming in the halls of government… and anger in the halls of justice.

And worst of all – conversations between government and media as to what should be done.

Think about that. Media and government sorting out their response strategy together.

Disgusting – and further proof that our cause is just.


And Then There’s The Prime Minister’s Reaction…

It is our information that a “livid” Prime Minister Owen Arthur ordered that the editors of the Barbados Free Press be found, and that “cost is not an issue.

For some time, both government and contracted resources have been working day and night (really… all night!) to find us and take down the blog.

But Mr. Arthur has a problem.

Now every citizen is a potential publisher or reader of the Barbados Free Press print edition. The man who fuels his auto, the woman in the mall, the clerk in the grocery store, the guys who tend to his garden, the driver in the next vehicle: each of these folks could have printed out or been given the print edition of the Barbados Free Press.

Soon, many thousands who might not have even heard of Barbados Free Press before will be looking forward to each new print edition – handed to them by friends and family – or found on the ZR.

What are you going to do, Mr. Prime Minister? Put them all in jail? Hunt them all down?

Perhaps, Mr. Prime Minister, you might consider simply not interfering with citizens as they discuss issues in a free and democratic society as is their God-given right?

… because there is NOTHING you can do to kill the Barbados Blogging Movement.


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104 responses to “Two Barbados Blogs Now Have Print Editions – Barbados Government and Media Stunned At Loss Of Control Over News

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I said many months ago that these blogs have a role to play in the absence of real media and the real media have fallen victim to these blogs purely by their ineffectivness to give the citizens of this island honest and timely news, rather they have pandered to the gov’t and relay only the stories that appear favourable to the ruling party now is this really a serious media ?
    The outreach program that began this week by BFP and BU is only the tip of the iceberg, as recently as today in talking to someone involved in business on the island they told me that they were not aware about this scandal of 3 S until they read it on the printout in a doctors office, now this is someone with internet access but had never visited your site before so the printed media served its purpose in this case.
    There are some who feel that this form of commnication is so free that nonsense can be posted without the need for honesty or the worry of legal action being taken against that person, this maybe true but as I have seen on here so many times that the truth always stands out and the garbage goes by the wayside just by a process of natural selection, but the truth and there is lot of truth being told on these sites, unfortunately the truth hurts the gov’t of the day most of the time and as result many of those choose to ignore sites like these because they do not promote the name (I nearly opted to say good name of the party but that would be a dishonest statement) of the party so be it but the reality is that we have seen a movement forming that will dictate the way news is delivered in this island no longer are people willing to be spoon fed the trash that the tired media houses have offered up todate.
    Congrats to both BFP and BU for their attempt to expose the dishonesty and corruption as it exist in this island.

  2. Wishing in Vain
    It only goes to show how uptodate the gov’t is with information ???
    We can be reached by:
    Telephone: (246) 426-2232
    (246) 426-2242
    (246) 427-4853
    (246) 427-6220

    Fax: (246) 436-1317
    Address: Barbados Government Information Service
    Bay Street,
    St. Michael,
    West Indies.
    E-mail: BGIS
    Webmaster: DPD
    Government Directory
    Dr. Allyson Leacock
    (General Manager) Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation
    The Pine,
    St. Michael 429-2041 429-4795

  3. Roger Rabbitt

    There must be a reason why ppl are fed up with this govt. We have been lied to, deceived, defrauded, tiefed from, everything negative that we can think of has been done to us by this gov’t and the ppl in power have the gall to want us to turn a blind eye to all of this and continue as though everything is hunky-dory?
    Headaches galore for the men/women in Bay Street. When is enough enough? It is all about greed. Plain and simple.
    If my parents were treating me the way that this govt has been treating the populace of this country I would have to run away from them. However, we can’t run from this gov’t so the next best thing we’ll do is to get rid of the at the next poll.
    In 2003 we did not know the extent of their stealing (make that tiefing, it suits these bandits much better), so we went with Ali Baba (sorry, I meant Owen) and his team one more time, and look what we got for our loyalty?
    I voted for these up and coming criminals and how I wished that I could have taken back my vote. Nevertheless, I shall take it back next election, God’s willing.
    Can’t wait for the bell to ring and I am sure that I am not alone.
    BFP and BU, roll out the real news. You have our support.

  4. Roger Rabbitt

    And for the fraud who wrote the following under Wishing in Vain (we know that it was not the real WIV) the flyer idea could never be a flop. I printed about 100 copies and did not have enough. So to all you detractors, there won;t be enough medication to soothe the headaches that you all will get. Your time is up.

    Wishing in Vain
    September 12th, 2007 at 8:38 am
    The flyer idea has been a flop. Nobody is spending their paper, ink and time to do BFP’s work. There haven’t been any genuine readers coming here either.

  5. Roger Rabbitt

    Roger Rabbitt
    September 12th, 2007 at 9:25 am
    The BFP flyer was the MAIN NEWS ITEM on CBC TV last night.

    And the ENTIRE PROGRAM of TELL-IT-LIKE-IT-IS yesterday evening was also about it.

    You BLP liars should be ashamed.
    Come on, too early in the morning for you ppl to be tiefing my handle. Then again, only cowards do such a thing. If you like the name that much you should attach a suffix (like you know what a suffix is anyway). Ask one of your cohorts to explain to you. Have a great day, tief.
    Wunna so tiefing dat wunna even tiefing ppl handles.

  6. Roger Rabbitt

    Good to see you moderating so early, but nothing said in last post was certainly not toilet or gutter material.

