Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons

Opposition Leader David Thompson Also Being Sued With The Prime Minister (? !)

Folks, this keeps getting more and more interesting.

Back in May, we told you about the lawsuit launched in a Canadian court against Prime Minister Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons and other prominent Barbados citizens. The lawsuit alleges a conspiracy and corruption in relation to a large piece of land in Barbados. (See Barbados Lawsuit Names Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Chief Justice Simmons And Many Prominent Citizens And Businesses)

Now we see that the corrupt jail builder company VECO (from Alaska) has been added as a defendant in the lawsuit…. along with a “David Thompson” who is presumably THE David Thompson.

David at Barbados Underground broke the story of VECO and Thompson now being sued and BU has also posted a link to a copy of the lawsuit at another website called “Keltruth”.

I can’t find any mention of this in the “real” newsmedia, so it looks like Barbados Underground has scooped CNN on this one! I mean, VECO is being sold and it seems to me that VECO being sued for half a billion dollars might be newsworthy in a big way in the USA or Alaska media.

From reading the legal papers at Keltruth and Barbados Underground’s comments it is not immediately apparent to me how VECO and David Thompson are involved, but a Canadian court added them as defendants so the judge must have thought that there is at least some smoke (whether or not there is fire).

This case could become extremely interesting and I can’t figure out why the major media hasn’t picked up on this latest VECO connection as yet.


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72 responses to “Barbados Jail Builder VECO Added As Defendant In Lawsuit Against Prime Minister Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons

  1. Rumplestilskin

    By the broad sprectrum of listed defendants, it seems to me that the plaintiff’s agenda is more pushing for some attention, embarrassment and trying to publicly and as a matter of record allege country-wide corruption, rather than pushing a legitimate claim or should I say a claim that holds specific merit and thus remedy.

    Now, what are the legal consequences of a ‘nuisance’ claim, if any? Because surely, one can sue for anything but if the claim is found to be a without the slightest merit and thus possibly interpreted as being applied for as a nuisance only, it is a waste of court time.

    I admit that I have not seen the claim, but with such a breath of defendants listed, it is more than likely that it is non-specific and designed mainly to embarrass and discredit.

    I reiterate that when one works to a goal one must avoid steps which bring one’s own agenda into negative light, otherwise the message becomes tainted and the messenger becomes discredited.

  2. Undertaker

    I agree with Rumplestilskin on this one – when the list is soooo long, it is hard to actually make anything stick. Not only that just think of the amount of lawyers that would be involved if this would be actually make it off the ground. This case could/would take two decades.

  3. Pogo

    Does anyone doubt that the people involved just might be involved in some dirty deals?

    If Chief Justice involved a court outside of BIM is the right place to sort it out.

    What was David Simmons before he was Chief Justice?

  4. more

    I am sure I have been hearing about the Kingsland saga for 2 decades already.

    Are the documents related to this case public record? I would really like to see the evidence so that I can make my own determination.

  5. BFPE

    Investigations show that the pdf document which is posted on the website and purports to be Court File No. 07-0141 from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is a FAKE.

    You can go to the website and run a WHOIS check on

    10921 SW 117 Street
    Miami, FL 33176

    Domain name: KELTRUTH.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Davis, Kathleen

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how VECO fits in? We know that company is as corrupt as the day is long (and the days get pretty long in Alaska). There must be some new revelation for them to be added now instead of before.

    I wonder if somebody has come forward with information on corruption between Veco and the Barbados government about building the new jail? Did something surface in all those FBI tapes?

    I expect that millions were stolen during the building of the new jail, but how does that fit in with Kingland? Not many answers but the big story is that Veco was added by a Canadian judge. There MUST have been some important evidence presented in court for that to have happened.

    Whoooooo! The pucker factor must have gone skyhigh in certain political meetings in Barbados and Alaska when that happened!

  7. Kingsland background

    if the action involves Kingsland, for those that are interested read to get a flavour of what has been going on.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Am I correct in stating when this story first aired on BFP that there was no mention on the site about VECO being listed as paty to this suit but suddenly it appears on it ?
    What could have taken place to have them now put on this listing ?
    Corruption maybe ?
    Is Owing going to own up and come clean?
    Where is Nicholls and Bannister the other two culprits in this prison scam sitting now ?

