Barbados Government Operatives Step Up Attack Against Barbados Free Press – Now Posting Comments Alleging BFP’s Cliverton Raped Own Brother etc etc etc

You have to admire their tenacity if nothing else… I Guess Desperation Breeds Tenacity

What’s Next? Shona As A Closet Nazi?  🙂

The same Barbados Government operative or operatives who have been attempting to monopolize the “recent comments” section with dozens of foul comments a day are still at it. They have been switching IP addresses and computers as fast as we can ban their IP and delete their rants.

Some of their comments are bound to leak through our filters, so we’d like to apologize in advance and also ask our readers to…

Please Ignore The Idiots

The comments are coming primarily from IPs that are within the Barbados Government network, although some are coming from elsewhere.

Here is the latest disruptive comment that was just blocked by our filter. We’re going to publish it to let our readers know what to expect – and also to illustrate how desperate the Government of Barbados is to shut down free speech.

I guess this fellow doesn’t realise that “Cliverton” is only a pseudo-name adopted by one of our bloggers – or that our readers might ask “If the commenter is Cliverton’s brother, why doesn’t he post Cliverton’s real name?”

Once again, this is a comment posted by a Barbados Government operative with the intent of disrupting Barbados Free Press…

Posted by “Cliverton’s Victim”

IP: (edited out .24)

August 22, 2007 12:30PM GMT

Thank God I finally got the chance to expose this man, this hypocrite, Cliverton for what he did to me so many years ago. For 9 long years, from the age of 7, I lived in fear and suffered in silence.

It started when our mother would go to town and leave us alone at home. He was 12 then. For as long as I could remember he always used hit me whenever our mother was not around, then turn around and tell lies about it, and she would always believe him. But one Saturday he came into the bathroom while I was bathing and forced me up against the wall, using his towel to gag me. That was the day it started… That was the first day my own brother Cliverton raped me.

Years have passed and I have a lot of scars. I have lived in shame and silence, too ashamed of what would happen to me if I spoke out. Until today I have never told anyone except for one person who has shunned me ever since. It hurt me a lot when she did that, but now that I have gained a bit more courage to control my own life now, and thanks to a chance discovery that he is involved with this Barbados Free Press website, I can finally tell the world about this snake called Cliverton.

I only found out about this website recently. I was amazed to see how he has polished his skills of wickedness and deception in such a professional manner, attacking good people in Barbados and presenting himself as some sort of saint while keeping his own stinking secrets hidden. He is worse than what some of you people here have said about Roy Morris.

I don’t know how Cliverton found out that I had visited this website. But he sent some email threatening me to keep off Barbados Free Press and said that he would delete anything I posted here. He warned that if I posted anything about him, he would post a whole set of false messages with my IP address and then noone would believe me.

Well, I don’t care what else he does to me now. I have been able to get past the rape, abuse and beatings he inflicted on me, but when saw some of the things he has written on this lying website, it made me sick to my stomach. He raped me, and now he is raping a whole lot of other people in a different way.

I don’t even know if I can continue to te


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67 responses to “Barbados Government Operatives Step Up Attack Against Barbados Free Press – Now Posting Comments Alleging BFP’s Cliverton Raped Own Brother etc etc etc

  1. Adrian

    Look Cliverton aint nuhbody, and his sister or this person making this charge is of no interest to me. Uh hope it is his alleged sister or some female and not Brother or some man. 😀 So could you remove this and stick it elsewhere? If this person is so convince of their story, they should take it to the courts. These allegations would be of interest to authorities in the US where Cliverton may have at least a HB visa. So please go and fight your personal battles elsewhere, we have a job to do of exposing the corrupting influences of our system of government and it’s current operators. We will not be sidetrack or stopped.

  2. BFP

    Hi Adrian

    We’re leaving it up for a bit to show exactly the type of attack that BFP is now under. This fictional account is from a government IP.

    Through BFP highlighting this current series of attacks, more citizens will become aware of the tremendous fear that the government and their supporters have of freedom of the press.

    This is the same person or group who threatened in the comments section to harm the DLP candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner.

  3. passin thru

    My guess is the commenter is Mia Mottley or Noel Lynch!

  4. Reporter

    Cliverton the one thing there is no shortage of in this world are liars, connivers, vindictive people and those that have no soul or concience when it comes to wrongly wanting to destroy the lives, characters, credibility and good name of decent people. Political pundits do it on a regular basis 24/7.

