TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS: Barbados Media Hides 3S Fraud Scandal From Bajan Citizens


“Years from now, Friday September 7, 2007 will be remembered as the day that the news media of Barbados formally announced surrender to Bajan strongman Owen Arthur. Barbados citizens cannot trust their news media.”

Barbados News Media Again Proves It Cannot Be Trusted

On Tuesday, September 4, 2007, two local blogs – Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press – published news stories about how Jonathan Lazlo Danos, President of Barbados flyover contractor 3S Structural Steel Solutions, is being sued for fraud and secret kickbacks on another government highway bridge project in Jamaica.

This story is no mere rumour or speculation – the court documents are available online for all to see and both blogs have been pointing to these documents since September 4th. (Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL, May 11, 2007, Case No: HC 06 C04511 – LINK HERE)

This Is A Huge And Important Story That Should Have Been Covered Immediately By The Barbados News Media

The fact that the President of the company that is building Barbados’ controversial highway and flyover bridges should be sued for fraud and secret kickbacks in relation to a similar bridge project for another Caribbean government is a HUGE news story. The Barbados highway and flyover bridge project is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and was awarded by the Barbados government behind closed doors under circumstances that have even the most jaded government supporters shaking their heads.

Today is the fourth day that the print, broadcast and electronic mainstream Barbados news media has ignored this story.

CBC Televsion – Nothing

Voice of Barbados Radio – Nothing

The Nation Newspaper Print Edition – Nothing

The Nation Newspaper Online Edition – Nothing

The Advocate Newspaper Print Edition – Nothing

The Advocate Newspaper Online Edition – Nothing

Tell Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers!

This joint refusal of ALL the Barbados news media to cover a story of national importance about allegations of fraud and secret kickbacks by a man who is in charge of our national highway and bridge project is unforgivable.

At best, it shows that there is no freedom of the press in Barbados. At worst, it shows a conspiracy by all the major Barbados news media to hush up what should be a crisis of credibility for the Barbados Government.

The Barbados news media today formally announced their surrender to the Government of Barbados and strongman Owen Arthur. Barbados citizens cannot trust their news media.

Phone A Friend Right Now, Tell A Co-Worker Right Now, Talk To A Neighbour Right Now

Tell them everything that the Barbados news media is hiding.

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34 responses to “TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS: Barbados Media Hides 3S Fraud Scandal From Bajan Citizens

  1. Anonymous

    quite frankly i dont give a ying wat goes on in jamacia and im also puzzled as to why you say this is a big news story if he is being sued in jamacia so wat who cares ……..certainly not me ……….i have more important things to think about

  2. BFP

    Hello anonymous – also known as Mr. Prime Minister!

    You would certainly like the people of Barbados to say,

    “So what if the man in charge of our third of a billion dollar flyover project engaged in fraud and secret kickbacks on the last government project he worked on.”

    Perhaps you had better have your Attorney General do one of his 15 minute chats with 3S President Jonathan Danos. After Danos assures your AG that he didn’t do any fraud this time, you can announce “No problem here folks. We’ve looked into it”

    You might even get away with not having to disclose your offshore bank accounts, Mr. Arthur.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Anonymous

    That’s riiight, baby.
    If it doesn’t affect you personally, on your premises(which prob. look like crap,anyway)
    then it’s none of your business, you know?

    And that’s exactly why Barbados finds itself today
    in the curious FIX it’s in,today,
    because of self-centred attitudes like yours.

    Corruption and wastage of YOUR taxpayer dollars are cool by you, as long as it doesn’t actually/personally affect you yourself.
    You carry on with that Last Century attitude.

    You en discover dat de world(except Barbados) has changed.
    Too Late shall be your cry….meanwhile bring on the African TinPot Republic conditions that such thought processes result in.

    Apologies for ending a sentence with a preposition, (not that you would know or on-stan’)

  4. BFP

    Posted by Wishing In Vain on another article…

    Let us look at how closely connected this project is to the one in Jamaica.

