UPDATED – Report: 13 Spectators Injured At Bushy Park Race Circuit – Barbados


The Nation News has the story this morning…


A parked truck rolled on its own into a group of race spectators. Could have been much much worse. Click on the photo to read the news story.

Original BFP article… 

Can Any Of Our Readers Provide More Details?

“From catastrophe to catastrophe – thirteen spectators injured at Bushy Park today.”

Posted by BFP reader “Thistle” at 1:05pm today. We haven’t been able to find any news reports.

Update: Barbados Underground says…

“BU understand that a truck was left in gear with the handbrake up. it rolled down a hill but a person in the passenger seat was able to steer it away from danger.”

But I just heard on 92.5FM the announcer expressing prayers for all the people who were hurt in the accident today.

So… we await more information.


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9 responses to “UPDATED – Report: 13 Spectators Injured At Bushy Park Race Circuit – Barbados

  1. Thistle

    BFP: Check over on BU about the Bushy Park accident, where they have a few sketchy details. There were no details on the 12.30 p.m. news.

  2. passin thru

    I can’t see anything on the BU. Where is it?

  3. wuhloss looka likfe

    I have no details but what is going on in this here country, man?
    Every Sunday. Armageddon!

  4. Thistle

    passin thru:
    Look for “Knowledge” on BU, who asked for information about the accident, and “David” of BU replied.

  5. jude

    My source says:
    A ten wheeler rolled down a hill, hitting three other vehicles. Thirteen people hurt, two seriously but no one killed. This happened early on before the racing started.

  6. Jude,

    A friend of mine is at (I’m posting this comment at 1641 hrs) Bushy Park. He said roughly the same thing, except that there were eight people hurt including two serious injuries. It happened at or around 9 AM. Racing started at around 10:30 AM.


  7. Lady Anon

    When the truck entered the gate, it was suggested that he park close to the entrance and the driver stated that he would find somewhere else to park.

    There was sufficient room at the entrance for him to adequately manoeuver the vehicle and the land was flat.

    It may seem strange to say it, but it is a good thing it happened at 9:00 am and not later as there would have been a lot more people injured.

    I wish a speedy recovery for those injured.

  8. hants

    When things like this happens, you should use a little more care and caution in your daily life.

    Barbados is having an unusually disastrous run but things will get better.

  9. the story was carried on 98.1 and had a clip from a reporter on the scene a little after 9.30 a.m
    my sympathies to the injured.
    one can never be too careful. someone needs to check the 10-wheeler for mechanical failure.