    I personally would take this for what it is worth——-“absolutely nothing”. There is no proof and when one reads the article carefully it is filled with innuendo, vagueness and suggests that the person/s responsible were probably struggling to construct the nonsense they sent. It isn’t even worth wasting time on just get on with your life and business. How can anyone begin to defend themselves from such propaganda that anyone and his/her aunt on this blog could write quite easily simply to be vindictive?

    People with intelligence quickly sees through immaturity like this coming most likely as you have suggested from the BLP camp. Alcohol and drugs make people do and write strange things.

    But here is another thing. Why would this accuser wait until now to come forward just as an election is imminent or to be called? I think that is the biggest give away of the wickedness intended and that the article is nothing but a fraud!

  5. Adrian

    Do as you wish. I just wanted to sound off to the small minded political yardfowl/s, who may be responsible for posting the comments, that the police, the priest, the concellor, and director of public procecutions are not to be found here, and that we are focus on one set of people, the members of the political class, their cronies and hacks only.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    The IP address need to be made public for all to see, what really sickens me is the vile and sick comments to shoot and kill an opposition candidate because she is opposed to their views.
    If this is the case then we have reached a new low in the politics of this land when Owing can condone such acts (he has not come out and addressed the issue in a public forum and state that this kind of behaviour needs to cease)we are on a slippery, slidely path to selfdestruction politically and morally.

  7. crossroads

    Sounds like a soap opera to me

  8. Anonymous

    I agree with WIV. Maken the IP address public.

  9. hants

    BFP you can expect more diversionary tactics from BLP operatives.

    Problems for the Government left right and centre.


    Problems at Airport

    Problems with Chinese labour

    Problems with Tourism

    Now Problem with QEH and the Doctors.

    Stay focused BFP. The good people of Barbados thank you for your contribution to Democracy and Free Speech.

  10. jefm

    Lord: Come for your world!

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Hants, add trouble with the prison, problem with CWC,problem with public access to beaches, problems with Condos taking away employment and depleting hotel room stocks, Gov’t lands being sold and used by private persons and gov’t ministers.

  12. Totally addicted, growing fan base in U.K., can’t help but admire your outstanding site, don’t let the bastards grind you down.
    P.S. Am thinking of giving up U.K. citizenship,applying for Barbadian and entering politics as an untouchable and retiring real soon. Any tips on where to make some real money other than sugar or toxic waste dumping. Oh by the way whilst on holiday recently in Tierra Del Fuego i spotted a delegation from Barbados trying to sell drilling rights for oil !

  13. Wishing in Vain

    BFP this is not my post
    Wishing in Vain
    August 22nd, 2007 at 4:20 pm
    I know it sounds shamesless but money is money, and BFP only paying me $150 a week.

  14. reality check

    we knew it wasn’t you WIV

    These people are not only shameless, they are incredibly stupid and think other Barbadians are easily misled.

    The entertainment from these fools is priceless. This is better than television. Keep up the excellent reporting BFP.

  15. Jerome Hinds

    What do we expect……when Barbados is being led by a clandestine leader in Owen Arthur !

    A man who pouches our young women from stable family units to CAVORT with them all hours of the night !

    A man who CAVORTS with these same women and impregenate them while remaining in a marital union !

    A man who father’s young girls but CANNOT publicly disclose his FATHERHOOD until these very same girls reaches their teenage years !

    A man whose only pupose in politics is to destroy any constructive opposition to his developmental path ! ( Hence, we have the politics of INTRUSION…..commonly called by Owen Arthur the ” politics of INCLUSION ? ) !

    A man who rejoices in making poor people in this country SCRUNT for his attention & pittance !

    ( How else can we describe his treatment of the SQUATTERS in Oldbury ?……one day he says they must move because their dwellings poses serious danger to planes and the RADAR……next day he sanctions their non – removal for another 8 months ! )

    This BIGOT is more of a threat to Barbados than a category 5 hurricane !

  16. P. Barry

    I am usually a calm person by nature. But this made my blood boil and gave me an instant headache. Elections are no longer a gratifying means of removing these persons from power. REVOLUTIONNNNNNN!!!!! … and some jail time. min. of 50 years so by the time they come back out they are no harm to anyone.

  17. Referring this to the authorities sounds like a good option.

  18. unapologetic

    The blogs are now the official opposition of the Government, or so it would seem. Damn technology, better get used to it.
    BLP seems to be pushing the self-destruct button before the next general election.

