President Of Barbados Flyover Contractor 3S Structural Steal Solutions Being Sued For Fraud, Kickbacks In Jamaican Bridge Project!


Can’t Our Government Deal With Anyone But Crooks ?

3S Structural Steel Solutions’ President Jonathan Danos is being sued by his former employer, Mabey and Johnson Limited, in a fraudulent contracting scheme involving secret kickbacks on a bridge project for the Government of Jamaica.

David over at Barbados Underground has put together an absolutely brilliant piece of investigative reporting that causes me to ask three questions…

1/ Why didn’t The Nation News break this story?

2/ Why does our government continually deal with corporations and people with a record of corrupt kickbacks to fatten politicians and hangers-on?

3/ How much “consulting commissions” are built into the Barbados flyover project, especially considering it is three or four times the original estimate?

Oh…. I get it! Never mind.

Bloody crooks…

Barbados Underground: President Of S3 Barbados Limited Jonathan Danos Is Being Sued For Fraud And Conspiracy By Mabey, His Former Employer ~ Yet Another Shady Project By The Government Of Barbados

Also See BFP’s What A Surprise! ABC Highway Cost Triples Or More…

BFP – Flyover Files Missing From Barbados Government Corporate Affairs Office 

Photo: From left: President of 3S Barbados SRL, Jonathan Danos, Minister of Public Works and Transport Gline Clarke, and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll in a light moment after the launch. (Pictures by Sandy Pitt)


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50 responses to “President Of Barbados Flyover Contractor 3S Structural Steal Solutions Being Sued For Fraud, Kickbacks In Jamaican Bridge Project!

  1. Jason

    Structural STEAL Solutions?

    That’s no typo is it BFP?

    Love it! 🙂

  2. Wishing in Vain

    One thing is for certain and that is these 3S people are corrupt and dishonest as ever the The Jamaica Kickback Agreement could very easily be replaced with The Barbados Kickback Agreement, there is simply no doubt in my mind at all about the willingness to extort money from the taxpayers.

    My question to those in office is after being exposed so many times and brought to the public’s attention so many times with so many cases of corruption and dishonesty do they not have the decency to do the right thing and step down from office?

    This is absolutely disgraceful and dishonest in most other parts of the world the gov’t would have been asked to resign and make way for elections and face charges for dishonesty in public office, I am not sure what our system will permit but at the very least they need to step down.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    Not to forget the scamp in that photo no other than one Hallam Nicholls to the right of picture.

  4. YUM YUM I like it!


    Don’t get too excited man or you won’t sleep!

    You’re like a kid in a candy shop – all that sugar’ll get you hyper!

    It is indeed a sweet moment when a revelation comes out, but just a word of caution: CALM.

    Keep on googling, this may be just the start.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    My next real moment of satisfaction will come when the FBI start to question Bannister, Nicholls and Owing about the cheques they have received from VECO and their role in the scams involving VECO and the gov’t of Barbados.
    I cannot wait that will be the icing on the cake, trust me if you do not think for one moment that FBI in their search of VECO has not revealed a paper trail to Nicholls et al you are dead wrong.
    They will all over them when the timing is right, honestly it would be shameful to see Owing being arrested for corruption carried out with an American company that he benefitted from but it would be justice finally done, the arm of the FBI stretches long and far and it will get you if you are a guilty party to the act.
    Would it not make a real amazing story or trivia question and that question would be which country had two Prime Ministers that were persona non grata and refused entry into the USA?
    Well it would be Barbados when Tom Adams was refused to travel to or thru the USA because of the drug trade and use that he was party to and if Owing were to be charged by the USA authorites he to would be banned from travel to the USA amazing what can come up in these discussions.

  6. Bimsha Boy

    I have a few questions.
    Who would have the “guts” to go after politicians with criminal intent in Barbados, or any of the islands in the Caribbean for that matter.?
    How many politicians have ever been indicted in any of the islands?
    Who for a prosecutor would risk his career by going after any politician in Barbados, or any island in the Caribbean for that matter?
    I see business as usual unless people stop taking the selfish attitude an become pro-active. I will not hold my breath.