  9. iisnoone

    Let me respectfully state that it would be a good idea to read the claim before you write about the claim.
    You can read the claim here:

    Click to access 070813%20Amended%20Statement%20of%20Claim.PDF

  10. akabozik

    The CEO of Veco name of Allen or Allan and some other people have been found guilty on corruption charges bribing politicians in Alaska and Washington. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN SENTENCED and the papers say they are “cooperating with the FBI”.

    I wonder if these changes to the Barbados lawsuit come because those Veco executives are singing their hearts out about their corruption and bribing in Barbados when they built the jail and the oil terminal?

  11. BFP

    Anonymous says…

    “Investigations show that the pdf document which is posted on the website and purports to be Court File No. 07-0141 from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is a FAKE.”

    Really, Anonymous? They are fake?


    Gosh, well I guess that nobody has to worry about anything then.

    Say… You said before that the case had been tossed out of court, and that was a lie, wasn’t it?

    So what’s fake about the posted documents on Keltruth?

    Oh… I get it! You’re Chief Justice David Simmons!!!!

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  13. BFP

    Wishing In Vain said

    “Am I correct in stating when this story first aired on BFP that there was no mention on the site about VECO being listed as paty to this suit but suddenly it appears on it ?”

    BFP answers…

    Yes, you are correct WIV. VECO had nothing to do with that lawsuit when the news broke. We were sent a copy of the legal papers and VECO wasn’t mentioned. David Thompson and Commonwealth Construction were not mentioned either.

    That’s why it is such a big deal that VECO has now been added to the lawsuit by a Canadian Court. Something important changed between the first legal papers story and now.

    We are thinking along the lines of commenter Akabozik (what kind of a name is that?) who speculates that the arrested VECO executives are singing like birds as they trade their “cooperation” for lesser jail time.

    We too wonder what is in all those FBI taped conversations. The papers said there are “thousands of hours” of taped phone calls and you can bet that many of them were about the $300 million dollar Barbados jail being build by Veco.

  14. ANON

    3rd try to post this.

    “You can go to the website and run a WHOIS check on

    10921 SW 117 Street
    Miami, FL 33176

    Domain name: KELTRUTH.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Davis, Kathleen”

    Daughter of none other than Madge Knox


    BFP Replies


    I doan know why the filter took your comments. I let the last through.


  15. Straight talk

    What’s your point, ANON.

    If I thought my mother was being ripped off by the establishment I’d do everything I could to protect her ( and my inheritance ).

  16. iisnoone

    I suspect that Kathleen Davis lives in a country where she is not afraid of repercussions after expressing her right to free speech!

  17. Kathy

    You are right – I do. I am Kathleen Davis. I was not required to give my name and address to register the web site, but I did. I am proud to live in a place where I am safe and free! If I speak the truth and obey the law, there are no legal repercussions here. So, yes, I’m Kathleen Davis, and I live free in the USA. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    It is perfectly safe to give my address out – it is also in the telephone book and on the Internet.

    Thank you for making my address more accessible. If anyone has any information that I can publish, it can be sent by snail mail, as well as to My offer on keltruth still stands. If you are in Barbados and therefore afraid to send private email or mail, as many others are, keltruth has a feedback page where you can be anonymous.

  18. more

    Oh oh! There seems to be a lot more to this than meets the eye.

    How in Heaven’s name did Veco get in this? Is it the Bannister connection which goes back to Kingsland etc?

    Where is the Barbados press?

  19. Idealist


    Can you confirm for us here that:

    The case is still progressing,

    and if so the amended plaint is genuine.

  20. Kathy

    Oh, and by the way, I am sure that the legal documents on keltruth are not fake. My mother is one of the defendants and she is taking them very seriously.

  21. DFX


    Would you care to comment on the post saying that the case is a fake? Would also enlighten us as to who teh Nelson group. I guess you should know as you have stated the Madge is cooperating. As a citizen in the country of Barbados I would like to know who is supposedly suing me and the 290,000 odd people on this little rock

    Awaiting your reply


  22. Kathy

    Who are you, DFX?

    Are you really one of the defendants? If so, you should know as much as I do, because you would have been served.

    I do not know who Nelson is, but you could ask your parliamentary representative to give you the details. I am sure that Nelson’s documents are filed in the appropriate jurisdiction. I hope that its principals will be made known during the legal proceedings.