  19. Wishing in Vain

    They pushed self destruct button sometime ago the delay in the system was waiting for the conclusion of CWC and the prison fiasco to be brought to light then everything else stated to fall into place, culture, finance, housing and lands, tourism, health, just about each ministry is sick and needs care.the PM, the DPM, the AG and every minister has their share of questions to respond to and to explain their lack of stewardship to the people.

  20. Wishing in Vain

    How low can the BLP get to and still expect people to take them as a serious group?
    You must tell us BFP where these ip addresses are orginating from my bet at least once they must have come from Mottley’s and at least once from Noeless Lynch offices.
    Slimey sick lot these ones of uncertain gender can be while on the subject did and show up from Jerome Walcott’s, Rommel Marshall’s, Liz Thompson’s, Billie Millar’s, or that wimp Simmons’s when we talk about being of uncertain gender these all fit the build.

  21. Yardbroom

    In times of crisis , it pays dividends to be calm under pressure, we must not be provoked into indiscret remarks or impulsive actions, neither should we surrender the ethical or moral high ground, to those who seek to vent their lies on people, who have taken a principled stand against this Government, whose disloyalty to our country and its citizens is a matter of record.

    Those who ride a tiger find it difficult to dismount, as fear stalks every stride their mount takes – so it is with this Government and some of its acolytes. The end game and the repercussions of it have started to take root in their consciousness, as all the “decent” cards they had to play have been played, and exposed.

    It is now just a matter of them thrashing about in all directions – I fear more of the same can be expected. We must stick to the issues of concern to the Barbados electorate, those being the conduct of this Government.

    Incompetence, lack of accountability and integrity, waste of resources, evading due process of Law – Chinese workers – refusal to account for actions taken, a perception of corruption on a large scale, unable to decide if a contract for a $200 million prison was in the currency of a sovereign State Barbados or in US dollars, cheque for $750 000 deposited in the personal bank account of the Prime Minister, funds intended for The Barbados Labour Party, resources not allocated to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to assist our hard pressed medical staff, and give our citizens the health care they deserve, the lack of affordable housing, the list seems endless.

    Those are only a few of the issues that have been neglected by this Government, and which are of major concern to our people, we must allow others to scour the murky depths where they are comfortable.

    We of like mind should never forget our thoughts and actions are for the hitherto marginalised citizens of Barbados.

    The harbingers of invective, spite and lies can – and should be – ignored.

  22. From the: Ghandi Done told ya Dept.

    Hey BFP, Ghandi had something to say about these types of tactics.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    That is exactly how the Ow$n Government has treated the BFP.

    The Good news???? You’re in the third phase now, relax you’re almost home free.

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  24. Curiously amused

    Let’s remember this is the same BFP who claimed that Anonymous was a Barbados ambassador based in London who was being paid to destroy this website and tarnish its credibility. Then, he was in Amsterdam, or the Hague? But still, definitely a government emissary based in high office in a diplomatic capacity. Then, he was back in Barbados, at Government HQ? Or maybe a house in Roebuck Street. I can’t recall… the story read more like a Ludlum novel than reality.

    I took that with a grain of salt then, and I am doing the same now.

    Please BFP, publish the entire IP address of this post now so that we who are knowledgeable in blogs and IT could verify that it really came from the Barbados government. As far as I’m aware, the Government doesn’t have its own ISP, and any posts originating from a government department will probably report as Caribsurf, Sunbeach or whatever else – the same as hundreds and thousands of Barbadians.

    Publish the IP address, and bolster your credibility – unless you know you are guilty of lies and hyperbole again. If you are, shame on you. You are making Barbados look bad to the world. If you know of wrongdoing, expose it, but please..don’t create it.

  25. Wishing in Vain

    The BU site has just been inundated withis idiots crap so many post and so little brain.

  26. akabozik

    The idiots are over at Barbados Underground but David is not blocking their IP and they are running wilds.

  27. Roger Rabbitt

    Somehow I am of the opinion that this reads like something that Jay would write. Anyone willing to bet? Has Jay’s signature all over it.
    Hello Jay. Are you still there???

  28. Roger Rabbitt

    Nothing about my last post needs moderating.


    BFP Comments

    Hi Roger

    For some reason the WordPress spam filter grabbed it. We approved it as soon as we saw it, but that’s life. Sometimes it has a mind of its own.