  7. reality check

    oh dear!!!

    the dots are being connected and it is not pretty

    extend the number of cells in Glendairy immediately.

    Will there be any room for petty thieves or drug mules?

  8. Try ’97, South Coast Sewage Project – Fomentos Y Cubiertas; Here in Bimshire? Man died of asthma from the dust in Hastings, bistro just starting – closed down, ppl breaking legs and falls left right and center; Over in Jamaica? Thye killed a six year old girl due to improperly marked trenches and she fell to her death. So, like, why am I not surprised? Oh, btw – Liz Thompson had to pay out naff loot for those incidents which led to her orignal ministerial demise

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    Mr Danos can be reached via

    I have asked some questions and will report back if he responds.

  10. crossroads

    Welcome to the First World way of doing business

  11. John

    … then there was the time when files to do with 3S Barbados (SRL) went missing at Corporate Affairs and the concept of a Society with Restricted Liabilities emerged.

    … then costs went and tripled but how can costs triple on a BOLT contract.

    … and now we hear of fraud.

    Wonders never cease and it is not as simple as ABC with the ABC highway.

  12. While we will stay clear of accusing this BLP Government of “continually dealing with corporations and people with a record of corrupt kickbacks to fatten politicians and hangers-on, unless precise and irrefutable evidence of some sort comes to the fore and that will assist us in doing otherwise, we nevertheless have to accuse, again and again, the Barbados Government/State of stealing massively and on a daily basis from the incomes and properties of the relevant persons, businesses and other entities, and in a way that brings greater understanding and acceptance by Barbadians that this is so very clear and irrefutable the evidence of this happening that there needs NOT to be provided by the PDC or any body else any evidence of this happening other than our revealing that on a daily basis the evidence of its occurrence speaks for itself.

    Thus, if Barbadians are going to rightly accuse so many others of stealing, they must also accuse, and quite rightly so, the Barbados Government/State of stealing and stealing and stealing in the name of TAXATION, something that is itself terribly wrong and evil, and something that is happening right before their own eyees. If Barbadians have by now realized that the Government/State rightly punishes individuals for stealing, what could be more abominable than the Government/State itself wrongly stealing from the relevant people’ businesses and other entities in Barbados?. The King James Version of the Holy Bible supremely commands: Thou shall NOT steal!!

    The People’s Democratic Congress(PDC) urge Barbadians to do something about this horrendous crime against humanity!! Barbadians must support the PDC in its bid to win the government of this country at election time so that a newly elected PDC Government will among its first acts of public business commence the process of the Abolition of Taxation, thus replacing it with the right and modern strategies for the Government earning its own revenues and paying its own bills, among other things.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    If we search closer we may well find the names of Hallam Nicholls, Glyne Bannister, Danos and a Steve Hobson being all linked up together.
    This crook Steve Hobson is singularly responsible for more corruption than any other person around and he and Hallam Nicholls are business partners in a company named NSG if I am not mistaken, about the name only because the partnership is a real one, and he is responsible for getting Danos and 3S into each of these islands with the kickback scheme fully operational in each island that he operates in.

  14. Wishing in Vain

    See below he has his hand in yet another piece of money from the Barbados Gov’t.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    In any other society the PM and the entire gov’t would do the decent thing and that would be to resign.
    I will wait with baited breath for this event to take place here.
    When one considers the true extent of the corruption on this piece of rock and the fact that nearly the entire population is fully aware of the stealing by these politicians one would feel that they could scarely feel comfortable in trying to carry on in their role with this level of discontent around them, when you look at this cabinet and see that each one of them has their own scam going on is sad reflection about our leadership and their role in this fiasco, it is very, very bad indeed.

  16. WIV reader

    WIV having read many of your posts I did so with a healthy degree of skepticism especially when you named Nicholls, Shorey, Bannister etc. But reading about Danos court case and seeing Nicholls in the photo with him is a telling blow. You are on to something WIV. Good work. What the hell is Nicholls doing in the photo? He is not an engineer, road builder or politician.

