Sources: Barbados Election Now Delayed From November 2007 to March 2008


A Disastrous Three Months For The Government

Two independent sources have informed Barbados Free Press that the election originally scheduled for November of this year has been pushed back to March 2008.

“Damage Control” is the reason given. Says one source “Cricket World Cup was supposed to be a springboard into an election. Excitement over offshore oil and Chinese money were attempts to recover from CWC. The cave-in was the final straw.”

A source also informs us that internal BLP polling numbers showed an election held now would be too close to call.

Take it for what it’s worth folks. One source is an anonymous email while the other is known to us.


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24 responses to “Sources: Barbados Election Now Delayed From November 2007 to March 2008

  1. Yardbroom

    A delay does not matter the envitable will be the result, they will soon run out of options, each month that passes closes them down. They are not in control of events much to their disgust.

    At first they said we were insignificant, that no one took any notice of us and there was “arrogance” in their voices. We mentioned”corruption” and that became an irritant because it struck home, there is no proof they bellowed, but the people saw the wealth and could not see legitimate means of acquisition.

    Then they started to take notice of us and a concerted attack was launched, they used race in its varied forms, even shades of it or a connection to it, but that failed because it went over the top.

    Then a full coordinated assault was instigated using subterfuge, use of selected names under which to write vile and vulgar posts, but posters soon realized, it did not ring true.

    Then they tried to provoke a response by just being vulgar and indecent, bloggers protested at their vulgarity. They then tried to direct others to sites, when or where irrational voices took the stage.

    So much wasted effort, but they were not finished an attempt to move heaven was not within their power – an unlikely association – so they have tried earth.

    Then there was no effort to respond to issues questioned, only used cryptic responses laced with short negative words, attacks on the individual with an invitation to engage at that level.

    On a slightly higher intellectual plane, subliminal messages were cleverly inserted in posts to relay a certain message. There are operatives at two levels, the foot soldiers churning out nonsense, and at another level -” I will handle that” the voices of the generals.

    Each episode indicates desperation, and a hive of activity where nothing meaningful or productive is being achieved. The writing is on the wall, the people have put it there, no amount of shenanigans will erase it, the game is up, the citizens are in the ring, even Coriolanus would see that.

  2. BFP

    Yardbroom sure can write.

    For those unfamiliar with Coriolanus (like me), Wikipedia has the story of the corrupt Roman General who resisted democracy…

  3. Anonymous X

    I agree with you. It is only a matter of time.Owen has not been looking too good in the past months. He loooks tired and drunk most of the times. Mia is somewhere in the background and Clyde is fighting to convince himself that he is with the right party. Liz Thompson is so stressed that she sleeps at most of the meetings with her senior officers when attending meetings in and out of the island ….a real embarashment.

    Atherly has failed miserably and had no credability. Everyone perceived Nole Lynch as a lier and Jerome is lucky not to haave been fired as yet. He has done far more harm and is times more incompetent than Payne or Rommel or Hammy La all of whom were fired by Owen.

    Everything seems to be going wrong within the Government and all the money in the world will not help them now. They are a bunch of dishonest unrepented, vendictive thieves.

    It was interesting reading Ezra Alleyne’s poor attempt to identify a rift within the DLP in his friday article. He is so pathetic it is unbelievable. He identifies the decison of the DLP’s former G.S are evidence of a division within the party yet he fails to make reference to discenting

  4. Anonymous X

    Sorry I posted in error.

    My final point was that Mr.Alleyne fails to make reference to dissenting views in the BLP by many of the back benchers incling Prescod, Hammy LA, Rommel, Payne etc is real evidence that the BLP is disintegrating.

  5. Adrian

    Anonymous X
    September 2nd, 2007 at 12:47 pm
    Sorry I posted in error.

    My final point was that Mr.Alleyne fails to make reference to dissenting views in the BLP by many of the back benchers incling Prescod, Hammy LA, Rommel, Payne etc is real evidence that the BLP is disintegrating.
    no that is seen as a party working in the interest of the people and real democracy at work. 😀 I cannot wait to see Henderson Bovell having to find a real job for a change. Oh what will Ezra Alleyne do? can he still practice law? will anyone be so misguided to hire him?

  6. Littleboy

    They can delay all they want;the bell tolls. But where is the Dean Emeritus Crichlow these days? Why are the George Belles and Frank Alleynes not speaking out ?
    Are these grown men so afraid of the BLP backlash that their mouths are stuck?
    Democracy will be restored to BIM when the pathetic lot, Owen Arthur, Rawle Eastmond, Mia Mottley, Jerome Walcott, George Payne and all the other lazy dishonest bunch get kicked out.
    David Thompson must call an enquiry into the financial dealing of this government.

