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Barbados Handicapped Parking Spot Abuser



Government Workers On Lunchbreak – Parked In Handicapped Spot

From a friend we received this photo taken on August 1, 2007 at Tri Mart, Haggat Hall.

Ian Bourne has been writing about this abuse lately and he is right: there’s way too much of this happening. Folks need to say a word or two to abusers – nothing confrontational, but remind our fellow citizens that this behaviour is not acceptable.


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UPDATED – Report: 13 Spectators Injured At Bushy Park Race Circuit – Barbados


The Nation News has the story this morning…


A parked truck rolled on its own into a group of race spectators. Could have been much much worse. Click on the photo to read the news story.

Original BFP article… 

Can Any Of Our Readers Provide More Details?

“From catastrophe to catastrophe – thirteen spectators injured at Bushy Park today.”

Posted by BFP reader “Thistle” at 1:05pm today. We haven’t been able to find any news reports.

Update: Barbados Underground says…

“BU understand that a truck was left in gear with the handbrake up. it rolled down a hill but a person in the passenger seat was able to steer it away from danger.”

But I just heard on 92.5FM the announcer expressing prayers for all the people who were hurt in the accident today.

So… we await more information.


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Barbados Apartment Collapse: Nation Newspaper Fails To Report Disturbing Statement At School Meeting

Nation News – Disaster Coverage Slanted To Soften Criticism Of Government?

‘The geologist at the meeting gave the parents a jolt when he said that he would not send his child to any of the two schools in the “Hot Spot” area.’

Barbados Underground reports on the St. Cyprian’s School parents meeting.

The stunning declaration by a government expert at the St. Cyprian’s School meeting that he would not send his child to either of the two schools near the disaster site was not reported in The Nation News article about the meeting: School Alarm.

Why not?

The statement was heard by all, produced gasps in the audience and is surely significant enough to have been included in the major story in the Nation News piece.

Nation News Editorial Lauds “Our Political Leaders”, Urges Bajans Not To “Indulge In Condemnation Of Those Whom We Perceived To Be In Error” 

They even throw in some support for Cricket World Cup! Some excerpts from today’s editorial…

At the same time, one may reasonably wonder whether we complain too much, whether instead we should focus more on constructive approaches to some of our country’s issues.

We have had Cricket World Cup 2007 which showed tremendous potential – but also presented many challenges – and we responded manfully. Yet there are those who emphasise only the negative aspects of that extraordinary undertaking.

Quite apart from any economic benefit that may eventually come, and which an independent credit-rating organisation says is likely to emerge in the long run, the tournament afforded excellent preparation for dealing with mass casualty situations, though, mercifully none occurred at that time…  (snip)

Good response

In the more recent catastrophe at Arch Cot Terrace, there was equally admirable response by the authorities, including our political leaders and constituency representatives all supporting the efforts with perhaps the clearest demonstration to date of the role assigned to the Department of Disaster Management. Medical and security personnel were up to the task, providing frequent updates, keeping affected families and the general public informed.

Last Sunday’s disaster also requires that there be individual reflection, that we look within ourselves, consider how personal effort might minimise calamity, that we summon the spiritual strength to cope with such events rather than indulge in condemnation of those whom we perceive to be in error.

… excerpt from Nation News editorial Tragedy Tests A Nation 


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Bajan Dream Makes Some Compelling Points About Squatters

Should Government Buy New Homes For Squatters?

“A charity simply cannot treat to this demographic, and this underscores the main argument against the squatter sympathizers: charity, whether by the Government or some other institution, will not make life any better for squatters or remove them from poverty. Charity only gives a temporary fix, a transient comfort, but does nothing for improving self-governance or livelihoods.”

“While I agree wholeheartedly that the squatters should be removed, I am not surprised that there have been cries in the press by some of the squatters themselves and members of the opposition bench that Government should involve itself in finding alternate accommodation squatters before demolishing their homes, or even that Government should purchase the lands on which the squatters live to resell at a cheaper price. Neither of these calls reflect wisdom or initiative. While I am acutely aware of the social and economic factors that would lead individuals to squat illegally, to outfit squatters with new homes at state expense and to purchase squatter land in compromised water zones would be tantamount to rewarding theft and wrongdoing. I do not make this statement heartlessly or callously, but it sets a dangerous precedent if we say to other poor Barbadians – and indeed, Barbadians in general – that stealing out of necessity can be excused, condoned and rewarded. It is also a slap in the face to those who struggled to acquire housing and land legally to see those who went about the process illegally being outfitted with free housing and land.”

