Barbados Election Violence? Shot Fired At Home of Journalist – DLP Candidate. Human Faeces Smeared On Her Business, But Police Are Talking “Accident, Stray Bullet”


DLP Candidate & Journalist Target Of Apparent Election Violence

The Royal Barbados Police Force are investigating a shot fired at the home of Democratic Labour Party DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner but appear to have written it off as a “stray bullet”. The shooting incident happened on Sunday, July 29th but was revealed by Sandiford-Garner on the CBC last Friday after a further incident Friday morning when human feces was found smeared on the door, railing and steps of her business.

Sandiford-Garner informed Barbados Free Press readers of the incidents this morning when she wrote the following post…

Following a chat with the police last Friday I told Barbados, via the CBC Evening News that two incidents occurred – one at my home and one at my business. I checked with the police before going public.

It was confirmed last week that it was indeed a bullet fired through my kitchen window three Sunday nights ago and last Friday morning human faeces was deposited on a newspaper on the steps of my business and smeared all over the door and railings. The sponge used to smear it was left there. The law called it criminal damage. Usually when people deposit feaces at homes, churches and businesses (which apparently happens in Barbados with sickening regularity) they do not take the time to smear it.

Following extensive interviews with neighbours, family etc and other investigations the police have not determined a motive re the bullet incident at my home. The faeces incident is too recent for a report yet.

I must add here that the squad from the Northern Division and their chief were extremely professional and prompt – detectives and forensic personnel.

Following the news item on Friday I received a call from District D station to “update me” positing the theory that it could have been a “stray bullet”. I was told that there had been reports of sounds of shots in the distance before and after my incident. I wanted to know why would my house which is located in a residential neighbourhood be the only one to receive a “stray” bullet? Was the faeces stray poop too? The officer had no answer, and I understand she would not.

And why now? I wrote for years – even before the recent Nation column I used to write all kinds of pieces in the Nation as a staffer in the 80’s, some which would cause people to cuss me – and nothing of the sort has ever, ever happened to me or my family.

I cannot tell you why it has happened. I cannot tell anyone what the motive is. But it happened.

I would be lying if I said it did not have an effect; it did. Especially on the older folks – grandmas and grandads -and other family and friends who are concerned.

But I stick by my earlier posting. I am more focused than ever. I cannot afford to be distracted.

… Read Irene Sandiford-Garner’s comments here

DLP Candidate Is Also Journalist Who Has Been Critical Of Barbados Government

Are we seeing a pattern here yet, folks?


– Columnist Adrian Loveridge fired from the Barbados Advocate upon threats from Tourism Minister to remove government advertising from the newspaper.

– Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley calls for censorship of blogs and radio & TV talk-shows – saying that these “marginalize Parliament”

– Government BLP Blog endorses Mottley’s call for censorship of blogs and call-in shows on radio and television.

March, 2007

– Barbados Minister of Tourism dictates to StarCom Network that Adrian Loveridge not allowed on Brass Tacks radio show panel.”

– Radio talk show host and journalist David Ellis is threatened by government lawyers and on the government’s BLP blog after questioning Tourism Minister Noel Lynch about his sudden financial success. (Story links here, here, here and here)

April 2007

– Barbados journalist Robert Best admits the Barbados journalists know about corruption by are not free to investigate and report it.

– BLP Government’s Tourism Authority distributes secret dossier on hotel owner and journalist Adrian Loveridge calling him “racist” (link here)

May 2007

– Three journalists roughed up by police thugs while covering story at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (links here)

June 2007

– Arson, Burglary & Bedroom Spying all on one day at home of journalist Adrian Loveridge who is critical of government. (link here)

– Police thugs assault journalists, rip camera and cell phone from their hands, erase accident scene photos. (link here)

July 2007

– Shot fired at the home of journalist & DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner. Police investigate and declare accidental “stray shot”

August 2007

– Human faeces smeared on door, railing and step at business of journalist & DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner.


Dear Prime Minister Mugabe Arthur

Thugs are attacking Barbados journalists and opposition candidates. Democracy and freedom of the press are under attack.

Please rein in your government thugs supporters.