  29. Wishing in Vain

    If this is an example of the desperation levels that the BLP have declined to my advice to BU and BFP KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP they have the idiots running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
    Well we already know this to be the case but they are fairly riled up and spewing crap from the innermost part (and lowest part) of their insides but doing so verbally must be leaving them with a revolting taste in their mouths !!!!

  30. Anonymous

    The story is just a reflection on how the BLP has raped and taken advantage of our country . They have made poor Barbadians suffered in silence, they have abuse the system and have made themself rich, over stating every project to their own advantage. Some of the so called men in the BLP has left the natural use of a woman, burned in their lust for other men while the bitting women the same after their own sex. You shameful BLP leave Barbados free press alone

  31. P. Barry

    1) Prison
    2) Gems
    3) Aiport/Squatterrs
    4) 34 millon dollar package for roads in st. P
    5) Gov’ building in Warrens
    6) 750,000 cheque.
    8) Mama why you bite me
    9) the unclenching of the J … the A… the W and the S.
    10) normal citizen to millionar on a minsiters salary
    11) after we deal with all the above we gine deal with cliverton.

  32. Wishing in Vain

    Unfinished gov’t building at Newton
    Blocked beach access
    change of use and then pocketin his share
    The slot machines he and Nicholls are part owners of to amount to 2,500 when they peak out.

  33. Wishing in Vain

    Unfinished gov’t building at Newton
    Blocked beach access
    change of use and then pocketin his share
    The slot machines he and Nicholls are part owners of to amount to 2,500 when they peak out

  34. reality check

    last 4 posts of WIV are not WIV —only BLP operatives

  35. Wishing in Vain

    They most certainly are not mine.

  36. Wishing in Vain

    This things identity really should be exposed to the public.

  37. FamilyB

    I am truly curiously amused … BFP, continue to highlight and expose the injustices being committed by the elected leaders of this country. The mainstream media has been bullied into submission, and will gladly highlight the misdeeds of those whom they do not fear, or stand to lose ground as a result. However, the wrongs that need to be righted sometimes never see the light of day. We see from some of the comments posted here that some people have quite a bit to lose from the information that is brought into the public domain.

    Keep at it BFP!, I will do my bit to spread the word around and enlighten the masses, change soon come!

  38. Pogo

    Note to ‘Cliverton’s Victim’. If this incident had really happened you would have reported it to your parents and the police, right?

    They would already have arrested Cliverton, right?

    It would be in the news by now, right?

    We must have missed the report so can you remind us where to find it?

  39. Marcus2

    Is it true or false?


    BFP Comments

    DUH! What do you think, longtime government supporter Marcus2…

    Now about that $750,000 “campaign donation” cheque that the Prime Minister deposited into his PERSONAL bank account without the knowledge of the rest of his party…

    How much interest was gained before everyone found out about it? Did he turn the interest over to the party? Did he turn the cheque over to the party?

    Then again, don’t worry about it…. no laws were broken – even if the receiving of a personal cheque was despicable and unethical.

  40. Pogo

    Wushing in Vain is right seems we need to see all of Owen’s bank accounts because even he has lost track of where the money is.

    We’re waiting.

  41. Straight talk

    Ladies and gentlemen throughout the world, in case you are bewildered by some of the above comments, let me explain these are typical actions of the ruling, but discredited Barbados Labour Party, and their self proclaimed Father of First World Barbados, the Rt Hon (?) Owen Arthur.

  42. Anonymous

    owen as i know him when he was a nobody used to used ganja and now playing special in his black pants and boots no wonder dope keep coming in to barbados up to now the b l p knows a bout the dope bryte st john and the cj son that beat him and his wife marie

  43. Anonymous

    all for the love of money owen you drunkard

  44. Royalrumble

    I challenge cliverton to publish the IP address of his victim or shut up the foolish talk about government operative. The only people who would join you in this nonsense are the intellectually blind of the DLP. Note that DLP now stands for Desperation Lies Propaganda. If you want me to believe you on this one then publish the IP address of your victim.


    Nice to see you back Royal Rumble

    For the record, we believe that Thompson and the DLP are every bit as corrupt as Arthur and the BLP… because they are only people.

    Without the anti-corruption and freedom of information laws that the government has refused to create in the last 13 years, Barbados will remain a country where those in power have ultimate power to do as they see fit. Arthur even corrupted our courts by appointing members of the government cabinet as judges.

    Such corruption will only be continued by the DLP should they gain power under a system that provides zero accountability.

    So you go on and pretend that this website is all about DLP vs BLP. It is really about citizens of Barbados of all colours and political stripes having had enough of the corruption.