  23. Kathy

    I’m off to lunch now, but I’ll check back later. I would love to hear from people on keltruth’s feedback page too.

  24. DFX


    Funny thing is I was told by one of the defendants (your uncle) that the case was dismissed in Canada. Why is the date on the 1st page of the document the 13th Aug and the last page the 7th Feb? Should this not have been changed also? Maybe a smart lawyer in here can answer for us. I am a citizen of the country of Barbados and as you said it’s not as free here as there in the US. But as a citizen of the country of Barbados I guess I will be served, however I might not get it cause according to sec 69 of the document the GOB cannot even afford to pay it’s Civil Servants so I guess the Postman will not deliver it for free LOL

    It’s shame that you could put up such a BAD comment about this poor little rock. You truly are a representation of the of a proud Barbadian. You are a great mouth for those trying their best to destroy it. I hope it serves you well and that you sleep well tonight



  25. Straight talk


    Would you like to comment on your July 31st post, informing us the case was dimissed?

  26. Straight talk

    Sorry about that, our posts crossed.
    So its just hearsay this dismissal, no confirmation.

  27. DFX

    Straight talk,

    I was told by Kathy’s Uncle and another employee of one of the companies named in the suit that it was dismissed. Being that her Uncle is named in person and the company is also named I can only believe that both individuals would know for sure if the suit had been dismissed. However I have stated in here that Nelson is Allard, why can Kathy not confirm or deny this? If it is, say so. If it isn’t, then who is it? If this were to be successfully won by the Nelson group, what will happen? Will they seize the assets of the GOB? If so does this mean the total collapse of country? No more free health care, no more free education? Will we be seeing RCMPs riding in to take over the new Providence of Barbados? Will I get a Canadian Passport ROGLMAO

  28. Anonymous

    Somehow I feel this Kathy is a fake!!

  29. PiedPiper

    If you look properly at the document you will see that the court clerk has stamped and dated the AMENDED CLAIM. If you make changes to an original claim by either deleting or adding other defendants then the document has to be refiled and noted as an AMENDED CLAIM, hence the two different dates. The original date for filing the original claim and the date of the amendment.

  30. DFX


    Did not know you were a lawyer as well as very fine cook! But surely the last page should have been redone as the pages numbers would no longer match to the original filing and everything would be redone with the new dates.

    Either way this supposed suit seems at best a really bad effort to shame the country of Barbados, I look at it with the same regard as the accusations against Cliverton



  31. PiedPiper


    When you file a Statement of Claim, if there is more than one Defendant, there is a seperate form called a (1A) on which you list all the Defendants. If at a later date, you discover there are other Defendants you wish to add then you simply add them to the (1A) but you must file an Amended Claim, swear a new Affidavit and reserve all the Defendants with the Amended Claim. This applies not only to adding or deleting Defendants but also to any changes you would make to the body and substance of your claim if for instance, prior to trial (and there are time restrictions as to how close to the trial date you can make changes) you discover new information that would sustantiate your claim.
    The Amended Claim is essentially the original Claim but with all the changes sworn and duly noted to the Court Clerk which again, is why you have the two dates.

  32. DFX


    I understand what you are saying, but what is being presented should therefore be an additional document. Not on tagged on to the beginning of the old one. What would happen if the documents were not stapled together and dropped? How would you know what went with what? (And yes having grown up with close family members who work in the legal community here I have seen just what I just said happen) I would have thought that we would be present with 2 documents the original with the Feb 7th date and the new Aug 13th date. Using your premise should there not also be a stamp on the last page with the new date and signed by the clerk of the court? This small measure would at least avoid any mis-understandings.


    Thanks for the new math vid

  33. iisnoone

    I am interested to hear that you are communicating with one of the defendants. Now would be a good time to call him, and let him update you with his side of the story.

  34. DFX


    I will ask a question next time I see Kathy’s uncle. The other party I spoke of, I actually went to their house today and showed them the document. They laughed! They are, for your info, a Director in one of the companies listed in the suit and were named individually in the original Kingsland suit.