    First they form a company for the sole purpose of scamming the taxpayers of the country in Jamaica it was formed with a Deryck A Gibson Limited (”DAG”), in Barbados it is one formed with Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannister, and Steven Hobson for the sole purpose to manipulate the gov’t and this works project, remember Hobson is as dishonest or more dishonest than most and he brought Danos onto the scene.

    Then we have changes to the building cost once they got their claws in with $ 5 million moving to $ 7.5 million in our case we moved from $ 120 million to $360 million no questions asked no explanations given either.

    They then arrange the split of the commissions, somehow the parent company got wind that Danos was scamming them and the rest is history, I wonder what commission payments they have collected from us the taxpayers of Barbados so far on this deal?

    What I will wait to see is who will get the flyover contract now that Danos has been removed from the affairs of Mabey and Johnson Limited.

    Danos is seen been very closely with Nicholls , Clarke et al what could they be discussing? How much are we going to hit them for this time?

  5. Anonymous

    September 7th, 2007 at 1:32 pm
    quite frankly i dont give a ying wat goes on in jamacia and im also puzzled as to why you say this is a big news story if he is being sued in jamacia so wat who cares ……..certainly not me ……….i have more important things to think about

    Said like a true party person, even if you choose not to admit it this is corruption straight and plain.

  6. Roger Rabbitt

    We talk about corruption here, but the following was taken from today’s Trinidad Express newspaper:

    Prime Minister Patrick Manning says there are members of the Opposition parties in Parliament who are on their way to jail because of corruption.

    “Today, who not in prison my dear friends, about to go to prison. And who ain’t about to go as a result of court action, lining up outside to go voluntarily, because they know what is to come.

    “That is the state of play and that is the Opposition that we have today,” Manning said on Wednesday night.

    And in a direct reference to the new Piarco International Airport terminal building constructed under the previous United National Congress (UNC) 1995-2001 administration, Manning also said it owes the nation two more.

    “We get one for the price of three, so they still have two more for us,” he said.

    We made it clear to them, be careful what allyuh doing, when we come back into office, all who tief will pay the price. Those who do the crime, uh, will do the time,” Manning said.

  7. Roger Rabbitt

    Perhaps if ministers knew that they will have to account for their actions I believe that they will be honest and upright in their dealings.
    That means that ppl like Nicholls, Bannister, et al, would have to be otherwise gainfully employed rather than acting as go-betweens for some very unscrupulous ppl whoever they be.

  8. Help Me, Please!!

    Yes, we need help more than ever.

  9. Bush Tea

    In all fairness BFP, the Nation’s editorial has called for full disclosure from Government on the Flyover project.


    BFP Replies

    Not good enough at all.

    Nation News… publish this major story now.

    Traitors to journalism. Traitors to Freedom of the Press. Traitors to their own integrity. Traitors to all free Barbadians.

    I don’t know how they can face themselves, let alone their friends and families.

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Bush Tea,
    They may have done so but none of them have had the heart to break this story, does it not beg the question why are they shying away from releasing this news item?
    Could it be that the fear of the goon squad PM and company that could be putting pressure on the media houses not to release this headline news story.

  11. reality check

    if in fact it is the PM in this blog telling the citizens of Barbados to go get stuffed, this is a frightening indictment of the power he has taken on and what an incredibly arrogant position he now has in Barbados.

    The British monarchy lost their effective power centuries ago but the Barbadian monarch ( Owen Arthur ) seems to be looking to be turfed out on his sorry butt.


    More BFP nonsense.

    A real squad of buffoons.

    Nobody in Barbados takes you people seriously.

  13. Crusty

    On September 7th, 2007 at 5:04 pm, NONSENSE said:

    Nobody in Barbados takes you people seriously.


    You talkin’ sh..ite man.

