Updated: Caribbean Sun Airlines Rising From The Dead – But Will They Be Flying Junk 737-200s?


Caribbean Sun Airlines Website Says Equipment Will Be 737-400s (link here)

Our Robert is sure that Caribbean Sun personnel were looking at two 737-200s a few months ago. Hopefully these aircraft were rejected and the fleet will be all -400s series. How about it Caribbean Sun Airlines? Please confirm that the fleet will be all -400s. Thanks!





BFP’s Robert has been hearing rumours for several months that Caribbean Sun Airlines is trying to climb out of the casket and that they will be returning with Boeing 737s – Series 200!!!!

These older 737s are solid aircraft – or were in their day. The problem is that their low-bypass engines are thirsty critters. Very thirsty.

It is the old trade-off – new aircraft are expensive but fuel efficient. Older aircraft are dirt cheap to purchase, but cost oodles to feed and repair.

If Caribbean Sun Airlines debuts with Boeing 737-200 series aircraft, it means that they are under-capitalized. If so, don’t be purchasing tickets too far ahead of your flight!

Caribbean Sun Officially Unveils Plan For Re-Launch With 737s

Caribbean Sun Airlines has officially unveiled plans to re-launch service by the end of the year, using Boeing 737 narrowbodies.

The privately-held airline, headquartered in Miramar, Florida, previously operated Bombardier Dash 8 turboprops from a San Juan, Puerto Rico hub; it ended service in January of this year.

In a statement today Caribbean Sun confirms it will reinstate service by year-end, pending regulatory approvals from the US DOT and FAA.

It also says it is “significantly upgrading its fleet and service capabilities” and that recruitment efforts toward hiring new pilots will begin in the coming weeks.

Caribbean Sun is also introducing a new brand identity. Developed by design firm Aerobrand, the carrier’s new design centers on the stylized image of a pineapple when viewed from overhead.

“A universal symbol of hospitality espousing Caribbean Sun’s commitment to superior customer service, the pineapple illustrated from the overhead perspective also embodies the image of the sun, providing a fresh spin on the airline’s original corporate identity,” says Caribbean Sun.

Details concerning Caribbean Sun’s corporate leadership, new route structure and other operational issues will be disclosed following receipt of all government regulatory approvals.

In early August, ATI, flightglobal.com’s sister premium online news service, exclusively reported that Caribbean Sun is looking to offer service by late 2007 with 737s.

Caribbean Sun is the US sister of Antigua-based Caribbean Star Airlines, which is poised to be acquired by Antigua’s Liat under the latest restructuring of the two carriers’ proposed tie-up.

… read the original online at FlightGlobal.com (link here)


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13 responses to “Updated: Caribbean Sun Airlines Rising From The Dead – But Will They Be Flying Junk 737-200s?

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    What an interesting development. It seems that Sir Allen Stanford is not out of the airline business after all.

    Looking at their website (www.flycsa.com) and the mission statement ‘Watch the Sun Rise – We’re embarking on an exciting new flight plan! By late 2007 we plan to take off again providing quality air service around the world’.

    ‘around the world’!

    Certainly the low cost operating base of Fort Lauderdale would appear to be the place to do it from.

  2. Caribbean needs

    We need thirsty airliners with crude at around 70/bbl and holding.

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  4. If nothing else, it shows an awareness of a vacuum in the Caribbean for airline service from the U.S.A.

    The present limited choice and exploitation by those who have a monopoly are bound to attract the attention of businessmen who recognise a profitable potential.

    We can only hope that a properly funded airline will meet this need, rather than a fly-by-night 🙂

    Now, if we can only avoid the political interference, Caribbean tourism could get a boost.

  5. Anonymous X

    This is welcomed news. There is no justification for passengers to be paying rediculously high fares to travel to other CSME islands. Fares hav emore than double within the last year and idiot MM has not been able to deliver on his promise of ensure affordable fares….bare talk as usual.

    I imagine that Sir Allen is vexed bcause the LIAT Shareholders did not take hum up on his loan offer. I hope however that the sun provides us with a viable alternative to LIAT and Caribbean Airways.

  6. J. Payne

    Two quick points.

    1) Caribbean Sun was created because of an unfair US-Caribbean policy. E.g. US airlines can come to the Caribbean and fly between any two Caribbean based points… e.g. Jamaica to Barbados. Caribbean based airlines cannot fly between two points in the USA e.g. Boston-New York or Chicago to Miami. etc… Caribbean Sun was incorporated within the USA (Puerto Rico) in order to skirt that limitation.

    2) Second point. Airfares are sky high…. Therefore you can bet this Antiguan businessman is surely going to throw his name into the ring to get his fair share of the multi-million dollar Caribbean air industry. If people think he’s relaunching his airline to force fare prices low, to the point it becomes cut throat again you are clearly hallucinating. Chances are this is not an exercise to “rock the boat”, this is about “I want some of this high-profit business too.”

  7. Watcher

    If Caribbean Sun truly is being relaunched with 737’s Series 200, that part of the story is definitely not good news. Check the link below


  8. Shrek

    Clearly, Mr. Payne, this can only be a short term act on the basis of the logic in prudent investments. But what can we surmise about the future of LIAT in this light, and how will fare futures pan out? What do you see in your crystal ball?

  9. Shrek

    Changing my mind now. Went to Wikepedia.

    These planes carry more passengers.

    Maybe, knowing that these may not be the old planes mentioned above, and that they may be new ones, this could be a strong niche and more viable competitor, brought by an intelligent manager.

  10. Anonymous

    Series 200 will be a message that the airline resurrection is designed to be temporary. Anything newer will be a good sign.

  11. ??

    Guys check again they plan to uses Boeing 737-400 aircraft.


    BFP Replies

    If they are all -400s that would be a better indication of the health of the “new” airline, but Robert says they were looking at some -200s in June. Perhaps they have changed their minds, or perhaps they intend a mixed fleet.

    It would be nice if someone from the airline could clarify this.

  12. ??

    Website (thanks AdrianL) states equipment as 737-400’s .I agree the 200 series would be a waste of time and money. What I am interested in is what do they plan as routes.

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