Anti-National Park / Pro-Caribbean Splash Waterpark Reader Continues To Comment Under Multiple Names


When Caribbean Splash waterpark developer Lawrence Loughlin was caught posting comments at Barbados Free Press under many false identities we took it as an indication of just how desperate and lonely the waterpark supporters are. (See BFP’s CAUGHT! – Caribbean Splash Developer Lawrence Loughlin Posting Support For Waterpark Under Many False Identities At Barbados Free Press)

For the last few weeks we’ve seen the same thing again as multiple comments continue to come from one IP. When we ban the IP, the commenter soon switches to a new IP and starts again. Oh well, once again just an indication of how lonely these anti-National Park folks are.

Today this commenter again logged onto our story Barbados Environment Ministry Blows It Again – Graeme Hall Sluice Gate Problems Could Have Been Solved Years Ago as “Anonymous” and said…

“yall r sick supporting a nasty swamp and calling it a sanctuary jeez mr allard should pack his bags and go barbados would be a better place without him and a cleaner place too”

Then, the same commenter logged on as “Laughing Barbadian” and said…

“I will say it again rid the island of Allard he is doing damage to Barbados not good.”

… then a few minutes later, he’s back pretending to be a new commenter agreeing with himself…

“As anonymous said, I agree with him/her fully”

Time To Say Bye Bye To This Abusive Supporter Of Kerins, Loughlin and Caribbean Splash Waterpark

Other readers have been complaining about this person monopolizing the comments, and some have been saying that we should let him continue because it shows both the level and quality of waterpark supporters.

The problem is, we’ve been getting 15 to 20 comments per day from this idiot and he is monopolizing the “recent comments” board – so here is what we’ve decided….

We’re going to go back through the recent comments and in the future – and if multiple identity comments appear to be coming from one IP or one person, we will be erasing them.

We don’t mind folks who disagree with us having their say. We’d publish an article from Kerins or Loughlin tomorrow – totally unedited – because we believe in the right of folks to hold contrary opinions….

But when commenters like Loughlin and Kerins turn abusive and begin to interfere with others who want to be heard at Barbados Free Press… then its time to hit the “Delete” key.

So here we go!


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9 responses to “Anti-National Park / Pro-Caribbean Splash Waterpark Reader Continues To Comment Under Multiple Names

  1. Thistle

    What nasty characters! Good thing you’ve exposed them. Would hate to think of them getting their dirty hands on Graeme Hall.

  2. Undertaker

    I totally agree. Delete if someone is soooooo desperate on a blog, then those persons would do anything whether legal or illegal to have their way in bim. And we know the dollar rules!

  3. Marcus2

    So in order to show that everyone in Barbados is behind the “the national park” BFP is going to ban all with views that are different from theirs. Democracy at its finest! You are really making a difference BFP.

  4. Straight talk

    M2: If Anonymous is the very best proponent of your side’s argument against The National Park, your position is upon very swampy ground.

    It may be left to you to provide a cogent reason why Mr Allards’ gracious offer has been so publicly spurned.

    Or are you with the landfill and condo lobby?

    BFP has given its reason for limiting Anon’s diatribes, perhaps now you can give your arguments in favour of private development?

    Then a serious debate can begin.

  5. pogo

    God help everyone if the waterpark goes in. These people can’t even control their verbal spewing and they are promising to control tons of toxic chemicals, 2000 cars a day, and screaming park goers?

    Har de har goofaw and screw ups is all that will happen. Then when water park get shut down for incompetence we gonna have a laughingstock wreckage right where everyone will drive by it day after day on ABC- tourists too-to remind us of the mockery.

  6. Jason

    And how much money can crooked politicians make if they can only pave over the south coast? It won’t be the average joe making the money.

  7. Anonymous

    The first six months will be a raving success.
    The second six months “a success”
    the third six month period will be “doing nicely but the shine is off,now”..
    and finally two to three years down the road,
    after the initial money has been made back
    and labour problems threaten to shut it down,
    in the face of waning revenues and failing interest from both locals and tourists…
    a buyer will be sought.

    Grants Garage(or some local quasi-“millionaire” outfit) will step in and buy it, just like how they bought Sam Lord’s Castle – and ran it into the ground in five yrs.!

    In ten years, Splash will be a rusty eyesore,
    looking much like Barbados Foundry did, before it was torn down.
    We’ve seen this time and again with someone tryin a ting,nah!

    On the other hand, maybe it’ll be a Jolly Roger!
    – or a Chefette – who knows?!

    I lurk on one of the cruise-ship blogsites, where ‘Destinations’ abound.
    I see no-one commenting in any of the Caribbean island ‘destinations’
    about lack of a waterpark.
    They all want beach beach beach – or to see the turtles – or Harrison’s Cave.
    Maybe Kerins could build a cave.
    – or buy ours!

    God knows, if Barbados National Bank could be sold off to Ye Dreaded Trinis to help fund GAIA, surely Harrison’s Cave could be “privatised” and sold to Kerins.
    after all..O$A does owe Kerins a favour!

  8. Green Monkey

    surely Harrison’s Cave could be “privatised” and sold to Kerins.
    Kerins could then make good use of the underground streams and pools inside the cave and build an underground water park. To my knowledge, this would be the first such waterpark in the entire world! Who could doubt that the tourisses would come flocking from far and wide to take it all in and experience the thrill of riding on an underground water slide. If you think Barbados getting the Concorde was a big thing, wait till you see how the worlds first underground water park could suck the dollars out of the tourisses pockets.

  9. Peltdown Man

    I am torn on this one. On one hand, I am definitely against the waterpark, or any such development at Graeme Hall. On the other hand, the internet is about getting rid of censorship. I hate to agree with Marcus2, no, I LOATHE to agree with Marcus2, but he has a point. Surely BFP, you must allow comments from whatever source, so long as they are not obscene. To do otherwise would defeat your objective.