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48 responses to “Barbados Election Violence? Shot Fired At Home of Journalist – DLP Candidate. Human Faeces Smeared On Her Business, But Police Are Talking “Accident, Stray Bullet”

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Another example of the deterioration in our society when animals, whomever they may be, seek to intimidate an obviously intelligent and genuine person such as Ms.Sandiford-Garner.

    BUT, the last line explains WHY they seek to intimidate her. Intelligence, outspoken and genuine are threats to those who rely on connections, bullying and backscratching to gain benefit without merit.

    Best wishes Ms.Sandiford-Garner and be careful.

  2. reality check

    stray bullet maybe—smeared faeces five days later means it is no longer a single incident and the police viewing it as a stray bullet now becomes willful blindness

  3. these are disgraceful acts.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    We must also remember that Ms Sandiford-Garner is up against a political opponent who threatened (in writing) a senior journalist and his family. That same person also thought he could control what was shown on CBC television by ordering (publicly) the head of GIS not to air an interview on the news.
    The Prime Minister did the right thing at the time, he sacked him.
    Now I urge the PM to do the right thing again and give Ms Sandiford-Garner some additional Police observation attention.
    This kind of intimidation is not the way to win elections in a small developed country with a long history of democracy.

    And Ms Sandiford-Garner, stay firm and resolute.
    If you believe in something and its right, there should be absolutely no reason to fear for your life or safety or for that of your family.

  5. It is disappointing to see what power has done to Barbados, where ‘that sort of thing simply doesn’t happen’.

    Remember though, Barbados gave Owen Arthur power and allow a yard fowlism traditional media to dictate what they read.

    I think it’s important that these blogs continue to do what they do. It’s time that someone put this whole game on its back, no?

  6. TheWatcher

    As long as the “masses” are happily remaining ignorant, then political pimps and pimpernelles ( let’s not think that some women are beneath this sort of behaviour)can traverse the length and breadth of this country proliferating acts of sheer stupidity to get their microscopic points across.

    Without incident two, the first incident could have been a stray missile for all you know.
    Some lofty folk(both here and abroad)believe that shooting into the air, especially directly overhead, results in the bullet floating back to earth. Actually, if you were to ask the friendly neighbourhood clown who has fired a gun in the air what happens to the bullet, the look on their face will convey to you a sense that you may have asked a Calculus 3 styled question to them. And a useful or coherent answer will be nothing short of elusive.
    Bullets don’t float down, and are just as dangerous on their return trajectory as they were when fired.

    With that said, incident #2( no pun intended here)does suggest that Ms Sandiford-Garner is the focal point of someone’s wrath for one reason or another. She needs to have an investigation performed by a neutral party in order to start to get to the bottom of the issue.
    I’d like to add here that this forum and others like these are not specifically for the dissemination of party based propaganda and should not be used as tools of such. These forums strengthen the bonds of communication in society and when they are publicly chastized because some people seem to think that they should be able to control local media and to a greater extent, the internet, then it is time to ROCK THE VOTE and get such minds out of the seat of power. They are no longer servants of the people, but gods unto themselves!

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Where are we allowing this gang of louts to lead us in this island?
    Why have we seen them launching this kind of vicious attack on this innocent lady ?
    Is it because they fear her mouthings or her writings that may reveal some corruption and dishonestly among that BLP gang of crooks ?
    Sadly the PM nor the AG nor the DPM have seen it fit to issue a statement asking their supporters to desist from nasty and corrupt actions and telling their supporters to uphold the law of the land and not break it, when we resort to actions as they have we no better than Jamaica with their killing due to election violence, do we realy want to become or follow their example ?
    We need Owing to apologise to her and to ask his supporters to cease and desist from this typr of action, and if he were to do so he would gain much respect from all walks of this communtity for having the guts to stand up and tell his operatives enough is enough.

  8. Red Lake Lassie

    The Watcher says: “With that said, incident #2( no pun intended here)does suggest that Ms Sandiford-Garner is the focal point of someone’s wrath for one reason or another. She needs to have an investigation performed by a neutral party in order to start to get to the bottom of the issue.”

    What a terrible realisation that the Royal Barbados Police Force are not considered “neutral” enough to investigate the shooting of the home of a candidate for Parliament!