  45. Reporter

    Political lackeys should be careful because some say BLP stands for Bullshit, Liars and Propagandists.

  46. BFP

    Nice to see you back Royal Rumble

    For the record, we believe that Thompson and the DLP are every bit as corrupt as Arthur and the BLP… because they are only people.

    Without the anti-corruption and freedom of information laws that the government has refused to create in the last 13 years, Barbados will remain a country where those in power have ultimate power to do as they see fit. Arthur even corrupted our courts by appointing members of the government cabinet as judges.

    Such corruption will only be continued by the DLP should they gain power under a system that provides zero accountability.

    So you go on and pretend that this website is all about DLP vs BLP. It is really about citizens of Barbados of all colours and political stripes having had enough of the corruption.

  47. bajanlion

    BARBADOS ,that word used to synonomous with beauty , health and happiness
    Now it seems greed and coruption are the order of the day, it is said that money is the root of all evil.
    bajans need to really voice our displeasure about whats happening on this still partly beautiful island, even if it means petitioning/demostrating.
    if we bajans are the (doctors) then our patient(barbados ) is Chronicly ill and being bled dry, we desperately need to put and end to this moneygrabbing and political vampiriy

  48. Hants

    BFP the difference is that the people of Barbados will elect the next Government.

    THE BLP has had 13 years to enact Integrity legislation. It is their responsibility to do so.

    They have a majority in the House so what are they waiting for?

    If the BLP enacts this legislation before the next election the DLP candidates will also have to declare their assets.

    Not very complicated. Just Do It BLP and you will win the next Election. Right?

  49. Straight talk

    You may well be right, Hants.

    It all depends on whether the electorate are allowed a sight of the reported assets.

    Somehow I doubt it will ever happen.

  50. Curiously amused

    WHERE is the IP address BFP? Even a BLP ‘yardfowl’ has asked you to publish it. Put up or shut up. Remember that VECO article? If this turns out to be a generic IP address, then you have quite some explaining to do and you by all means would need to edit this article and apologize profusely to the Government and the readers you may have deceived. You’ve been asked more than three times to publish the IP address – your accountability is at stake here. Why are you ignoring the requests?

  51. I do not agree that BFP is under any obligation to reveal any IP address.

    To do so would set a dangerous precedent.

    I am happy to take their word when they identify a troublemaker from a particular source. BFP has always frankly admitted when they screw up, and I trust their integrity in this respect.

    (But I would be interested to know how they can tell a particular IP comes from a “Government entity.”)



    Hi Freespeech

    Yes I Can Do It.

    Exactly how will have to remain my little secret. We’ve been here 18 months and we didn’t survive that long without knowing our stuff.

    The other side has been sending us surprise packages for well over a year. So far, we’re simply better. Marcus would say that we pray more too!

  52. Hants

    BFP you are under no obligation to do anything. Revealing an IP address is entirely up to you.

    That is why Blogs work.

    What is important is keeping this blog up and running so the likes of Royalrumble can have the opportunity to tell us why;

    13 years has not been enough time to create a First World Hospital/Health Care environment.

    Why after 13 years Poverty alleviation has not become Poverty eradication.

    Why after 13 years the Government still have to routinely call “Superowing to the rescue”.

    I guess he is what you call a hands on manager with a bunch of “average employees”.

    How about William Duguid for Minister of Health?

  53. FamilyB

    BFP, keep the list of IPs and the much vaunted Money Laundering document close to your chest, to release the truth so early would be giving the BLP an opportunity to clean up and do damage control. Remember what happened to Baldwin Spencer and his government when they took over in Antigua? I shudder to think of the kind of house-cleaning that may be going on, just in case … no wonder Mr Arthur declared the elections a fight to the death.

    Some bloggers are calling for disclosure of information, how about directing those calls to Government, the PM and his cabinet? With the truth out there would be little need for blogs such as this. No wonder the b****es are running scared.

  54. Curiously amused

    Wait a minute, that’s it??!!! “Our little secret”? John Grisham-esque suspense and mystery? Oh please! Being an apologetic yardfowl for BFP is just as pathetic as being a political lackey for the BLP.

    For a blog that insists on demanding the truth and being accountable and transparent, what is this cloak and dagger half assed excuse? Were this on the government side, you would be raising bloody hell! I’m sorry but how can objective readers believe this?