  7. Anonymous X


    Bovell is a misfit who will be depressed for many years to come. He is the type however who would go back to David and ask for forgiveness and then proceed to equally criticise the BLP. In short he kisses assss and is an opportunist. Ezra on the other hand is merely working for his money ..a comodity that is very scarce with him.

  8. Jay

    I haven’t gotten wind of the push back. However, I too originally heard that the election was slated for November 29th, 2007.

    Nevertheless, May is a long time from now.

  9. Pogo

    Speaking of David Thompson and his DLP people where are they in screaming bloody murder at some of the problems that are being ignored?

    To date their platform tastes like pablum with little in the way of real fixes. Seems they may be planning to continue the same script as BLP.

  10. Anonymous

    Didn’t you hear, Pogo? David Thompson is being sued in a Canada court for corruption like the prime minister. I believe the saying is “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In this case that makes Thompy and Owen dearest of friends.

  11. Anonymous X-

    I suspect you mean that Liz Thompson is so stressed out that she sleeps at meetings IN THE PRESENCE OF her senior officers rather than WITH them? Let’s not inadvertantly cast aspersions. 😉

    I still find it hard to believe from his appearance that Rev Atherly is a “man of God.” His main role seems to be Owen’s hatchet man, with a frightening air of menace better suited to a demon than a priest. But I suppose he serves his purpose in putting the fear of God into anyone who tries to stand in the way of the Lord’s BLP appointed.

  12. Of Delays and Strange Language

    Keep putting it back and delaying.
    Perhaps unfavourable events will continue to happen until they are forced to call it, because of a looming final date.

    What is that final Due Date? Can anyone say? There has to be a final absolute date by which Gov’t. must relinquish control and call an election.
    Knowing them, they can stall and stall well into the latter half of next year! God knows there must be loopholes and precedents enough
    to aid them in their cling to power.



    anyone notice that the word START is now gone from BLP mouths?
    That too-simple word has now been replaced by the far-grander ‘Commencement’.

    I was watching the smiley boy on TV the other night
    and twice or thrice he used ‘commencement’ instead of ‘start’ which would have been perfectly adequate, but so very very ‘ordinary’.

    It was much like watching Permanent Sec’y. “Humpy” in the hilarious governmental TV series ‘Yes,Minister’
    – and no-one could out-jargon Humpy, not even smiley boy,
    but he’s giving it a good try!

    “Commencement” – listen for it.
    Listen for the new governmental language.
    “We” don’t speak like mere Commoners.
    “We” speak authoritatively and elaborately!

    “We” are the God-given Barbados Labour Party,
    and y’all should be thankful for the standard of living that “We,The Barbados Labour Party” have single-handedly been responsible for delivering.

    Collective Megalomania looms?

  13. When she went to London to peddle our offshore oil rights Min. Liz Thompson said “We are not prepared to jeopardise our hard-earned economic gains, ruin our classification as a middle-income society, or imperil future generations through recklessness, or unbridled release of hydrocarbons into the environment or petro-dollars into the economy.”

    The bidding closes in November with bids awarded in January 2008. That should be good timing for a March election IF the bidding is a success.

    She is very considerate, don’t you agree, not to “imperil future generations through recklessness or by the unbridled release of …. petrodollars into the economy.”

    Of course there may be few petrodollars to release, bridled or unbridled, in which case she will look like a vainglorious jackass- yet again.

  14. Anonymous X

    deb Thomas,
    That was indeed an error are correct..I meant that sleep often sleeps during meetings at which her senior officers are in attendance. Thanks for the correction. I never meant to suggest she was having sex with them…..I don’t think she would have the energy….

  15. Backra Johnny

    Of Delays and Strange Language:

    “We” don’t speak like mere Commoners.
    “We” speak authoritatively and elaborately!

    The best I’ve heard so far is when Minister Marshall on National TV, described the bodies in the cave as “expired human material” … now is that authoritative and elaborate or what !!!!

    Maybe it’s how he views us commoners … as ‘human material’

  16. Tell it like it is

    The BLP has become a blight and millstone around necks of Barbadians. Owen surely knows that, he is no fool. If he really cares about Barbados he should call elections soon to give the country a fresh start( not commencement) in every sense of the word. I am of the view that the country is suffering from BLP fatigue.

  17. St. Peter Lady

    I’m 20+ yrs and i for one will not be giving Owen an X this election. I have lost all faith in BLP and i really cant see what DLP has to offer. Of course i will give him an X if he offers me some dollars, my starting price is $3000.00. I know you are reading this Owen and you might be laughing but in your situation you know as well as everybody else that EVERY X COUNTS. As for Mr. Benn he seems to think that all those who live in st. peter and shop at Dacosta Mannings will give him an X lol.