  17. Duuh!

    “Can’t our Government deal with anyone but crooks ?” you ask…

    Birds of a know the rest.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    Once again let me express my gratitude to David at BU and those at BFP for their insistance and their continuous pushing for details in matters brought up on these sites.
    It would never see the light of day in the normal press and even less of a chance showing up on CBC, so it thru this media that we finally get the chance to vent and also to learn.
    I am very grateful to those that have chosen to maintain these sites to allow the freedom of expression the freedom to expose the corruption that we have in our mist.
    Thank you all and best wishes for a long and lively blog.

  19. Yardbroom

    It behoves a responsible Government, to ensure the companies it is dealing with, particularly on large contracts, are of the highest probity; have a good reputation in the particular field in which the contracted work is being done; and are so respected by their peer group; that they can be relied upon; to deliver on budget and on time, what the contract stipulates.

    The Government has to be mindful that taxpayers money is being spent, and has to be prudent in its disposal of the same.

    It just might be true, that no one is guilty of wrongdoing, but it seems rather strange that a “slimy slug trail” is following certain individuals around. One is tempted to ask is this an internal secretion, or from thin air? the former seems to have more credence.

    I put it to you, that before long exposeures will be made which will be “beyond your imagination” – but on reflection – Bajans are people of “reality” they have not got to “imagine” they can easily see what is before their eyes.

    There is something cancerous in the bone marrow of Barbados politics, and I fear it must be rooted out for our country to make progress. There is almost a scavengerous greed to plunder as much as possible, it borders on schizophrenia, I am reminded of vultures crops extended, veins upon them bulging, gorging themselves at a prostrate kill, there is no decentcy there, it is as if the long departed soul of the life-less lamb is also being devoured, one feels ashamed and defiled to witness it.

  20. Wishing in Vain

    Yardbroom it is not that these politicians do not make background checks on these that are being awarded contracts, it is because of these checks that the contracts are awarded to these same questionable companies.
    It is very clear to me that our gov’t will only contract those that are of their same ilk and prone to corruption, this group would not be likely be working with trustworthy companies if this were the case the contract would have been awarded to the one that has done these projects in the past the parent company Mabey and Johnson Ltd not this scamp Danos, NIcholls and Owing.

  21. Jerome Hinds

    Well in what capacity does Clyde Asscoll appear in this mix ?

    A man who condemned this BLP administration on a multiplicity of SCANDULOUS projects inclusive of GEMS…..can now be seen smiling at the beginning of another project….i.e ABC expansion works !

    So here we have it…..GEMS still remains a FIASCO !

    So here we have it…..ABC expansion works still remains a FIASCO !

    So here we have it…..UDC still remains a FIASCO !

    So here we have it…..Warrens Building still remains a LEGAL……FIASCO !

    So here we have it…..CBC still remains a FIASCO !

    And Clyde Asscoll……still smiling while declaring it is good to be a…..BEE !

    Barbados needs to retire such blights from our political landscape !

  22. Justasking

    Bimsha Boy
    September 5th, 2007 at 4:12 am
    I have a few questions.

    “……….Who for a prosecutor would risk his career by going after any politician in Barbados, or any island in the Caribbean for that matter?……”
    In the USA that is how prosecutors make their careers. In the Caribbean that wouldd be political suicide!

  23. Wishing in Vain

    Does it not strike anyone as being strange that Bizzy Williams would have read these post and todate he has chosen not to say a single word about them ?
    If I did not know better I would say that he and his group are part of the corruption of this Gov’t and would have been the local like the Gibson in Jamacia was to Danos.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    I think we better study carefully these flyovers as they seem to have some structral flaws.

  25. commenatator

    WIV yes Bizzy Williams is the missing name in this increasingly scandalous puzzle. I recall its Bizzy who made the flyover announcement.Its from him we heard the news flyovers were definitely coming. No major commercial activity be it roads, tourist or construction, real estate, restaurants, condos occurs without Bizzy and Cow having a stake and a say. Them two more powerful than any government minister. Can someone research extent of Bizzy and Cow connection to 3S and Danos. We already know there is a connection . .