… excerpts from Bajan Dream Project Blog Squatters And Shanty Dwellers On The Upsurge In Barbados

Frightening business reading Jovan Reid’s blog…

The more I read what Jovan has to say at The Bajan Dream Project blog, the more I find myself agreeing with many of his ideas – even ideas I had rejected before.

Most disconcerting.


Previous BFP Articles About Bajan Dream Project…

Mar. 29, 2007 – Bajan Dream Project Blog Says “Strong Opposition Gives Hope For A More Balanced Democracy In Barbados” – Sorry We Have To Disagree…

Dec. 19, 2006 – Jovan Reid Makes A Point – We Agree And Offer An Olive Branch

Sept. 9, 2006 – Bajan Dream Project – Helping The Poor… Or Keeping Them That Way?


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Another Barbados House Sinking – Government Minister and Ministry Told 6 Months Ago, Have Done Nothing

“Whoever is responsible – I just want them to come and tell me what is going on before it is too late,” … homeowner Susan Greenidge


Gaping Holes Spark Fear For Long Gap Homeowner

THE RECENT COLLAPSE of an apartment building at Arch Cot, Brittons X Cross, St Michael, has caused some fear of land slippage in another St Michael area. This time it is at 1st Avenue, Long Gap, Spooners Hill, St Michael, where Susan Greenidge lives with her four children and a grandchild.

She said for the past year, two gaping holes had been widening in her backyard, and efforts to find out what was going wrong seemed to have reached a bottleneck.
Scared of a similar ocurrence of the tragedy which claimed five lives at Brittons Hill last Sunday, Greenidge is appealing to all the relevant authorities to help find out what is going on beneath her house.

Not only is she afraid of the holes in the yard, but Greenidge’s back bedroom has been sinking, and she has been forced to move the children’s beds into her living room.

“I am scared. I don’t even go near the yard or that bedroom anymore. When I first realised the hole was getting bigger and bigger, I contacted Hamilton Lashley [Government’s Adviser on Poverty]. He sent someone to look at it, but since then I’ve never heard any response,” she added.

Her next step was to call the Environmental Health Unit, first about five months ago and then again on Wednesday.

“The gentleman took pictures the first time he came and said he would pass them on to his boss, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet.”

Next door, her neighbour Sonia Goodridge has also been seeing some cracks in the foundation of the steps in her yard. Outside a heavy steamroller was paving some marl in the area, causing some serious vibrations throughout the house, and for Susanne the memory of Arch Cot was all too fresh in her mind.

“I just need the geologists, environmentalists, whoever is responsible – I just want them to come and tell me what is going on before it is too late,” she pleaded.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)

“Whoever is responsible…”

Susan Greenidge is looking for “Whoever is responsible…” to advise her as to whether or not her family is in danger from holes that are opening up in her yard and the fact that her home is sinking.

We can answer that for her… Yes, Mrs. Greenidge, your family is in danger, has been for months or even years, and there is NOBODY in government who cared enough to do anything for you – unless they will now look at it after another family was murdered died.

Pack up your kids and belongings and get out, because this is Barbados and you are on your own. We have no building code and there are no homeowner protection laws as many other countries have.


You called Minister of Poverty Hamilton Lashley over six months ago and nothing was done. You called the Environmental Health Unit and nothing was done.

The only reason your story is in the paper now is the deaths of the Codrington family. IF you do get a response from government, know that it is ONLY because of the Codrington family.

And that is why it is so important for Bajans to keep the deaths of the Codringtons in our memories and on our tongues. Their deaths must change something for the good or they will have died for nothing.


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Sources: Barbados Election Now Delayed From November 2007 to March 2008


A Disastrous Three Months For The Government

Two independent sources have informed Barbados Free Press that the election originally scheduled for November of this year has been pushed back to March 2008.

“Damage Control” is the reason given. Says one source “Cricket World Cup was supposed to be a springboard into an election. Excitement over offshore oil and Chinese money were attempts to recover from CWC. The cave-in was the final straw.”

A source also informs us that internal BLP polling numbers showed an election held now would be too close to call.

Take it for what it’s worth folks. One source is an anonymous email while the other is known to us.


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