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Aviator Steve Fossett Missing – Airplane Down Somewhere In Nevada


Pilot Steve Fossett, the first person to fly around the world by balloon and the first to fly around the world solo without refueling, is missing in Nevada. Fossett took off on Monday at 8:45am from Baron Hilton’s ranch south of Reno Nevada and hasn’t been seen since.

He’s flying a Super Decathalon – a two placer tube and fabric aircraft with lots of horsepower (180hp as I recall). The aircraft lands a wee bit hotter than its little brother the Citabria but still slowly enough that if he had to put it down in the mountains he might be ok if he went in under control.

Fossett will either be found alive but hungry after a couple of days or it will be the worst. There’s very little in-between when an aircraft goes down in the mountains because injured people don’t survive long in the cold at high altitudes.


Yahoo News: Adventurer Steve Fossett’s Plane Missing

Photo: Steve Fossett with friend and backer Sir Richard Branson


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Caribbean Sun Rebirth Is As A CHARTER Company

Caribbean Sun Will Not Be A Scheduled Airline 

We must have missed that.

Thanks to a friend for pointing it out!

Travel Weekly: Caribbean Sun to fly again: Carrier to offer charter services

Barbados Free Press: Updated: Caribbean Sun Airlines Rising From The Dead – But Will They Be Flying Junk 737-200s?

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Dear Prime Minister Arthur: Publish All Cave Maps And Data Now!

The Brittons Hill cave collapse changed the real estate market in Barbados forever – but it also empowered a select few to profit or limit their losses as they have access to government cave data that is not available to the vast majority of citizens.

Barbados Real Estate Market Is Destabilized – Already Going Into Shock

Dear Prime Minister Arthur,

This letter is to notify you that government insiders are already in possession of, and are profiting from, government-owned cave maps, data and studies that are not available to ordinary Barbados homeowners.

As you know, the Government of Barbados has over the years collected extensive maps and other data on the various cave systems that are found throughout our island. Even more extensive cave mapping and studies have recently been commissioned by your government in the aftermath of the Brittons Hill apartment collapse that took the lives of five of the Codrington family.

Many of our homes and businesses are built over cave systems – some known and some yet to be discovered. Obviously, the value of some buildings and properties will plunge if existing or future studies and maps show caves and especially large or unstable caves below the buildings. Likewise, the value of properties located away from cave systems will rise.

All the cave maps and data gathered by the government has now become extremely valuable as people realise the tremendous impact that recent events are having upon real estate throughout our country. The Brittons Hill cave collapse changed the real estate market in Barbados forever – but it also empowered a select few to profit or limit their losses as they have access to government cave data that is not available to the vast majority of citizens.

The fact that some citizens have access to the cave data while most do not is tremendously destabilizing to our real estate market. Bajan real estate agents are already reporting the virtual cessation of real estate purchases by foreigners in only a week since the Brittons Hill cave collapse.

It has been reported to us by a credible source that the cave system under the disaster site at Brittons Crossroad extends to Highgate, Flagstaff and Banks Brewery. We also know that certain groups of insiders are already in possession of the government maps and data that show the extent, depth and stability factors associated with this cave system – and that these persons are making ready to dispose of their real estate holdings in the area while the vast majority of homeowners remain in the dark.

Mr. Prime Minister, the genie is already out of the bottle. The government cannot recall the cave data or know the identity of every person or business that is in a position to profit from the data and so victimize their fellow citizens. Similarly, the government cannot recall the cave data for other parts of the island or know the identity of every person or business that already has the data.

The only ethical and practical action that can now be taken by your government is to make all its existing cave maps, data and studies easily available to all – and then continue to make new data available immediately.

Barbados is about to enter a crisis of confidence in real estate – one that your government has not created, but one that it nonetheless has to manage.

Let the chips fall where they may. As the implications for Barbados real estate values become clearer in the next few weeks and months, it is unethical that only connected government insiders have the knowledge of the cave maps, data and studies.

Publish the cave maps now, Mr. Prime Minister – or witness a melt-down in both Bajan real estate and the credibility of you and your government.


