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Barbados Free Press Launches Print Edition


Printable Edition Of Controversial Barbados Blog Now Available!

“This will shake things up a bit…”

Barbados Free Press is pleased to announce that the first edition of our printable BFP news flyer is now available for downloading. Readers can print the two-sided BFP news flyer at home or at work (hey… don’t get caught!) and then share our stories with friends and strangers who may not have regular access to a computer.

Think about it… print up a dozen copies and leave a few in the back of the ZR on your way to school or work. Leave one in each washroom stall at the Agriculture Ministry or at the airport. When no one is looking, put one on the restaurant table next to yours – then watch the fun!

We’ll guarantee that a few will be left in the lunch rooms at the CBC and the Nation News!

Twice a month (we’ll try really hard, folks!) we’ll put a new edition online for our readers to print out and take to work, school or the lime. Each edition will feature a few hot issues from the past two weeks and invite readers to read the full articles at the Barbados Free Press blog.

Why A Print Edition Of Barbados Free Press?

For the last week all mainstream Barbados news media – newspapers, radio and television – have remained silent about a scandal surrounding Barbados’ Flyover Project.

Jonathan Danos, the President of the company building our new flyovers and highway system, is being sued by his former employer for a fraud involving secret kickbacks on a bridge project for the Government of Jamaica. This story is no mere rumour or speculation – the court documents are available online for all to see and two Barbados blogs have had the documents posted since September 4th.

The fact that the President of the company that is building Barbados’ way-over-budget flyovers is being sued for fraud and secret kickbacks in relation to a similar bridge project for another Caribbean government is a HUGE news story.

Sunday was the sixth day that the print, broadcast and electronic mainstream Barbados news media ignored this story.

Citizens must ask themselves and the news media, “Why?”

The Barbados highway and flyover bridge project is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and was awarded by the Barbados government behind closed doors under circumstances that have even the most jaded government supporters shaking their heads. Now the President of the flyover contracting company is being sued for fraud and secret kickbacks on his last big government project – and our media remains silent. Our Government remains silent. Our so-called Opposition remains silent.

As Happened Many Times Before, An Important Story Should Have Been Covered Immediately By The Bajan News Media – But They Hid It From Barbados Citizens


If the Barbados news media wishes to continue as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government, so be it.

Ordinary Bajan citizens will print one page BFP news flyers and leave them for others to read. Together we will start to take back our democracy and make our elected and appointed government officials accountable – one story, one scandal, one flyer at a time.

Freedom of the press belongs to those who have one – and we all have one now.

Download The Barbados Free Press News Flyer Here

This two page flyer (one paper – front and back) is posted here in .jpg format. You will have to touch each page, then right click or otherwise save the .jpg to your computer – then print it using any number of popular programs that work with this .JPG format.

These two pages are in colour, but we intend to post a simpler black and white format tomorrow (Tuesday). In the future, we hope to make both versions available every other Sunday evening.

You can also email the .JPGs to your friends!

Thanks to all our readers,

Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, George, Robert & Auntie Moses

Barbados Free Press
Somewhere Near Grape Hall

BFP News Flyer – September 9, 2007

Page One – bfp07_9_9_a.jpg

Page Two – bfp07_9_9_b.jpg

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Bushy Park September 2nd Accident – Bajan Reporter Has New Photos


It Could Have Been Oh So Much Worse…

Our friend Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has an in-depth report and many photos of the September 2, 2007 runaway truck accident at Bushy Park Race Circuit.

Take a look at the photos and you’ll know just how lucky everyone was on that day. It could easily have been another national tragedy.

Bajan Reporter: Update On Bushy Park Mishap


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