Barbados Handicapped Parking Spot Abuser



Government Workers On Lunchbreak – Parked In Handicapped Spot

From a friend we received this photo taken on August 1, 2007 at Tri Mart, Haggat Hall.

Ian Bourne has been writing about this abuse lately and he is right: there’s way too much of this happening. Folks need to say a word or two to abusers – nothing confrontational, but remind our fellow citizens that this behaviour is not acceptable.


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  1. jinx

    But how could this be???
    I thought we were a “First World People”?

  2. wizofoz

    This is really unacceptable. I see this happening quite often. It shows how insensitive and uncaring some can be in this country.

  3. Kolas

    And what if the truck just dropped off a disabled person at the mall?


    BFP Replies

    Hi Kolas

    Valid question except that our source states that the two of them got out of the truck, purchased lunch and then ate it in their truck while parked in the handicap spot – so, nope… no drop off.

  4. Lady Anon

    Hey..that is how first world pple think…they care not about their fellow man, but about themselves.

    Is there anything that can be done when this is spotted other than take a picture? What are the laws relating to this? But then again if there are laws, it is the enforcement that is the issue.

  5. D'Arts

    Well since the supermarket is on private property, nothing really can be done about it unless the owners decided to.

  6. Unfortunately, I am one of the handicapped people (with a permit)
    There are obvious reasons why I don’t bother to bring the permit to Barbados.
    Back here, handicapped parking spots are used only by cars displaying the permit.
    Love and respect, please.

  7. jinx

    But it just seems so simple… If you see the sign displayed , why even go there??
    Convenience for some but utter frustration for someone else!
    Just like the “No dumping” signs here which warn of “fines” being imposed … And where do they dump?? Right under the sign itself!
    This is a “Go As You Please Society”

  8. Disabled......

    As someone who is disabled (C5 quadriplegic) living in Barbaddos, I can’t tell how many times have been inconvenienced because some able bodied moron has parked in the handicapped parking space.
    I think the government should introduce hefty fines for such offenders, I guess that wont happen because they are too busy looking after their own interest.

  9. Backra Johnny

    I can’t help remembering how effective the implementation of the seat belt law was.
    First of all a hefty $500 fine and a start date that was well advertised.
    It worked …. and from that day, everyone started wearing seat belts and it has become ingrained into one’s driving habit.

  10. crossroads

    I have approached many persons who have parked incorrectly in a handicap zone at my work location, and I must say that a majority of these people are so ignorant of the fact, that its like water off a duck’s back, they just don’t give a s–t and they will let you know that is exactly how they feel. These people are more that likley those who will continue to litter our island as well. Same stupid @#!*% mentalilty. Good luck !!

  11. Pogo

    Is anybody surprised?

    As soon as some otherwise able bodied people go to w0rk for the government they immediately become ‘handicapped’ not to mention arrogant and unable to get even the most simple job done for us because they are too self-important.

    A number of cabinet ministers have the same affliction.

    You could start a blog only for people to list the number of times those self important people have cut lines, taken the best for themselves, failed to pay for things with their own money and worse. That blog would be full every day.

    This starts at the top so what do you expect? Disrespect breeds disrespect.

    (With apologies to those that are truly handicapped and to those government employees who do try, and care. You deserve to be treated better.)

  12. DFX

    I think that when you see and able-bodied person step out of their vehicle you should go up to them and congratulate them for being able to drive despite not being able read. I mean if you can’t understand what the handicapped sign means you must have had a heck of a time passing the Written Test for your Driver’s License (I also suggest you be able to run faster than the person you are congratulating; just in case 😉 )

  13. Bush Tea

    Why you all don’t ease off the people? The sign says HANDICAP PARKING. So what is the difference if they are physically handicapped or INTELLECTUALLY handicapped?

    The people who MAKE the signs should be more specific. I have seen numerous persons park in these areas and walk normally from their vehicles – but I am yet to see one of them who was not seriously handicapped – Intellectually, mentally or educationally. According to the sign, the park is for them too…

  14. It is indeeed disappointing and displeasurable that the driver of that state-owned vehicle did park in a lot reserved for disabled people getting out of or into, or being helped out of or into, a parked vehicle. It does not matter whether it is private or public property that the driver parked the vehicle on, since this is immaterial. What is material or at issue is that this driver – clearly not disabled himself or clearly not having helped some one disabled out of or into the vehicle – did park in a parking area allotted by the owners of the property to facilitate disabled people getting out of or into, or being helped out of or into, a parked vehicle as quickly as possible, without their going through the stress and inconvenience
    of having to be further disadvantaged in looking for parking space, among other things. This driver – as well as the person who accompanied him – in this instance showed no feelings towards such disabled people – who are some of the lesser fortunate but more endearing people in Barbados and any where else.