  9. Pogo

    ‘Stray bullet’ ?

    No actually it was fired from a gun and they tend to kill people.

    The silence we are hearing from the police chief and our leaders (DLP and BLP alike) is disgraceful.

    This is not how it is supposed to be but then again this has degenerated into a society where the bigs threaten the littles to get their way so it is not unexpected that they will respond the same way.

    Can’t we find a way to have the two party leaders and the police chief say that the activities against Irene are not acceptable?

  10. Negrocrat

    With the litany of political abuses set out above, I shudder to think what Barbados is becoming. We all have to stand up and get these loiterers and thugs out as soon as possible.
    Irene, girl, press on and do not let tem intimidate you by these threats. You are on a good road to victory at the coming polls.

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Pogo: ”Can’t we find a way to have the two party leaders and the police chief say that the activities against Irene are not acceptable?”

    You have asked a question with a very telling answer.

    Now, one does not need to assume that a specific faction caused these incidents. Indeed, it may be some ‘lunatic fringe’.

    Neverthless, it would be appropriate for the leaders to condemn action that occurred as unacceptable whether it occurred bacause of ‘thinking’ (if you call it that) that was motivated by ‘non-partisan personal’ reasons or political reasons.

    The answer is that we SHOULD NOT NEED to ask them to respond to this. The fact that we see a need to ask indicates in of itself, lack of leadership!

  12. Yardbroom

    We are at a crossroads in our History, where individuals through belligerence, ignorance, bloody-mindedness, or the pursuit of individual freedoms above the needs of society and peaceful c0-existence, can lead us to murky depths and fear.

    There are demons in all of us, and those demons must be controlled, not only for our own safety, but that of the wider society.

    I took someone to task recently for believing that a gun carried in a society such as ours during normal everyday activities will protect them, it will not, and I will further elaborate on that. When “a people” feel intimidated and bullied, from whatever source, when the opportunity arises they can be brutal, and the demons unleashed cannot easily be put back in the bottle.

    Society has to prevent that, by saying what you are doing is wrong – however mighty you are – but that will only happen when society feels it is being listened to, and has not been trampled upon.

    I have always advocated peaceful co-existence for our people, black and white and those who are legally in our country. This is best engendered by respect for each other, and a willingness to see each other’s point of view, and more importantly not to use words to denigrate each other, because in a small space tensions are easily exacerbated.

    The Police are not without fault, as recent events have shown, but there are the firewall against disorder and chaos. I am sure there are Senior Officers who are as honest as one can be, but their counsel is often subsumed to other political considerations by others. We must support our Police Officers who seek to protect us from tyranny, and we must remember that their task is an onerous, and dangerous one.

    Our Government has failed us – I wish it were not so, but sadly that is a fact. The perception that corruption is rampant, has not been assuaged by knowledge in the public domain. Politicians cannot speak from the moral high ground, as they have jettisoned that position – I am not speaking of tittle tattle and the interactions between adults – I am addressing the behaviour expected of those who govern a sovereign State, and were elected to represent its people at home and abroad, and are for us ambassadors.

    We have given foreigners the impression – because of the actions of our politicians – that as a people we have no “moral compass,” we do not believe in anything, we can easily be bought and sold, the only thing to be considered is “how much”.

    When decay sets in an organisation, the place to look for change, is the head, and so it is with Governments.

    In this climate of self acquisition, before the question is asked. I am not a member of any political party, my interest is that all Barbadians can live in peace and harmony, in so doing we must jettision the bad from yesteryear, and keep the good from it.

    Over the years a lot of people both black and white have invested much in Barbados – I am not thinking primarily of monetary investment – it is to their memory, those of us who are here, and our children that we owe a new beginning, the accomplishment of this should make us proud Barbadians.

    Recently a local hotelier Mr Adrian Loveridge suffered a collection of incidents. I voiced concerns then and suggested that more of the type could be expected, my fears then have come to past and recently events around the candidate Ms Iren Sandiford-Garner are not what is expected in a civilised democracy as exist in Barbados.

    It saddens me to say this but I fear that more of a similar vein – and even worst – can be expected. Why you may ask, it is simply because we are dealing with unscrupulous people.

