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How Many Airline Employees Does It Take To Keep An Airplane Flying?

American Eagle – 7.6 employees per airplane

LIAT – 53.75 employees per airplane !!!!!

I know there are issues with economy of scale and such… but that’s absurd!

The Nation News: No Change, No Cash


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Outgoing Jamaican Government Shredding Documents Like Crazy – Barbados Government Paying Close Attention



…that Barbados government officials are paying close attention to the story breaking in Jamaica. The outgoing government of Portia Simpson-Miller has been shredding documents like mad before Bruce Golding and his Jamaica Labour Party take power.

The outgoing Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Carlton Davis, is seeking to “dispel those concerns” of folks who perceive the shredding as a “deliberate attempt to conceal possible evidence of corruption.”

Uh huh.

In our opinion, the outgoing Government of Jamaica could have taken some lessons from the Barbados Government.

Owen Arthur and his crones generally don’t keep any business records, so they really don’t have much to shred. For instance, Barbadians know that our government prefers a “memorandum of understanding” rather than a nasty old contract with terms, prices, delivery dates and a clear description of what is being purchased by the government.

Nope… shredding of documents won’t be a big concern for the Government of Barbados – they don’t keep any documents in the first place.

From the Jamaica Gleaner…

Ministries Shred Documents Ahead Of New Administration

Several Government ministries have begun shredding official, political and personal documents ahead of the impending change in Government.

While the destruction of these documents has been perceived by some as a deliberate attempt to conceal possible evidence of corruption, Dr. Carlton Davis, Cabinet secretary, sought to dispel those concerns.

He told The Sunday Gleaner that the shredding of documents is a long-standing protocol dating back to the 1950s. He explained that the Cabinet papers of ministers demitting office are usually destroyed…

… continue reading this article at the Jamaica Gleaner (link here)


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Barbados Watches: BFP Replies to the BLP Government agents attacking this blog…

Wunna Wake Up Now?
September 9th, 2007 at 2:27 pmWunna Wake Up Now?

Above posted by one of the government agents taking part in the ongoing electronic attack upon Barbados Free Press.

BFP Replies to the BLP Government agents attacking this blog…

Sure, We’re up and waiting for you.

We notice that you don’t bother to attack The Nation News, The Barbados Advocate or the CBC. Must be a reason for that.

We’re ready for your continued attack against Bajan democracy and freedom of speech…


Bring it on while all Barbados watches.

(And folks… if a few sneak by for an hour or two, don’t worry – we’ll get to it. Meanwhile… big surprise tonight if I can type faster!) 


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David Thompson’s Silence On Corruption In Public Life Is Deafening


DLP Waiting For Their Turn At The Trough

Last June, the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Barbados, David Thompson, chastised religious, trade union and private sector leaders for what he called “a deafening silence” on corruption in public life. He urged community leaders to support the passage of integrity legislation, conflict of interest rules and the declaration of assets by parliamentarians. (Nation News June 24, 2007 – Thompson Knocks Social Partners)

Big talk, but no walk the walk by Thompson and his Democratic Labour Party.

Two points I’d like to make…

1/ David Thompson and the DLP could have declared and adopted integrity rules, conflict of interest rules and declared their assets at any time since Thompson became leader of the party.

Had the DLP declared integrity rules, “these are our values and were not afraid to write them down as rules that must be followed by our candidates and representatives”, THAT would have been real leadership. Instead, Thompson and the DLP are waiting until an election call before declaring anything. From what we’ve heard about the internal fistfight between the wantabe-piggies and the new integrity folks, the DLP’s watered-down “integrity initiative” will be worth nada.

What could have been rightly declared as a new era in Bajan political leadership will now be turned into a cheap half-baked election trick.

2/ David Thompson and the DLP are afraid to push the Arthur government too much on integrity issues.

Can we say “People Who Live In Glass houses…” ?

Back in March, Thompson stood up in Parliament and body-slammed Owen Arthur into two minutes of stuttering red-faced brain fart. Thompson mentioned openly in Parliament that the Prime Minister had deposited a $750,000 “campaign donation” cheque into his own personal bank account. Folks were amazed as Arthur stuttered and stammered about how he’d made a few mistakes in his life and….

… and …

…. and ….

… and then we heard nothing more from Thompson on a huge integrity issue where he had the PM backed into a corner.

Now listen here, children…. for Thompson to get up in Parliament and accuse the Prime Minister of depositing a certain cheque into a certain bank account, Thompson had to have known a whole lot more than he told. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that Thompson had a copy of the cheque, front and back.

But nothing from Thompson on this issue since.

Why not? Thompson could have followed up in Parliament with details on that and any number of integrity issues that have plagued the BLP government, but he didn’t.

Why not?

Could it be that Thompson himself and other members of his party have some skeletons in the closet themselves?

I can’t see the DLP under Thompson having the courage and strength to introduce effective integrity rules either as legislation or for their own candidates.

If anyone from the DLP can officially tell me otherwise, I’d love to be convinced.

But until that time, I’ll keep humming the words to that old song by The Who. How’s it go, again? Oh yeah…


“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss….”


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