  26. Wishing in Vain

    And we know him to read and comment on this site at will.
    What is absolutely amazing is the greed and totally callous approach to these kickback deals, we have a road works project moving from $ 60 million to $ 180 milliom US $ I may add and the proven state that those associated with these same projects in other places instituted a Jamaica Kickback Agreement, we have people who have never built a prison with a contract to build its only prison attempt with a cost overrun of $ 200 million and the TV news nor the radio stations nor the newspapers have the heart or willingness to deal with the subject matter ?
    These people all of them are crooks and grossly dishonest, what more does it take to wake our people up and let them see that when our gov’t and our leaders get into bed with ones of this ilk they to must be tarnished with the branding as crooks as the ones before the court have been.
    They are in bed with them because they are know to play the game that the PM and company wants them to play and they are two of a kind both corrupt and both dishonest.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    Anyone noticed how when the gov’t refuses to respond to the press as was done with the Paradise project how seven days later the subject dies a natural death?
    It is my belief that they will wait this one out to and hope that it goes cold on the public and people forget about the fraud that was bestowed on us.

  28. Idealist

    Exactly my thoughts, WIV.

    “The people’s capacity to forget is enormous” – A. Hitler.

    We now have the Chinese ambassador informing us yesterday that every Chinaman in Barbados is here legally.

    Can someone from OUR government confirm that.

    No way.

  29. Jerome Hinds

    September 6th, 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Exactly my thoughts, WIV.

    “The people’s capacity to forget is enormous” – A. Hitler.

    We now have the Chinese ambassador informing us yesterday that every Chinaman in Barbados is here legally.

    Can someone from OUR government confirm that.

    No way.

    How astonishing after nearly 6 weeks after the story broke……the Chinese Ambassador now claims the ILLEGAL Chinese are now LEGAL !

    Only ‘ bout here !

  30. Wishing in Vain

    That is like saying every Guyanese is here legally to !!
    There has been a massive influx of Chinese and just like how they slipped in and started work at Paradise without a word being said I am certain that many of them have no paperwork to permit them to stay in Barbados, if it so easy for these people to come live and work here, no wonder the numbers are ever growing.

  31. Jerome Hinds

    Now that we have this breaking story about the 3 S President and his allege corruptive practices…..can we have an investigative response about the HIGHRISE….. US $ 60 million to US $ 180 million ABC project…..from our AG Smiley Marshall similar to the commitment given by his Trinidadian counterpart in the Rapid Rail project there ?

    Did I hear you say……not ’bout here ?

    Ah…… I forgot Owen said there are no corrupt practices / practioners in his Cabinet or those his Cabninet deals with !

    Wuhloss…..Bim is falling apart !

  32. Jerome Hinds

    September 6th, 2007 at 2:39 pm
    Hi All,

    I recall reading somewhere (via the blogs, newspapers…) that our national debt was at around $4bil BDS (correct me if I’m wrong please), this figure compromised both external and internal debts. Is this figure reasonably accurate, at least for the lay person?


    Well Amit……..I must ADMIT that the Economic and Financial wizardry of Owen Arthur and Clyde Asscoll has indeed pushed the National Debt to such heights !

    Funny enough, when Asscoll was a DEE….he said the NATIONAL DEBT was too high !

    While Owen said the NATIONAL DEBT was small / manageable !

    Now that Asscoll is a BEE……he says the NATIONAL DEBT is good and we need to produce more children/ increase the poulation !

    While Owen now tells the country the NATIONAL DEBT is too high and his government will not borrow any money for the next 5 years !

    This level of Economic and Financial wizardry ONLY occurs when…… cross – breed a JACKASS and a MULE !

  33. Wishing in Vain

    Is this not an amazing situation, the second day after this story broke on BU, we have just had the 12.30pm news on VOB and a call in show from 11.30 am thru to 1.15pm and not a whimper from the media on this subject, and something as high impact as this one is only goes to show how feared and how well paid the media houses are that they choose to neglect reporting the facts to the nation for fear of offending the PM.