    Which ever party you support, and I say this to BLP supporters as well, think of what we have to lose, ponder of the lives lived in territories not too far distant from our shores, think of Barbados and your children, and the Country they wish to call their home.

  13. Hants

    Barbados is a country where the Prime Minister can drive down the road, stop and watch a cricket match by himself WITHOUT BODYGUARDS.
    He can go anywhere in Barbados and nobody would trouble him.

    The PM needs to show true leadership and ask for a thorough investigation into this senseless act.

    I hope he has the good sense to realise that a stable political climate like we currently have will not exist if opposition politicians are attacked like Ms Sandiford-Garner.

    Barbados is a Paradise. Let us keep it that way.

  14. Jeppa

    reality check
    August 18th, 2007 at 2:14 am

    stray bullet maybe—smeared faeces five days later means it is no longer a single incident and the police viewing it as a stray bullet now becomes willful blindness

    Reality Check, I think maybe they are viewing it as a drive-by crapping. We are in some sad times aren’t we, police beating up journalists and then when people have genuine complaints/concerns they try to downplay them. SAD ISN’T IT 😦

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  16. Roger Rabbitt

    Is this what the PM meant by fighting to the death?
    These people want to retain power at all/any cost.
    These are no isolated incidents, they are planned and executed accordingly. Think about it. And it’s not going to be condemned by the BLP so don’t hold your breath. folk.

  17. Paradox

    Roger Rabbitt, you said it. I will further add: Many of those in government got more than what they had ever hope for. They are prepared to kick all those they perceive as ‘getting in my way’.
    Think of a Republic in today’s political climate .

  18. Roger Rabbitt

    This party making sure that it won’t lose the next election that instead of sending home Trotman from UDC (the man past retirement age) I was informed by very reliable sources that the govt keeping he on in a new capacity looking after derelict houses in the urban area.
    Dat is about putting money in Trotman hand to help buy out de elections plain and simple, but I hope dat de peepul eyes open wide and aint missing nutten.
    Irene, just hang in dey. God aint sleeping. He dont like ugly and de BLP ugly

  19. Warrior

    You see why the BLP can’t get my X

  20. Wishing in Vain

    Hitman not only are you an idiot you you are a warped person, is this what the BLP breeds if it is you lot are a sad bunch when you can wish for the death of someone, it would suggest to me that you lot are desperate enough to carry out a useless killing.
    Is this the tip of the iceberg for the BLP run to keep themselves in power to frighten people with death and gun shots?
    Sad if this the next step in the politicial climate of this island.

  21. hants

    BFP “Hitman” has crossed the line.

    Calling this lady the B word and wishing for her death.

    Ban him.


    BFP Comments

    Done. He keeps coming back from different IPs through Research In Motion, so he has a Blackberry.

    But it does say much about the desperation and sense of entitlement of the BLP, doesn’t it?

  22. irene sandiford-garner

    Typical. Hide, call me names and wish for my death. Interesting that I NEVER, EVER stated that what happened to me was political. I laid the facts bare very analytically and objectively and actually spoke in my television interview re making Barbados safe for its citizens. Is wishing to excercise my constitutional right to represent my people as a member of an opposition party a crime? And even if it were a crime, is it a crime deserving of death? Is this what I am hearing in Barbados today? It takes a spiteful, spineless and unenlightened person to post such. This issue is now beyond the blogs.
    I shall be informing the police of this new development forthwith.

  23. irene sandiford-garner

    And I shall continue to fight.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    BFP But it does say much about the desperation and sense of entitlement of the BLP, doesn’t it?
    It is very sad day when people stoop to behave in manner such as this, people are still entitled to freedom of expression and their right to be associated with the party of their choice.
    Now if covertly Owing has passed laws that has changed this position I need to be updated as we have seen new laws being slipped in and passed without a whisper being heard or said.

    To M/S Irene Sandiford-Garner
    Keep your head held high and do not waver from your course.
    You have to control the pace of things and then take the lead and carry that lead into the polls and finally to victory.
    You can and will win your seat after all Mr Silent Pain is about as useless a representive as you will ever be up against.
    PS Why does Dale Marshall still operate a law office even though he is a minister of gov’t?
    I thought this was against the law as well as a moral issue as well ?

