Communist China Jails Blogger Four Years, Suspends His Defense Lawyer – Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Cheers!


Our New Friends Are Vicious Suppressors Of Freedom

Chen Shuqing will be doing four years in Chinese prison hell because he posted an essay on the internet that advocated democracy. When his defense lawyer proved too capable and asked too many questions he was disbarred by the government.

Excerpts from…

Chinese Cyber-Dissident Jailed For Four Years

A Chinese rights activist has been sentenced to four years in jail for subversion after posting politically sensitive essays on the Internet, his lawyer said Friday.

A court in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang on Thursday convicted Chen Shuqing of inciting subversion, lawyer Li Jianqiang said, emphasising that his client had always maintained his innocence.

Chen, 43, was arrested in September last year and has been detained ever since. Chen wrote many articles critical of the Chinese government on overseas websites, including essays that advocated democracy and constitutional rule, Li said.

Li, who has defended many press freedom cases, has also come under the scrutiny of authorities and was notified in June that his licence has been suspended for at least one year.

He said he suspected he was disbarred for taking on too many politically sensitive cases.

Paris-based press freedom rights group Reporters Without Borders said it was “appalled” by Chen’s punishment.

“Courts taking their orders from the Communist Party continue to crack down on cyber-dissidents,” the organisation said in a statment.

Despite China’s pledge to ease control over the media ahead of the 2008 Olympics, human and media rights groups say its leaders continue to tighten their crackdown on dissent amid increasing social unrest.

Reporters Without Borders said in a report last week that at least 30 journalists, as well the 50 Internet users, were currently detained in China, some of them since the 1980s.

The watchdog ranks China 163rd out of 167 countries on its global press freedom index.

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As Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons would say, “Hey… what’s the problem with Judges being former Ministers of the government?”

This is Communist China – newest and best friend of Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

The same Communist China that regularly imprisons Christians for praying without a license. (yup – that’s right!)

Mottley and Arthur sure know how to pick their friends.

Mama Mia Mottley is a supporter of tough measures against free speech while Arthur merely says “To Hell with those chink Christians. Just show me de money!”


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6 responses to “Communist China Jails Blogger Four Years, Suspends His Defense Lawyer – Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Cheers!

  1. Verdana

    Are you surprised?! No, I am not……

  2. Jason

    Mottley and Arthur sacrificed their right to claim any moral high ground years ago. Owen wants that 4th term so bad he can taste it and his supporters are thinking about going further than they have ever gone before.

    This is going to be a bad election. I can feel it coming.

  3. Anonymous

    well said jason

  4. Roger Rabbitt

    It may be true that Owen and gang want a 4th term so badly that they are about to do anything to get it.
    All is not lost if we keep our viligence. We have to be proactive against these crooks. We have to tell our friends and loved ones to spread the word to all and sundry that these scroundrels have to go.
    Don’t lose hope folk, all is not lost. Not by a long shot.

  5. pogo

    Ever notice the B&DLP crew do not want the bloggers interfering in their version of democracy as in if they find you they will hurt you?

    No different than China matter of fact our leaders are cuddling up to China, Cuba, Venezuela as heroes of how to run things- crush the dissent.

    Right now the bloggers are the only hope we have.

  6. Countries like China, Cuba, North Korea and one or two others, really exist in political conditions of sheer backwardness and retardation – with ruling regimes of these countries clinging unto and reinforcing old outdated and autocratic/totalitarian political systems – which are antithetical to the more progressive liberal/pluralist democratic/authoritarian political systems like Barbados, Jamaica, the United States, Botswana, etc.,

    There can be no doubt about it that the entire global political system is presently dominated by nation/states that are liberal/pluralist democratic/ authoritarian in their essences and that are characterized by the functioning of constitutions that protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals esp. minorities in these nation/states; are characterized by esp. the ruling regimes constant respect and regard for basic human rights and freedoms; are characterized by esp. the ruling regimes constant regard for the rule of law; characterized by the fact of fairly regularly held free and fair national/state/local elections; are characterized by the existence of free and responsible independent presses and media, and are characterized by independent and impartial judiciaries. The paucity of autocratic/totalitarian regimes of this entire global political system are instead defined by the functioning of constitutions that substantially and maximumly advances and protects the interests, ideologies and policies of the ruling regimes and which are ruling regimes that habitually violate and trample upon the basic human rights of individuals within these nation/states; are defined by esp. the ruling regimes having little or no respect for the rule of law; are ones that have no national elections or that have infrequently held and orcheastrated sham national, regional or other elections; that are defined by presses and media that are heavily monitored and censored by esp. the ruling regimes, and by judiciaries that are excesively controlled and manipulated by the ruling regimes.

