Trinidad and Tobago Sperm Counts Down – Can Barbados Males Help Out?


Our Cliverton Volunteers To Assist T&T Women!

It is a terrible problem – Trinidad and Tobago males seem to be losing some of their magic. Cliverton says he’d be pleased to assist in any way he can! πŸ˜‰

Trinidad & Tobago Express: Sperm Count In T&T Males Falling

All in good fun, let’s show some polite support to our Caricom friends…


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12 responses to “Trinidad and Tobago Sperm Counts Down – Can Barbados Males Help Out?

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Thanks for the smile, bfp. It has been a down week and I needed a smile. To Cliverton, thanks but no thanks from this girl!

  2. Rumplestilskin

    It is at times like this that we truly see the benefit of Caricom, that we may assist our Caricom brothers and sisters.

    Any ‘upstanding’ πŸ˜‰ male must do his civi duty and step to the plate, at the request of a Caricom sister, particularly those spicy ones from T&T.

    Arise, Sir Lancelot! The occasion cometh!

  3. Rumplestilskin

    And hopefully the young nubile lasses will as well!

  4. J. Payne

    So the “horning” thing isn’t better after all?

  5. Yardbroom

    Tunapuna here I come! on second thoughts I am going for a lie down – age has its compensations.

  6. Cock AND Bull?

    What rubbish.
    Both nations have overpopulation problems,
    particularly re. the wrong sort of “citizen”!
    -and now this.

    Dear oh’s a slow news day, isn’t it.

  7. yatinkinkiteasy

    Shark and Bake at Maracas! Coconut Water,Shrimp Roti in St James…oysters round the Savannah!…Come on Trinis, you can do it!

  8. Hey, wait a minute, guys. Not so fast.

    Read the Express article and it says “…causes of the falling sperm count in Trinidad men AND MEN IN OTHER CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES.”

    Dr Skinner is head clinician of the Barbados Fertility Centre so presumably is referring to Bajan male sperm count as well!

    Looks like there is some homework to be done here, Cliverton, before you rush down to Piarco.

  9. BFP- I feel that the post by Marcus2 is in poor taste if intended as humour, and should be struck from the record.


    BFP Replies

    Done. We will not allow a name that is used by BFP staffers either.

  10. jefm

    Please remove the post by Marcus 2. Let’s keep our comments out of the gutter.

  11. Curiously amused

    SORRY, but – hahaahahahahaha. You set yourself up for that, BFP, and that was masterfully played by Marcus2.

    I guess you guys are only Christian when it comes to attacking Muslims – jokes about helping out young ladies with your super sperm, and imbibing on alcohol notwithstanding.

    Anyway, it’s all in humour I suppose – which is why Marcus2’s post should stay.

  12. Paradox

    If this is true, Bajans should not gloat about it. The question one has to ask is why is the sperm count down!
    The answer might be something to do with what the Trinis are drinking and/or eating.
    I can re-call reading about this problem in a section of another country and it was alleged the recycled water could have contributed to that problem. Apparenrtly there was a high level of harmone from the female pill in the water which was not dealt with adequately before consumption.
    We must all be aware of pesticides usage on our crops also, which would eventually reach the water table and then consumed by individuals.
    In Barbados ‘pits’ service individual waste,except for the south coast and maybe parts of Bridgetown.
    I am not aware of how sewage and pesticides/herbicides are used/ disposed of in T&T. Could this be the problem?If this is the case, Bajans should take note and insist on measures being put in place to mitigate this problem with waste/pesticides/herbicides.
    It could only be a matter of time before one sees males with large breast and or squeeky voices!