  7. Pogo

    To our government:

    Please stop with the threats, intimidation and immature attacks on the blogs. You cannot, will not, stop people from reading and thinking. We are not stupid just disgusted with your antics.

    If you are so morally bankrupt that you cannot live in the light of the truth then it is time to step down.

  8. Roger Rabbitt

    To the handle tief
    I said that I printed about ONE HUNDRED and certainly not the 2000 you have said. CROOK and LIAR. Just like Owen and the boys.
    While you are trying to confuse the readers of this site, can you research the cost of the trams for cave? Liz Thompson was on radio trying to justify the cost. What a waste of human resource.
    The St. Thomas man, Wesley, had she by she throat. He came out swiping.
    Ask Liz hummuchie money she get fuh sheself.

  9. Roger Rabbitt

    That should have been….. SHE came out swiping.

  10. Surfer

    ……SHE came out swiping.

  11. Pogo

    Hey who stole our name? The comment about the Advocate is not ours so please remove it. We wonder as well whether the advocate has now been hijacked by government paid spammers.

    Please publish the IP address of whoever did that since we am going to report it to AA Milne who inspires us.

    BFP we were not sure what to make of all of the gibberish in the comments until we heard that Owen is spending big government dollars to take you down.

    The truth will out. Obviously we need more blogs.

  12. Roger Rabbitt

    I will hold off posting for the rest of the morning. Give the nusance/s an chance to blow a valve or better yet, to let them take their medication.

  13. 4U

    “Waste my paper, my ink and my time
    guh bout Barbados doing FREE work fuh BFP?”

    You cheap UNCHARITABLE moron.
    You wouldn’t be doing this for BFP,my little retard,
    you’d be doing this for the good of your own country,
    for the good of your own country’s democracy.

    It should be seen (should be!) as your little contribution to society.
    Your little bit of ‘Social Conscience’
    (if you ever evolve to that stage of intellect).

    We pity you and all your blp cohorts and “friends”.

    Good Bye.

  14. ELF

    I don’t think the blp yet understand the depth of this BFP phenomenon.

    Out there in the REAL Big World, there’s something known as the ELF.
    Earth Liberation Front.
    You should investigate it.

    Where is the ELF headquartered?
    On the internet? Partly.

    But more accurately, it’s headquartered in people’s minds.
    ELF is a mindset, to be taken up by those who see the cause’s needs to be met,
    and to do the work necessary.

    And so it is with BFP.
    If/when The Devils are found, arrested, drawn and quartered in Heroes Square,
    there are myriad others waiting to fill their shoes, to join the march, to erect other websites doing exactly the same thing.
    A many-headed hydra, if you will.

    There are people with websites held in abeyance,
    html documents assembled and ready for release,
    awaiting the call to arms.
    This new-found surge of intellectual frededom and the truth cannot be curbed.
    Technology makes it so.

    Long Live the ELF
    Long Live the BFP.

    Educate yourself.
    Do what needs to be done.

    Buy Ink. Buy Paper.
    There is much to be done.
    There are thousands of ordinary Bajans whose intellectual boats await the rocking about to come, prior to elections.
    These thousands must be drawn away from blp newspapers
    and given hard copy of The Truth about their disgusting governments full of perceived corruption.

    We await the UN election observers.
    If this election takes place without Jimmy Carter and other international/UN observers,
    We The people declare it null and void.
    The ELF is an underground movement with no leadership, membership or official spokesperson.

    Of course, let’s be clear that BFP won’t be taking any radical physical destructive actions like ELF,
    BFP doesn’t need to.

    BFP is The Quiet Revolution, using that most dangerous of all weapons, the human spirit and intellect.

    My parallels with ELF are merely to get across that causes like BFP cannot be curbed by physical means…kinda like how the Romans tried their best to curb that new phenomenon called Christianity,
    without success.

    The new light of Bajan democracy has arrived, in print form,
    to inform, titillate and educate the masses, to excite them with new possibilities.
    A dark day indeed for a blp waning in popularity
    even as they grow fatter in monetary profit,
    so fat they’ll have trouble fitting into that airline seat on their way into exile.

  15. iisnoone

    Mr. Loveridge, I apologize to you on behalf of my countrymen for the vicious verbal attacks you have endured. I wish you peace and harmony.

  16. YUM YUM I like it!

    Take a look at the BLP blog

    There is NO-ONE there defending the government (only that old dog Royal Rumble). Where have all the BLP supporters gone?

    ‘Party’s over’ writes:

    “Owen Arthur could be the next Joseph Estrada!”

    Thats a nice thought!

  17. Undertaker

    I was annoyed at first with all the stupid comments, and imposters pretending to be others. But you know what? It is showing some type of desperation. I know a few people who have looked at the BU, and BFB recently so I know that more people are showing interest. My aim is not to knock or attack any party just to make Bim a better place. So because you criticise a gov’t does not mean you hate it, just that you know it can do better, a lot better. Until………

  18. YUM YUM I like it!

    Correction, the BLP blog does not delete opposing views:
    1) because otherwise there would be no comments
    2) because there is on-one there to moderate it

    Try putting anything in and it will not be stopped!

    This is laziness, not tolerance!

  19. iisnoone

    Interesting strategy…… assuming my ID! Unfortunately, it is obvious that the other “iisnoone”
    is a hate monger.
    Brother, you are forgiven.

  20. Pogo

    Oh those government appointed imposters are at it again despoiling the memory of Winnie’s friend Pogo with their bathroom talk. For such words our mama would wash out mouth with soap.

    Never fear, our heroes have been attacked before but Pogo prevails.

  21. Anonymous

    we r going to find and close down this stinking blog

  22. Anonymous

    Dat you? Nice to have you back,girl!
    Long time no see, nuh!