    Until then I going and buy up some Canadian bacon so when the Canadians come to take over B’dos I at least look like on their side 😉


  35. iisnoone

    Quote from BFPE:
    “August 25th, 2007 at 8:19 pm
    The usual lies from Barbados Free Press.
    \”Kathy\” who posted here is also a FAKE.”
    I am confused. If Kathy is a FAKE, how come she has an UNCLE?

  36. DFX


    Kathleen Davis is a real person. And the info listed for her is correct. Pick anyone of the males listed in the suit with the last name Deane and they are going to be her uncle. Now if the person posting as Kathy is indeed Kathy I don’t know. Maybe if she can provide some proof as to that fact like maybe the identity of the Nelson group or maybe something a little more personal not related to the case at all that would prove her identity (like maybe maybe what car her mother drove in the early 80s, what church her mother attended and the name of the priest at the church at the time. Having sat next to Madge many times in church I would know. So maybe when Kathy comes back from lunch she would tell us

  37. iisnoone

    How did you “discover” that this “Kathy” was a fake?
    Why don’t you e-mail the “real” Kathy at Keltruth and ask her if she made the posts concerned?
    What I find strange here is that the only person who has verified their name and address is a FAKE, but all the anonymous bloggers are presumably REAL!

  38. PiedPiper

    DFX, I have no idea who you are and I certainly didn’t send you a “math vid”……new or otherwise.

  39. DFX


    My bad.
    It’s just that I get plenty email from “Piedpiper” recommending this website and a number of great recipes(including a very good rum punch recipe today) and very good videos.
    I apologize for the mis-identification.


  40. iisnoone

    It seems like Kathy is taking a long lunch…..
    By the way, Kathy said that Mrs. Marjorie Knox (is this the same as Madge Knox?) is cooperating with the plaintiff, Nelson.
    Does anyone have any idea why she would be doing this?

  41. more

    You all have really got my interest now.

    I want to see the evidence Justice Shaughnessy saw, that is, if he/she is not a fake too.

  42. if

    if Long Beach Club was still open and Kathy had lunch there then it is no wonder she is not back yet

  43. Kathy

    It is Saturday, people! I am real, but I have a life! I work hard during the week and I enjoy what part of the weekend I can. I enjoyed my lunch party, the visit for drinks that followed it, and I just put the roast in the oven, as I’m having a few people over for dinner.

    For those who know me – Kathleen Isabella (Knox) Davis, you know that I am more real than most – large as life!

    By the way, my mother drove X1613 for ages, but most people in Barbados knew that.

    I can’t find any Barbados Free Press Exposed – is it as real as I am?

  44. Kathy

    I googled Justice Shaughnessy and found someone who graduated from Queen’s University in 1974 – sounds a bit like a real judge to me.

  45. Thistle

    Kathy, did you live at Hanson Plantation at one time? If so, I met you a few years ago, so I know you’re real!

  46. DFX

    For those who know me – Kathleen Isabella (Knox) Davis, you know that I am more real than most – large as life!

    By the way, my mother drove X1613 for ages, but most people in Barbados knew that.

    What about the rest of the info, type of car and church info?

  47. Kathy

    My Deane cousins lived at Hanson. I lived at Bannatyne. I went to St. Ambrose with my mother.

    I am not a car person, but I vaguely remember the below cars from the 1960’s onwards:
    Grey Zephyr
    Grey Box Viva
    Dark Blue Austin Mini
    White Toyota Starlet
    I was also driven as a child in a light grey or blue Volkwagen Beetle (X184) and a beige Datsun (X1851) belonging to my aunt, and occasionally in my uncle’s X1.

    But what does that have to do with shares in Kingsland Estates, and why would anyone else be interested in those cars?

  48. DFX


    Some people in here were doubting that you were who you said you were. And Madge did in fact drive the Toyota Starlet and you did in fact attend St. Ambrose and I have actually had the pleasure of enjoying afternoon tea with Madge at my grandmother’s house. So to any one in here that is in doubt that this is in fact Kathy, I’m now 100% sure that it is. And I have met you many times in the past.

    Sorry about the questions, but I needed to be sure it was you. So I guess BFPE is WRONG.


  49. NOT BFPE

    The case has not been dismissed so go back to your sources and see if they will give you the truth this time.
    In any event we will all hear the truth sooner or later. This clearly is not a story which can be hidden for long.