  25. Yardbroom has graced us with another poetic and gracefully written essay starting “We are at a crossroads in our History.” (Aug 18, 3.45pm)

    It is indeed a pleasure and an honour to have such a fine writer amongst our midst.

    Yardbroom sets a high standard for us to follow in terms not only of his literary expression, but also the mature and persuasive content of his submissions. He sets an example for us not easy to emulate, but we must try.

  26. Straight talk


    For what small comfort it is, I feel your revulsion, share your determination, and want to comfortably surround you with the best wishes of all right thinking people in Barbados.

    Hold strong, girl.

  27. Royalrumble

    Wow; So Irene Sandiford managed to beat the PEP rep on the draw? Only recently a representative from the PEP was over heard planning the same strategy. He was planning to run off the road with his car late one night and then cry foul. His story would have been that because of his intention to run for public office he was being targeted by the Government.

    I guess he has to think of another plan to try and get some public sympathy for the PEP now that Irene has gotten to the press first with her story. In any event this is a very old political ploy and I dont think it works anymore but I guess Irene is free to reinvent the wheel. Good try Irene and I wish all the best in your bid.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    You royala_s is this your best effort at covering up the actions of your friends if so it is sadly missing the mark, rather than this crap you have posted above you should be saying that this indeed is a sad disturbing situation and a call will be made by your PM to cease and desist from this brand of terrorism.
    You must remember you will not get every vote that is cast to be in your favour they will be those that oppose the way you and your people are handling the affairs of this country and will vote accordingly my feeling is that they will be many more voting against you and your party and your corruption and dishonesty than ever before, there is a groundswell of discontentment in this island just you wait for the wave to hit you!!!

  29. Starrr

    How sad!!!
    I was reliably informed that Patricia Inniss also had her house stoned,tyres slashed and her constituency office ransacked.
    This is Barbados, not Zimbabwe or Jamaica and I believe that the heads of ALL political parties must condemn these wanton acts before this type of behaviour gains root.

    Royal Rumble
    Hang your head in shame (if you have a conscience)for the silly uneducated remarks you posted.

  30. Anonymous

    The BLP is becoming more and more desperate. I too heard about Ms Inniss and the threats and damage to her property.

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  32. Yardbroom

    I have just seen some nonsense attributed to my name on this thread. May I assure readers I do not know Ms Irene Sandiford-Garner personally, neither do I know if this lady has children or not.

    Furthermore I never use swear words in my personal interactions with individuals, far less on a public forum. It is rather sad that people of such low standing and morals, could by association seek to govern our Country.

    I am magnanimous enough to believe that even die hard BLP supporters as “decent” Barbadians would find this behaviour deplorable. How could anyone include children in such a reptilian outburst.

    I am now more “determined” than I have ever been, that the wrongs perpetuated on our beloved country should be righted.


    BFP Comments

    Good Morning everyone!

    We’ve gone through and cleaned out all the spam and blocked the current IPs of those who are inundating the blog with spam.

    George says he’ll be on spam duty for most of the day, so it is no big deal. Just another attack by government like the last ones.

    Ho hum…

    We’ll be posting a few new topics today.


  33. Rumplestilskin


    As I have said many times before on this forum, it is sad that some ‘attackers’ who come in here to post think such as we are DLP advocates.

    If the posts were not so vile, it would be seriously comical, that those persons do not understand just what the average man is going through and that the average man is ‘biting at the bit’ to get at the next election ballot.

    They cannot undestand that we, as average persons, can ‘voice’ our thoughts and are so upset with the status quo.

    As only one example, I was in a store the other day and the shop assistant said to the other ‘wait and see condos go up when dem move’, referring to the Airport location.

    A hard example of the opinion the average person has of this administration, besides what we say!

    The ‘attacking posts’ just make those who post them (and we know that it is not the names they use to try to discredit) look quite silly.

    I can say for sure that the days of this administration are over, when the next ballot comes.

    Guess that is why the current administration is now waiting until the last minute.

    My worry right now is what has transpired during the last year, which we warned about previously on this forum, in that contract after contract are being signed, including flyovers and it would appear to be in acknowledgement that these are the ‘last days’ of the administration.