    Certainly, on the whole it is the liberal/puralist democratic/authoritarian political systems that are far more prosperous and wealth-generating for citizens and others of nation/states characterized by such systems than autocratic/totalitarian ones are prosperous and wealth-generating for citizens and others of nation/states defined by such autocratic/totalitarian political systems. Whereas freedom of choice/price/market competition dominate the former systems, regime driven command structures/social agenda-setting/state regulation dominate the latter. Thus, the latter characteristics could never greatly help bring about such greater prosperity and wealth in the liberal/pluralist democratic politically driven nation/states and the former characteristics could never greatly help bring about such lack of prosperity and wealth in the autocratic/totalitarian politicaly driven nation/states. Hence, these broad categories of political systems will never be mixed up by persons knowledgeable on these issues when it comes to which it is that produces greater or lesser prosperity and wealth than the other.

    That China – a totalitarian/communist driven political system – has been achieving rapid and substantial and sustained rates of growth and development within recent years is explained mainly by the fact of the great role Western Capitalism and investment is playing in China’s current huge expansion and development, and NOT by the fact of China being an old but strongly surviving relic of the 1990s, collapsed international communist bloc and movement. Of course, the opportunities for the massive exploitation of the Chinese people and their resources by Western Capitalism and the politial elites are so over-abundant in China and are so coinciding with the historic suppression of the Chinese masses by the ruling political and military elites, that such cannot be ignored when considering the current huge expansion and development!!

    But there must still be a political basis for these rapid rates of financial and material growth and development in China – which is that there is and there has recently emerged greater political freedom and rights and opportunities today in Chinese politics, government and society than, say, 50 – 60 years ago. Such political growth and development must have therefore led to far greater social and welfare development for China and its citizens. Hence, there are also direct relationships between these astounding rates of growth and development in the Chinese financial, material and social sectors, and the greater intellectual and artistic freedoms and opportunities that are presently available and that have recently emerged, and the means for acquiring such, more than obtained, say, 50 – 60 years ago, in regard to China and its citizens in China and elsewhere, in the context of international capitalist economic and financial interrelationships.

    Hence, computers, radios, televisions, and other communications media devices are available to many, many millions of Chinese now more than 50 – 60 years ago. But, the severe punishment that has therefore been meted out by the Chinese court to this Chinese internet blogger for merely publishing politically sensitive essays on the internet is indicative that the Chinese regime feels that it not only has a profound internet challenge on its hands but also a greater challenge on its hands, in that, more robust calls are being made by Chinese themselves for the greater democratization and liberalization of their country.

    Therefore, the People’s Democratic Congress deplores such a sentence by by the court, and is of the view that no matter how serious and iron-fisted the present ruling Chinese regime is in seeking to suppress their own Chinese masses, and is in managing any transition to greater political, social, financial and material changes in China, the facts are that Western society vis-a-vis Western investment, WTO membership etc, is busily sowing the seeds for greater and irreversible long term democratization and liberalization of the Chinese society. Moreover, the truth is that further democratic political change is meant for China in the long term, and that no Chinese regime, of whatever great political or military strengths, or both, will be enough to stop the undying continuous yearnings of millions of Chinese for greater democracy and wealth and happiness.

    Whereas our democratic/authoritarian political system in Barbados is in need of substantial deepening and broadening (a PDC Government shall make sure that constituents debate and pass the laws of Barbados – true and genuine sovereignty to the people of Barbados), the fact is that these blogs, like BFP and Barbados Underground, really lend towards the further refining and conditioning of our political system, and are therefore necessary – minus one or two content problems – if we are to develop properly in all aspects of our Barbadian society.Thank goodness for our blogs in Barbados.