  50. DFX


    Can you tell what power the Ontario Superior Court has over Barbados and it’s citizens? I was told that the case was dismissed by 2 people. I don’t know if this is a new filing, do you? It is after all to have a case dismissed because it lacked merit and for you to refile it with new “evidence” later. Either way what does this suit serve? Madge’s case went to the Supreme Court and sadly she lost, now “Nelson” is suing her too? Why? Because “Nelson” did not get the chance to buy Kingsland and the price they wanted and somebody else did? I got ripped of in New York a few years ago with a camera, can I sue the US Government and George Bush for that? NO! The whole point of this “suit” is to make Barbados look bad. Don’t believe me? Read the document, especially number 69. What a sad little broke banana republic this must be.



  51. NOT BFPE

    Many people remember when this started and many do not.

    I became involved when I tried in 1989 to buy land which belonged to Kingsland and was told that no land was for sale because all of the land was being sold to David Simmons, Glyne Bannister and Philip Greaves. I followed the story in the newspapers then.

    I was told that the land sold for 36 cents a square foot. Now I do not see the story in the newspapers but somebody told me that the land was being sold to David Shorey, Richard Cox and the Prime Minister.

  52. BFPE

    Kathy: “I googled Justice Shaughnessy and found someone who graduated from Queen’s University in 1974 – sounds a bit like a real judge to me.”

    Hmmmm… for someone whose MOTHER was named as a DEFENDANT on a COURT DOCUMENT dated FEBRUARY 2007 which you UPLOADED TO YOUR WEBSITE it seems a bit out of place that you should make such a comment in AUGUST 2007.

  53. DFX


    Do you think that you have a right to sue anybody because you were not able to buy the land when you wanted to?

  54. BFPE


    YOU SAID: “I googled Justice Shaughnessy and found someone who graduated from Queen’s University in 1974 – sounds a bit like a real judge to me.”

    For someone whose MOTHER was named as a DEFENDANT on a COURT DOCUMENT dated FEBRUARY 2007 which you UPLOADED TO YOUR WEB SITE that comment seems very out of place in AUGUST 2007.


  55. BFPE


    YOU SAID: \”I googled Justice Shaughnessy and found someone who graduated from Queen’s University in 1974 – sounds a bit like a real judge to me.\”

    For someone whose MOTHER was named as a DEFENDANT on a COURT DOCUMENT dated FEBRUARY 2007 which you UPLOADED TO YOUR WEB SITE that comment seems very out of place in AUGUST 2007.

    I\’ve read your comments about the cars… that\’s not foolproof either.


  56. Straight talk

    Should it be Mr Allard behind Nelson, considering his shabby treatment by many of the defendants named, and his considerable wealth, yeah I’d sue them all.

    Even if it is just to air all their dirty laundry in public, and remove some smug expressions of untouchability.

    Barbados and this blog in particular should welcome the hearing.

    However successful the outcome for Mrs Knox, many rocks will be lifted in open court to illuminate all nature of insect life and we, finally having our eyes opened to the shenanigans exposed, will find our case for transparency and accountability unanswerable.

    I have a dream…….

  57. iisnoone

    I thought it was Nelson suing. Are there more suits besides this?

  58. Kathy

    I found the BFPE website, but it appears to be only an altered copy of BFP. The words “plagiarism” and “copyright infringement” come to mind.

  59. BFPE

    Straight talk,


    All you have here is a group of desperate losers trying to resuscitate a dead horse, and a bunch disgruntled malcontents at BFP looking on.

    Do not waste you time clutching at straws. You WILL be disappointed.

    You should be talking a closer look at the website and asking yourself WHY Kathleen Davis does not mention anywhere on it that she is the daughter of Marjorie Knox.

    You should open your brain and ask yourself if you are foolish and gullible enough to believe that a PROVINCIAL court in the federation of Canada has any jurisdiction over the sovereign state of Barbados.

    What you have here is either a FAKE or, even worse although much less likely, a GENUINE attempt to go to court in Canada by some misguided person in need of psychiatric help.

    You gullible fools are so desperate at the thought of that upcoming four love in wunna backside that you will swallow any sh*t the BFP puts in front of you. Well, if you want to take leave of your senses and eat sh*t… BON APETIT!


  60. BFPE


    So sue me.