  34. Wishing in Vain

    What this event clearly shows us is the propensity for the head of the company contracted to build these flyovers one Danos to be part of a scam to rob the taxpayers of Jamaica with their Jamaica KICKBACK AGREEMENT and by extension the Barbados taxpayers as well, as the same players being involved here as well with an even more corrupt gov’t involved fuelling the BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT.
    This all falls into a certain pattern with the cost overruns on project after project, the oil storage facility no quotes have ever been made public but because of those that are involved it would be reasonable to assume that this was overpriced as well,the Prison, by $ 200 million the road works project by $ 240 million and the same players are common to all of these projects that is Bannister, Nicholls and Owing why would we have any doubt that there would be fraud committed with the road works project ?
    Look at who is involved and their background and their history, Nicholls has never done an honest days work in his life he has lived from one scam to the next that is maybe why he linked up with Steven Hobson, Glyne Bannister and Owing to create the largest network of crooks ever assembled in Barbados.

  35. Anonymous

    I have it from a reliable source that Glyne Clarke has undergone surgery in the US for Hip Pocket Replacement.

    An unusual remedy for an acute condition for damage brought on by prolonged contact with 3S SRL and ZR owners.

    Can anyone confirm?

  36. John

    September 6th, 2007 at 2:13 pm
    Exactly my thoughts, WIV.

    “The people’s capacity to forget is enormous” – A. Hitler.

    A. Hitler was that little short man with a moustache which Charlie Chaplin took off in “The Little Dictator”

  37. Idealist

    Yes John , strange how dictators have a tendency to be vertically challenged, Hitler, Boney, Genghis, Attila but strangely I’ve run out of candidates, can you help?

  38. John

    … Napoleon, although he did not have a moustache!! He also was vertically challenged.

  39. Roger Rabbitt

    and Owen

  40. Backra Johnny

    WIV said ……

    These people all of them are crooks and grossly dishonest, what more does it take to wake our people up ……….

    Not these blogs I’m afraid …..

    There is only ONE man who can awaken the people of Barbados, and make them aware of the level of corruption that is going on, and that person is the honorable leader of the opposition ….

    WIV …please tell us WHY is he silent so far on all these issues ….

  41. Wishing in Vain

    Let us look at how closely connected this project is to the one in Jamaica.

    First they form a company for the sole purpose of scamming the taxpayers of the country in Jamaica it was formed with a Deryck A Gibson Limited (“DAG”), in Barbados it is one formed with Hallam Nicholls and Glyne Bannister, and Steven Hobson for the sole purpose to manipulate the gov’t and this works project, remember Hobson is as dishonest or more dishonest than most and he brought Danos onto the scene.

    Then we have changes to the building cost once they got their claws in with $ 5 million moving to $ 7.5 million in our case we moved from $ 120 million to $360 million no questions asked no explanations given either.

    They then arrange the split of the commissions, somehow the parent company got wind that Danos was scamming them and the rest is history, I wonder what commission payments they have collected from us the taxpayers of Barbados so far on this deal?

    What I will wait to see is who will get the flyover contract now that Danos has been removed from the affairs of Mabey and Johnson Limited.

    Danos is seen been very closely with Nicholls , Clarke et al what could they be discussing? How much are we going to hit them for this time?

  42. Wishing in Vain

    It is amusing but it appears that someone did a public service on the blp blog they have posted the entire court document on the blog and have asked for an explanation.

  43. Wishing in Vain

    This is yet another questionable venture comprising Nicholls, Hobson and Owing, now how many others got a chance to quote for the supply of this equpiment?
    My checks reveal it never went out to tender or quotation but instead it was awarded to Hobson and Nicholls, how could this be fair.
    We have rules guiding the purchase and supplying of materials to the gov’t of Barbados this did not follow those guidelines at all.
    Just another case of breaking the law for Owings and his friend’s benefit.

    Barbados Transport Board CCTV Systems for Buses

    After a 2 year period of evaluation comprising extended visits to UK bus companies utilising the equipment of the UK’s leading supplier of security systems for buses and to the manufacturers facility in the North of England as arranged by NSG, the Barbados Transport Board has awarded NSG the contract for the supply of CCTV systems for 250 buses of the Boards fleet.