    This is unforgivable, as any half-wit knows that every contract we sign now digs us deeper into the credit hole and makes it that much harder to get the country on even keel.

    Incumbent Prime Minister Thompsn has a tall order laid before him and his Ministers, he will have to stand firm and deliver tough action.

    Then we will hear, ‘yuh see, dese DEMS making de country worse’.

    But, we are currently living on borrowed credit and borrowed time, the egg has to come home to roost eventually.

  34. Rumplestilskin

    I should add that what makes the current situation worse is that the ‘borrowed credit’ is not to support necessary, even vital nor productive sectors such as Health (Hospital), Police, Education nor Industrial and Commercial Plant.

    Flyovers will have absolutely no economic benefit and return besides the initial expenditure (borrowed and thus also a liability) and initial short-term multiplier effect of the monies locally input. Then, how much has been sent overseas to pay the overseas contractor, and who else?

    Then, we all know that Kensington is a white elephant and will not come anywhere near recouping the alleged $300Million.

    Then, on top of this, there is no accountability of the expenditures that have been made, such as the Prison Project.

    Not only is there no accountability and reporting to us, the taxpayers (shareholders), the overruns seem to be ignored as not even a ‘ by the way’.

    Simply and absolutely wrong.

  35. Royalrumble

    Starr if you think that I don’t understand political blood sport, as preached and practiced by David Thompson, you are wrong. Now tell me, we have a Prime Minister who has been Prime Minister of this country for more than a decade. He continues to drive around this country without security, shops in supermarkets in the midst of the average citizen. His home is built in an area that is easily accessible to all Barbadians, the good and the bad.

    In fact Barrow, Tom, Grantley and Sandiford all traversed this country without fear of harm. They all had something for which others envied. Yet they were never attacked. Who is Irene Sandiford that now wants to command the airwaves because of an incident she suffered which when compared to some of the real problems that other Barbadians are confronted with everyday can be considered minor.

    This is a woman with no significant wealth or intellectual skills. She certainly has no political assets for which anyone fears from her entry into the political arena. I find it absolutely abhorrent that someone would want to target this political neophyte and humbug. If Sir Grantley can live through the 1937 riots why can’t Irene live through a period that is considered the most peaceful of times this country has enjoyed?

    It is clear that the Dems are executing the prostitution plan of their leader who knows no other way of rustling political power from the BLP other than by nasty gutter tactics. Thompson’s style is well known and things like this as purported by Irene bares his trade mark.

    But Irene’s empty cries say a lot. Can you imagine that daily, all across this country, hard working innocent Barbadians are attacked by the low life and they have to face it and move on, however painful the experience. When their homes are burglarized or they are robbed at gun point or face the trauma of watching a love one die as a result of some violent act they don’t get the support of BFP or claim political victimization. They simply report the matter to the Police and get on with their lives.

    But Irene Sandiford feels that her little minor incident should engage the attention of all Barbados. If she is not in Parliament yet and is demanding such attention then clearly one would see the kind of representative she would become. She obviously thinks that she is so important that she is above every other Barbadian and her interest should take precedence. What arrogance? It is the same attitude she took to the Credit Union when she was given money to look after her so-called health problem at a time when other members of the credit union could not qualify for the same kind of assistance.

  36. Reporter

    I find these comments both humorous and ignorant.

    When police in Barbados are having their cars shot at and innocent people regardless of their political affiliations have to put up with a gun shot through their house that could have had deadly consequences. And to hear people of the cloth in Barbados crying out about the level of crime, I think it ignorant to politicize and trivialize something this serious as a Candidate having a shot put through her house for whatever reason. But to use the incident to personally insult the victim is even more vile coming from a commenter suggesting the DLP goes into the gutter.

    Were I the commenter I would be asking this question if I wanting to make the issue political?

    When Thompson made “crime” an election issue in the last election he was told by the ruling BLP that he was fear mongering and that crime was not a problem in Barbados.

    Ten years later and under the BLP watch crime in Bim has reached epidemic proportions and even the police are crying about it.

  37. more

    I remember hearing a story many years ago around an election time about a security problem Henry Forde had at his St. John home.
    Anybody remember the details?

