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Updated: Caribbean Sun Airlines Rising From The Dead – But Will They Be Flying Junk 737-200s?


Caribbean Sun Airlines Website Says Equipment Will Be 737-400s (link here)

Our Robert is sure that Caribbean Sun personnel were looking at two 737-200s a few months ago. Hopefully these aircraft were rejected and the fleet will be all -400s series. How about it Caribbean Sun Airlines? Please confirm that the fleet will be all -400s. Thanks!





BFP’s Robert has been hearing rumours for several months that Caribbean Sun Airlines is trying to climb out of the casket and that they will be returning with Boeing 737s – Series 200!!!!

These older 737s are solid aircraft – or were in their day. The problem is that their low-bypass engines are thirsty critters. Very thirsty.

It is the old trade-off – new aircraft are expensive but fuel efficient. Older aircraft are dirt cheap to purchase, but cost oodles to feed and repair.

If Caribbean Sun Airlines debuts with Boeing 737-200 series aircraft, it means that they are under-capitalized. If so, don’t be purchasing tickets too far ahead of your flight!

Caribbean Sun Officially Unveils Plan For Re-Launch With 737s

Caribbean Sun Airlines has officially unveiled plans to re-launch service by the end of the year, using Boeing 737 narrowbodies.

The privately-held airline, headquartered in Miramar, Florida, previously operated Bombardier Dash 8 turboprops from a San Juan, Puerto Rico hub; it ended service in January of this year.

In a statement today Caribbean Sun confirms it will reinstate service by year-end, pending regulatory approvals from the US DOT and FAA.

It also says it is “significantly upgrading its fleet and service capabilities” and that recruitment efforts toward hiring new pilots will begin in the coming weeks.

Caribbean Sun is also introducing a new brand identity. Developed by design firm Aerobrand, the carrier’s new design centers on the stylized image of a pineapple when viewed from overhead.

“A universal symbol of hospitality espousing Caribbean Sun’s commitment to superior customer service, the pineapple illustrated from the overhead perspective also embodies the image of the sun, providing a fresh spin on the airline’s original corporate identity,” says Caribbean Sun.

Details concerning Caribbean Sun’s corporate leadership, new route structure and other operational issues will be disclosed following receipt of all government regulatory approvals.

In early August, ATI, flightglobal.com’s sister premium online news service, exclusively reported that Caribbean Sun is looking to offer service by late 2007 with 737s.

Caribbean Sun is the US sister of Antigua-based Caribbean Star Airlines, which is poised to be acquired by Antigua’s Liat under the latest restructuring of the two carriers’ proposed tie-up.

… read the original online at FlightGlobal.com (link here)


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Trinidad and Tobago Sperm Counts Down – Can Barbados Males Help Out?


Our Cliverton Volunteers To Assist T&T Women!

It is a terrible problem – Trinidad and Tobago males seem to be losing some of their magic. Cliverton says he’d be pleased to assist in any way he can! 😉

Trinidad & Tobago Express: Sperm Count In T&T Males Falling

All in good fun, let’s show some polite support to our Caricom friends…


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Ordinary Bajans Launch Citizens’ Inquest Into Barbados Apartment Collapse – Start To Gather Data, Evidence, Facts, Rumours

“Most Bajans don’t trust their government to honestly, impartially and competently investigate the death of the Codrington family, and they don’t trust the mainstream Barbados media to hold the government accountable.”

Barbados Citizens Not Waiting For “Official” Answers – Not Trusting “Official” Answers, Sources And Information Either

From the moment the tragedy became known, the Government of Barbados should have been taking all steps to gather facts and protect evidence for later analysis – but most ordinary Bajans have doubts about the agendas, integrity and competence of the current elected and appointed government officials. In short, most Bajans don’t trust their government to honestly, impartially and competently investigate the death of the Codrington family, and they don’t trust the mainstream Barbados media to hold the government accountable.

In any well-run and civilised country, a major incident brings out a small army of experts and expert evidence gatherers who accompany the emergency workers – and also spread out across the nation and the world seeking to collect and preserve important information.

If A Building Collapsed In The U.K. Or USA…

IF a building collapse occurred in the U.K., you can bet that the offices of the architect, engineer, construction personnel and town planning officer would be visited within hours by investigators armed with the necessary authority to seize any papers and records. Nobody would be given time to change any records or shred documents. Even homes would be visited and searched with a judge’s order.

Videotape would be rolling from the start and anyone who was in any way even remotely connected to the design, approval, construction, inspection or maintenance of the building would be identified and interviewed within days if not hours. Land transfer records and environmental reports for the area would be seized. No piece of information would be too small to preserve – on the off chance that it might provide important evidence.

A Triple Focus: Truth, Prevention And Accountability

Honest governments respond with this type of professional and all-out response with three goals: finding the truth, prevention of a recurrence, and accountability of those persons, companies, authorities or other entities who might have committed some act or omission that caused or contributed to the disaster.

For the past six days, Barbados Free Press readers have posted comments and sent us emails of their observations, memories, research and opinions concerning the disaster.

Even a cursory examination of BFP’s comments section and the Barbados media reveals evidence that long before the collapse, various persons knew, suspected or should have known about the impending collapse of the Codrington’s apartment building into the cave below.

There is also clear evidence that various Barbados government authorities and institutions failed in their duties and responsibilities. They failed both generally to protect Barbados citizens, and specifically to protect the Codrington family.


Barbados Attorney General Announces Inquest’s Conclusion Before It Begins – BFP Has The Recording

Attorney General Dale Marshall during a press interview on Friday, August 31, 2007 – as broadcast at 2pm on 92.9fm radio – told reporters about how the rubble is being preserved for forensic examination and how outside experts have arrived to assist in the enquiries.

After all his statements about the investigation of the collapse, Marshall made the most amazing statement – showing that the government has made its conclusion and that any inquest will be designed to support that conclusion.

Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall said…

“(This unfortunate incident) could have happened to any one of us, and perhaps it could have happened anywhere”

What an amazing conclusion, Minister Marshall!

Inherent in that conclusion is an assumption that no one could have done anything to prevent this tragedy, that no one did or failed to do anything that caused or contributed to the deaths of five of our relatives, neighbours and friends.

So Attorney General Dale Marshall decided some 30 minutes after the last body was recovered that “it could have happened to any one of us…”

A few weeks ago after a 15 minute meeting with executives of the corrupt VECO corporation that is building our new jail, Minister Marshall announced that there was no corruption associated with the $300 million dollar project. In much the same way, Dale Marshall has now shown his hand…

… the fix is in.

It Is No Wonder That Barbados Citizens Are Determined To Dig For The Truth Themselves!

Tomorrow morning we will publish an excellent series of maps and satellite images sent to us by BFP reader Satellite John. Your comments on that article will continue the process started six days ago by ordinary citizens.

Keep posting your observations, photos, memories and rumours folks! In a few weeks we will compile them all in one area of the blog so that people with an agenda won’t be able to hide the truth.

We owe that much to Barbados, to our children and to the Codrington family.


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