  23. Anonymous

    You’re going to close us down?

    before or after Geo.Bush’s Federal Communications Commission has incarcerated you?

    Be very careful how you make threats on America’s internet.



    Both Nation and Advocate
    are controlled or owned by blp operatives
    so your only recourse is to STOP BUYING NEWSPAPERS!

    Are you capable of that self-discipline?

  25. Anonymous

    The government is doing everything they can to shut this down with filthy comments.

    It makes me more determined to vote them out.

  26. Hants

    Barbados will soon fall in line with the rest of the developed world where blogging is part of mainstream media.

    CNN, BBC UK and CBC Canada has blogs.

    A Government that calls this country First World and with an economy supported by Tourism and International Investment has to accept the freedoms of a Democratic Country.

    Well Done BFP and BU

  27. Anonymous X

    Well well well the BLP is really on the run. I have never ever seen such hostility and voilence on this blog before.

    This means that Owen and his band of thieves are extremely afraid. Owen does not appear to be in the best of health and I am not sure he will be able to take the pressure!

    If blogger keep this up and circulate fliers all over the island something have to give very very soon..

    This is one enemy that Owen cannot fight…..he can’t see BFP Operatives….and I hope to God he does not see when you are distributing the fliers…so walk carefully

  28. Declaration of WAR.


    you guys are going to have to wake up EARLY these next days/weeks/months, until election disposes of the current rotten government,
    so full of perceived corruption.
    – to clean up the site!

    I was online since around 6 a.m. to find it littered with profanity!
    Things have CHANGED, my boy, since you guys freed up the print version.
    and the blp misfits consider that a state of war, do you understand?
    Things have CHANGED.

    be very careful from now on.
    Your axx is GRASS, if discovered.

    the blp WILL put you in the belly of a horse
    “to go shark-fishing offshore.”

    Dat wunt be the first time such has happened in Barbados. (you too young to even know what I talkin bout?)


    “The flyer idea has been a flop.
    Nobody is spending their paper, ink and time
    to do BFP’s work.”

    Education: this is The People’s Work, dear retard.
    BFP’s place in this grand plot to dislodge the blp.

    BFP’s THOUSANDS of Soldiers of Democracy
    are only too willing and charitable to spend a hundred dollars once in awhile
    in order to get their country back!

    We consider it money well spent.
    We’re not cheap and curmudgeonly like you



    And, starting yesterday,
    any- and everyone with a printer OWNS A PRESS.!!
    Dangerous situation for a government intent on suppression of information and truth about VECO!
    and goodness know what else!

    Four Love in whose tail??
    I don’t think so…

  30. A Generation Lost

    Why do you all even acknowledge the BLP operatives. Ignore them and discuss the issues and waste no time. They will be deleted during the Auntie Moses spam patrol.

    What I really want to discuss though is a print edition where there is a print button under each story that when clicked upon takes me to a printer friendly version of that story. That way i can put the stories i think others would want to see into a “personal” edition and hand them out. So I could go with the default print edition, or roll my own edition. Which may be just one entire story. Thats all it takes. One story to get someone thinking and talking.

  31. Owen Arthur

    Maaaan, I getting tired o’ dis.
    I done.
    Let Mia hold it.
    I gone.
    I resign effective now.
    ESAF calling.
    Gotta run. Bye!
    Was nice knowing y’all.
    Thanks for everything.
    I’ll never forget you!

  32. Owen Arthur

    sorry bout dat typo, people.

    Gotta run shoulda bin
    Gotta ruM

    shhheeeit look at the TIME.
    10:45 and I haven’t had my first one YET?
    No wonder I feel so weak.

    Time to retire, guys, time to resign.

  33. reality check

    okay okay BFP

    we get the idea!!!

    they are trying to shut you down with trash talk and using other peoples pseudonym

    Please erase the garbage and protect the legitimate bloggers or permit comments only at certain daylight hours so you can go to sleep

    good job BFP

  34. Whaxpalax

    Amen reality check! Please BFP, erase those troll rantings already nuh!


    BFP Comments

    OK, done. I was a little late getting up this morning after working all night at my “day job” and Robert is away so we’re short staffed.

    Coffee. Need more coffee.


  35. Bimbro

    Suzette and others, please tell me; what’s the point of publishing both the link and the text of the story?

    I’ve observed this in Barbadians, before!

  36. Bimbro

    As I don’t live in Bim I don’t really understand many of the references above. I would just like to say to BFP and BU to whatever you do, please give us RESPONSIBLE journalism. Not just journalism for journalism’s sake! i.e. we need to be fair to our MPs, just as THEY need to treat us with deceny and honesty!

    Best wishes to you both.

  37. Centipede

    WHAT’S NEW ? Some time ago, in response to one of your articles, I wrote in these columns that a few thousand copies of the article should be made and dropped as leaflet from an aircraft?

    You remember I posted that idea?

    All I can say to you BPF is … KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


    Hi Centipede

    Yes we do remember your suggestion. We thought it was great until Robert read the riot act to us. 😉

  38. TheTrashHeap

    It is about time some one rattle their cages. Too much corruption is is evident in Barbados. Yet every year they print in the local press about our ranking on the CPI which can be viewed here –>

    Now let me print a couple dozen more copies for my colleagues at work.

  39. lenn

    Anyone else getting the feeling that this ‘quiet revolution’, as one of the above posters called it, is about to reach critical mass? There’s definitely a buzz in the air. .

  40. Anonymous

    September 12th, 2007 at 3:29 pm
    Suzette and others, please tell me; what’s the point of publishing both the link and the text of the story?

    I’ve observed this in Barbadians, before!

    One reason for publishing both the link and the text of the story is that stories are removed or disappear from the internet for one reason or another e.g. Advocate and Nation newspaper articles. If we do not have a hard copy we can not find them again.

  41. Adrian Hinds

    September 12th, 2007 at 3:53 pm
    As I don’t live in Bim I don’t really understand many of the references above. I would just like to say to BFP and BU to whatever you do, please give us RESPONSIBLE journalism. Not just journalism for journalism’s sake! i.e. we need to be fair to our MPs, just as THEY need to treat us with decency and honesty!

    Best wishes to you both.
    Indeed, all are welcome to post here, and have access to the publishers via their contact email address. They have the same access to post rebuttals, correct comments and opinions, as anyone else. They have access to establish blogs of their own creation that they can offer challenges, inform, rebuttal etc. The defamation laws of Barbados and before that the libel laws and how they are still to this socialize in our collective mines, in addition to the privileges free from prosecution, afforded to them by being a member of Parliament, it being the highest public speaking and debating forum in the land gives every advantage to our parliamentarians to command and demand fairness from all as they project fear, intimidation, and ridicule in return.

  42. sick and fed up sylvan

    horraay for free speech! BLP control of the public news channels has been smashed. De short dictator Owing After is livid. So what? He can continue being livid. We Bajans dont care about him because he does not care about us. He cares only about our votes. Barbadians have forgotten about the Moseley report. It was a mischievous document with a strategy for how the BLP could obtain full control over Barbadians. 1984, George Orwell thinking. Congrats to Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground! Barbadians should call for foreign observers to come and monitor the next election. We never had it before but it is a must. The BLPs are desperate, and they may be thinking of teefing the next election because they don’t want the sweets to dry up.

  43. Hants

    To Bimbro …..Bloggers are not journalist and neither are the “managers/owners” of blogs.

    BFP only has to try to moderate profanity.

    Let freedom of speech reign without the profanity.

    The Advocate and the Nation,CBC and VOB employ journalist. I can read and listen to them.

    What I want to read on this blog is what the bajan people have to say.

  44. iisnoone

    Hants, I agree with you, but I also have a concern with illegal hate speech.
    Having said that, I always feel it is better for us to say exactly what we feel, as it brings it out into the open. If someone has a grievance, let him air it, rather than bottle up those poisonous emotions.
    Grievances should be allowed, but profanity and the hate speech should be “moderated”!

  45. Anonymous

    iisnoone you are right.Illegal hate speech is not acceptable.

    BFP tries to keep this blog clean and purposeful and we have to thank them for their efforts.

  46. Anonymous

    i take it there is such a thing as *legal* hate speech?

  47. BFP/ BU: I thought the purpose of a blog is to bypass print, radio, tv and the rest and have instant GLOBAL access? Like Drudge when he broke the stuff on Clinton & Lewinsky or another blogger who broke the GOP Senator caught in airport men’s room? Isn’t print a step back and not forward? At least 60% of Barbados is Internet compliant.


    BFP Replies

    Hi Ian

    The purpose of this blog is to communicate a message of the need for accountability, conflict of interest standards, integrity legislation and freedom of information laws to all the Bajan people… whether they have access to the internet or not.

    We’d scrawl that message in chalk on the walkway if we thought it would reach more people.

    Our numbers are soaring this week and many folks have never been here before.

    Many – most – Bajans have never seen the Chief Justice in a dress, but they will next week… and they will ask “why is someone doing this?” and then they will read the article on the necessity for our judiciary to be truly independent and not merely another arm of the Prime Minister’s power.

    Oh yes… the print edition is working just fine!

  48. Roger Rabbitt

    This is not a joke. I was at a certain govt department today and I overheard a woman telling two others about what she is doing on the BFP site. I got her name from the security guard. Can’t mention it here, however. I did learn that the female in question is “a BLP” lackey, to quote the guard.

    From the woman’s mouthings she is one of the handle tiefs. Her mouth needs fumigating. Too many onscene words in the work place.

    And these are the ppl who have to deal with John Public.

    I would like to name the place but that may compromise the guard and to some extent, myself.


    BFP Comments

    Roger, please send everything to us at

    We will never compromise you. We will attempt to quietly confirm the information on our own – for instance by overhearing it ourselves – and will NEVER reveal anything that could point to you.



  49. Hants

    BFP the print version is important because you have to let the public know you exist.

    The majority of people surfing the net in Barbados are not going to be blogging.

    your bloggers are going to increase as more of the print version hits the street.

  50. Wishing in Vain

    Well said both of you, I sometimes wonder if in the right company and at the right time if operators of this site may not slip and disclose the ones behind it and secondly over drinks a night someone may ask a question and an identity gets revealed!!
    Honestly this site is doing a wonderful job of exposing the fragile press and TV station and may it last for a very long time who knows in 5 years or 10 years we maybe all crying on here in need of help again.
    I read BFP and BU more than a newspaper nowadays.

  51. Hants

    A little of topic but what is happening in the Caribbean with “CSME”.

    First Bajans can’t fish in Trinidad.

    Now this,

    “Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has warned fishermen from neighbouring countries that they would be ill-advised to venture into Vincentian waters to fish.

    Let brotherly love prevail.

  52. Anonymous

    Gonsalves is no sweet bread and he doesn’t make any sport.



  54. hatuey

    Does anyone else feel like this “quiet revolution” (as a previous poster aptly named it) is about to reach critical mass?

    I found a BFP flyer in every seat in my class today.

    Something is happening.

  55. Bimbro

    I wonder if a Freedom Of Information Act would resolve the situation? I assume that you don’t already have one, or are other changes also required? Even if the government was voted out of power what guarantee do we have that the same situation would n’t arise again, or simply, continue!

  56. Bimbro

    OK, Hants, then please substitute the word ‘writing’ for ‘journalism’. Some of the writing is of such a high standard that it’s reasonable to assume the writer could be a journalist and indeed, as this whole business is anonymous, how can you be sure that none of us are journalists – anyhow, the real point is ‘let’s have writing/journalism whatever which is justified not just for writing/journalism’s sake!

  57. BFP

    That’s right Bimbro…

    Without laws about conflicts of interest, accountability and freedom of information the next group of elected representatives will fall into the temptation trap as well.

    Barbados needs laws that make corrupt activity a crime.

  58. Bimbro

    Wishing in Vain
    September 13th, 2007 at 12:52 am
    Well said both of you, I sometimes wonder if in the right company and at the right time if operators of this site may not slip and disclose the ones behind it and secondly over drinks a night someone may ask a question and an identity gets revealed!!


    It’s a disgrace that the owners/operators of this blog find it NECESSARY to hide, at all! I thought Bim was supposed to be a free country. In such a country the NECESSITY to hide should n’t be present! HIDE if you wish, but it should n’t be a REQUIREMENT, in Bim! It’s a disgrace!

  59. Bimbro

    September 13th, 2007 at 6:29 am
    That’s right Bimbro…

    Without laws about conflicts of interest, accountability and freedom of information the next group of elected representatives will fall into the temptation trap as well.

    Barbados needs laws that make corrupt activity a crime.


    Thank you, BFP. You’ve got my support there and I should think, THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF US!

    Best wishes!

  60. Bimbro

    By the way, BFP, what u doing up at this time! Guh tuh bed, man!!!! 🙂

  61. BFP

    Hi Bimbro

    I’m writing a piece and also spam patrol. The government hired some people to post filth in the comments 24/7 so its a war.

    That’s ok… we just decided to feature the story about the Chief Justice in our next print edition.

    You know… the story with the “special photo”!

    Our response to the attacks is to ramp up.

  62. Yardbroom

    I am sure it is not necessary to say this, but perhaps a little idea.

    Choose your material for the print editions very carefully, and select topics that have a resonance with the ordinary Barbadian voting public. Issues that they can immediately relate to, without any further research or confirmation needed, because the back-up information is in the public domain, and therefore self evident.

    You have worked very hard, and put in many hours to be in your present position, and the people of Barbados should enjoy their freedom and the consequent rewards of your efforts.

    You should aim to arrive at a situation where people on the buses, in offices and in the market place, should be able to say “I read it in the Barbados Free Press print edition” and there should be a nod of acknowledgement from those present that it is therefore “trustworthy” job done! mission accomplished.

  63. BFP

    Thanks for your wisdom, Yardbroom

    We’ve been thinking about what to do with the next edition. First, we’re going to drop the big colour header because it takes up too much room and too much ink.

    Second… should we go to a 4 page format as Barbados Underground did? Pro… we’d have a lot more space to lay out detailed articles as you propose. Con… it would be a whole lot more work for our “distributors” who print out copies. Would they staple the two pages together? And two pages are so messy compared with the simplicity of a single page flyer.

    Third… should all the space be used for detailed articles, or should some of the articles be short teasers designed to get new online readers?

    Question for you Yardbroom: whether detailed articles or teasers, which topics should be featured in our second print edition?


    Cliverton on the night shift spam patrol

  64. james

    I suggest you keep it to a two page format – it will get you more coverage than a four page version which is difficult to print and difficult to distribute. Place one eye-catching headline article on the front page in full and one or two subsidiary articles. The second page could be summaries for investigation online. Never forget that the whole point of the print edition is to gain wider coverage, particularly to those who do not have internet. If you have a point to make, make it in print on the front page and have summaries (which can be researched in more detail on line) on the second. Just a thought.

  65. Yardbroom

    I would aim for teasers that are to the point and a single page double sided – easy distribution – the articles should be a “whole” in themselves, but with a direction that more can be obtained on line, for those with internet access- both jobs done at the same time.

    It is better to have one or two items detailed and to the point, than many with questions left unanswered.

    Focus your articles on the voters, they will make the difference.

    Good Luck

  66. Inkwell


    I would take the comment that you just removed seriously. Such a strategy by the opposition if implemented, does have the potential to harm the work that you are doing. The first leaflet was well done, factual and informative. When I read of your idea for the second edition, about the CJ, I must say that I had misgivings about the possible effect it could have. In view of the threat to publish blatantly scandalous/illegal material in your name, it would be imprudent of you to give the opposition a genuine target at which to aim and create a doubt in the minds of some readers. I suggest that you scrap the idea of the altered photo of the CJ for the next edition… do the story, yes, but avoid the sensationalism.

  67. Bimbro

    September 13th, 2007 at 6:59 am
    Hi Bimbro

    I’m writing a piece and also spam patrol. The government hired some people to post filth in the comments 24/7 so its a war.

    That’s ok… we just decided to feature the story about the Chief Justice in our next print edition.

    You know… the story with the “special photo”!

    Our response to the attacks is to ramp up.


    Good luck, BFP. It sounds almost incredible!

  68. Straight talk

    I’m with Inkwell, BFP.

    The success of Edition 1, featuring your best two provable stories of the year, could easily be jeopardised by rushing out a factually weaker follow up, or resorting to manipulated photos like some schoolboy version of Flying Fish and Cou Cou.

    Aim to be the genuine publication of record.

    By maintaining the set standard your integrity will grow, letting it drop will be an open goal for your detractors and a disappointment for your new readers.

    You may lose all the goodwill gained so far.

    Story Ideas?
    A summary of all VECO facts as Dale Marshall has said Dodds will open this month.
    The opening of nominations for this year’s Piggies in the Trough Award competition with a list potential candidates.
    Where are promised the LOC World Cup accounts?
    Front Page – A devastating money laundering story! ….if you have one.


    BFP Comments


    I see your point and I’ll bring it up at the lunch meeting today. Interesting though how people consider a photo of the Chief Justice wearing a dress as far more scandalous than his corrupt appointment to the highest court in the land. Owen Arthur wanted to bend the judiciary to his will – to make it a tool to maintain power – and Simmons’ appointment to Chief Justice was the way it was done.

    No Prime Minister who cared about the appearance of justice would have appointed a man who was the Attorney General only a few weeks before. No lawyer who cared about the appearance of justice would have accepted the position of Chief Justice when only a few short weeks before he was a member of the Cabinet.

    That abuse of the Office of The Chief Justice of Barbados is far more scandalous than some photo shop creation.

  69. Inkwell

    I agree that the appointment of the CJ was a clear corruption of the desirable distinction between state and judiciary.Most Barbadians, however, still have a basic respect for the position and a photo depicting the incumbent as a cross dresser would be offensive and distasteful and would not go down well with an overall conservative population. Keep to the high road and maintain your credibility.

    Given your mission statement… “The purpose of this blog is to communicate a message of the need for accountability, conflict of interest standards, integrity legislation and freedom of information laws to all the Bajan people…” it should also be important to you to maintain the perception of non partisanship so that you cannot be labeled an anti BLP movement. Your publications should therefore continue to be seen to be pressuring BOTH parties in pursuit of the mission.


    BFP Comments

    george here. I am of two minds with teh photo of Madona Justice Simmons.He is not the only one. The former solicitor general now a judge too!

    If cliverton is able to walk straight after the “lunch meeting” maybe he’ll have an opinion. ha ha

  70. Hants

    BFP please do not resort to “Tabloid Journalism” .

    The photo depiction of the CJ will be offensive to some of your more mature readers.

    The point you have made in the article is credible on its own merit.


    BFP Comments

    Our readers seem to be lining up on the side of “run the article, but forget about Simmons wearing the dress”

    OK, we’ll discuss it at lunch. Hants, do you think we should remove the photo on BFP ? or do you view the print audience as somewhat more conservative?


  71. more

    At first look the photo is offensive and disrespectful but this is not the same Barbados in which we grew up. The leaders have no pride or self respect, if they did, we would not be treated the way we have been with complete disregard and contempt.

    On further reflection the photo is very fitting for the situation. David Simmons knew exactly what he was doing when he accepted the position of CJ.

    There is still some respect for the position but none for the person. He should be removed immediately.

    It is the conservative bunch which has helped to facilitate the demise of our Country and encouraged our leaders down the path they have chosen.

    It is lesson time.

  72. Wishing in Vain

    Leave it on the site and print it if you wish it will add to laughabilty of it.

  73. Hants

    BFP leave the photo online.

    I was thinking that there is such success so far with your release of the print version of BFP that you should keep it going and not get too risque yet.

  74. Yardbroom

    If I am to give an opinion, I would not print the altered photograph of the CJ.

    My reason is that in print form, one has to ask what is my set “objective”.

    (1) Is it to say that the the incumbent should not have accepted the post.
    (2) Is it to say that the appointment could lead to corruption.
    (3) Is it to say that the closeness of the office of the PM and CJ and the way the appointment was made, does not reinforce confidence in Barbados’ judicial system.

    If you print the doctored photograph you will be asking your audience to experience “cognitive dissonance” – two different conflicting ideas at the same time. One of the serious implications of the situation, and laughter because of the appearance of the photograph.

    You would have inadvertently diluted your message, and could possibly offend people who are in agreement with your objective and purpose.

    Print the article if you so wish, without the photograph.

    Trust once “lost” is difficult to recover.

    Leave the laughs for another time, now is an occasion to cement your credibility.

  75. That last post by Yardbroom makes sense.

    It must be so easy to let standards slip when dealing with the bigger problems, and then also handling those posts which try to scramble the medium. I hope you can keep the bar high.

    Well done also for developing the print option.

  76. BFP

    Hi Gobeithio, Yardbroom and our other readers.

    We had a good talk at lunch today with everybody there except Robert who is out doing his usual living out of a suitcase in 2nd rate hotel rooms.

    Upon reflection we agree that the humour will be left for other times. The next print edition will hit hard – very hard – and we …


    We’ll leave the promises and just work hard to make it the hardest hitting, most credible bit of newpaper that folks round here have seen in a long time.

    Thanks to everyone for your support and guidance.


  77. Bush Tea

    Excellent discussiuon and wise conclusion.

  78. more

    Bush Tea
    September 13th, 2007 at 7:48 pm
    Excellent discussiuon and wise conclusion.


  79. Royalrumble

    I had a little spare time today and thought that I would catch up on some of the info on the BFP and was astonished at what I read. It seem as though you can spend a year away from this blog and you would miss nothing. Everyday the rhetoric is the same.

    It seems to me that the DLP bloggers are growing more and more wacko. Some may say that its desperation but I think it has gotten past that. They are now responding to themselves in a manner that is suggesting to me that they are beginning fall off the deep end. The information they are posting does not make any sense.

    And what is this thing about pamphlets being left around the place? Is that supposed to raise thompson’s ratings ahead of the next Cadres poll? It seems to me the DLP has step up they their garbage but as far I am concern increase gargabage is still garbage. What thompson needs to do is to try and bring some intellectual competency to bear on the socio-economic and political discourse in this country and stop these gutter tactics that does nothing to improve his political outlook.

    Do you really think that with so many people at work in this country when they come home from a hard day’s works they are interested in reading that junk you are putting out. They want to read about the next investment opportunity not where the DLP is planting their political filth. In fact this country has had enough of this bankrupt DLP with its shattered dreams and the economic disaster of the early 1990s. Who wants to hear from a man who lead thousands to Queens Park to hear of an IMF Secret Deal only to discover he had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say. He lied then and he will lie again.

    Every reputable international agency now speaks of Barbados in terms of a vastly develop country with a standard of life unmatched in the region. The homes our people are building, the cars they are driving, and the investments opportunities they are engaged in are all signs of a society on the move. Who has time for a party that can only see Barbados through the eyes of corruption? As the old folks always say “a carpenter speaks of his trade”. Every day the only language that the DLP can preach is corruption. Every body is a thief for them.

    If a black working class Barbadian builds a house, buys a piece of land or a car the DLP charges that he could only have gotten it by stealing. Everyone is corrupt according to them. The only person with integrity is “THOMPSON” and he is now coming to save us all from our sins. Any man who can steal from a black working class maid is not fit to called a man. I am not trying to discredit thompson he was discredited from birth. Anytime a another man can say of you that if he was in the desert dying of thirst and you were the only person available to bring him a glass of water he would rather to die then you are a lower species of animal than God made you. So my fellow bloggers in the DLP get real because nobody is listening to thompson. The believability factor with him is not even registering on the political monitor. He is known to be a liar and a fraud and none of you can change the electorate’s view on that.

    The reason why you are not seeing any BLP bloggers on any of these blogs is because they are busy promoting the interest and concerns of Barbadians. Maybe you should stop pulling them down and join in the sweet crusade of bringing a people to world class status. Join the Father of First World Barbados and done let history condemn you for ever.


    BFP Comments

    1/ Read our article –The New Wind Blowing Across The Caribbean: Quiet Revolution As Citizens Demand Accountability, Integrity From Government Officials … then come back and tell us that we support the DLP or Thompson.

    2/ What happened to the $750,000 “campaign donation” cheque that Owen Arthur “mistakenly” put into his personal bank account?

    Thanks RR!

    You are soooooooooooooo fish-in-a-barrel!

  80. Been traveling and just catching up on your news. Politicians are paying attention to blogs all over the world, and I congratulate you on your print edition in order to reach a wider audience. Keep up the good work!!!!

  81. Straight talk

    Can’t even bother with RR’s posts they are merely a knapsack you throw over your shoulder and forget about, and carry on blogging,.

    BTW, RR does this pathetic foul languaged
    concerted attack on BFP have anything. to do with you, or do you even agree with it, Sylvan.

    I’ve seen you limbo low, Greenidge, but you are shovelling shi*te now, boy.

  82. Been traveling and just catching up on your news. Politicians are paying attention to blogs all over the world, and I congratulate you on your print edition in order to reach a wider audience. Keep up the good work!!!!

  83. Straight talk

    Wow RR that’s long, man.

    Not that I’ve read it. but congrats brother.

    Have you spent the whole afternoon spellchecking that?

    My honest appraisal of your intellect was 75 however mine being 55 and your posts being way longer than mine ever needed to be, you moving up the charts rapidly, 78 = earthworms and you are marginally in the lead.

    Not that your actual Press Secretary title entitles you to preferential treatment on this blog.

    Set foot outside Bay Street and you are just the waster we always knew.

    Your score with me is 82 and hovering.

    Prove me wrong and post some sense.

  84. Hants

    If Integrity legislation is more important than any other issue and neither of the two main parties support it, then you may have to change focus and deal with the failures of the Blp Government.

    Some words from a calypso comes to mind.

    Know what you got,don’t know what you gine get.
    That is biting social commentary from one of our female calypsonians.

    So you know what you got. Let me tell you what you gine get when the DLP is elected.

    A minimum of 4 years of good accountable governance and I am betting that David Thompson and the DLP will keep the promises in their manifesto.
    David Thompson said this,
    “I am confident that they will join with me in a new era of public accountability and will sign on before the election result to a code of conduct for persons holding public office including a declaration of assets, support for new integrity and public accountability laws, the strengthening of the Public Accounts Committee and an overhaul of the public tendering system.

    I go further. The House of Assembly itself – which is open to public scrutiny and whose debates are broadcast – must consider and debate all major ministerial decisions arising out of appeals relating to town and country planning applications that affect large tracts of land, policy directions to Statutory Boards by Ministers and certain appointments made to posts that carry significant constitutional significance.

    That is good enough for me.

  85. ask RR

    RR like he gone running. Something must be happening for true.

  86. Bimbro

    Hi BFP, are you sure about your decision to delete the threat from the muslims posted on the site earlier today, plus my response?

    I realise that you’re particularly, busy at this time but I can’t feel comfortable, at all, about anybody making threats to Bim or Barbadians and it’s being kept a secret!

    I have n’t lived there for ages and am 4k miles away but my pressure is still rising at the thought of anybody threatening Bim, muslims or not!


    Are you sure about your decision?!!!


    BFP Comments

    Hi Bimbro

    No “Muslims” posted those threats. Those comments were placed there by the same government agents (same IP numbers) who are attacking Barbados Free Press.

    When we come across a foul comment, not only do we delete it, we search for all other comments placed by that same IP number and we delete those too. That’s how we know that those threats were not placed there by Muslims. We also delete the comments of regular readers who have been unknowingly used to distract from the thread. It even happens to us once in a while because we will be discussing something with a commenter and then off it goes way off topic. Only as we look back do we see that it was part of the attack.

    So bear with us and let’s keep this blog focused on our issues and agenda – and not be deliberately lead astray by folks who don’t want us to talk about the subject at hand (whatever it is at the time that is upsetting them)

    The government must be very concerned about blogs putting out print editions, don’t you think?


  87. Anonymous

    Bimbro, I smiled to myself as I thought of you yesterday when a Jamaican woman who lives in Barbados came on the call-in program, Brass Tacks and talked the usual rubbish she talks. She calls nearly every day and has nothing good to say about Barbados. Left up to me I would kick her tail back to Jamaica but I think she’s married to a Bajan man. Every time she talks her foolishness I think if Bimbro could hear that he would have a heart attack!

  88. Anon

    Was that the lady who was waiting on the hospital van to take her home?

  89. Anon

    Hey Bimbro…..long time no hear……see who is the new fastest man on earth?Third time he change the world record.
    A Jamaican……….just had to tell you 🙂

  90. Bimbro

    Hi BFP, and thanks for your reply. I could n’t believe what you said. To think that somebody, somewhere would go to the trouble of deploying such a deversionary tactic! It beggars belief, does n’t it!!! Anyhow, so glad you caught the rats!

    Something strange happened when I posted my earlier reply and it did n’t make it to the board!

    Somebody, certainly, seems to be worried about, something!

  91. Bimbro

    Anonymous, thanks for telling me that one. I glad enough I caan hear she cause my blood-pressure already gone through the roof today by that muslim post which turned out to be a fake!

    I can’t understand it but whenever anybody threatens Bajans or Bim I does see a murderous black cloud and it takes me hours to calm down! I still in calm down, yet!

    As for the JA woman – wha de rass she doing in Bim! If I had my way they’d only be allowed in Bim in extremely exceptional circumstances and even then, only on a limited-term visa! JAs?!!! Lord!!!!

  92. Bimbro

    Anon, I can see you want to push-up my pressure!

    I could reply to that but I’m not sure that u could tek it!!!

    For instance, how do you explain that feat!!!!

  93. Bimbro

    I in saying nutten!

  94. Anonymous X

    You are fighting a loosing battle. You really don’t know what is happening on the ground. If you did you would not write such ignorance. People all over the country are talkng about BFP and the corruption of the Gov’t. They are very very concerned. Public servants are becoming disenchanted with Gov’t Ministers and their thiefing.

    One Prison Officer almost lost his house the other day and cried openingly in front of a bank manager who delayed foreclosure after confirming that the officer had not been paid for months.

    A doctor at the QEH had her car repossessed because Jerome, your buddy, did not make sure she was paid after 4 months of waiting.

    The focus is not on David Thompson but on your ESAF P.M. How could he contribute USD$150,000 to the cricket legends of Barbados? Where did he get the money from?

    Your rumblings are a waste of time because the people have made up their minds…..thiefing Owen and his band of pirates will go once the election bell is rung.

    I would suggest you use wisely utilise your energy and spend the next couple months sorting out your personal financial mess (pay back the man you borrow the money from ) and preparing for the defeat.

  95. Bimbro

    One Prison Officer almost lost his house the other day and cried openingly in front of a bank manager who delayed foreclosure after confirming that the officer had not been paid for months.

    A doctor at the QEH had her car repossessed because Jerome, your buddy, did not make sure she was paid after 4 months of waiting.



  96. YUM YUM I like it!

    Anyone been on the DLP blog recently?

    Takes nearly a full day to have a comment moderated!

  97. Wishing in Vain

    YUM YUM I like it!
    The verdict is still out on the best method of operation if from what I have seen posted on the BlP site I think I would be tempted to keep the moderation going on the DLP site.
    There are all sorts of wild disgusting nasty comments on the blp site that I would have thought that they would have removed after 3 or 4 days but they are allowed to sit around so maybe the moderation is a good thing but done a little faster.

  98. YUM YUM I like it!


    Correct, moderation is a good thing, the BLP blog is unmonitored!

    I would prefer the messages to go straight up, then be moderated, like on BFP and BU.

    I will give DLP blog a little longer as I am interested in their movement/views/positions, but eventually patience runs out!

    Bset regards


  99. Straight talk

    I am listening to TILII, and there is this moderator, Mark Forde, lying through his teeth to an inquisitive yet informed caller.

    He says he thinks 3S is a british company !!!!

    Where do they get these people from and how do they deem themselves qualified to conduct an informed debate with the Bajan public?

    CBC are yardfowls?

  100. Wishing in Vain

    Can we get someone from on here to question him seriously???

  101. Bimbro

    Whahappen ‘Anon’! Cat got yuh mout?!!!

    Fastest man on earth, fastest woman on earth, fastest this, most beautiful that…….. – not to mention those of your ancestry living in other countries – how do you explain that in a population of less than 3 million?!!!

    Afraid to think about the answer?!!!

  102. Bimbro

    BFP, I seem to recall asking you this before but can’t recall receiving an answer. You should be the first to acknowledge we seem to be in desperate need in Bim of a third but decent mainstream, political party! Any hope of you and your colleagues forming one???? I’m sure some of your colleagues on here would be only too happy to apply for portfolios!!!!