    Let me guess, there really is no government operative behind these posts, is there? In fact, you don’t know who it is, but never expected to be challenged by your fans about it, correct?

    This is disgusting. All it takes is a direct paste and leave it up to others to see for themselves where and from whom these posts originate. It is not rocket science determining where IP addresses originate, and IP addresses certainly aren’t state secrets.

    Your yardfowls will make apologies, but the objective among us will begin to believe what your critics say about you all the time – this website is irresponsible, slanderous and sensational.


    BFP replies,

    Sure. No problem curiously amused. Here is how we have been avoiding being discovered for the last year, and how we are sometimes able to relate IP numbers to specific locations…


    You have to promise to keep it a secret from the government, ok?

    Here’s how we do it….


    All you have to do is to run that through your encryption engine with the correct algorithm and you’ll have the answer. 😉

  55. Sticky Sweet

    Royalrumble is at it again. This failure for a human being will always attack anybody who stands for decency and integrity. It is well established that the Barbados Labour Party is reeling under the blows which are being inflicted by the various persons/bloggers on the Freepress, Barbados Underground and a few other blogs. They would like to find out who the persons who control/administer these blogs are so that hey can spew their filth. Keep the light burning. Royalrumble aka Sylvan Greenidge cannot stop you. He is wasted and the Prime Minister would like to get rid of him for his lack of decency and decorum on these sites.

  56. Curiously amused

    Childish, pointless and quite sad.

    Greetings from me at in Chicago all the same.

    Best of luck in your hypocrisy my dears.

  57. Just Waiting

    1. How many people have static IPs ?
    2. If you start disclosing IPs what next, email addresses?

    Politicians only care about themselves; I wish I was a politician or a preacher working for a politician.

  58. Hants

    BFP the Government should be thanking you for creating a vehicle for distracting some Bajans from;

    QEH crisis

    Squatters crisis

    BS&T heading to Trinidad crisis

    COW apparently trying to control the future development of Barbados Housing and Agriculture.

    CropOver crisis

    How about the other topics we don’t discuss because they don’t directly affect us.

    Cost of Living in Barbados.

    New houses for squatters???Just wondering.
    The NHC will be providing the lands at a cost of $15 per square foot.
    The average size of the plots will be around five thousand square feet.
    The homes will range in price between $208,000 and $285,000.

  59. Hants

    This is sickening. Go to

    Bajan children raped, beaten and neglected

    Thursday, 23 August 2007
    Statistics compiled by the child care board tell an alarming story of child abuse in Barbados.

    First world Barbados has First world problems.

  60. FamilyB

    I continue to be curiously amused … here we have a government who has been exposed, and found clearly deficient, and your response to is show you mine now show me yours? CHILDISH? … PLEASE!

  61. Big Mouth

    That is a serious thing to tell lies about. I can’t believe SENSIBLE people would go to such lengths.

  62. Marcus2

    Seems like I am waiting in vain as you have not answered my question.
    Is it true or false?
    are you shielding Cliverton from public scrutiny the way The Nation hid Roy Morris?

  63. This is not the first time an overzealous agent has decided to smear for whatever reasons – years ago, there was a political newspaper called THE BEACON and in it they made it appear as if my father was sexually abusing me (he was doing work for another political machine at the time and this was cheapest method to discredit his effort)…

    I know who the person is and time is longer than twine, also God doan like ugly – they are paying!

    But to this day, it is why some folks who believe what they hear or read **prima facie**, decide that I am gay, choopz & shakes head. Even on B’dos Underground some idiot named Vortex wrote some crap trying to imply that!

    So I am not surprised such a sad measure is implemented, if the writer knows Cliverton so well why not reveal his true identity?

  64. passin thru

    Ian Bourne right on.

    Why does the person not reveal Cliverton’s real identity?

    Because it is all Bull Crap!

    Government agents? Yes, I believe he, she or they are government agents. The government doesn’t know what to do with this website and the others that are popping up.

    Tell us government agents, what is Cliverton’s true name?


  65. Straight talk

    I always thought “Vortex” was Thompy’s monicker.

    Surely not so.

  66. Reporter

    Personally I think we are dignifying these morons garbage talk with too much comment.

    These people are basically human garbage that lack refinement, character, decency and respect for others and their feelings.

    In my book these people are best ignored because to continue commenting fills their ego with self importance.

    This is how psychos get their jollys on!

  67. Ian is right – mud sticks.

    Kudos to the likes of Cliverton who have the cahunas to act for that which they believe in.