    The system for each bus comprises 4 CCTV cameras specifically designed for monitoring passengers and external activities linked to a 100 Gb DVD recorder capable of recording 30 days of activity. The driver also has a 5 inch TFT monitor mounted in the bus cab to monitor the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Each system is also designed to link to the base depot.

    NSG is working with local company Simpson Motors for the installation of the systems on the 250 buses and has arranged for the CCTV manufacturers engineers to assist local personnel with the first installations and provide training on operation and maintenance.

  44. Wishing in Vain

    I put it to you that if we were to examine closely the relationship between Owing, Nicholls and Hobson.
    I think we will all be amazed at the extent of the deals that have taken place among themsleves this has nothing to do with the unusual arrangement that Owing masterminded for Nicholls and himself that Nicholls benefits with a commission on each gov’t vehicle brought into this island, now that is a bold move but it has not be put under pressue or questioned other than by Mr David Thompson some time ago in the house of assembly.
    Back to the real point the real issue here is the ties and those ties of corruption that bind these three together the one common denominator is the willingness to be dishonest and steal each of these men exhibit this talent to a very high level.

  45. Idealist


    I know you keep banging on about this Nicholls Owing Hobson thing, but where can we look to find the connection?

    OK Hobson’s NSG HQ are a spit across the way from Bizzy’s little den at Warrens, and Bizzy himself is a director of BNB and so could never be expected to comment upon this current 3S situation.

    NSG is the preferred facilitator of choice for GoB’s buses, fire engines, road maintenance machines etc.

    You’re going to have to release a little more info b4 we can connect your conspiracy dots to prove your theory.

  46. Wishing in Vain

    Trust me Bizzy is talking just not on BU or BFP just yet but given time he will even here.
    Hobson is the one that started out NSG alongside Hallam Nicholls both of them work well together because they do not operate on sharp pricing but rather corrupt methods such as insider relationships and with Nicholls’s on the inside track to Owing during their weekly card games all things became possible, when the gov’t changed NSG started being awarded every order at the gov’t for things that they dealt with and for things that knew nothing about and it has progressed from that point to the next level where if you look at Hobson’s website you will notice that just about every area is listed in what he is capable of supplying to gov’t from planes back down, he has covered his bases well. see
    and you will follow what I am saying Hospital supplies, Port supplies, Police supplies,Customs uniforms you name it he has it but these items are not tendered for by others and no request for quotation is sent out the Chief Supply officer is a loyal Owing subject and instructions must be followed and obeyed.
    These orders are placed with knowledge that there is a decent kickback for Owing and a good reward for Hobson and Nicholls.

  47. Wishing in Vain

    While we are on the subject of misuse of public funds and corruption explain to me the logic of the purchase and importation of over $ 9 million worth of air-conditioning systems for a project that was two years away from completion ?
    I feel they got some steal in there to, think about it, they order and pay for millions of dollars in this equipment that is not required until two years down the line but yet they pay for this equipment as a novice it would appear to me that the person giving out the order must be standing to make some real gains from the placement of that order 2 years early maybe he was just firming up his bank account early.

  48. Hobson?

    Wondering who is Hobson? Is he Bajan? Where is he from? How does he fit into the local equation? Can anyone on this blog enlighten?

  49. Wishing in Vain

    Hobson is a white Englishman that joined forces with Hallam Nicholls to supply nealy any and everything to the gov’t of Barbados without being subject to competing bids for thes supplies and he is maybe the single most corrupt person ever to set foot on this island he does not do business in the conventional manner he does it by bribes and kickbacks hence the reason for he and Nicholls forming the relationship with Owing and one that has corrupted nearly every leader in this region because they are all subject to bribes and these two have the knowledge and method to faciliate this type of scheme for them.
    Why do you think that the local group never got awarded the contract for the prison it was because some within that grouping were opposed to paying a 7% bribe to Nicholls, and company and he told no payment no contract and look what happened to the project it went to VECO for $ 100 million and is now costing us in excess of $ 300 million therfore it would be fair to assume that his bribe money was in excess of the 7% originally asked for and is in the region of $ 200 million not a bad payday for a confirmed crook.

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