  14. Red Lake Lassie

    I’ve been listening and watching for this story to break somewhere. NOTHING yet.

    Thank you Barbados Underground and Free Press

  15. Wishing in Vain

    There is a strange silence coming from the traditional media in this island.
    We are into day three of this story breaking and not a word from any of them, is it the fear of upsetting the ruling party and the Short man Owing?
    If this is the case we are in dire straights, he have reached the lowest of lows.

  16. Anonymous

    In our system one is innocent until proven guilty…. I think….. Anyone can bring a suit if they feel they have been wronged BUT you have to prove your case, as far as I can see the case is pending

  17. If you’re talking of the PM and corruption, read Island Wings by Cecil Foster. Corruption is nothing new to Barbados or the rest of the islands.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    Anonymous There is no doubt about his guilt, it clearly states that he received a cheque for over Stl 100,000.00 which went to his bank account no doubt in my mind that he is a crook and by extension so to Owing, Nicholls, Bannister and Hobson, Clarke and the AG.
    They masterminded a scam of all scams but they have been caught with their pants down now twice in quick succession the prison being one of them.

  19. Yardbroom


    It has sometimes been said that a sentence should not end with a preposition. This is a rule that is difficult to justify. There are occasions when a final preposition is clumsy or ambiguous: there are likewise occasions when attempts to avoid a final preposition cause inelegance or confusion. Clarity and grace should be the aim, not pedantic adherence to an untenable view that, because the word preposition comes from the Latin for “placed before” a preposition can never be last. Sir Winston Churchill is said to have written.

    This is the sort of English up with which I will not put. to ridicule the clumsiness which can occur as a result of attempts to avoid final prepositions. No-one could possibly object to
    This is something I will not put up with.

    I will say no more.

  20. John

    September 7th, 2007 at 1:32 pm
    quite frankly i dont give a ying wat goes on in jamacia and im also puzzled as to why you say this is a big news story if he is being sued in jamacia so wat who cares ……..certainly not me ……….i have more important things to think about

    Wonder how much the defendant will have to pay as a result and I wonder if the tripling in costs on the Barbados project might be connected?

  21. PiedPiper

    The term Fourth Estate refers to the press, both in its explicit capacity of advocacy and in its implicit ability to frame political issues. How does the Barbados Media meet the above definition?

    I can understand the fear of losing one’s job because that is surely what most reporters in the media in Barbados do have concerns about. Jobs are hard to come by in Barbados especially in the Media field and in many instances you get those jobs through who you know or worse yet through political patronage. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. As long as there are no independant newspapers or TV/Radio stations in Barbados, free of political funding and contraints, this is the end result.
    Perhaps that is why Internet blogs and forums are as successful as they are as long as blogs like BFP exist the truth will get out.

  22. Hants

    BFP do you read the Nation and Advocate?

    “No responsible Barbadian has to be reminded of all the other overruns, from the building of the new prison at Dodds, St Philip, to construction of the administration building at Warrens, St Michael, or the redevelopment of Kensington Oval.”

    “So we ask for a full explanation, cognisant of the fact that when the original ABC Highway was opened in 1990, the full cost was US$25 million, up from a projected US$18 million.

    And to think that we complained back then!”

    When I read that in today’s Nation Editorial I was surprised.

  23. Claudius

    How many newspapers does 240 MILLION buy?

    They won’t follow up.

    Tired of it. Bajans are tired. Where once many were for BLP many are now against. You also see they will remove Richard Hoad, and at the very least muzzle him to prevent?

    Yes, I read tiny editorial peep too, but I personally am not impressed until it hits the front page, where it should be.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Lowdown said in his story today that he has been getting calls from people within the party setup to promote the blp and he did the complete opposite in his story today, well done Hoadie.

  25. Hants

    Claudius no newspaper in Barbados will print anything negative about this Government on the front page.

    In my humble opinion it was a strong commentary on the recent cost over runs.