    This driver must NOT be made to feel that he has got away from some sort of reprimand or warning from his supervisor or manager of the government entity he works with simply because he did not think, or care to think, someone would have taken notice of his unacceptable behaviour, and did not think, or care to think, that through this person’s vigilance, today many persons therefore would be in a position to view the recorded images of the vehicle, the other and he being exposed by the BFP courtesy of the original source. If he were thinking so or just did not think about such he must have been wrong!! The government department he works with must come to realize what is being published on this site about this driver’s fiobles, and images taken and published of his transgression – esp. the one with the registration number of the vehicle, and of course with traces made back to him by the department.

    Certainly, he will be asked to refrain from such behaviour in the future, and to take recognition of some of the good work the Ministry of Social Transformation has been doing to highlight the welfare and wellbeing of the disabled in Barbados, and to raise the consciousness of Barbadians about their circumstances and what they are doing to help themselves.

  15. Cussed

    I have been cussed in the worse way for pointing out this violation to users of City Centre Mall and Sheraton Centre Mall! At City Centre where violators are more likely to be parked for a full day given the number of city workers using that facility, I even call the manager of this facilty A. Kola and was told nothing could be done about it.

  16. Cussed

    I forgot, I also called the Council for The Disable and the government agency responsible for issues relating to the disable (cannot recall which department that was as it took me a several calls to find out) these responses from both were worse than from the managers of City Centre Mall.

    FYI. This was a few years ago, and also I had/have no personal interest other that being a caring citizen.

  17. Lady Anon

    We need to have those signs which hang from the rear view mirrors like other first world countries have.

  18. crossroads

    lady anon:
    “We need to have those signs which hang from the rear view mirrors like other first world countries have.”

    What we really need is laws which are enforced with stiff penalties.

  19. Crusty

    Like many other offenses against a caring society, this issue is doomed for lack of practical and effective enforcement.

    Ordinary people all over the world will easily trade a social conscience for personal convenience.

    In the days of supervised parking lots this would have been much less of a problem. Perhaps a little something to the car washers from management would lead to a workable substitute for such supervision.

  20. Thistle

    Sheraton Mall is the ONLY place that I know of, where there is STRICT and organised parking for the disabled, and the attendants in charge are always polite and pleasant. If Sheraton can do it, why not other places?
    At Haggatt Hall Shopping Centre I saw a van, with the company name and telephone number painted on it, parked in the Handicapped spot. I called the company on my cell phone and complained, and they must have contacted the driver because in two two’s he emerged from the building, jumped into the van and sped away.

  21. Anonymous

    Have anyone ever noticed how Bajans like everything to be a drive-through experience?
    Buying a newspaper,coconut water,ackees,bbq chicken,pork chops etc.No one likes to park off the road and walk back anymore,not when you can block a whole road for your own selfish reasons.
    The fact is that all Handicapped spots are generally close to the entrance of business places but because of our lazy and selfish attitudes,we always want the easiest way in and out while the ones for who this is allocated will suffer.
    We have become a selfish,self-serving people,sad to say.

  22. Lady Anon

    But Crossroads…I asked that question earlier and was told “Well since the supermarket is on private property, nothing really can be done about it unless the owners decided to” (see post above).

    So I really don’t know. I did not know that there were separate laws for private property than for public property. I thought that laws of the land were the laws of the land and not just the laws for public land.

    Who knows.

  23. Last night a guy curse me for my article and ask why I don’t shut up? I asked right back if he uses the spots, and he just laughed…

  24. Bush Tea

    People, don’t you all see that this is a SYMPTOM – not a situation that in itself can be addressed?
    The REAL problem is institutionalised selfishness which is fueled by the Government (and most of us) being driven by material acquisitions.
    ‘First World Status’ and ‘Living it up’ at all cost…

    If we create an environment where success means ‘GET GET’ and ‘ME ME’, then do we not expect that some persons will take shortcuts, break rules, offend morals, etc if this means that they ‘succeed’ in getting their own way?

    We can’t have our cake and eat it too… If we want to be First World then we should be prepared for ‘dog eat dog…’ If we want a decent and respectful society – listen to my man ‘Lowdown Hoad’ and learn to appreciate the REAL blessings that we have (had?) here…

  25. RoyBoy

    We don’t need any more laws for the police to enforce. In FWC they have laws for tow trucks giving them the authority to remove offending vehicles. We need to get the tow trucks licensed to deal with these offenders including those broken down vehicles – changing tyre etc. etc. and blocking the roads. A simple call to a central tow truck despatcher and presto – problem solved.
    To get your vehicle back from impound you pay handsomely. That’s the income for the tow company.

    We have too many inconsiderate road users and a bad case of road rage may just be the next “catastrophe” waiting to happen.

  26. None

    Those people who park in handicapped spots must be reminded:

    “Ignorance Is NOT a Handicap.”

  27. Bush Tea

    What is it then, NONE? an asset? a blessing?
    You mussie mean IGRANCE…

  28. reality check

    good start BFP and BU

    now lets get the names of the driver and the passenger, give it to the police and see if they will charge them?

    every time someone gets a photo of a person illegally dumping or parking in a restricted area, lets post it and identify them.

    firstly embarrass them, then see if the police will charge them or twiddle their fingers. Exposure could possibly have an ameliorating affect?