  18. Thistle

    From catastrophe to catastrophe – thirteen spectators injured at Bushy Park today.

  19. The People’s Democratic Congress totally abhors this situation of Barbadians having to guess the time when National Elections, to a greater extent, and By-Elections, to a lesser extent, would be called in this country, and strongly objects to any prime minister in such circumstances of constitutional antiquity, re the PM solely having the power and authority to decide when National/By-elections are to be held, appearing to think that he is some kind of latter-day feudal overlord presiding over us, when in truth and in fact he is a servant of the people of Barbados. We also find it to be thoroughly disgraceful that as a result of the prime minister having this sole constitutional power and authority to decide when National/By-Elections are to be held in Barbados, he derives a distinct and wronged advantage over the leaders of other parties and, by extension, parties of theirs, when pertaining to his knowing and they NOT knowing when Elections will be held, and thus his knowing when to organize for such and they not fully knowing to do so. This piece of political decadence is clearly in violation of the fundamental principle that National/By-Elections are to be freely and fairly held!! To remedy this ignoble situation A PDC Government shall in the process of promulgating A NEW Constitution for Barbados properly establish a fundamental right of Barbadians to observe held free and fair Elections in Barbados, and to make sure that ALL National/Elections for particular state positions of Barbados are pre-fixed for particular times, with provisions made for any reasonable exceptions thereto.

    The People’s Democratic Congress also strongly disapproves of the fact that this first past the post electoral system in Barbados is one that wholly distorts the voter support (extent of valid votes cast) given to all parties/candidates contesting elections in Barbados, by so wrongly allocating seats in the House of Assembly on the basis of the consitutency elections won by each party, with the party winning the most constituency elections/seats ultimately winning government, and the party winning the second most constituency elections/seats being the main opposition party in the House of Assembly, and on and on like that, rather than allocating such seats on the basis of the party receiving the most votes out of the total valid votes cast across the country winning the government, and the party getting the second most votes being the main opposition party in the parliament, and on and on like that.. Under this system, it is very possible that a party could win the most seats and win the government, but at the same time get way fewer votes than a losing party or losing parties combined. With A PDC Government elected in Barbados, this system shall go and will be replaced with a variant of the proportional representation system. This PR system shall be the basis for the election of a presedential executive Cabinet system of Barbados.

    And, finally, The People’s Democratic Congress expresses its disgust that political pollsters and media houses could be allowed by existing laws to present findings to the electorate of Barbados that tremendously patently prejudice and misinfluence the way how thousands of VOTERS will VOTE in Barbados, and that one and at the same time will unfairly and unnecessarily improve, or even sufficiently guarantee, the electoral chances of winning of one party or another or one candidate or another, and unfairly and unnecessarily lessen, or even destroy, the electoral chances of winning of one party or another or one candidate or another. To bring a halt to these ugly malaises A PDC Government shall make sure that, again, A NEW Constitution of Barbados results in fundamental right of Barbadians to observe held free and fair National and other relevant elections in Barbados, with there being outlawed any negative influences or advantages/disadvantages within the electoral system that are likely to prejudice and distort the outcomes of those elections. As such political pollsters will have to register their political/electioneering polling activities with the Electoral and Boundaries entity at the time, and they and media or any others connected with such polls WILL NOT be permitted to name the candidates, parties, certain specificities, etc, when releasing this polling information, if it could be clearly construed by Barbadians that such information will have an undesirable influence or impact on how Barbadian VOTERS will VOTE or NOT, or influencing PERSONS NOT to VOTE in those particular elections, and given that polling clearly subverts the truth about total voting/ non-voting populations within the electoral system.

  20. YUM YUM I like it!


    Who exactly are you?

    Are you:

    “Peoples Democratic Congress”


    “Society for Mass Freedom And Democrocy” (your spelling!)

    A piece of advice to you:

    1) Use ‘Spell Check’ when constructing your next website
    2) Decide on ONE name for your group
    3) Be more concise – people who require a congress to represent their democratic rights will NOT want to read 100 word sentences!

    I for one would love to see a viable third party to shake up politics in Barbados, but you guys are not even close!

    You are obviously eloquent and passionate, but try to get to the point!!

    Otherwise people will just ignore your posts, AND YOU DON’T WANT THAT!!!!