    Contrast this with the two letters to the Editor in Yesterdays Advocate by a Henderson N Bovell.

  26. Sapidillo

    BFP, I’ve read your constant plea. You are not alone; there is help from your counterparts at BU and other unknown sources.

    I am now convinced more so than ever that a number of the people in B/dos have been affected by what appears to be a loss of hearing epidemic which is going around the island.

    If we are to look deeply into what is going on, we would notice there is no discrimination as to whom is affected by this epidemic — all forms of the news media, and the politicos who we thought would not only have read but heard the loud cries all week long from their constituents.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    It is a sad when 4 days can past and not a single word in the regular media.
    Owing sold himself as the saviour of Barbados but look at what a pickle he has thrown the island into, he and his goon squad !!
    This island is gound zero as that idiot AG Marshall would have said for corruption and stealing, we used to laugh at Trinidad and Tobago as a centre for corruption at least they have a Prime Minister that has faced the issue head on and has addressed the problem, our problem here should Owing attempt to do likewise he and too many of his friends will be put behind bars.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    Return to zoo from which you escaped we really would rather keep this site clean and free of the low life like you Mr See Thru Owing Arthur.

  29. littleboy

    Did Mascoll have a lot of say in the execution of the “Operation Freeflow” programme? have any contracts been signed?Did Glyne Bannister and Hallam “Bag Man”Nicholls “source” the 3S company?
    Are these all involved in the “Guantanamo Bay” development with COW, Bjerkhamn Peter Harris…?
    Is Senator Sandra Husbands now getting involved in “Brass Tacks” for “other” reasons?
    Has Glyne Clarke’s travels overseas for more than “surgery”?
    More questions than answers!!!!

  30. Wishing in Vain

    Despite of Adrian’s effort and the effort of others to get this story posted, todate still nothing has shown up in the local press.
    I know of someone who has emailed nearly every media house and radio station from Guyana in the south to Jamaica in the north the details of this story and we will wait to see if the story breaks in Jamaica before it breaks in Barbados in the regular press.
    What a place we live in when the press are so scared about the gov’t that they refuse to print facts because it may hurt or affect the ruling party , this is a very sad reflection on our media indeed.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Because of your best efforts to destroy the freedom of the people and the press we still claim freedom as our right.
    We can talk or deal with any subject that we choose to on this blog or BFP, we can talk about the extent of your corruption, the lack of morals you and your party of those of uncertain gender display, the ills of the health services, the cost overruns on every project you and your party has tampered with,the kickbacks, the unfinished buildings that you started over 5 years ago, got the message yet crook?

  32. Warrior

    September 7th, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    I can understand the fear of losing one’s job because that is surely what most reporters in the media in Barbados do have concerns about. Jobs are hard to come by in Barbados especially in the Media field and in many instances you get those jobs through who you know or worse yet through political patronage. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. As long as there are no independant newspapers or TV/Radio stations in Barbados, free of political funding and contraints, this is the end result.


    They would be plenty jobs if they would pursue the truth and print it, they would be busy investigating, asking intelligent questions, so that the ppl of this country could be informed, they would be selling papers like mad-fire.

    If they continue to print the bilge water that they do now we must as a matter of grave importance begin to boycott purchasing their papers.

    If they were to print the bank account numbers of Owen & Julie Arthur, Nicholls, and who ever else, tell you the amounts, where there are located and where the funds were siphoned from, they would not be enough papers to go around this island, just ask anyone who tried to get a newspaper during the Brittons Hill ordeal.

    My money talks, soon they going to have to listen, plain and simple.

  33. theNickster

    This tactic by the government is what they call a “final grab”, its when people doing an illegal money making activity (unsanctioned gambling), grab the cash on the table and run when the police show up. Debt, flawed/half done projects, non-transparency and media blackout are all signs of this. My fellow bajans and lovers of barbados, we have to rattle these cannibals soon, or there won’t be anything left for the next party to take over.

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