    One of our bloggers will have to quote the law being broken and the penalty assuming we have such laws on the book.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    Are you sure that Owing wasn’t driving this illegally parked truck,after all he is the PM and can do anything and park anywhere, even move prison building cost from a $ 100 million to over $ 300 million, and road works from $ 60 million to the unbelieveable sum of $ 180 million, and can change the use of land with one signature, this is one powerful short man.

  30. Wishing in Vain

    Thanks BFP

  31. Lady Anon

    In FWC, the tow trucks are usually municipally owned and not private. Or if they are private, they are under contract to the municipality. I am not sure if our MPT has tow trucks, or if they could contract out that service to the private companies without some sort of legislation.

  32. Getting Bye

    I think it was Bush Tea above that said…this is a any case whoever said it exactly right.
    Barbados breading a set a don’t care people and then everyone else about the place suffering.
    It is the way some of us seem to be socialized.
    If you go to a business and the paking reads STAFF PARKING…would you park there if you were not staff? I see this kinda thing every time I come home. It is an attitude a lot of Bajans have now.

    To all of you who gonna tell people something about where they careful!! A lady cuss my a** last week and I know many people in BIm getting violent over foolishness too. Don’t be the first to get your head bus’ open. 😦

  33. hants

    More misery in Barbados. Chemical fire at McBrides in Lowlands. 3 mile radius under emergency.

  34. Cussed

    At Sheraton Centre there are two areas designated for the disable two spots outside of the Abeds entrance to the Mall and four in the multi level car park. The four in the multi level car park are being abused as I write I am sure of that, These are rearly if ever policed. The other area is enforced by security guards in that area.

    I think the idea of giving the car washer something extra is an excellent idea.

  35. bp

    Guess where I saw M50 parked today?

  36. bp

    No takers? The BO$$ HOG himself had it parked on the corner just west of the Groves junction….buying roast corn! Cart road right there that he could have parked the Lexus in.

  37. RoyBoy

    I guess I am also guilty of spending time writing this mail. Just like those who call into the radio programs daily.
    I hope that someone is looking at these and working to implement. IMO a lot of time is spent on issues and very little is achieved. So the rabble continues to shout.
    I don’t think we can fix all the ills but once an issue has been identified perhaps if someone – the persons identifying the issue?- took the lead and carried it to a proper conclusion then we may see some positive results.
    Lady Anon – I agree that some laws need to be in place to facilitate but where I disagree is the responsibility being placed with MTW or similar gov’t agency. There needs to be transparency in these matters otherwise we will continue to have one set of “laws/rules” for the Meads and another for the Pharisees.

  38. Lady Anon & Others-

    Handicapped signs to be hung from your rearview mirror are indeed in use in Barbados, and I use mine at Big B’s all the time.

    However I understand from an old, phyically impaired, lady who was recently apprehended by a police constable for parking illegally in such a reserved space in the city, that they are “presently” out of stock. (She was not charged)

    Barbados Council for the Disabled on the Garrison is authorised to issue them, aided by PAHO.

    Busybodies have challenged me, a person in his mid-70’s, for using a disabled space, and I have had to tell them, “Look at my permit.” They don’t even know where to look for it.

    JB’s supermarket has reserved parking for the elderly in addition to the disabled. Big B’s has no reserved spaces for the elderly, but they would be a good idea.

    I have seen taxis, the Super Centre shuttle, and many SUVs unlikely to be driven by a handicapped person occupying the two handicapped spaces at Big B’s. No one from the supermarket is responsible to monitor proper use, only concerned citizens who take it upon themselves to challenge those they feel are abusing the privilege.

    As I am lucky enough to have the proper sticker I am able to stand up for my rights, and tell those who challenge me I am glad they are taking up the issue as there are so many abusers. They run the risk of being foulmouthed by the unconsiderate who occupy such spaces wrongly, but are to be admired for having the gumption of doing so.

    I am wrong to call them busybodies, I suppose, but their manner is often unnecessarily abrasive. They are doing the correct thing in the wrong way.

  39. Warrior

    I’ve seen ppl who are not disabled in those first world countries get hold of disabled stickers and markers and use them for preferred parking especially in winter.

  40. Warrior- For true?

    You have actually seen able drivers “get hold” of disabled stickers? Somehow I doubt it.

    Perhaps you mean t’ief or borrow from a disabled driver? But not commit fraud to obtain one from an issuing agency, surely? You virtually need a doctor’s certificate to get such a tag abroad.

  41. jon

    Whereas I tend to agree with the comments on misuse of disabled parking spots I have two comments. Firstly what we have in Barbados is regular parking spots with a disabled sign. A disabled driver requires wider spots to facilitate the wide opening of doors and few spots take this into consideration. Secondly I am a disabled driver and certainly qualify to park in any spot for the disabled whether I am driving or being driven. I find it annoying when approached and accused of parking in a disabled park and I trust my car will not appear in any photo.