    And not with FAKE documents this time.


  61. Kathy

    I have never sued anyone and I don’t plan to start now. You have not done anything to me that I am aware of. Copying from another website only damages YOUR credibility.

  62. Kathy

    My last message was a reply to BFPE. I am aware that my IP address may be logged any time I post to any blog. It is a bad idea to post to a rogue website. Just a friendly warning. I have no problem posting to any site that I feel has established its credibility, like BFP.

  63. Rumplestilskin

    That BFPE website is a ridiculous and rogue website set up purely becuase the ‘heat’ on this website is getting too much to handle and some want it neutralised, particularly with elections coming closer and closer.

    Note that ‘attacks’ on this site are becoming more frequent, suddenly.

    That website is a waste of time, do not post there, your IP Address will be logged.

    As for the attempts to derail discussions on this site, just keep to the subject matter and ignore the fools.

  64. Brabsoda

    I have a question for you. Do you know anything about Classic Investment Inc.? It would be interesting to know who are the people behind CIL.

  65. Kathy

    Funny you should ask. I was amused that people questioned me about Nelson. I don’t know who Nelson is, but I only heard of them in 2007. I heard of Classic a lot longer ago, and I don’t know who they really are either, not that I would be willing to say without proof. First, Classic was an undisclosed principal, to whom the sale of shares was vehemently recommended by the directors of Kingsland. Then the name finally came out, but no details.

    I only know the following:
    Members of the Deane family fought to the fullest extent of the law to sell their shares to Classic, the lowest bidder, instead of to their sister/aunt, Madge Knox, who was willing to pay them more, with substantial cash up front. The legal fees claimed may come to exceed the value of the offer from Classic, yet they persisted, and won the right to sell their legacy for a song to Classic.

    This tells me that Classic is someone VERY, VERY important in Barbados.

    Very persuasive too – to have a bunch of owners falling over themselves to sell their property at such a low price.

  66. Wishing in Vain

    One scam follows the next so closely it is sickening.
    When the builder (who’s company is unknown and unheard of) can reveal that the project is over budget by three ( 3 ) the quoted figure of what started out at $ 60 million now are talking BDS $ or US $ here ?
    But it is now costing us the tidy sum of $ 180 million and this is being exposed to us by the builders not the minister not the AG not the DPM not the PM, but the builder something must be sadly wrong in our adminstration and budgeting there is no way that this could have had a budget this is a gross piece of theft very much like the oil storage facility, the prison, all projects like this one that Owing, Nicholls and Bannister are closely connected to.
    We must have dwindled away close to a billion dollars in our corruption and back pay schemes and it appears even more rampant towards the end of their days in office, there is more to come on this story, the truth will be told.

  67. iisnoone

    I am very surprised to see Owing and Nicholls mentioned in the same paragraph. Is there a link between them?

  68. Wishing in Vain

    Oh yes there is a real connection Nicholls is the bag man for Owing and the party, he and Owing are involved with nealy every scam that this gov’t has been party to so far, the Slot machines, the Prison, the oil storage facility the list is a long one.

  69. iisnoone

    The person you speak of cannot be the same as the man at the head of a reputable legal firm! This Nicholls appears to be a published expert in the highly respected field of offshore banking:,%20LLB,%20LLM,%20Cottle,%20Catford%20&%20Co.,%20Bridgetown,%20Barbados%22&author=author

  70. more

    Different Nicholls – Philip Nicholls and Hallam Nicholls.

  71. more

    My comment is being moderated but it was only to say that we should not confuse the two Nicholls who are involved in this. They are two separate people.

  72. Kyle

    BFP edited out part of this comment as the author had obviously made a mistake referring to the Rumplestilstkin as the author of a post he was criticising. If Kyle wants to confirm this, we will fix it up for him.


    You should review the Keltruth website before you make any of those pointed assumptions of yours!

    It is the greatest scandal, i believe, in Barbados history that has been largely neglected by the media. It is concerning a billion dollar land dispute comprising over 1000 acres, yet the local news has neglected it? Not many Billion dollar deals around here worth neglecting! After all, we don’t have the Saudi Arabian capacity for oil production. Even if we did, the whole regions oil worth is a mere 400 million, ask Mr. Simpson who bought it.

    Enough of that analogy, here is the site: