Peter Bynoe: Pay Attention To Quality Of Life, Build Graeme Hall National Park


I cut this article out of one of our papers a few weeks ago, and I can’t find it again on the internet so I’ll re-type it. (sigh)

Pay Attention To Quality Of Life

IT IS TIME THAT GOVERNMENT PAYS more attention to quality-of-life issues in Barbados.

There is no disputing that a buoyant economy improves the quality of life, but there are other important things that make life enjoyable: sadly many of these things do not seem to be a priority for our Government.

For instance, although 6,000 people signed the petitition in support of the Graeme Hall Park, no one in Government has made a public response.

If this park is established, the benefit to the country will be immeasurable as it will provide a much needed public green space for people living in the sourth of the island, who make up the bulk of our population. Also it appears that the Legacy Vision for Barbados has quietly died out.

The seven committees (one of which I am a member) are inactive due to a lack of funding. This means that the quantum leap that was supposed to occur because of Cricket World Cup probably will never happen and the hype to make Barbados the No. 1 place to live and work seems to have been typical Barbadian shop talk.

Ironically, I read that Barbados is hosting an international legacy conference in 2008 even though we have no ongoing legacy programme.

Peter Bynoe


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13 responses to “Peter Bynoe: Pay Attention To Quality Of Life, Build Graeme Hall National Park

  1. Anonymous

    BFP still with this graeme hall park foolishness?

  2. Trust that self-serving snake Anonymous to get in first word, decrying the National Park at Graeme Hall.

    When will he realise the great majority of Barbadians will gain in perpetuity from this straightforward and economical initiative. We will never again have such a great opportunity for so little expenditure by the taxpayers.

    Just because he is scheming for his dreadful water park, Caribbean Splash, he, and quite likely others in bed with the politicians who see the profits they can pocket from exploiting the land, are prepared to bad-talk Graeme Hall National Park ad infinitum.

    Let the voice of the people be heard.

  3. reality check

    anonymous, also known as the PM according to one blogger, doesn’t understand the notion of green space unless it is attached to a casino, golf course or a waterpark with benefits to him and his friends.

    The sad thing is that people actually elected him to lead with strength and vision and not to abuse his position?

  4. International Legacy?

    Bynoe is 100% correct.

    It is ironic that Barbados is hosting such a conference when none of the leaders have a clue that the only legacy they have left is one of grab run and let the average guy pay for the increased debt caused by stealing and incompetence.

  5. Kathy

    Conservation, ecological responsibility, quality of life, preparation for future generations, political justice, freedom of speech … all these belong to First World countries.

  6. YUM YUM I like it!


    What are you saying exactly?

    Do you think that qualities are luxuries indulgences only afforded by ‘developed’ countries (which Barbados is not)?

    (You will note I have used the word ‘developed’ rather than ‘First World’, as the former is no longer the international classification. Though, quite how undeveloped, developing and developed is a better classification system is quite beyond me! Seems like a case of moving the goalposts for no obvious reason – maybe this change was made at behest of Fifa?)

  7. YUM YUM I like it!

    Sorry that should have read:

    Do you think that these qualities are luxurious indulgences only afforded by ‘developed’ countries (which Barbados is not)?

  8. two cents

    Every day more of us are realizing that Barbados is very quickly becoming or has already become a Third World Banana Republic.

    Banana republic
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Banana republic is a pejorative term for a small, often Latin American, Caribbean or African country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture, and ruled by a small, self-elected, wealthy and corrupt clique.[citation needed] In most cases they have kept the government structures that were modeled after the colonial Spanish ruling clique, with a small, largely leisure class on the top and a large, poorly educated and poorly paid working class of peons. The term was coined by O. Henry, an American humorist and short story writer, in reference to Honduras. “Republic” in his time was often a euphemism for a dictatorship, while “banana” implied an easy reliance on basic agriculture and backwardness in the development of modern industrial technology. Frequently the subject of mockery and humour, and usually presided over by a dictatorial military junta that exaggerates its own power and importance—”the epaulettes of a banana republic generalissimo” are proverbially of considerable size, usually portrayed in satire with a pair of mops—a banana republic also typically has large wealth and income inequities, poor infrastructure, poor schools, a backward economy, low capital spending, a reliance on foreign capital and money printing, budget deficits, and a weakening currency. Banana Republics are typically also highly prone to revolutions and coups.

  9. titles

    two cents

    thanks for the confirmation

    first Prime Minister, soon to be President, Then President and King for Life and now ” Generalisimo” no doubt a name given to him by Fidel and Hugo!

  10. All stand!

    Hail to The Big Chief.

    I see his Lexus SUV approaching.
    get ready,children, get ready now.

    Get your flags. get them up!
    wave!! – wave nicely. the nice man,now

  11. Still A Slave

    YES !

    BFP get your photo artiste to work. Owen $ ARthur in Magabee’s uniform! I can see it now.

  12. Kathy

    When I left, I did not consider Barbados a third world country. I was proud of my heritage and education, and I still am. I do not think that a Nature Park or any other provision for the quality of life for future generations is a useless luxury.

    I do think that concreting every square foot of property for short-term gain would be a disaster for Barbados, although a windfall for whoever gets planning permissions on the land. These profiteers will not keep their millions in Barbados!


    I think the park down by the wharf is one of de best tings this government has done and a Graeme Hall Park would add one more feather to the rather limited number of feathers in their cap .Do de right ting again na , it’ll make you feel much better.