    The situation now is far more serious than we are willing to accept.

  38. Yardbroom

    That a commentator presumably of the BLP – I hope without official approval – should seek to trivialize an incident where a firearm has been discharged, with the resultant bullet invading the private family home of a DLP opposition election candidate, is regrettable.

    To compound this injustice by an attempt at character assassination, is not to fully understand the principle of democracy. A civilized democracy allows unfettered opposition, that is what makes it a democracy, to suggest that crimes are committed everday and therefore Ms Irene Sandifor- Garnes’s is similar in nature, shows a “basic “lack of understanding of what democracy is about.

    To put politics aside for a moment, civilized behaviour dictates that we display common humanity to each other, unless we can do that, we will have degenerated into a feral world of darkness.

    If you believe – as you have stated – that the discharge of a bullet into someone’s family home or faeces smeared on the doors of their business can be deemed as “a minor incident”, it is indicative of how far removed from reality you are. I am sure that ninety nine, point nine per cent of the Barbados population would not consider those incidents just “minor ” and be rightly distressed if the same happened to them.

    That one of those incidents occurred, as I am led to believe in a family home, would cause all right thinking Barbadian parents – even BLP supporters- to ponder awhile. The significance of this situation is that it is being addressed in a cavalier fashion.

    Is this the type of behaviour to be expected as the “norm” in the Barbados we aspire to be?

  39. Reporter

    My dear sir/madam Yardbroom,

    As usual spoken with the eloquence of a man/woman that exudes human decency and compassion.

    What had the bullet killed and innocent child or any human being. Are we to believe by the venom of some commentators that our beloved Barbados has sunk to such levels of indifference to human life and safety? I don’t think so!

  40. George

    To Royalrumble.
    As I sit here in Portugal, Lagos to be exact and read my favourite BFP site, I am amazed at the ignorance that comes out of your so-called intelligent mind. It seems to me, that you are part human and part Fox. Sly like a fox. I hope the BLP is paying you well for this type of commentry. Maybe the overuns (750,000.000.00) helps your pocket. As far as I remember you were once on the otherside, but fate has it that the Black man will always fall victim of the highest bidder, what was your price? $100.00, $200.00 or less.
    I had wronfully predicted in the Nation Newspapers in the 2003 election, when I wrote that the DLP would win 16 to 14, but at that time, Barbadian voters, were not fully aware of the destructive nature of your party. When the bell is wrung I would be there to expose many a nasty movement, especially in the Tourism Area, for once and for all, the truth would be told. Hopefully the bullets will stray, I can wash or hose -down your #2. From the Barrow, free education you have gained, my father paid school fees for seven of us and I respect him highly for it, you got yours free and you cannot be respected for the outcome.
    May the Good Lord Have pitty on your Ignorance.

  41. irene sandiford-garner

    I have posted the following on the BLP Blog:
    That a spokesperson representing the views of the BLP, on the BLP site, has declared the incidents at my home and business as minor, is noted.

    On another note, the character assassination, the untrue allegations and myths spewed as fact in the Royalrumble diatribe are also noted. Pity these have come from a coward hiding behind a pseudonym.

    BFP, I am awaiting the information previously requested.

  42. luck50h

    Today is my first encounter with BFP, and it is refreshing to read the discussions and information on this Website. I hope you can keep it online for a long time, because it looks as if free speech is an endangered species in Barbados. I am a Canadian of Barbadian heritage, and I often point out to friends, how successful the elections were because of their lack of violence. I would hate to think we are following the examples of other countries and introducing that ingredient into Barbadian politics.
    Keep up the good work and keep out the violence.

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  44. makiala iyoka ashanti nyabinghi

    Unless we fight to get black history in the foundation of our education system we will continue to be ready to dis and cut up each other, I tell you if barbados had the minerals some parts of Africa has and some westerners came and devide the people giving them guns to kill each other to get what they themselves were after Barbadians would be in the same boat of some African countries with black killing each other with the paleman weapons while they reap the sweet and laugh their belly full at us. The answer to all this is what was written in Egypt MAN KNOW THYSELF and that for us is rooted in our ture history.

  45. makiala iyoka ashanti nyabinghi


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