Aviator Steve Fossett Missing – Airplane Down Somewhere In Nevada


Pilot Steve Fossett, the first person to fly around the world by balloon and the first to fly around the world solo without refueling, is missing in Nevada. Fossett took off on Monday at 8:45am from Baron Hilton’s ranch south of Reno Nevada and hasn’t been seen since.

He’s flying a Super Decathalon – a two placer tube and fabric aircraft with lots of horsepower (180hp as I recall). The aircraft lands a wee bit hotter than its little brother the Citabria but still slowly enough that if he had to put it down in the mountains he might be ok if he went in under control.

Fossett will either be found alive but hungry after a couple of days or it will be the worst. There’s very little in-between when an aircraft goes down in the mountains because injured people don’t survive long in the cold at high altitudes.


Yahoo News: Adventurer Steve Fossett’s Plane Missing

Photo: Steve Fossett with friend and backer Sir Richard Branson



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5 responses to “Aviator Steve Fossett Missing – Airplane Down Somewhere In Nevada

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  2. It would be a tragedy if this heroic adventurer were to die in the California desert. One cannot help feeling that he will be resourceful enough to survive. Let us pray this is the case.

  3. Pat

    Personally, I think he is dead or severely injured. The news are that he had a cell phone, a radio and a beacon on board, yet no one has had a beep out of him to-date. If he is dead, he would have died doing what he loved to do. I did not know him. I wont miss him. All the time and money spent breaking records could have helped the poor and homeless in the US.

  4. BFP

    Hi Pat

    Sadly I have to agree with you on his status. If able he would have been blasting out on 121.5 either with the radio or the old ELT beacon or both. Cell phones aren’t worth much in the mountains I would think.

    I haven’t heard if he had the old ELT or the newer EPIRB (satellite based) system.

    We might have a fundamental difference of worldview as far as money helping the poor and homeless.

    Except for those truly incapable of work because of mental or physical limitations, money seldom helps the poor and homeless except to keep them poor and homeless. Education, mentoring and proper socialization are far more important than money (in my opinion) in lifting folks up.

    I don’t begrudge Fossett his airplanes or his love of flying.


  5. Jax

    Hi all,

    If you have google earth I would like to know your opinion on this coords: 38 3 27.70,-118 56 37.67 (200 ft) and also what do you think you see. I tried to get older maps of mono lake to compare with the newest but with no success :o(

    Thanks a lot, Jax