  21. i note the goobledegook now churned out out at televised press conferences and agree there is a disconnect somewhere.
    but some of the bought men had the t.v.cameras turned off at sherbourne when guests asked why david was not involved in the global dialogue. no double speak there just sell-out men showing why certain people have to be kept out of the limelight conference. too many mistakes being made, and the continuing saga of hold out till the contenders drop. i aint supporting nah party but like yardbroom i feel dey run outta options. nobody to recycle, everybody made their millions and could go now.and de tragedies piling up, like it is a warning.

  22. Jerome Hinds

    September 3rd, 2007 at 1:20 am

    ” i feel dey run outta options. nobody to recycle, everybody made their millions and could go now.and de tragedies piling up, like it is a warning “.

    mother justice, you observation is quite prophetic…..if one considers the fire at McBride’s TODAY.

    Now hundreds of people are asked to evacuate a
    ” Toxic Zone ” as a result of chemicals RELEASED into the atmosphere.

    * More likely accomodation have to found for the displaced i.e Emergency Shelters !

    * Business places in the immediate area affected due to closure i.e Economic pressure !

    Well Owen Arthur…once said he will ” move Heaven & Earth ” since his ” UTTERANCE ” the Earth has moved……but Heaven REMAINS !

    It is important that we pay attention to the occurrence of events in Barbados…….since this UTTERANCE by Owen Arthur !

    Since he is so convinced about getting a FOURTH term……..then there is no need:

    * To call the elections !

    * For an election campaign !

    * For the casting of votes !

    Everything in the BAG !

    Is this not how it is done in Cuba, Venezuela, China & Zimbabwe……..all countries whose LEADERS & LEADERSHIP models are greatly admired by Owen Arthur !

  23. According to tonight’s CMC coverage of the Jamaica elections, it looks like the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has won the elections, even though the Leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), Ms. Portia Simpson-Miller, has not found it necessary to concede victory, at least not yet, to the JLP. It seems that the Bruce Golding led JLP, after being in the electoral governmental wilderness for about 18 years, has provisionally won 31 seats in the 60 member Jamaica House of Representatives. Indeed, those political pollsters working for the Gleaner and Observer newspaper in Jamaica would have long been predicting a very close election result, and one which has truly been bourne out by the result itself. The Electoral Office of Jamaica has announced that the JLP has won by a two seat margin: the JLP receiving 31 seats to the PNP’s 29 seats. The National Democratic Movement (NDM), of which Golding was at one time its political leader, also contested the election. If these results are left to stand, the JLP would have made a 5 seat gain, whereas the PNP would have suffered a 5 seat loss, when looking at the last election results. Ms. Simpson-Miller has indicated that she will NOT be conceding defeat at the hands of Mr. Golding’s JLP, because, as she is reported to have said, that too many results are too close; that some recounts are possible; that legal action may be taken by some losing PNP candidates, and some constitutional issues have to be sorted out. According to a news story on VOB tonight (at near 12 am) it has been said that Mr. Golding has nothing say about the election results until Ms. Simpson-Miler concedes defeat.

    So what is the psychological significance or impact of a likely PNP loss in Jamaica on this beleaguered BLP Government in Barbados, given that Jamaica might very well be the third successive CARICOM member state to have seen a change in government, democratically, by their respective electorates, in about nine months time? Very substantial! What is clear is that these electorates have been in no mood to tolerate these failed governments and their failed policies, and Barbados must certainly be no different!! In respect of the St. Lucia and Bahamas situations, the Kenny Anthony/SLP Government and the Perry Christie PLP Government were thrown out of office in December 2006, and in May 2007, respectively. All there needs to be done right now in the Jamaica situation is for a little political pressure to be properly applied to the present leader of the PNP to get her to understand that the electorate of Jamaica has in fact tossed the PNP out of office for being another failed government with so many failed policies. Many electorates, or great sections thereof, in theEnglish-speaking Caribbean seem to feel, or know, that many of these governments in this region are status quo governments that are helping deliver very little to the masses/middle classes in terms of financial, material, social and psychological benefits, esp. in a context whereby globalization, trade liberalization and international warlordism are having serious effects upon the way how English-speaking Caribbean countries conduct their own affairs.

    While it is clear, too, that the Barbadian electorate will NOT depend on the St. Lucian, Bahamas, or Jamaican electorates to know that the time has come for the voting out of this BLP Government Next Elections, the truth must be that they know that this BLP Government must be so VOTED TO HELL OUT out of office because of it has long been a very failed and miserable government and one with massive policy and programmatic failures!!

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Check this one out:

    Guess who is a diector of 3S
    This is a biggie the Person Danos in this action is the same person from 3 S and he is charged with corruption for work undertaken in Jamaica in what they described as the Jamaica kickback scheme.
    No wonder our road building cost have jumped from $ 60 million to $ 180 million I say stop the work now.