Barbados Free Press, and thousands of Bajan property owners.

Further Reading: Barbados Apartment Collapse – Cave Maps, Surveys, Memories, Government Records Become More Valuable Than Land Itself


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Good Morning JAMAICA! JLP’s 31 To PNP’s 29 But Simpson-Miller Says It Is Not Over Yet…


Let’s Start With Caribbean Lionesse Blog…

“Well the results are in for the Jamaican elections – 31-29.

Not good. Not good at all. A result this close can only bring more political tension.”

Caribbean Lionese goes on to report that PNP leader Portia Simpson-Miller has refused to concede and is claiming that two of the rival candidates for the JLP (who won their seats) are Americans and therefore banned from candidacy under the laws of Jamaica.

Check out Caribbean Lioness and also her articles at Caribbean Collective.

(Side message for Amanda… Cliverton says Hi!)

Jamaica Observer Newspaper

A sample of election news at the Jamaica Observer gives little hope that the election will end soon or gracefully.

A triple murder of JLP supporters in broad daylight on Monday was apparently politically motivated. The paper reports that it “looks like” PNP supporters gunned down four JLP supporters. Earlier that morning two PNP supporters were shot in their home by suspected JLP supporters. One died. The police said they could not establish a motive, but the PNP isn’t buying that conclusion.

Also on Monday afternoon, PNP candidate Paul Lyn was attacked by a mob as he left a polling station. The response by the JLP candidate upon hearing of the attack says everything about Jamaican politics. From the Jamaican Observer…

When contacted, the JLP candidate Audley Shaw said while he was not justifying the alleged attack, Lyn should have known better.

“He knows that that area is a strong, strong JLP area and going there is inviting problems.. and Mr Lyn knows it,” Shaw said.

“I’m absolutely condemning any such acts against Mr Lyn or his agents,” he added.

The PNP is claiming that many of their supporters were violently prevented from entering polling stations to vote and wants all ballots voided in three areas where they lost. The problem even extended into the Prime Minister’s constituency.

From the Jamaican Observer…

Nine Deaths Reported Over Weekend

Bunting Claims Shootings Politically Motivated

PNP’s Lynn Wants Ballots Voided In Three PDs

Stone-Throwing Melee Mars Mellow Mood In Portia’s Constituency


Jamaican Lifestyle Blog

Jamaican Girl is careful on her blog to wish well to all candidates and parties, but when you read her purpose for starting the blog, you see that her neutral election position is a continuation of her blog’s principles…

“I am a Jamaican woman who wants to see her country prosper, despite the odds. I am not one of those looking for a lame politician to predict my future because I know not one of them can! Most Jamaicans have this tendency to believe that these people who are “in charge” of the country are REALLY in charge. My purpose is to educate the common man so that he/she can see who/what directs the future of Jamaica! I promise to be blunt and scathing as I laugh each day at the nonsense that goes on in this our Jamaica.”

Well said, Jamaican Girl. We wish you and your country all the best.

You can see what Jamaican Girl has to say about the elections at Jamaican Lifestyle.

Stunner’s Afflictions

“But the ads and motorcades are only the milder sides of elections, Jamaican style. There is a much darker, sinister side of elections. The wave of political violence that sweeps across the country like a terrible tsunami, claiming lives and leaving a trail of tears and blood…”

Jamaican blogger Stunner spent the election weekend holed up in his room with the shades drawn and the door locked. Compelling reading at Stunner’s Afflictions (link here)

Final Word On Jamaica’s Election

We’ll give the final word on Jamaica’s election to Amanda at Caribbean Lioness. From her article If 10-1 Is Murder, What Is 30-30?

“Anyhow, enough with the doom and gloom. Elections are on today, people are out to make an important decision and as they go out to do so, I think it would be appropriate to invoke the words of the Jamaican anthem:

Eternal father, bless our land
Guide us with thy mighty hand
Keep us from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love.

And I do love you JA. God be with you all today.”

… from the Caribbean Lioness article If 10-1 Is Murder, What Is 30-30?


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